A week had passed since Nanao got her wish. During this time, she had set up cameras around her participant's living quarters, hoping to catch anything interesting happening. When she checked her cameras that were in Byakuya's bedroom (how the hell she had gotten in there without being killed was beyond her), she was overjoyed to find both Gin and Byakuya sitting on the bed.

The girl glanced at the screen that showed her the contents of Ukitake's bedroom. As expected, said male was fast asleep in his bed with Shunsui by his side. Nanao glanced back at the camera in Byakuya's room. She squealed as she watched the two lock lips together.


In Byakuya's bedroom, both males had already taken their clothes off and were sitting on the velvet sheets of the Kuchiki's bed. This would be their first time doing it since they had been in Shunsui's office, but damn, they both had been craving the other for a while!

"Let's do it," Gin whispered in his most seductive voice.

A large grin curled up on Byakuya's face. He pushed at the younger, trying to be assertive over him. Gin humoured and laid down on the soft material, enjoying the way Byakuya licked and sucked at his chest. He moaned as a hot tongue twirled around his erect nipple.

"Yer a bold one, Byakuya…" Gin moaned as his cock enjoyed some attention from the raven's hand.

Byakuya smirked. He reached towards Gin's face, presenting three fingers to the fox. "Suck."

Gin only smirked back at him before he rolled the two over so that he was pinning Byakuya to the ground.

"Ya think I'm gonna let ya take me?" Gin whispered as he nibbled along Byakuya's neck. "Cause I don't think so."

Byakuya moaned as his erection hardened more at these words. He had learnt the thrill of dominating Ukitake, but being controlled by Gin was… indescribable.

"Oh, please…" Byakuya found himself moaning as he arched his back up to rub his cock against Gin's. "Please, take me…"

"Such a whore…" Gin smiled as he sucked on his fingers. He shoved one into Byakuya, knowing that he could be rougher with him than he could with Ukitake.

Byakuya threw his head back and moaned. He thrust down on his lover's hand, trying to get more of the amazing feeling. Was this what he had been missing out on all this time?

Gin was quick to add another finger, knowing that Byakuya was not patient enough to wait until he was completely prepared. He considered himself lucky that he had hit the elder's pleasure spot on the first try. He groaned as he watched the Byakuya thrust against his digits.

Gin sucked on Byakuya's throat as he spread three fingers inside of his raven lover. He adored the moans and cries that Byakuya made, finding them more arousing than the ones that Ukitake had made.

"Do ya think yer ready fer me…?" Gin whispered as he bit hard enough on Byakuya's neck to make him bleed.

Byakuya groaned harder than ever and nodded. "Yes…!"

Gin removed his fingers and replaced them with his throbbing member. He pushed in at a moderate rate, knowing that Byakuya could handle it.

"Oh, fuck…!" Byakuya moaned as he gripped at the arms that were encasing him. "Gin...!"

"Gin…!" Byakuya moaned as he rocked his hips in time with Gin's thrusting. "Gin…!"

"Oh, yer so tight…" Gin mumbled as he increased the pace. Hearing Byakuya moan like a wanton whore was more arousing than anything he had ever heard in his life. "Byakuya… Fuck!"

Byakuya slammed his hips backwards into Gin, panting heavily as sweat coated his body. His legs felt weak and he was glad that he was lying on his back or he was sure he would have collapsed had he been standing.

Gin tightened his hold on Byakuya's torso, having been up on his knees whilst his chest laid flat on his lover's. He pulled Byakuya so that they were sitting, the Kuchiki in his lap, and bounced the elder around instead.

Byakuya had no complaints. He wrapped his arms around Gin's neck and threw his head backwards. He reached down and stroked his own aching cock, desperate to reach his orgasm. He whimpered when Gin pulled his hands away and instead stroked him in time with his thrusting.

"Gin…!" Byakuya's moans were getting louder with each thrust as the hand on his cock moved faster and gripped tighter. "Gin…! Oh, god… I'm coming, Gin!"

Gin grunted as Byakuya tightened around him, releasing his seed over their stomachs. He loved the sight of a cum-stained Byakuya and couldn't help but reach his own orgasm. He whimpered and dropped himself onto Byakuya as he emptied all he could into the elder's body.

"Gin…" Byakuya moaned as he leant up to kiss his partner. "Gin, you were… amazing…"

"God, ya were, too, Byakuya…" Gin mumbled as he returned the kiss. "Yer so tight and hot… Coulda shot my load then and there when I first entered ya…"

Byakuya moaned at these words, but he was too tired to do more. He rolled the two over so that they were on their sides and nestled in close, resting his head in the crook of Gin's shoulder and neck. Gin smiled and kept his arms around the Kuchiki, not willing to let him go any time soon.


In Jūshirō's bedroom, said male had just woken up. He had been out cold, resting after a hard attack. He knew that Shunsui had stayed the night with him, but he didn't know why said man was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Ukitake questioned as he pushed himself into a sitting position. But then, he felt it; the wet stain in his hakama. "O-oh…"

Shunsui laughed even harder. "You should have heard you moan, Ju-chan! 'Oh, Byakuya, Byakuya! More! Oh, Gin! Gin, faster!' Damn, it was funny!"

