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A week had passed since Nanao got her wish. During this time, she had set up cameras around her participant's living quarters, hoping to catch anything interesting happening. When she checked her cameras that were in Byakuya's bedroom (how the hell she had gotten in there without being killed was beyond her), she was overjoyed to find both Gin and Byakuya sitting on the bed.

The girl glanced at the screen that showed her the contents of Ukitake's bedroom. As expected, said male was fast asleep in his bed with Shunsui by his side. Nanao glanced back at the camera in Byakuya's room. She squealed as she watched the two lock lips together.


In Byakuya's bedroom, both males had already taken their clothes off and were sitting on the velvet sheets of the Kuchiki's bed. This would be their first time doing it since they had been in Shunsui's office, but damn, they both had been craving the other for a while!

"Let's do it," Gin whispered in his most seductive voice.


Byakuya moaned at these words, but he was too tired to do more. He rolled the two over so that they were on their sides and nestled in close, resting his head in the crook of Gin's shoulder and neck. Gin smiled and kept his arms around the Kuchiki, not willing to let him go any time soon.


In Jūshirō's bedroom, said male had just woken up. He had been out cold, resting after a hard attack. He knew that Shunsui had stayed the night with him, but he didn't know why said man was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Ukitake questioned as he pushed himself into a sitting position. But then, he felt it; the wet stain in his hakama. "O-oh…"

Shunsui laughed even harder. "You should have heard you moan, Ju-chan! 'Oh, Byakuya, Byakuya! More! Oh, Gin! Gin, faster!' Damn, it was funny!"

Ukitake blushed as he ducked his head. He cleared his throat in embarrassment. "…Please… Don't tell anyone…"

Before Jūshirō could even register it, Shunsui was sitting on the bed next to him, pulling at his pants. Jūshirō whimpered and tried to stop his friend, but it was easier said than done.

"S-shun!" Jūshirō whimpered once his lower body had been revealed to the world. "W-what are you -?!"


Ukitake panted heavily as Shunsui rolled off him. He moved so that his head rested on the chest before him.

"Did you like that?" Shunsui whispered as he ran a hand through the white hair before him. He smiled when Ukitake nodded seconds before he fell asleep. "I did, too."