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Chapter 1

On the whole, Harry was happy with his life. He still saw Ron and Hermione regularly, even if not as often now that they had a kid. He had just gotten promoted to Captain in the auror corps. The media had toned down and he was not as hounded as before. He realized, a bit late, that all he had to do was be a bit more public, and people would eventually get bored.

Before he had gotten a job as an auror, his whole life was extremely secret - and therefore mysterious. Before he had gone to Hogwarts, no one even knew where he lived. While he was at Hogwarts, not many people talked to him except for his two best friends. Ginny even agreed that how little he had interacted with anyone not named Ron or Hermione made him seem even more unapproachable, and that only added to how hard it was for her to talk to him. His whole life had been carefully managed by his headmaster, and while he did owe Albus Dumbledore his life, he couldn't deny that the older man had made a lot of mistakes with regards to Harry.

After the war, Harry had the time to fix a lot of things that were wrong in his life. While it wasn't that bad of an excuse, running around and saving the world year after year didn't completely excuse how badly he did in school. He went back with most of his classmates for seventh year at Hogwarts. Since the school was not in a very good way, the ministry used a pretty good idea that Harry had. All of the students that would be back for seventh year went two months earlier to fix the school. They would spend a couple of hours in the morning learning spells to fix the school and the rest of the day using them in practice. While they worked, the remaining few teachers went hunting to fill up the spots required in the staff. They managed to fill all positions except D.A.D.A. and Transfiguration. Transfiguration was temporarily fixed by having the headmistress McGonagall be both a teacher and headmistress until they found a replacement in Hermione Granger the next year.

The Defense position was filled by having the students from the D.A. teach a year each. The three upper years were taught by Neville, Hermione and Harry in 5th, 6th and 7th years respectively. That year there were no dangers to anyone's life and no plots to be discovered. At first Harry was seeing plots where there weren't, but everyone was patient with him and calmed him down. Eventually Harry realized that nothing was happening, and found himself with a lot more time than he usually had. With Ron and Hermione both spending the majority of their free time developing the early relationship and Ginny still a bit distant from him leaving her and her brother dying, Harry ended up reading a lot more. He still wanted to be an auror and decided to prepare himself more. After each new spell that he learned he saw that he could've used it in one of his adventures and save himself a lot of trouble. After each spell, he wanted to smack himself for not paying attention in school before.

While he knew he would probably never catch up to Hermione in terms of knowledge, he exceeded her in amounts of spells that he could cast. He saw that Hermione read a lot, but he barely ever saw her practicing spellwork. That was why he was always ahead of her in Defense.

After graduating from Hogwarts, he went on to be an auror, where the ministry had wanted him to skip his last year of Hogwarts to immediately join them. Hermione managed to talk him out of it, making him finish his education.

With his quick reflexes, his excellent spell work, his reputation and his recently found knowledge, he quickly got through auror training in record time of one year and then climbed up the auror ladder.

Right now he was standing outside the D.M.L.E.'s head's office. At twenty three years old, he was respected by most and usually given choice in the jobs he had to do. His team liked him, even if they sometimes complained about him taking the worst jobs. The trainees loved him for taking the more dangerous jobs, while the people that worked there during the war disliked him for making their jobs harder than they were used to, since the aurors were practically shut down when Voldemort took over the ministry.

His friends were not so happy with his choices. Most of them were ready for him to finally slow down so they could stop worrying about him. Harry tried once to slow down and take the easy jobs that were not a threat, but he found himself restless. It wasn't that he was an adrenaline junkie, he just didn't feel like he was doing anything worthwhile with his life. He felt like he was wasting his life away. His friends tried to explain to him that a job was just a job and that you still got meaning from your home life.

Harry's social life was not exactly what he wished for. He was still very happy hanging out with Ron and Hermione when they could, or even a few people from the D.A. He also very much liked spending time with his girlfriend Ginny Weasley. However, he didn't get as much satisfaction out of that relationship as he wished. The problems started when they casually started talking about family one day. "Oh no, I don't want to have children until at least thirty five," Ginny had laughed. Harry's spirits fell when he heard that. His biggest dream had always been a big family. He talked about his best friends about it and they advised that he couldn't expect that if they weren't even married yet. Harry had then been very excited to propose to his girlfriend. She, however, was not ready to be tied down like that yet. She explained that while she wouldn't ever want anyone else, marriage still scared her a bit, and that they should wait some. Harry accepted that as well as he could. They didn't fight about it, but their relationship wasn't as carefree as it used to be. He thought it was the pressure that he had put on her.

