Chapter 12

Leah was bored as shit.

There was no nicer way of saying it.

They were having a meeting at Emily's house – she basically owned Sam, so their house was her house – and it just wasn't keeping her attention at all.

There weren't enough people in there to stop faking interest, either. It was only the alphas, betas and the two important imprints: Harry, because he was just that fucking awesome, and Emily, because she cooked the food.

Oh, and Seth was there, too. He just kinda refused to go away, though. Annoying little brat.

Sometimes it would be a little more interesting – like when Harry talked, or when she looked at Harry, or when they talked about Harry...

She could only stare at him so long before they started complaining though, and she already did that enough. Plus, they had started to laugh at her making a fool of herself again at the beginning of the meeting(the scene she made earlier and the staring), and she refused to actually pay attention after that. On Principle, she ignored them. Not because of embarrassment.

The topic was interesting enough when Harry talked, but mostly it was just watching him that was interesting, not their actual conversation. She had gotten it all out of him before everyone came inside anyways.

It was because of Sam, that she was so bored, she knew. His whole pack was just so boring.

At least compared to her pack. Sam's was like a history lecture in comparison. Even the little drama that Sam had – leaving Leah for her cousin – could be found in a regular soap opera any day. It was a bit dramatic, but any middle-age woman could have named three different shows it's happened on, and suggestions on how to make it sadder.

Leah's pack though... that was full of new and exciting things. It even started out dramatically – escaping the torment of the previous dictator-like leader(Sam), protecting the underdogs(even though she still hated the Cullens), rebelling against the police(Volturi), Jacob imprinting on a new species...

And now, she was bringing the excitement, imprinting on a wizard. Jacob could argue all day that Nessie was awesome because she could live off of blood or food, but magic beats all that, hands down. Running faster than a car might be awesome... but flying – flying beats everything.

Now she was just sitting there, day dreaming about random stuff that would always loop back to Harry, and waiting until the right moment so that she could lay her head on his shoulder.

It was crucial that she did it at the right time. He couldn't be speaking, else it would interrupt him and draw attention to her. She couldn't do it when he was staring at her, either, that would be too distracting for her – she'd never been able to break gaze first. She couldn't distract him either, since he was the one that was pretty much in charge.

She had to- Perfect! Sam was ranting about rules! Everyone was bored and distracted! She moved a bit closer so that her arm was touching Harry's, making him automatically reach for her hand with his.

Now that was awesome.

Automatically – instinctual. If those were his instincts, then she had done well. She sidled up a bit closer, and leaned half of her weight on him. He squeezed her hand and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles. He wasn't looking at her though, actually paying attention to what Sam was saying, for some reason. Weird. He shifted a bit... Perfect.

She used the shifting that he did to shift herself a little as if in response, letting her lean on him more – and finally lay her head on his shoulder.

She did a victory dance in her head.

This was how life should have always been. Doing shit with her imprint, saving the world and cuddling. It was perfect. She barely noticed when she snuggled a little more into him. It felt so nice. She could do this all day and night.

In bed, even without sex, she could just lay there with him and drift with him... holding each other warmly...

Seth watched as Leah's eyes started to close while staring at her imprint lovingly, not paying any attention to what was going on in the meeting. He would listen closely, in case she had any question later, although she'd probably prefer to ask Harry. He'd do it just in case.

He caught some of Sam's rant.

"I know that you have some kind of alliance or something with the Cullens, just like us-"

"Friendship, you mean," Harry interrupted.

Sam ignored it, probably still thinking that friendships with vampires are an abomination. To be fair though, Seth was still the only one that genuinely liked the Cullens. Jacob only liked Bella and was indifferent to the rest because of his imprint. "But they cannot come on our land." Harry shook his head softly, not bothering Leah, but Sam put up a hand to stop him from saying anything. "I do, however, agree that they should be informed, so if you want to do that, you can go after our meeting," he nodded.

It was funny, how it sounded as if Sam gave Harry permission to go do it, as if it was needed. He always did stuff like that. Seth glanced at Jacob, who looked back, both sharing an exasperated look.

Harry looked like he was about to argue, but everyone's attention went to Leah, who gave a little snore. It wasn't obscenely loud, or even loud enough to distract normal people, but their hearing meant that they it was perfectly clear to them. So everyone fell silent and stared at her.

In the silence, Harry and Emily seemed able to hear it, although Harry might have been able to before, Leah was never clear about how sensitive his hearing actually was.

Seth looked around, noticing three different reactions. Sam and Jared both looked irritated, clenching their jaws in annoyance. Although Sam's seemed to be more pronounced than his Beta's. Jacob didn't seem upset at all, and Seth was glad for that, it was another reason for why he was a great leader. The closest thing to being upset that he showed was just some barely noticeable fidgeting. It was probably embarrassing to have your beta falling asleep in a meeting, Seth could understand that. It was all overshadowed by amusement, anyways. He seemed to be fighting a snort down.

Seth himself would lump himself with Emily and Harry, who were both looking like they wanted to coo at Leah. Well, Emily actually was cooing under her breath a little.

Harry only had a small smile on his face when he looked at Leah, but it looked no less loving than how the wolves looked at their imprints.

Seth had to remind himself of what his sister told him all the time, to stop from joining Emily. "If you 'aw' at anything, I will give you the worst super wedgie in the world."

She had 'taught' him that when he was ten, when she dubbed him old enough to learn how to be a Clearwater. Sadly, he broke that rule almost the same day. He had tried not to, but eventually he ended up cooing at a kitten, and sequentially found himself on his tippy toes, trying to get away from the underwear that was crushing at his genitals.

His sister was a firm believer of tough love.

Her teachings paid off though, since he could proudly say that he didn't coo at Leah snoring on her imprint's shoulder, which was adorable. His previous Pack didn't think it was adorable at all, though, Sam and Jared glared at Harry to make him do something.


It was obvious that he would do no such thing. Harry just tapped his sister on the cheek lightly, and instantly, they couldn't hear Leah anymore, which just made Emily coo louder at the blatant love Harry showed – obviously Sam didn't complain when Emily made noises, the hypocrite.

Sam opened his mouth, no doubt to rant since he was still glaring at Leah, but Harry cut him off. "I'll repeat it all to the Cullens, don't worry," he said in a tone that brooked no arguments – or more like any more sidetracking. "Let's just start. I've been sort of campaigning for help with the ministry-"

"Really," Jacob interrupted with a smirk, "because I could swear that you spend practically all your time with Leah." Jacob rose his eyebrows, challenging him to deny it.

"It's been a very recent campaign," Harry flushed.

"As in like yesterday?" Seth teased.

"This morning," Harry mumbled. "Doesn't matter though, I brought it up with the Wizengamot," Seth looked at him blankly, and saw the rest do the same. Harry sighed, "our legislative slash judicial body-"

"That's not very smart," Emily tutted, interrupting Harry once again. "Those two should be split, they have too much power. It's unbalanced, it has more power than the president," she shook her head disapprovingly.

"We have a minister," Harry corrected, "and he has a vote in the Wizengamot, so it's a little more balanced," he shrugged, clearly not caring that much.

"Which was which again?" Seth asked everyone, not following too well.

Emily rolled her eyes at him. "Wizengamot is like our Congress and Supreme Court combined. The minister is like the president," she lectured, ticking fingers off her hand. "Right?" she checked with Harry, getting an impressed nod.

"We have a Congress?" Seth asked wide eyed. He'd always thought that Congresses were parts of kingdoms.