Ukitake blushed as he ducked his head. He cleared his throat in embarrassment. "…Please… Don't tell anyone…"

Before Jūshirō could even register it, Shunsui was sitting on the bed next to him, pulling at his pants. Jūshirō whimpered and tried to stop his friend, but it was easier said than done.

"S-shun!" Jūshirō whimpered once his lower body had been revealed to the world. "W-what are you -?!"

"I'm cleaning you," Shunsui replied before he leant down and started sucking at the flaccid cock before him.

Ukitake whimpered again as pleasure made itself known. He grabbed at the brown locks before him, tugging in a gentle manner. "I-it… S-shun…!"

It was expected for Ukitake to not last very long, but Shunsui was pleased that he had at least lasted longer than he had that night. He sat up and pulled his best friend into a kiss.

Just like he had done with Gin, he tried to pull away, but Shunsui had too firm a grip on Ukitake. The white-haired male's mouth was forced open for Shunsui to invade.

Shunsui pulled away when a tear hit his hand. He frowned as he saw Ukitake crying. He cupped the younger's face, wanting nothing more than to be able to make him happy.

"What's wrong, love?" Shunsui whispered. He wiped away the tears with the back of his hand.

"…I…" Ukitake looked down, avoiding eye contact. "…It really hurt last time… And you only encouraged it…"

Shunsui pulled the younger into a hug. "You know why I did that? Because I love you more than you could understand I feared that it would be the only chance I would get to at least pretend I could be intimate with you. I'm so sorry, but I did it for selfish reasons."

"…You love me…?" Ukitake questioned.

Shunsui smiled in his soft manner as he nodded. "Very much so. Can I make love to you and prove just how much I do?"

Jūshirō blushed darker and looked down. He nodded. "…I… I really like you, too, Shun… I wanted to give myself to you for my first time…"

Shunsui kissed Jūshirō's forehead before he helped the smaller male out of his clothes. Once the two were nude, Ukitake laid back in his bed, waiting for Shunsui to finish kissing up and down his chest.

"S-shun…" Jūshirō closed his eyes and leant the side of his face against his pillow, feeling overwhelmed by the pleasure of his friend's hand moving along his cock.

"I love you, Juu-chan," Shunsui whispered as he took the throbbing organ into his mouth. He loved the way Ukitake's toes curled and his back arched in pleasure. He took his time, making sure that his pace was enjoyable for the younger.

"S-shunsui…!" Ukitake moaned as he moved his hips in time with Shunsui's sucks. "A-ah…"

Ukitake groaned in displeasure at the hot mouth was removed and instead placed at his entrance. He cried out as a tongue probed at him, snaking its way inside. He had never felt anything like this before.

"Shunsui!" Ukitake yelped in pleasure. "Shunsui, more!"

Shunsui smirked as he did as told. He was sure to taste all of Ukitake before he removed his tongue and instead presented the frail man with his fingers. He groaned as they were sucked on in a more sensual way than any of his previous lovers had ever done.

Ukitake's tongue lapped and curled around the digits, and he was sure to nip each finger as they were pulled away from him. He laid back and sighed quietly as he was prepared, trusting Shunsui to keep him safe.

Shunsui didn't hurt him during the preparation. Ukitake wondered if it was meant to hurt at all, if Gin and Byakuya were just sadists, and if perhaps it was just because it was Shunsui this time.

"Is it hurting you, love?" Shunsui whispered as he removed his fingers. He smiled when Ukitake shook his head. "I'm glad. This will hurt, though. Brace yourself."

Ukitake gripped at the blankets beneath him, taking in a deep breath. He hoped that it wouldn't be like last time.

Shunsui groaned as the heat enveloped him. Jūshirō was so tight and warm… It took all his restraint to hold back from thrusting in and fucking the younger into the mattress, but he wasn't an animal and he wouldn't hurt his beloved like that.

A few tears slipped down Ukitake's cheeks but he otherwise didn't complain. He cried out when Shunsui started to thrust in and out slowly, trying to get him used to the rhythm.

"Shun…" Ukitake moaned as he bit his lip. "…Shum, it – ah! T-there!"

Shunsui smiled. He had found the other's pleasure spot already. He made sure to aim there with each thrust, pushing in and out until he had the younger in a writhing mess beneath him.

Ukitake had never felt so good in his life before. He screamed in pleasure and thrashed around as Shunsui remained slow and gentle with him. He wanted the other to speed up and go harder, but Shunsui had disagreed, saying that tonight was all about making love.

"I love you, Ju-chan…" Shunsui whispered as stopped Ukitake's head from moving and planted a passionate kiss on his lips.

"I love you, too, Shun!" Ukitake whimpered as he felt his orgasm coming. "I-I… Shun…!"

"Come with me…" Shunsui whispered as he reached down and took the aching member in his hold, stroking it in time with his thrusts. "Come together…"

With a loud scream, Ukitake came all over their stomachs, Shunsui following suit, but releasing inside of his lover.

Ukitake panted heavily as Shunsui rolled off him. He moved so that his head rested on the chest before him.

"Did you like that?" Shunsui whispered as he ran a hand through the white hair before him. He smiled when Ukitake nodded seconds before he fell asleep. "I did, too."