Harry sighed, he didn't like dwelling on that while he had to meet important people. He knocked on the door and was greeted inside by his superior, Amelia Bones.

"Auror Potter," was her greeting.

"Hullo Amelia," Harry replied a bit cheekily in response to her over formality.

She started off in her business voice. "We have a problem in the United States. We need someone to go over there. If you accept, you'll be going over there for a few months with one trainee auror. It's mostly a scouting mission, but you will have authority to do whatever you deem necessary."

Harry was definitely intrigued. Aurors almost never went out of the country. "Why are we getting this job? I've never heard of the I.C. letting aurors work in other countries without at least supervision, much less a license to kill."

"Well, this problem involves most of the countries in the I.C. and it affects the United States the most. They asked for help and most countries are still rebuilding from you-know-who's take over. They agreed that you were the most qualified to lead this mission. The trainee is basically for you to train, he's a new recruit that just joined. He's your age, so he has a lot to learn. We thought it'd be best if you had something to do during your free time there," Amelia explained in a monotone voice as if she had explained this a hundred times.

"Hmm. I think I get it, but this must be a hell of a threat for all of the I.C. to agree. What is it?" Harry asked a bit apprehensively.

Amelia answered the question with a question. "Have you ever heard of the Volturi?"

"The werewolf pack in France?" Harry guessed.

"The vampire coven in Italy," Amelia said. "They're a very powerful and gifted group on vampires. You-know-who was said to have sent convoys to them, only for none of them to come back. I think he was planning to take them on after he had killed you."

"Alright but what does this have to do with the U.S.?" Harry questioned.

"I was getting to that." Amelia sighed. "A few weeks ago, they moved for the first time in centuries. They visited a city called Forks in the state of Washington to meet another coven there. We were alerted to it because there was a gathering of over a hundred vampires in a small area right outside the city. We found out all we could, but all we got was a lot of information about a coven there that apparently live off of animals instead of humans. It's all here in this file." She handed a thick booklet over to him. "It'd be better if you actually read the whole thing this time." She glared at him quickly with a small smile when he grinned cheekily back at her. "But Harry, this is an international mission, please don't make us look bad."

Harry nodded over the top of the files he was looking at. "Don't worry, I'll do my best."

"I know Harry, I'm counting on you. I'm also assuming that you're accepting," she got a nod at that, Amelia paused when there was a knock on the door. "Oh, that must be the trainee."

Amelia strode over to the door and opened it revealing the trainee. "Harry, you and trainee Malfoy here are going to be working together for the next few months."

Both Harry and Draco had the same reaction. "Fuck," they said simultaneously.

"So you're leaving. You're really leaving England," Hermione asked disbelievingly and with a bit of reproach.

"It's only for a few months," Harry said feebly.

"Only for a few months!" Hermione screeched.

Ron and Harry both winced but didn't put their hands on their ears. Mostly from fear of upsetting her more though.

"Hermione, please," Ron tried to soothe her, only to get a deadly glare from her in return. "He'll be just a floo call away remember? Plus, he'll contact us if he needs anything, right Harry?" Ron asked with a face that just begged him to agree.

"Of course. I'll even call and let you know everything I'm learning there."

Hermione's face lit up at that. They both should've known to appeal to her with this. "Oh! Be sure to tell me everything. Owl me and tell me everything. Especially about the Cullens. I think it's so interesting how compassionate they can be in spite of their condition," Hermione rambled. "Oh and I read the most interesting stories about tribes there..."

"Okay honey," Ron chuckled at her. "How about we say goodbye to Harry and let him go, hm?"

His newly wed, and most importantly, pregnant, wife did a complete turn around at that. "But Harry! Vampires! This is going to be extremely dangerous! Have you learned all the anti-vampiric wards in the book I gave you?" Hermione asked and then remembered what Ron said "and don't patronize me Ronald Weasley! I do not appreciate that tone. You cannot just joke about our best friend leaving- and we won't be there to help him this time," Hermione sniffed "and we..." Here she broke down in tears. She wailed and clutched onto both Harry and Ron. By the time they managed to calm her down, she had hit them both in the arm, soaked their shirts in tears, and then wailed for raspberry chocolate.