Emily looked at him in concern. "Didn't you go to any of your classes?" She turned and glared at Sam and Jacob. "You two weren't supposed to let him skip that much!"

"No, that's not it," Seth tried to sooth her fears. "The history teacher was just really hot."

Jacob nodded knowingly at him. "She really was."

Emily tutted, but Harry just grumbled. "I had a bloody ghost as a teacher, you lucky gits." He sat up – well as much as he could with his sister on top of him. "Anyways, we're not getting help, and I sort of quit my job, or working part-time now-"

"Did you find a new house yet?" Seth asked him curiously.

Harry just looked at him oddly. "We just spoke like half an hour ago, before Leah came..."

Seth shrugged defensively. "You could have called up some leads or something in that time!" he protested.

"I'm pretty sure he's been comforting your sister there," Jacob wiggled his eyebrows, making Seth growl. Harry was a nice enough guy, and never flaunted anything with Leah in front of Seth, but it was still his sister. He didn't want to hear that shit. It was gross.

"Back to the point," Harry spoke loudly, "we need to start making plans. We can't keep doing this," he glowered suddenly, speaking – more like leading - in that way that Leah always raved about in her mind. "They keep sending wave after wave... we need to find the source. We need stop reacting and we need to start preventing."

Everyone was silent mulling over his words. At least Seth thought so, but he should have known Sam would do something stupid.

"Listen here," Sam sputtered, "our packs are doing just fine protecting our lands, we don't need you or anyone else to help!" he jabbed a finger at Harry.

"Uh-huh," Harry ignored him.

"I think it's a good idea," Jacob argued.

"We need to stay and protect our tribe!" Sam boomed.

"And we have you for that, don't we," Jacob didn't react, still speaking calmly. "My pack can go and patrol just a little bit farther. Just a few miles. You guys stay here, if we find something, we'll either pursue it, or we'll ask for help from you."

"No!" Sam roared. "You have a responsibility here!"

"And that's exactly what I'm doing!" Jacob finally raised his voice back. "What do you think I'm trying to do there? Go party? Fuck Sam, stop being so fucking self-righteous."

"This is not how you do that-" Sam started to say.

"Jacob has his own pack," Harry interrupted. "And from what I've seen, he's never once tried to tell yours what to do, so you should return the courtesy," Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

Sam glowered back at Leah's imprint, and Seth got ready to protect him if need be. "You can't just-"

"Yes, he can," Jacob interrupted. "We're doing this, Sam."

Sam growled in frustration, but didn't do anything else. Probably because he was terribly outmatched everywhere, even Emily looked like she was going to scold him. Jared was his only ally.

He just crossed his arms and sulked.

Harry sighed, now that the confrontation was over, he seemed to deflate, all the fight going out of him. "How about, Jake, you check in with Sam if you find something, so that you can at least tell him that you're about to leave the tribe a little less protected, so that he can act accordingly?"

"Fine," both alphas replied sullenly, making everyone else smile in amusement.

"Anything else?" Harry asked them.

"No," they both grumbled, making Seth actually laugh now.

"Alright, we're done here," Harry shook Leah awake.

At this, Leah lifted her head and cheered. "Alright! I'll race you home!" She leaped toward the door while Harry smiled and transformed into his owl form and flew out the window, passing her while she was standing outside, making sure that he was coming. She shifted and sprinted past him in seconds.

"They're so cute aren't they?" Emily cooed.

"I don't like him." Sam wisely put in.

Jacob snickered. "I just wanna know how he beats her all the time, unless his bird form has superpowers... there's no way it could match our speed-" He was interrupted with a hoot from the window. They all stared as Harry hopped inside and transformed back to human with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Well, your alphiness, ask and I shall answer." With that he winked, and apparated out to the Cullen's house to meet Leah there.

Sam jumped to his feet, knocking his chair on the floor. "What the hell did he just do?" He roared. "Jared, Seth, Jacob, go around the house and check for anything dangerous." He tried to command. The effect was ruined by Jacob who started to snicker, which turned into full blown laughter.

"Oh god! I get it!" He said in between laughs.

Emily was still a bit weary, but she joined in with a small smile and asked what happened.

"I get it. He just acts like he's going to race her, and then he doubles back and teleports!" He immediately devolved back into snickers.

It took about three seconds before everyone else joined in and started to laugh at how Leah was being played. Everyone except for Sam that is. He crossed his arms and sulked. Emily rubbed his back while snickering herself and cooing at him.

"Jake! Don't phase with her unless I'm there. I can't wait to see her reaction." Seth started daydreaming.

"So that's it," Harry concluded. "They pretty much shut me down."

Harry was now at the Cullens, having just explained in much more detail what happened at the Wizengamot meeting than with the wolves.

They asked about everything, taking more than three hours. Almost the whole family was there, and they were all interested. The only ones missing were Courtney and Rosalie, but it was probably for the best. Courtney would probably derail the meeting by hitting on him, and Rosalie would make snide little comments. It wasn't that he didn't like Rosalie... he was actually starting to warm up to her.

He just had to delusions about her personality.

"Well, first of all," Carlisle started out once Harry finished talking, looking at all his family, "we all want to say thank you for trying."

"Er," Harry said uncomfortably, never good at taking praise. "S'alright," he mumbled.

"Not to sound ungrateful..." Edward was clearly trying to not offend, "but... er... why didn't you fight harder?" He winced afterward, but Harry recognized that there really was no nicer way to say it.

Esme looked disapproving, but Harry smiled at her reassuringly, showing he took no offense. "There are a few reasons... the biggest one was that it wouldn't have done anything." He saw Edward's expression get a little doubtful, while still trying to not seem disrespectful. "Really, I know these people. They were already set against it from the start."

Edward still didn't look convinced. "I'm just saying," he was clearly Esme's increasingly disapproving gaze that was directed at him, "that you were able to blackmail your boss into getting you way – why couldn't you have done the same to the Wizengamot?"

"There's a big difference between telling your boss that you'll quit if you don't get your way – that's negotiating. Telling the whole legislative and judiciary body that you quit if you don't get your way – they wouldn't take that."

"I suppose," Edward shrugged.

"Edward..." even Bella looked at him oddly.

"Not only that," Harry continued, "but if I push too hard now, and they still turned it down – which they would have – what would happen when I come back with more evidence? They'd just be pissed off and turn it down to spite me."

Slowly, Edward's expression had turn reluctantly accepting. Harry was sure that if he had said it as it had first formed in his mind, it wouldn't have gone as well. His first thought was that it would ruin his reputation as an honorable person, which was why he still more clout than most people in that room. That was why his proposal even made it past 'do we believe his report?' stage. That was because his reputation as the most honorable politician meant that he was telling the truth, and wasn't trying to gain anything from it. It was very similar to how Dumbledore was treated, but with less trust in his wisdom, just his trustworthiness.

He really didn't want to lost that, selfish as it might sound. He really would have done it, and thrown away his reputation, if he thought it would work... but it seemed like a waste. He'd probably admit it to Leah later... but that's about it. Everyone else would probably judge him. She never judged him.

Although sometimes – just sometimes – he was worried that she was just the opposite, and never judged him. Even when she should.

It never lasted long, it was really hard to think of an example of when she should judge him, and he just couldn't come up with one. Besides, he got it enough from other people that he didn't need it from her too. And for that, he was extremely glad.

He would try and show her how glad he was later.

She probably deserved it after ditching her, anyways. Right after she had gotten home, he told her how he had to go and tell the Cullens. She was jealous, and even tried to entice him to a make out session, which he just barely managed to turn down.

