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1: To Party or Not to Party

"You know, just in case you haven't noticed, rejecting a woman is not the best way to gain her attention, and you did it again," Naruto said to his best friend as they walked away from the pretty pink-haired doctor. He turned around to give Dr. Haruno, who was still standing in the spot where Sasuke had rejected her, one last glance. "And she's hot… and you like her…Why the hell did you refuse to go to her party anyway?" Naruto asked, turning his gaze to his dark-haired companion. A gentle breeze ruffled Sasuke's black locks as the two men made their towards the Konoha Hospital parking lot.

"Just… shut up, dobe," Sasuke groused in reply, not having a satisfactory response to Naruto's question. It wasn't that he didn't like Haruno Sakura, because he did… it was just… it would never work. It was just impossible for it to work. She would take one look at him, and she would know… and then she would pity him… and their relationship would fall apart because he didn't want anyone's pity.

"Dude, it's just a party. You don't have to get in bed with her… You know, speaking of that… are you gay? Because I've never seen you actually go out with girls-" a horrified expression overtook the blonde's features. "Do you like me? Because you go out with me a lot and-"

"NO, baka…" Sasuke responded, scowling. "If, and only if I was gay, you wouldn't be hot enough for me." Sasuke hoped it would take his easily distracted friend off the subject of Haruno-san.

"What d'you mean 'not hot enough'? I am plenty hot, thank you very much! Do you see the amount of girls I get?" Naruto retorted, a grin on his face.

"Precisely my point," Sasuke replied, chuckling beneath his breath.

"You're just trying to push me off the topic of Sa-ku-ra-chan," Naruto said teasingly. "I can't go to that party if you're not going… and I am going, which means you, Nakama-kun, are going," Naruto said decisively.

"I told you, I'm not going, and that's final." Sasuke reached into his pocket and pressed the button on his key to disarm his car.

Why then, was he at Sakura's party? He'd stopped calling her Haruno-san in his mind a long time ago… which was a bit disturbing. The music was booming, there were people gyrating in every corner of the large house, and there was a lot of liquor in circulation. There was no way she would find him in this crowd so-

"Uchiha-san! You made it," Sakura called, even though she sounded less than pleased… more like panicked. Which was strange, since she had been trying to get him to this party for weeks now. Not that this was exactly his scene; he wasn't really one for crowds.

"My schedule… freed up," Sasuke said, walking with her out to the outer deck where it was quieter. It wasn't that he wanted to be alone with her – he told himself – it was just hard to converse inside where the noise was close to deafening. They were walking alongside the pool now, which was surprisingly empty considering the level of partying that was going on inside the house.

"Well, I am surely glad to see you. I had not imagined that you would actually come," she said softly. She was beautiful. It would go nowhere. Sasuke reached for his second response, because the first one would give her false hopes.

"I hadn't really wanted to come. This is not really my scene, but Naruto wanted to come, so… you know, friendship…" His tone came out a lot more stilted than he had intended, and suddenly what he said sounded more like a veiled insult than a platonic, vague statement… and now that he thought about it, it didn't really matter what tone he had used, it was all wrong. She stiffened, and was about to respond, when a blonde-headed ball of energy careened into Sasuke from behind, sending him into the pool with a gigantic splash. Sasuke didn't like swimming… he had phobias… phobias that stemmed from abusive parents and…

Water was all around him, and he barely felt the abrasive texture of the bottom of the pool as his bare calves rubbed against it. There were too many bubbles. He couldn't see anything distinctly, and his body was spinning slowly in the water, but at weird angles that disoriented him. Panic started to rise rapidly inside him, his heartbeat increasing swiftly as the impenetrable fear of death overtook him. Air whooshed from his nostrils as he began to hyperventilate, creating a stream of bubbles that exited his nose along with a muted underwater gurgle. His lungs were burning, and he squeezed his eyes shut against the fear and the burn of chlorine in his eyes.

Sasuke was flying through the air, away from the safety of flat land, and crashing into the deep end of the pool.

"Swim, boy, or you're gonna drown. I'm not coming in there after you," his father shouts from the edge of the pool. This is the last thing Sasuke hears before he hits the water surface hard enough for it to sting the flesh on his five-year old body, and he goes under. The bubbles swirl around him and he can't see anything. He cries for the mother he has never known, but all that comes out is an indistinguishable, watery scream, and his mouth fills with water. It tastes slightly sweet with a bitter tinge, and reminds him of the smell of new plastic. It fills his nose too as he tries to breathe, and he is caught in that weird place between floating and sinking. His little arms and legs begin to flail, sliding through the water, and he can't seem to grip the surface and climb out.

His head breaks the surface, and he coughs and sputters and tries to gasp for air at the same time, but mostly water fills his mouth. He swallows so much his throat feels bruised, and he might be crying, but it's hard to tell because it's wet all around. He struggles against the pull of the water, but the muscles in his arms and legs have already begun to tire and burn.

"Dad!" he tries screaming; maybe his dad will come and get him after all. "Please!" he manages before his head sinks below the surface again, his little arms splashing and slapping at the water's surface. He is all the way in the centre, and the edge of the pool looks way too far away for him to reach. More water goes into his nose and mouth, burning as it goes down, and his little lungs are screaming for oxygen that he can't seem to provide. This time, when he slips under, he doesn't come back up.

Sasuke's hand broke the surface of the water as he kicked frantically. Air. He needed air. His head surfaced next, his arms and legs working desperately to keep his body close to the surface. He felt like he was five again; helpless and struggling in front of Sakura.

"I can't…" he managed before his head dipped under the surface again, and the sheer panic almost completely clouded out the utter embarrassment. Almost. There was a flash of pink, and an arm unceremoniously locked around his throat. For a short second, there was no movement, and then he was gliding backwards. He felt his back hit the edge of the pool, and then he was being pulled from the depths of the pool.

Sakura saw Sasuke begin coughing and spluttering as soon as his back hit the ground at the edge of the pool. She moved into doctor mode, pushing him onto his side and sticking her fingers in his mouth to clear any foreign items. He was coughing up water and his eyes were suspiciously red and disoriented, but he didn't need any sort of respiratory aid. Unfortunately; she would have liked to press her lips to his… even in an instance such as this. Sakura had almost laughed when he had dropped into the pool, but her humor and her growing dislike of the Uchiha heir had disappeared as soon as she realized that he couldn't swim.

She helped him to his feet and steered him away from the gathering crowd, discreetly blocking any view of his face. A woman had her pride, but a man… oh, theirs was a whole different ball game altogether… especially Uchiha Sasuke's. Steering him quickly up the stairs and to her room, brushing past curious party-goers and squeezing through the press of the crowds in her home, Sakura was acutely aware of the bruising grip he had on her hand. She could feel his thundering heartbeat even through his back.

"Hey, calm down. It's going to be okay," she murmured over and over again. Sakura pushing him to a sitting position on the bed, very aware of the fact that his painful grip had only shifted to her waist – she was most likely going to bruise from it – and began unbuttoning his shirt. He was hyperventilating, breathing hard and muttering unintelligible words. His eyes were locked onto her throat, but were unfocused and panicked. She pulled his wet shirt off his soaking torso and her heart stopped and her chest tightened when she saw the scars. There were so many!

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