Before he left, Hermione prepared him a small money pouch. He tried to tell her that he definitely had enough money. Especially after he found out how much Sirius left him, he had no need to work anymore. Hermione gave him a look that told him how slow she thought he was. "I prepared it with all the things that we had when we went horcrux hunting. I added a few things, but everything that we had when we went is either there, or replaced."

That was a bit extreme of her, Harry thought, but he was thankful nonetheless. If anything just to please her hormones, he gave her a hug and a thank you. She said she would go and take a bath after that, giving Harry a last hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

Ron walked with him outside and gave him a parting remark. "I wish I could leave for a few months."

"I heard that Ronald!" They both heard Hermione screech from just on the other side of the door.

Harry looked at him with extreme sympathy. Well, not enough sympathy to stay though. He half smiled and promptly apparated out.

Harry and Draco arrived in the American ministry of magic later that night. They had learned that they would be sharing a house just outside the town. It was a heavily wooded area so they would have enough space to ward it properly.

"Malfoy, go to the portkey office and pay for this, while I go and get the information on the house."

Draco sighed. He disliked taking orders from Harry, but he knew he had no choice. Unless he had a very good excuse, like suspicions of Harry being on the Imperious Curse, being controlled, or being asked to kill someone, Draco had to obey his commanding officer. Outright refusal to follow an order was punishable by release from duty or worse depending on the case. While he knew that he wouldn't get fired for complaining, he didn't want to make it a habit and do it at the wrong time.

They quickly finished their business in the ministry and apparated to the coordinates given. They appeared in front of a two story teal house that looked quite new.

Before Draco could go in, Harry stopped him. "Malfoy, I have to ward the house. I think this is a good time to talk a bit about your training here."

Draco nodded. This made sense to him.

"I'm probably going to make the training fairly informal. I'll mostly give you lessons whenever I think of them. You've had organized lessons for more than a decade now. I think it's time to get you some training closer to what we're going to be doing." Harry was mostly winging it, but it sounded pretty good to him. While he was making lessons in his head, he was walking around the perimeter of the house. He was trying to figure out a good place to place ward stones, and he was on the look out for some so he didn't have to search them magically.

"The first thing I'm gonna check, is if you're paying attention. What is it we're here for?" Harry asked.

Draco huffed impatiently and rolled his eyes. This seemed pointless to him. "Fine, Potter. We're here because of the Vol-"

"WRONG!" Harry screamed over top of him, cutting off anything he was going to say. "You are not paying attention. What is the first thing you should've done before saying anything you were about to say?"

Draco looked confused for a second before he cursed. He had forgotten to make sure they couldn't be overheard. He brought out his wand and cast a temporary silencing ward and used a charm to see if there were any living things within a fifty feet radius of them. Nothing bigger than a football showed up, so he decided it was safe.

Harry watched on approvingly. Once he finished putting up the wards there would be a permanent silencing ward around the property, but to do that he would be required to put a permanent charm on something. The best thing for that was precious stones. When a permanent charm was placed upon something, it was called an enchantment. Different materials were better for enchanting.

The rule was that inorganic things would leak magic less quickly than living things. If you were to enchant a muggle, the magic would last a few days at most. Enchanting a living wizard would last even less because their magic would fight against the enchantment. The curious thing was that as soon as the wizard (or magical creature) died, their magic would lose direction and become passive. That made enchantments actually last longer than non magicals. That is why the best enchanted clothing came from the hide of dragons, basilisks and the most magical creatures.

That's also why wizards made the best inferi.

In the case of inorganic materials, it became a lot more difficult. The logic behind it seemed a lot more erratic. Some metals made better receptacles while some stones were better. Regular stones would last a year or two at most. Gold around five years, while silver would last ten. Gems like rubies and emeralds would all last decades, sometimes centuries. Some argued that the cut of the gem mattered more, while others argued it was the quality of the enchantment that mattered most. For the most expensive and longest wards, diamonds were used. Diamonds, so far did not seem to have any leaks.