If she knew how much it affected him...

Well, they'd probably never leave the house. He was trying to last as long as he could... but he would never forget that first day, when he met her. It had never changed, how he thought of her...

Passionate. Wild. She still very much personified those traits. Every thing she did was so passionate, and it only got worse when he broke up with Ginny. It was like all her restraint was gone, and in a few hours she started teasing him practically to submission. She wasn't even doing it on purpose – he knew she would do it a lot more if she knew how good at it she was - it was very natural. It wasn't forced, she wasn't doing it to get him to do something, and she wasn't doing it to get her way – to speed things along. She was doing it just because she was clearly enjoying it.

Which was why it was all the more effective.

If she had done any of it to get her way, like Ginny had sometimes done, it would've been a turnoff, and something easy to ignore. One time Ginny had worn a tiny little nightgown, to try and make him have sex with her despite saying no when he proposed. They'd had a huge fight. Harry had immediately gotten suspicious, she'd immediately gotten defensive – it was a mess.

Now, if Leah were to do that... fuck. He'd be completely fucked. Especially because he knew what she looked like naked, from the time he'd caught her in the woods, which he just realized she was probably stalking him. It was pretty flattering, actually. And now he'd ditched her for vampires, something that he knew she'd hate - he'd have to make it up to her.

He was brought back to the meeting by a cough, and he tried playing it cool, acting like he was deep in thought about something important. He cleared his throat importantly. "I was thinking about asking the U.S. for help, actually," he fibbed.

The Cullens blinked in unison. Harry himself wouldn't have thought of it under normal circumstances, he'd always had his best ideas when lying. "Why didn't we think of that..." Carlisle murmured.

"I'm not even sure if there is a ministry here," Harry shrugged.

"Well, it would probably a government, not a ministry," Emmett mumbled to himself.

"I don't care," Harry shrugged. "Anyways, anymore questions?"

"Can we come with you?" Emmett asked him eagerly.

"Wizards are pretty prejudiced against vampires," Harry cringed apologetically. He really did wish it was different. "They might try to kill you."

"We can take them," Emmett scoffed, getting a grin from Jasper. Everyone else shook their heads.

"Maybe," Harry allowed. "But Carlisle is your oldest and he's only a few centuries old. Bella over there would be a sitting duck." They all looked at him weirdly, but didn't interrupt. "They could probably just levitate her and burn her – that's how I usually kill newborns."

"Bella is a shield," Edward said proudly. "Your magic probably doesn't affect her."

"May I?" he asked, drawing his wand. He could without the wand, it was just to be more clear about what he was going to do. He saw apprehensiveness on Edward, so he clarified, "just to levitate her a few inches."

Bella rolled her eyes at her husband. "Go ahead, Harry. We do trust you," she glared a little at her husband. It turned warm almost immediately, though. He could tell what Leah meant by how sickening those two were.

He quickly levitated her about two inches, getting no resistance at all. Bella giggled a bit, probably at the sensation, while Edward fretted. He shrugged at them, some of them wearing disappointed expressions.

"I didn't think it would stop it," Bella admitted. "You always said, Edward, that my gift was all mental."

"I can try and read your mind, if you want?" Harry offered.

"Okay, that won't work," Edward bragged.

Bella rolled her eyes, but looked at Harry expectantly. She didn't seem to expect a problem either, and seemed much more confident this time.

For this, Harry did need his wand. He wasn't particularly gifted in legilimency. Sure, he could get through most shields once the spell actually took effect, but that was mostly just willpower. Even then, though, he was pants at finding specific memories. The only thing he was good at was fighting the other mind off. It was actually a lot easier for him to find a memory when the person was actively protecting it, since he could go and attack where he felt the other conscience. A very skilled occlumens like Snape would make sure that what he was trying to hide would be deep within his mind, almost never thought about. Harry would have to spend days to find that particular memory.

He took a deep breath and gathered his magic. "Legilimens."

Immediately, he could feel a shield in place, and it was strong. He poked at it, testing it out. It felt really strange, kind of elastic, not at all like what he was used to. Most shields he would pound into submission, through sheer will, until it shattered. This one practically caught his will and threw it right back at him. It was disconcerting.

He screwed up his face in concentration, and could just vaguely notice that Edward seemed smug, and Bella a bit, too. They both glanced at each other, smiling in satisfaction.

Well, that wouldn't do.

Concentrating as much as he could, he gathered up all of his will and glared at Bella, fueling his magic with emotion. He threw himself at the elastic shield.

He felt it stretching, fighting to push him back. He saw Bella's eyes go wide, as did most of the Cullens at her reaction. He kept pushing, feeling it stretch even more. He had a passing thought, that if this failed, it would hurt like a bitch when it was all thrown back at him.

Finally, the elastic band tore, letting him go through, while Bella made a pained noise. He was immediately assaulted with visions of Edward and Nessie. It really was all the girl thought about. There were a few – very few – thoughts about the Cullens, the werewolves, and him; but most of it was Edward and Nessie.

He would tell Leah later, she'd get a hell of a kick out of that one. He knew her strong dislike for the girl.

Immediately after he got a hold of himself, he pulled back from her mind, finding it a bit harder than usual to go back. When he looked around, he could see Bella holding her head in pain, while Edward was glaring at him and holding his wife.

It didn't last long, Bella seemed to feel better very quickly. "It's alright, I'm alright," she assured.

"Sorry about that..." Harry tried to pacify Edward.

"I'm all better," Bella assured him. "He just got through my shield," she said, shocking the rest of the Cullens.

"I don't think anyone else will be able to do it," Harry assured them. "I have a..." he tried to think of something that didn't sound so conceited, "very strong willpower," he finished. "No one else will be able to."

They all nodded uncertainly, but seemed to trust him.

The meeting finished soon after, with not much solved other than the agreement that they would stay in touch, which they already had settled on before.

He was also informed that Courtney was somewhat upset with him for not visiting yet. They sympathized with him, because it really hadn't been that long since he last visited, only a few days, but in a way it had been too long.

Courtney was a newborn something that he'd forgotten in how lost he got with Leah. He had forgotten that she needed special attention and watching to make sure that she didn't relapse – especially this early. What he did, was ignore her, leaving all the responsibility with the Cullens.

It was inexcusable.

Although, they all seemed happy enough. From what they said, Rosalie liked having another sister well enough, especially a more normal one, since Alice was much too exuberant and Bella was... uninterested, he guessed was the best term. From what he had understood – and then verified when he used legilimency – was that Bella didn't like spending that much time with the others in the family. This was all explained to him once Edward left with Bella and Nessie for their cottage.

Also, from the little clues that he had gotten from the Cullens, Courtney didn't seem to like Bella that much. Well, it seemed impossible for that girl to dislike someone, but the word that came to mind was unimpressed. Courtney was a very social girl, he could've told anyone that, and she apparently wasn't very happy with how much Bella would ditch everyone for the only two things she really cared about.

Harry understood that, and even more, he understood that it was that very same social tendency of hers that made her upset with how little Harry visited. He'd saved her, so she saw him as a bit of a hero, and people hated it when their hero abandoned them.

He could definitely relate, with how little Dumbledore helped him. Yes, he understood Dumbledore's teachings that it was better to work things out for yourself – but sometimes it was better to just show support. He had turned out well in the end, the lessons eventually worked, but he still maintained that it wouldn't have been a big deal to skip all the angst. Not interfering when Malfoy bugged him so that he could learn to deal with bullies? Sure, he could see that, a lot of parents took that route. It did help him out a lot, after all. Not helping him when he faced Voldemort first year? Eh, it was a bit dangerous, but he could maybe excuse it because of the prophecy. There were special circumstances.

Letting a multi-ton snake that can kill with a stare roam free and almost kill students, all the while letting the whole school think that it was his fault – all for Harry to learn to solve puzzles. Yeah, that was just senile. But hey, the man saved his life. So what if he made a few mistakes. Dumbledore would always be a debated topic of his life.

He didn't want to be compared to Dumbledore, though. He didn't want to be 'debatable.' He was going to be there for Courtney.

He started thinking about ways to help her, to make up for abandoning her. What could he do for a vampire... All that came to mind was her thirst, and he already somewhat helped on that. Maybe he could come up with something else? Something like the anklet that he gave Leah...


No... he had nothing. He guessed the best he could do was just spend time with her. Hopefully Leah would agree to come with, he really wanted them to get along – as small a chance that it was. There had to be things they could agree on though... maybe their mutual dislike for Bella? That was something that no one else had agreed with her on yet. Even Harry could only reluctantly agree with a few of her points, but not against her whole person.

After looking in her mind, he could probably agree with Leah a little more.

With that in mind, he told the Cullens that he would be back later to visit Courtney, and he went home, to figure out what to do about the house. He would need a new one now, and he didn't want to live at Leah's house – something he was sure she would suggest.

It wasn't that he didn't want to live with Leah, he really wouldn't mind that. Even though it had only been a very short time since they started dating, he wouldn't be opposed to moving together already – it felt like they'd been together a lot longer.

Whether he wanted to admit it or not, they'd practically been dating for months. From that very first day that she came over, they'd been cuddling and touching more intimately(in a friendly way) than most married couples. Maybe it hadn't technically been cheating, since they both took a ton of precautions against that, but it had definitely been emotional cheating.

All of the things they did combined to make him feel more comfortable with her than anyone else, and more than ready to live with her. However, there were a few other reasons for him to get his own house. Like the fact that he would be doing a lot of magic there, and it would be better if muggles like her mom wasn't close. There were a ton of reasons.

Like the fact that they couldn't have sex at her mom's house.

That was something that he was very sure she'd agree with - at least once she'd stop interrupting him and let him explain.

Getting home, he decided to take a shower, to smell good for Leah. In the shower, he was reminded of all the teasing that Leah had done, so he decided to put in a quick wank – another reason for his own place, with Seth's hearing he would have to wait until the house was empty.

As he finished and was drying up, his phone rang. A quick look revealed it was Leah. With a smile on his face, he picked it up, excited to tell her that he was getting a new place.

There were about fifteen vampires coming through the west – they were alerted by Alice. They weren't going to be much of a problem for all the practice that the Cullens and the wolves had been getting, but it wouldn't let them go help the three wolves that were stranded miles out. Most of Leah's pack.

Sam's pack couldn't get there in time to help, even if they wanted to, and the three were too far out to do anything.

It was bullshit.

Jacob had been on patrol when he caught the scent of a vampire, one that had come in to the res , and he'd waited for Embry and Quil to catch up to him so that he wouldn't be alone when they investigated.

It wasn't like her pack had tried to attack them or anything, no matter what Sam believed. They really were just investigating, even taking the precaution of asking for backup instead of going alone like he originally wanted to. Leah and Seth had seen all of this in their minds when they had phased.

The problem had been when they followed it closely(staying properly hidden and ready to bolt at a moment's notice), even seeing a group of more than a dozen, mostly newborns, but a few looked older. The three wolves had come out of a bush in a particularly tall hill, and had a perfect bird's eye's view of a few miles out. In a valley, they saw the vampires perfectly, all fighting amongst themselves, probably because they were getting hungry from not feeding – they hadn't seen any news of mass murders.

At the first sight, all three of them froze, the ingrained response to seeing a stronger predator, so as not to attract attention.

After that, their first instinct had been to attack, with a blinding rage, for creating all of those vampires – or transporting, they didn't care – so close to their home.

Their second, more sensible, instinct had been to flee.

Five vampires, they could take between them. Maybe. A dozen, or more... they'd be slaughtered. Even being an alpha and all, Jacob could only take two by himself, and that was if they weren't very good.

So they tried to back out without letting them know, and failed. They weren't incompetent, they didn't alert the dozen vampires. No, it had been a stupid stupid coincidence. Two vampires – a couple – had gone out to scout or something and were walking back, literally running into the wolves on their way back.

The vampires had frozen, but the wolves had immediately attacked, tearing them into pieces almost instantly, alerting the group of vampires at the same time. Of course, they tried running back to the res, but there were too many of them, they had even cut off their route home, Leah thought it was a miracle that they were all still alive.

"There's nothing we can do, I'm sorry Leah, Seth," Sam said solemnly. "We have to stay and protect our tribe, we just can't take the chance of going there and leaving everyone here vulnerable."

Leah felt the all too familiar urge to kick Sam right in the balls. Only this time, she also felt defeated. Besides her, Seth wasn't looking too good either. He looked extremely somber, which wasn't familiar on him at all. It made her lose a lot of hope.

Jacob. Embry. Quil. She would miss them so much. If they somehow survived this, she'd never be a bitch to them again, she might even tell them how much she loved them. Maybe.

Either way, she wasn't going to stay and follow Sam's pack. She had her own pack, and she was beta of that pack. That meant something. Even if she wasn't beta, she would never abandon her pack.

She looked toward Seth and they nodded together, determined to do whatever they could. They were probably going to die, but they didn't have any other choice. They would have to try anyways. They would always stand besides their pack.

Seth must have caught on to her train of thought. "Whatever it takes," he agreed. It was a bad moment for it, but she'd never felt prouder.

"You both won't get there in enough time to do anything," Sam said firmly. "It would be a waste when we could use your help defending. You'd probably only get stranded just like them."

"It doesn't matter. I would at least try for anyone I love," Leah said, almost punching him in the face. She barely stopped herself. "You would only do it for Emily, but I would do it for Harry and anyone else..." she trailed off, an idea hitting her. She whirled around and grabbed onto Seth's shoulders, feeling an extreme amount of hope. "Harry!" she screamed at her brother. "Harry!"

Seth looked at her wide eyed and more than a touch scared. "Um. I'm sure he's fine..."

"No! Shut up, Seth," she told him on, on instinct. "He can teleport us there!"

Her brother's eyes lit up. "Yes! Harry! Go call him, go-go-go-go!" he said and pushed her toward the door.

"The cell phone isn't out there, Seth!"

"Okay! Let's look for it!" Seth screamed and jumped inside, overturning Sam's couch and all his chairs, looking underneath things, and making everything a mess. He even went and threw things that he'd already upturned, to go look under that spot.

Leah stopped for a second to just gawk at her brother, and then reminded herself she was wasting precious seconds. Plus it was Sam's stuff, that was just hilarious.

She quickly took the phone out of her pocket – the most obvious place – and called Harry.

"Hullo, Le-"

She interrupted him quickly. "Me and Seth are at Sam's and we need you to get here and teleport us somewhere! Hurry, people are dying man! Hurr-"


She felt a damp Harry land on top of her. With no shirt on. She licked her lips for a second.

"Harry!" Seth screamed happily. "Take us to Jacob. Go-go-go-go-"

"Shut up, Seth!" Leah screamed. "Okay, Harry. Shit. How do I show you where we need to go..." She tried to think quickly if Jacob had showed her any signs or anything to tell him and see if he miraculously knew the place.