For a simple few month job, Harry decided to use regular stones. He wasn't the best enchanter, but he thought they would last at least the year.

He summoned the biggest stone that he could find and quickly cut it into equal pieces. He then turned to Draco and continued his lesson. "Alright. I know that you read the files, that wasn't the point of the question, as you probably figured out." Draco grunted in something close to affirmative. "We're here for vampires. With me here, chances are we'll meet the vampires sooner or later." Draco snorted but couldn't disagree. "So, I'm a vampire. I'm going to attack you now. Defend yourself."

Draco looked at him confusedly, but didn't move. Harry attacked quickly. One second Draco was looking at Harry, the next he was on his back getting choked.

"Po-t-r ge-fff," Draco choked out, turning blue.

Harry thought he'd made his point and slowly let go and got up.

"React faster," was all Harry said. He then got started setting up the silencing ward on the first stone. He came up with his own ward scheme. It probably wasn't the best, and he probably wasn't the first to come up with it, but he was proud of it. He would set up a different enchantment on each of the first six stones and spread them out in a hexagon on the perimeter of the property. The seventh stone would be a monitoring stone attached to all the other stones. This was the one that he would attach to himself(not attach to his person), so that he would be notified at all times about all his wards. The scheme was designed so that each of the stones would be at maximum efficiency, having only one thing to do. When an object had multiple enchantments, each enchantment would take an amount of magic, while a third amount of magic would have to work to distribute itself as needed. With his scheme, he was cutting what he liked to call management weight.

Draco had stopped coughing and hacking by the time he finished the second stone. This one was for comfort. It would regulate temperature, keep bugs away (since not having the capability, they were immune to the notice me not ward). "What the fuck was that Potter?" he asked angrily. Harry was not intimidated. He wouldn't be either way, but it certainly didn't help that Draco's voice was still scratchy and came out a bit higher than normal.

"Training, Malfoy," Harry bit out in between incantations.

"Was that necessary?" he grumbled.

"Yes," Harry said simply.

"Fine, whatever. Now that I know you were going to attack me like a muggle-"

"It was supposed to be a vampire biting you on the neck. The venom would've made you feel worse than choking anyways, so you should've been able to get in control and banished me away then anyways," Harry corrected without looking at Draco, still thinking about the wards. "Now, do what you should've done if you saw a vampire coming."

"Fine." Draco brought out his wand and conjured a small ring of fire to buy him time while he conjured more garlic all around him.

Harry could only gawk at him. "Are you serious Malfoy? Garlic?" He almost laughed. "You know garlic doesn't actually bother vampires?" This time he did laugh after saying that.

Draco blushed, but told himself Harry was wrong. "Quirrell told us in first year, Potter. This is really basic material," by the end of his sentence he had a smug look to him.

Harry palmed his face. "Malfoy... Take out your auror handbook and look at the vampire page. Read that quickly. First though, I'll show you how you would be wrong anyways." Harry then picked up a rock and threw it at Draco's head. It bounced off with a small thud. Draco cursed and dropped his wand as well as dropping to the floor. The fire automatically died. Harry shook his head.

"Before you conjure the fire, conjure a shield to protect yourself. Then conjure the fire." Harry then went back to warding. This was the pace for the rest of the day. Harry would finish a ward, injure Draco in some way, and teach him a lesson. Harry hadn't had this much fun in years.

When Harry finished warding against magical detection and notice me not charms, Draco had finished reading. This time he did not conjure garlic. He cast a shield and then the fire. Harry cast a banishing charm on the ground and jumped over the fire and kicked Draco.

While Draco was recovering from the chest kick, Harry warded against letting anyone in without his permission.

Draco then cast the shield towards Harry and conjured pillars of rotating fire that would go around his whole person, leaving no spots for a vampire to jump in. Harry summoned a chair behind Draco, hitting him and breaking his spells. He then warded the next stone against projectiles attacking the home. The next wards were against magical attacks and then finally cast the monitoring charm that was attached on the other stones.

By the time he finished the last one, Draco was standing behind a veritable anti-vampire fortress of magic. Harry raised an eyebrow at Draco while Draco thought he had finally won. Draco relaxed his posture and gave Harry a smug grin.