"I hope you don't hate me for this later, but here." She saw Harry point his wand at her. She trusted him completely so she just stood straight and waited for whatever he was going to do. "Legilimens," she heard him whisper.

The only thing was, that it sounded from far away. It was like she retreated into her own mind and was having an out of body experience. She felt something go through her brain, searching. It wasn't the most pleasant of sensations, but it wasn't exactly painful. Whatever was happening, her mind was going through hundreds of memories extremely quickly, barely touching on them before she found herself on the next one. Almost all of them were of Harry, of course. That was practically all her mind thought of lately.

This went on until her mind focused very clearly on the memory of Jacob frantically telling her not to come after him.

The presence in her mind left after that.

"What in the hell was that?" Leah asked Harry, with a very small headache.

"I'm so sorry," Harry said, grimacing. "I went through your mind to try to find where Jacob was."

"Oh. I don't mind," Leah told him quickly. "Did you see anything else?"

"Err." He blushed a bit. That didn't reassure her at all. "Whatever you saw just now, I saw it as well."

"So all those thoughts about you, you saw them all?" she asked him, to which he got a sheepish nod. "I don't mind. You already know how much I love you."

His smile was beautiful. It was relieved and happy and so full of love and -

"Jesus fucking Christ! We all fucking know you love your fucking imprint Leah. Now there are fucking people that are dying out there!" Seth screamed and then breathed loudly.

Leah stared at him with wide, surprised, and slightly impressed, eyes. So he was a Clearwater after all.

"He's right," Harry nodded. He took both of their arms and turned. The last thing she saw was Sam's frustrated face. It almost made her giggle.

Of course, almost was the key word, since what she felt after, most definitely didn't make he want to giggle. She felt as if she was being squeezed through a tube, like toothpaste. It wasn't pleasant. It didn't even feel like proper toothpaste squeezing. No one grabbed her and gently rolled her from the bottom so that she came out the top in a nice even way. No, she felt like Harry had taken her and punched right in the middle of the tube so that she would just rocket out of the hole and splatter everywhere.

Really, she would have to show him the right technique later, she didn't think her imprint was one of those people.

Thankfully, she came out in one piece and showed up on top of a hill overlooking everything. She looked to the side to see Seth on the ground just like her, except he was dry heaving. "Does it always feel like that?" he gasped out.

"You get used to it." Harry had started running his wand on his eyes, probably making them see farther. She looked toward where he was looking and saw Jacob and his two best friends being chased by about five vampires. There were more behind those five, but they looked like the only ones quick enough to run behind the wolves.

The scary thing was though, that none of the vampires were tiring, while the wolves were quite clearly very tired, bleeding and limping slightly in Quil's case. Jacob was behind them, occasionally taking a snap behind him to get the vampires to back off. They weren't going to last long like that.

"Let's go!" Seth said and phased, ripping all his clothes.

"Stop!" Leah said. "Show everything to Jacob, but do not leave. We'll get murdered right now if we go."

Seth growled at her, but obeyed.

"I don't know what to do either Seth," Harry said with a frown. "Most of them aren't newborns either. I can't just levitate them easily or anything. It'll be harder for me to kill them as well."

"What do you mean?" Leah said frantically. "I thought newborns were stronger?" She asked worriedly. "Aren't they? Don't they get weaker after their own blood that they haven't stolen runs out?"

"I'm not completely sure about you guys, it was pretty complicated. I do know that, magically, the older the stronger though, they gain more magical resistance," Harry started explaining and then stopped. "We'll talk about this later. We need a game plan."

Seth immediately barked his agreement.

Leah tried to put her mind to work, but it was still pretty firmly set on this new revelation. From what it sounded like, it didn't affect her fighting much. It affected Harry though, so it might as well affect her. If he wasn't such a stubborn little imprint she would tell him to stay back and not fight.

They had argued about it countless times though, and it was pretty clear that she wasn't going to change his mind. Plus, if she was being honest, he could sort of kick her ass, and her whole pack was in danger... so she'd have to swallow down her worry for now. It would be terribly hypocritical of her anyways.

Although that didn't really affect her decision at all.

"How about..." Harry's voice brought her back to the present, also making her frustrated that she wasn't thinking of a plan. "Seth goes runs with the three wolves, give them pause that more are coming while we come up with something better to do?" Harry asked them.

Seth immediately barked his consent and moved to go.

"No!" Leah objected, both because she didn't want to potentially send Seth to his doom, and because she wanted to go. "That's insane... That's.."

"The best we got," Harry said firmly. "I can't apparate them away while they're still wolves, and there won't be enough time for them to phase and then do it. The vampires would kill us. Plus I need time for double apparition, it takes a lot of concentration," he admitted a little sheepishly.

Leah stared at him in defeat, not being able to dispute any of it. Seth took that as her consent and ran full speed towards the others. She watched as he moved his direction a little, so that he was running toward a spot ahead of the wolves, neatly avoiding getting attacked before he could catch up. Smart.

She was faintly impressed with his thinking. The plan also worked exactly as Harry had said. When Seth showed up seemingly out of nowhere, the five vampires backed off for a few minutes, clearly trying to come up with a better plan, just like Harry and Leah. Seth would switch off with Jacob in swiping backwards and giving them room, not really gaining ground, but not losing anymore as Jacob had been.

Assured of the plan working, Leah turned back to Harry and matched his thoughtful face.

They thought and thought, bouncing and striking down ideas, but came up with nothing that they were completely sure of. Most of their plans were completely crazy to the point of being suicidal, and the rest were very unlikely to actually work before her whole pack was decimated.

There were a few moments were they almost shouted at each other, only refraining because they didn't want to give away their positions. She steadfastly refused Harry going anywhere below a mile above the ground on his broom, but ended up compromising on half a mile, which he had better follow. He was also being completely unreasonable, not agreeing to letting her attack them straight on, which she was sure would work.

The only thing they had to rely on was the speed both of them had to lure one at a time and try to take them on individually. Harry would be high above her, protecting her, while she would use her strength to rip them apart. The newborns wouldn't be too difficult for him to kill, while the older ones were easier for her. Those were more magically resistant, apparently, something that they would have to talk about later, since it seemed pretty important.

It wasn't the best plan, but it was the only one that didn't assure them both killed, while hopefully giving them enough time to actually help.

Before Leah phased, she took Harry by the head and crashed her lips on his, tasting his blood from where she probably made his lip hit his teeth. It didn't seem to bother him since he kissed her just as hard, grabbing her body and crashing it into his. She pressed herself against him harder before very reluctantly backing off. As she backed away a few steps, they didn't break eye contact, which they kept until she phased. He quickly got on his broom afterward, rocketing upwards, and flying high enough above her that she could barely see his face. He should be safe up there.

He better be.

Leah took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself.

"Good luck, Leah," Quil thought through his pain.

"Love you sis."

"You're taking over if I don't make it," Jacob tried to joke.

She ignored them all.

"Come and get some fagots!" She screamed in her mind, howling loudly to attract attention. As soon as she was done, she tensed, her body already knowing that she was no longer safely hidden.

She looked up at Harry, hoping that he would give her some kind of signal, and he threw her a thumbs up, flying off away from where her pack was. It worked, they were after her. She ran away as quickly as she could to where Harry was flying, eventually having to slow down less she overtook him. She ran straight through all types of bushes and plants, tearing through them to leave a path while barely feeling them. Her paws were pounding loudly, not bothering with stealth, encouraging more vampires to break off and come after her.