Harry stood there for about thirty seconds before he shook his head. "I've been standing here for over a minute and you've not tried to attack me or even talk to me to see if I'm a threat," he said disappointed. "We'll continue this another day, Malfoy."

Draco was tired and more than a bit humiliated. He decided he would save the fight for another day and drop down on the couch and sleep forever. He went to go inside when Harry stopped him.

"We have to do one more thing," Harry announced.

"What is that?" Draco asked suspiciously.

"Let's go get a car," Harry grinned.

Leah was sitting down with her back on a tree. She was hiding from everyone. The Volturi had run home with their tails between their legs. Everyone cheered and they all were prepared to live happily ever after, Leah knew better than that. She would never get a happy ending. God, she knew she sounded emotional, but right now she was too depressed.

A week after the Volturi left, came a coven of three vampires. They thought it was strange how the vampires immediately fought their pack, they had not been surprised to see giant wolves coming at them at all. Jacob chalked it up to them just being tough, although not very tough fighters. Sam tried to say that they were friends of the Cullens, and that's how they knew. Not even his own pack listened to him. Leah's theory was that they were going to have trouble while Bella was still in the area and that they should kick her out. The smartest theory actually came from the youngest wolf on Sam's pack. A boy turned a week before the Volturi who they called Mac. He reasoned out that since there were about a hundred vampires at the confrontation, chances were, that most vampires would know of them by now, and all of them would in a few weeks.

Leah sighed and got up. She had a meeting to go to. Both packs were getting together with the local leeches to inform them of what was going on. She disliked how close the werewolves were getting with the leeches. They all bonded a bit during the confrontation against the police leeches (The Volturi, she thought they were named).

Her own pack warmed up to the leeches because both Seth and Jacob were friends with most of them. They were all even affected by Jacob's imprint. The whole time that they were phased together, he would always think about Nessie. It was like a brainwash coming from your Alpha. Sometimes she thought that he secretly put Alpha commands to love her because even Leah was not completely immune.

The younger wolves in Sam's pack all were brought on to the Cullen Dark Side because they enjoyed how the Cullens had stood up for them in front of a giant gathering of vampires. They didn't blame the Cullens for the fact that they had to phase, they thought it was the coolest thing in the world. The youngest enjoyed it so much that they sometimes slept as wolves just for the fun of it.

Leah, however was still very much bitter about everything that happened to her. She still blamed the Cullens for Sam phasing, for him imprinting on her cousin, for her phasing, and for her dad dying. The only people that disliked the Cullens as much as she did were Sam and Paul. That almost made her change her mind, she hated agreeing with Sam. And Paul.

She decided it was time to get up and to stop being bitter. She was going to take control of her life and stop wallowing. She knew that she said this almost hourly and within five minutes she would be back to being a bitter harpy; but it was comforting for now. She got up and undressed quickly, strapping all her clothes on her leg. She hated how the whole pack had seen her naked through the mind link, but she quickly learned to think of something else other than her common body insecurities. Blaming Sam and Bella was the best choice in distractions.

Running swiftly through the trees she passed a few of Sam's pack on their shared destination. If there was one thing she loved about being a wolf, it was the speed. She was the fastest. She would throw that in Jacob's face whenever she could. That was also why she was still Beta of their pack, she could get anywhere they needed her the fastest.

She was the first one there. She slipped the dress she was carrying over her head - no underwear - and waited. Old Quil was actually the one that had suggested a dress instead of shorts and a tank top like she previously used. She thought he was just being the dirty old man that he was, but after giving it some thought, it had a lot of merit. It could easily be slipped over her head, or pushed down her body. It always bothered her how the guys could just throw on some shorts and be done while she had to put on a tank top and bottoms every time.

Apparently, during her musings, the packs had gathered and were walking in the crypt. She followed them in to the huge table set up in the dining room, immediately to the right of the door. She took the seat closest to the door, as if to get fresh air that didn't quite smell as bad as the vampires. Jake sat next to her on one side and Esme on the other. Next to Jake was the rest of her pack, followed by Sam's pack. On the other side of Leah, next to Esme, was Dr. Leech, papa leech, mama leech, little half leech, vain leech, giant leech, gypsy leech, and the scarred emo leech last. She was quite proud of her naming scheme.