Finally, after almost a minute of a fairly slow run – for her - the first vampire made an appearance. He looked like a newborn, in both appearance and behavior. Not only did it try to take her on by itself, meaning that he probably didn't have any kind of restraint yet, but it lunged at her about fifty feet, leaving a few seconds where he was completely vulnerable, not being able to hit the ground and switch directions.

She splayed he claws on the ground on the next step, preparing to swipe at it when it reached her. She zeroed in on its neck, hoping she could behead him and take him out for a good while.

She needn't have bothered.

Harry had quickly brought up a wall of fire next to her, on her right, long before the vampire would reach her. She could feel the heat coming off, but it wasn't nearly close enough to have been a danger for her. What came through the other side of the wall was only a small part of a torso, all extremities looked to have already been burned off. It was on fire, so Leah only batted at it, throwing it to the side, where it kept burning, not bothering to tear it into more pieces.

She grinned at the small victory, hoping the rest of the fight would be that easy.

The other wolves cheered them on.

The second and third vampires were a much closer thing. They came together from opposite sides, momentarily catching her off guard, being a bit too confident from the last vampire. After the small pause, which really didn't affect much, she and Harry had both tried to attack the same side, causing some fumbling.

To be fair, it was probably her fault. He had sprung up the wall of fire on the same side as last time. Leah though, went for the farther of the two vampires. She had assumed that he would get the closest one, which was on the other side of her as the fire, so that she would have more time with the other one. Bad teamwork.

His way made more sense though both because it was the same as last time, and because it would be better to know earlier if the vampire didn't fall for the fire trick.

So, like a dumbass, she almost ran right into the very fire that was supposed to protect her. She had barely sprung back in time before hitting it, tripping in the process. It caused the farther vampire to sail right above her and crash into the fire as well. They were both burning by the time she got up and started running again, though she could see that the limbs were still there, even if extremely mangled. She was fine for now, but that had been a close one.

This time Harry went a lot faster, probably trying to give her a reprieve from fighting, or trying to come up with a plan. She decided to follow his lead, since he could actually see what was happening.

She had been following Harry straight on for a few minutes when he made a sudden hard left turn. She turned sharply with him, absentmindedly enjoying the feel of her claws making deep gashes on the dirt. But then he turned left again, this time completely stopping after a second.

What the hell was going on?

She barked at him loudly, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and then made a decision. She took off. She couldn't sit still, she'd be a sitting duck. What the hell was he thinking, just sitting still like that, anyways? He had also made two left turns, making her face directly at where they had starting running away from, so she turned back again and took off in the original direction that they were running. She hoped she was going the right way, because Harry was now trying to catch up to her, it looked like.

He was flying so fast that he had caught up to her quickly and was now flying right above her. That made her feel better. Maybe he had wanted her to take the lead? She'd try to if something happened. Maybe if she smelled-

Her heart stopped in her chest when she looked up and saw Harry dive down toward her. In range of the vampires.

What the fuck was he doing?

Harry grimaced. They had almost taken her down because of bad teamwork. They had both attacked the same side. To be fair, it was probably his fault. He should have sprung up the fire on the vampire that was closest, giving her more time with the other one, but he was a little too scared that it would somehow get through, and wanted to give her more of a warning if it did.

He kept going forward after that, shaking off the mistake like he was taught to do at the auror academy. He had been taught a very valuable lesson after the first mistake he did: If you make a mistake, you're the last person that deserves a pity party.

It would have saved him a lot of time back at Hogwarts and during the Horcrux hunt.

Checking on Leah again, he saw that there were still six vampires behind her. They were all running pretty closely together, making it easy for him to avoid ambushes while guiding Leah. The other three were the fastest, so they had tried to take her on by themselves. Big mistake. His wolf was too strong. He'd kill anyone who tried anyways.

On second thought, that was probably a wrong assumption, they might not have been the fastest. The only thing that it proved was that they were the dumbest, since they went ahead by themselves.

He looked back again, only to see just three vampires running behind her. Where were the rest? He looked around as fast as he could, absentmindedly feeling like he was back on a quidditch pitch looking for the snitch. He saw them on the right, jumping from tree to tree. They were just as fast jumping that way than running. One blond girl might even be faster that way, using smaller branches as swings with her hands.

Maybe she'd been a gymnast before she got turned? It didn't matter, he'd kill her for attacking his wolf. She was probably a prissy gymnastics bitch anyways, they all were back in muggle school.

He turned sharply left to try to get Leah away from them. She followed perfectly, not losing a beat. He smiled down at her, taking a second to admire her stride. Then he saw the vampires switch positions so the ones previously behind her now tried to flank her left up in the trees, while the ones previously on the trees dropped and followed behind her.

Cursing, he wondered how the fuck they were even that coordinated. They were all moving too fast for him to catch their faces and discern exactly who was the leader, but he got a clue by seeing who was the one yelling the most.

Seeing them switch off again once they caught up, he turned sharply left again. They did the same.

If he didn't think of something soon, they would definitely catch her. He was thinking on what to do, when the people behind her went to her right and try to get her from both sides. They had gone far enough to the sides that he had an idea.

He stopped sharply, Leah following him perfectly again. He waited until the vampires had almost passed her, not being able to stop himself from admiring how well Leah could follow. When the time came, he turned back, ready to skip right through their ambush. He looked down to make sure she was okay, when he couldn't see her.

She wasn't following.

He started panicking, looking everywhere for her, even back to the vampires. She was there, right between them, probably having kept going after he stopped too long.

She was running straight at the ambush.


Frantically, he kicked his broom, making him flip upside down, where he swung himself so he was upright. He then laid all the way down on his broom, his chest touching the grip, and his legs holding on tightly.

He threw all of the magic he could immediately gather at his broom, shooting forward dangerously fast. He'd never flown this fast, but he had to catch up to the fastest wolf ever. The broom was rattling against him painfully, banging against his knees and chest..

Flying as hard as he could, air stinging against his skin, he caught up with her just in time to see the vampires get within a hundred yards of her. There wasn't much he could do from up there. Even if he put all his power into it and threw a shield at her, they would break right through it. If he tried to conjure his stronger ring of fire around her, he would probably only kill a couple of them at most. Leaving at least half to tear at her.

A brief picture of a vampire going through the fire came up. It was grabbing her by her neck and squeezing. Harry growled in his mind, wanting nothing other than to kill all of them with his bare hands.

He would destroy them.

The next image came up, her neck angled wrongly, complete with the sound of an unnaturally loud pop. The pop of her neck breaking, after which the vampire dropped her. She laid on the ground, limp, unmoving.

He had never thought of anything so painful.

Seeing red, he looked down again. Leah was still running below him, taking long strides that would take him minutes to go through on foot. She was so beautiful as a wolf. Besides her naked, this was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. That calmed him down some, and he recognized his choices. He could stay up there and shoot them down from up there with all his might, or go down there and risk dying with her.

He didn't even think about it.

Pushing down on the end of his broom, he quickly dropped below the tall treeline, already weaving and flipping through all the branches.

He was going to save her.

They weren't going to touch her. They weren't going to hurt her. Not while he was there. She wouldn't be hurt. She would not die.

Whatever that picture was that he just saw, whatever made him see that, he would stop it. Whatever he needed to do, whatever happened, he would stop that.

No matter what it took.

Just as he cleared the lowest of the branches, he saw two of the vampires get a hold of her legs. His magic screamed with fury through his body, his arm already casting.

Leah growled in her throat when she saw him dropping height, already planning on hurting him when this was over.

She shook her head to the sides, her mind even more on edge now that he was about to become vulnerable... and then she saw it.

What Harry had probably seen. Six vampires. On the trees.

It was probably one of the creepiest things she'd ever seen. How they kept jumping from tree to tree, twisting their bodies in impossible poses to push off again. They used every available limb to go faster, even pushing off with their head sometimes. They were screaming things at each other, but Leah couldn't possibly give less of a shit what they were saying.

Not while Harry was coming down to them.

Seeing how close the vampires were now, she tried to stop and run the other way – with a passing thought about how that's what Harry was probably trying to do before. Her front paws dug into the earth and she felt her ass go up in the air, losing purchase on the ground and threatening to flip her. Thankfully she didn't, and she slowed down enough that her back legs dropped to the floor, but that mistake made her vulnerable, and the vampires saw it.

They descended on her, all six of them.

It was one of the first times she had ever felt scared, and she froze from the fear. She couldn't see any way that she would come out of this alive, not with six different sets of fangs were coming straight at her. She tensed even more, awaiting her death.

Insanely, illogically, she took her eyes off the incoming enemy, to look at her imprint one last time. She sincerely hoped that he would get the hell out of there once she died, and not die with her. That he would have a nice life. Maybe he could get back together with Ginny. Well, he could probably do better. Yeah, if she was going to die, he better at least get someone worthy of succeeding her.

She must have cracked already.

She howled up at him to leave her, save himself.

Looking at his face, though, completely shattered her hopes. He did not look like he would be backing down safely any time soon. His expression was angry, and had a stubborn set to his jaw that was more pronounced than she'd ever seen it.


He wasn't going to go back. He was going to fight until he died. And with her dying soon, she wouldn't be able to help him.

Two pairs of hands grabbed at two of her paws.

They would kill her, and then they would go after Harry. She had sworn to protect him, and after they killed her, they would kill him, and she would have failed.

Fury rose up, stronger than she'd ever felt it. They were going to touch her imprint. She pictured it briefly, them biting at his neck, draining him empty. Him laying on the ground, pale from blood loss, his neck broken.



She would never let that happen. He was not going to die. Not if she could help it.

With a roar that was more a desperate shriek, she flailed as hard as she could, slipping from their grasp and catching a couple of them with her swipes.

It wasn't going to be enough, the rest were already lunging at her. Well, before she died, she would take out as many as she could, making it that much easier for Harry.

But she never got to.

A yellow light, so bright that it was almost white, hit the ground next to her, only a few feet away from hitting her. Then the tornado came, the same as the one that Harry used to protect that one vampire girl.

Only this time, it wasn't gentle at all. It didn't push her back nicely.

No, she could feel the wind raging around her, even though she was in the eye of it, where she was sure it was a lot safer. Even then, she had to grip the ground with her claws to stop from spinning like a top.

When she looked up, when it finally finished, the first thing she saw was Harry standing protectively in front of her, one arm holding his broom and the other his wand. Past him, it looked like a hurricane had hit – if she wasn't so frantic, she would have made fun of herself for stating the obvious – most of the trees around her were thrown around, pulled up by the root. It looked like chaos.

The sounds of Harry's heavy breathing and the trees moving themselves brought her out of her leisurely gazing. She had let herself relax for a second, but she tensed up again when she saw the vampires come out of the rubble, completely unscathed.


It was a good thing that Harry had a plan, because she was starting to freak out again.

He pointed forward with his wand sharply, causing a bubble of blue to come around both of them. In front of him, there was a hole in the bubble, giving way to what looked like a tube. She looked at it, her hopes rising, recognizing it for what it was.

A pathway, a safe pathway for them run through.

"Go!" Harry shouted at her, already accelerating on his own broom.

She didn't need to be told twice, she sprinted through the opening, watching in satisfaction as the vampires bounced off the shield while lunging at them.

A few more strides and she couldn't make out the vampires through the trees anymore. Allowing herself to relax just a tiny amount, she finally felt the pain in her paw let itself be known.

Now that she wasn't so saturated with adrenaline, she could feel that one of the smaller bones on it was out of place, and it was grinding painfully every time that she took a step. She gritted her teeth and kept going, trying not to let it slow her down.

She could tell it was though, especially when Harry pulled ahead of her and then looked back at her in concern. He slowed down and pointed his wand at her with a look that was puzzled. Not being able to speak, she couldn't tell him it was her paw, so he was probably wracking his brain on what was wrong with her.

It was probably especially hard for him to do while avoiding trees, but her imprint was amazing, so he tried anyways. He didn't get to do more than take a few glances at her though, when they broke through the top of a gentle hill, showing that the other side was a lot sparser on trees.

The advantage of the thinner vegetation was the increased vision, as they were now able to see more than a dozen yards. It let them see their enemy, and could finally recognize that they had gone up on the trees again, and had somehow overtaken them – probably because of her limping.

The disadvantage was that the enemy could see them, too.

She looked up at Harry, for a clue on what to do, since they were outnumbered pretty badly. Based on how heavily he was breathing before, she didn't think Harry would be able to protect them with shields forever. Something had to give.

Harry was too busy to give her any kind of hints, and her paw was bothering more than she would ever admit. She felt as if the bone kept grinding away at the rest faster than it was healing. It was becoming extremely painful.

Naturally, she wasn't going to let that stop her if they were attacked or anything, but her thoughts were mainly filled with pain, not planning.

Harry started to make up for her after only a second. He was still flying through all the branches while he tried to throw as many fireballs as he could toward the vampires. His arm was a continuous blur of motion as more and more fire shot out of his wand, the other hand making small motions on his broom to steer it. It was a seriously impressive show of multitasking.

That wasn't what struck her mind the most though. It was his face, a mask of anger that looked very out of place there. She didn't think he'd ever been angry around her, not truly angry. The worst she'd seen was when she would mouth off vampires, but even then it was more disappointed than angry.

His face was an ugly visage of pure hate. If she couldn't tell he was angry by his face, his choppy movements would have alerted her as well. His casting wasn't nearly as smooth as it usually was.

She looked back at the vampires, hoping to see them all dying from the fireballs, but she saw them all alive. At least now she knew what he was talking about in regards to the older vampires and magic.

Most of the vampires were avoiding the fire, diving away whenever one came close. The obvious newborns, who looked like they were still a bit clumsy, would burn and drop screaming when they got hit, showing they were in intense pain. They jumped right back into it though, putting the fires out with their speed, sometimes with their skin still smoking and chunks of their bodies missing.

The older ones looked like they would be about Carlisle's age at least, maybe older. They would scream in pain, and their skin would burn briefly, but they wouldn't be burning for long. They also never lost chunks when hit, they merely had burn spots on them. Leah wasn't sure if those could be healed, but she hoped not. These vampires would avoid the fire as much as they could, but didn't dive whenever they came near.

There was one that was quite obviously veryold, having a very fine chalky appearance on his skin and eyes. That vampire... he was fucking scary. He didn't even bother dodging the fireballs.

He would just slap them away.

If you couldn't burn a vampire, what the fuck do you do? Leah hoped they lived long enough for her to be able to ask Harry.

The oldest, who she thought was the leader, had been throwing things at Harry to try and kill him, but he had cast some kind of shield around himself, stopping everything from hitting him. Nothing was getting through. The leader had tried rocks, dirt, wood, leaves... Everything he could, he threw at Harry. Nothing worked.

Leah was starting to get hope that they would get to throw enough fire for the vampires to eventually die, but her hopes were crushed fairly quickly when the leader finally succeeded in getting through the shield.