The Meeting started short afterward. She actually later named the meeting "The Meeting". To her, this would always be The Meeting.

When the packs brought up what Mac had noticed, Esme - Leah couldn't bring herself to call her a leech, she sometimes thought that was her freaky power, no one could hate Esme - covered her mouth and gasped. The mind-rapist widened his eyes and nodded his head at Esme. He saved us all the half a second that it would've taken Esme to start talking and explained it for her. "I should've seen this coming." Leah rolled her eyes at his arrogance; after all, it must be hard knowing stuff when he can see what everyone is thinking. "Esme thinks that the Volturi are feeding our world misinformation about us, so everyone will come and attack us. They are probably feeding it as a challenge to trackers, danger to paranoids... they could probably find a way to sell it anyone that they should attack us."

"They're going to kill us all without moving a finger, great," Leah said. She could see Bella's face go scared and she threw herself even more on top of the mind-rapist. Leah swore she could hear their hard skin make grinding noises with how hard she was pressed against him. She got a mental picture of them grinding against each other and immediately tried to shake her head to dislodge the image. She did not want to think about that. Edward looked at her and winced a bit, she didn't know if it was from the image or the chaffing that he probably gets from Bella never letting go. Bella was the only one to react much to her words, however. Most everyone else was used to her bitchiness. She didn't know whether to be proud or sad at that.

"If that is indeed what they are doing, then we need to work together more than ever," Dr. Fang reasoned. She didn't mind him that much, but she couldn't lose face. Even in her own mind. "I suggest, both my family and Sam's pack patrols their own territories, while Jacob's pack acts as backup and tracking any leads we find."

Leah's ears perked up at that. That sounded a lot like they were the all around special forces of their team. She liked that. She saw Edward give her a small smile at her train of thought and she smiled back. Then her mind caught up to her and she thought of Jacob and Nessie having sex and glared at he mind-rapist. He didn't look at her or Jacob for the rest of the meeting.

"I would be happy to let both your packs patrol our side if that is what you wish." She caught on to what they were saying.

"We cannot allow you on our land," Sam was unyielding.

Jacob tried to help the leeches now that he was all buddy-buddy with them. "How about we let Carlisle and Bella patrol, neither of them have ever taken a human life. From what we've seen it's almost impossible for either of them to slip."

Leah thought that he had a point. Even though she doubted Bella could stand to be away from her leech for that long.

"Absolutely not, if Bella is going so am I." It seemed to Leah the mind reader is just as needy as she is.

"Edward..." Bella whimpered. Leah was disgusted. She didn't go to the meeting to see them fuck each other with their eyes. In front of their kid too.

Sam tried to get the meeting back in order. "We aren't even sure if that's what is actually happening. We'll revisit this if we find that a lot more vampires are attacking." They all nodded in agreement.

That was when they all heard a car going up the drive way. Leah looked around at everyone gathered at the enlarged table Esme ordered especially for these meetings. She could see pretty much everyone there. There were a couple of the younger kids missing, but none of them could drive anyways. It might be one of the tribal elders, but why would they drive all the way out here? She didn't even think that they knew where the Cullen's house was.

She looked towards the gypsy-leech, but she seemed surprised as well. She remembered that she couldn't see at all when they were visiting, so it didn't help. She looked towards the mind-rapist and he looked frustrated as well. Interesting.

She didn't recognize the male voice that she heard, especially because it sounded British. "Merlin, Potter. Why in the world would anyone would willingly get into that thing-" This was the first time that she heard a British accent in person. She saw everyone look around at each other a bit confused.

"Malfoy, it's called a car, now stop making a fool of yourself," the other male's voice came. His voice was also British and a little deeper.

She thought it was a bit odd that he had to explain what a car was, but maybe he was just being sarcastic.

"Ok Potter, what's our strategy?" the one named Malfoy asked.

"Strategy? What are you talking about, we're just introducing ourselves," was Potter's reply. She liked his voice. It sounded very pleasant.

"What? Potter, we need a-"

Knock, Knock.

Leah heard Malfoy huff in displeasure. The bloke didn't sound like a very cheerful fellow.

The knocking did however make everyone else jump, even if they were all listening raptly. They all stared at each other, not knowing what to do, until Esme walked to the door to greet them.