He had gotten frustrated, and tore off the hand of a newborn, whose hand was dangling uselessly from the wrist being nearly burned off, only hanging by a thread. The leader threw the hand at Harry in frustration, not expecting it to do anything. Harry though, seemed to know that it would, in fact, go through his shield, because he jerked upward and tried to dodge.

It wasn't completely successful.

The hand was flying much too quickly, being thrown by a vampire, and grazed Harry's broom, making it chip a splinter off the bottom. She saw Harry look down at it with a panicked face and panicked herself on instinct. Both of his hands were now on the broom, and he was hanging on for dear life. He seemed to be constantly pulling up on it, by the tension on his biceps. If she thought right, that meant that he was trying to go up. Which meant the broom wasn't responding. Which meant that it wanted to go down and crash. Which meant he couldn't go up to escape. Which meant... Fuck.

With Harry pulling up on the broom, the fireballs had stopped coming, and Leah now recognized that it was that fire that was holding the vampires back. The leader then screamed something at his allies – or whatever the fuck they were. It was in a strange language she didn't know, maybe it was Latin. Whatever language it was, the command seemed simple enough based on their actions.


All six of them converged on them at once, two from the front, and two from each of the sides. On the sides, one from each pair dropped down to the floor, probably splitting off so that they could attack her and Harry at the same time.

They were fucked.

As if in slow motion, she locked eyes with Harry, who was now flying directly above her. She saw him look quickly down at the broken broom and then back at her with a determined expression.

Whatever it was that happened in that moment, whether it was the adrenaline or just something she imagined, she felt connected to him in a way she never had before. In a way that none of the other wolves felt with their imprints either. She instantly got exactly what he meant to do, and she agreed with him. It was almost as if reading each others minds, and she recognized he felt it too.

Just as two vampires lunged from the ground at her, two vampires jumped from the trees at him. Leah and Harry moved at the same time. Leah jumped as high as she could, feeling the dislodged bone on her paw pop back into place, jumping over both of the vampires who crashed into each other.

At the same time, Harry flipped his broom upside down pushing off it with his legs. The broom rocketed upwards into the trees, while Harry used the momentum of the turn to flip himself right side up again. The two vampires that jumped at him also crashed into each other, and dropped on top of the other two, making a crashing sound when they landed.

Leah and Harry met in mid air, with Harry instantly locking his legs around her as if she was the broom he had just been riding. His weight on top of her felt familiar, even though they'd never done this before.

It felt right, being connected like that. She felt stronger, faster.

She felt whole.

The other two vampires came up in front of them before they dropped back on the ground. One of them the ancient one.

There were no miscommunications this time. Harry easily let go a veritable wall of fireballs at the younger vampire, that was actually only the second oldest. Most of them burning the vampire only a little, but mostly pushing him back. Later, she would recognize it was only a distraction, because he also threw one last one behind them all, a really powerful one that almost burned a hole straight through the vampire's stomach.

On the other side, all Leah had to do was a simple swipe in mid air and the ancient vampire went flying.

She landed on her feet lightly, Harry's weight on her not feeling heavy at all, and she poured on the speed. Oddly enough, with Harry on top of her, she was running faster than ever before. There was a quick thought from Quil that if this was a different situation he would have made a joke out of it.

With Harry safe on top of her, and with Quil's thought getting through, she finally relaxed enough to remember she had a pack that she was doing all this to protect.

She checked in on them again, finally paying attention to something other than Harry and herself, to see that they were still being chased. Quil's leg was still bothering him, and both Jacob and Seth were getting very tired of swiping at the vampires behind them. Embry had taken point, just in case, leaving Quil nicely protected on all sides. They didn't have much time left, but they could hold out until she could do something. They had less than ten on them, and ten on four wasn't complete suicide for them. They could hold out for a little while.

Leah barked at Harry. She was going to try and help the others. They could probably put up a good defense while Harry acted as the offensive fire.

Harry must have caught her message, or was just on the same wavelength. Maybe they were still connected by whatever happened earlier. "Let's go help Jacob and the rest. I charmed myself so don't worry about me falling off," he said softly with a hint of a smirk on his voice. She almost smiled, looking forward to turning sharply with him on top, hoping to scare him a little.

She heard Harry say one more thing, this time with determination, "Don't worry about us, let's go help the pack. No one is getting through us."

Leah couldn't help herself, he probably looked extremely sexy right now. "Ugh, Leah, not now," Seth whined. She ignored him and twisted her head back to look at him.

She was wrong. He was beyond sexy. He looked fucking awe inspiring.

His free hand was in front of him, softly glowing blue. It looked ready to defend, the blue probably being magic ready to throw up shield on demand.

On his other hand, he held his wand cocked back, as if to throw it. Or more aptly, crack a whip. Which is exactly what he had. A black whip connected to the end of his wand, ready to slay some vampires. The best part? It was made out of fire. Black fire that seemed to suck the light out around it like a black hole.

If she wasn't in the middle of a fight she would have shifted and fucked him on the forest floor.

"If he wasn't your imprint, I would too," Embry agreed, extremely impressed.

"Not because he's a guy?" Quil snickered through the pain.

"If you didn't have an imprint, you would agree," he replied haughtily.

"I don't have an imprint and I still don't agree," Seth piped in, thinking Embry might really be gay. Embry scoffed back, and she stopped paying attention to them.

She quickly caught up to the other wolves, Harry splitting a vampire in half who tried to break off from Jacob's pursuers. They would come back and kill it later, it didn't look like it'd be able to heal that any time soon.

"Guys. Let's start running back toward your house. It doesn't look like they'll attack any time soon," Harry said, still holding the fire whip in place.

"He's right," Jacob thought to them all. "Alright. Let's go."

They quickly turned back, catching two more vampires with the whip, since they hadn't been expecting them to do anything back. There was only a few left now, and Leah thought she could take them.

"There's only a few left, do you want to hunt them down, Leah?" She turned her head to look at him and saw him grinning at her. Her imprint was fucking badass.

She barked her agreement and that was settled. She broke off the pack and searched for any trails of the smell, planning on hunting them down one by one.

"Be careful, please, sis," Seth thought.

"Of course. Harry will protect me," Leah assured them, with just a tiny bit of girlish feelings at having her man protect her.

They didn't need to be. It was pitifully easy for them to hunt down the rest, and even gather the pieces they left behind. They burned everything quickly and efficiently, not even having to stop her stride since Harry would just cover the pieces with the purple flames. The only one that they didn't find, and Harry quickly told her not to bother, was the ancient vampire. She would have to talk to him about it anyways.

"Why didn't you tell us?!" Sam boomed at the Cullens' house. Leah watched him, a good dozen yards away, thinking about what a moron he was. She saw Harry shake his head next to her. He agreed.

All of the Cullens and the one vampire girl came out, looking alarmed. Bella was holding on to Nessie tightly, afraid that the wolves were there to attack them. Edward protectively hovered over them, just in case Sam really would be stupid enough to attack them. Leah rolled her eyes.

"May I ask what-," Carlisle tried to ask, somehow still polite. Leah would have already kicked ass if someone shouted at her house like that.

Sam cut him off. "You didn't tell us! We went to fight the Volturi to protect your family, and you didn't tell us!" Leah rolled her eyes again. Protect their family, Right. She remembered how much he insisted they kill all the Volturi regardless of whether the Cullens would fight them or not. Hypocrite.

"I assure you-," Edward tried to interject, seeing what they were all thinking so he could see exactly what kind of retarded shit went on in Sam's mind. Leah hoped that he saw how much an idiot she thought Sam was. Edward flashed her a smile, showing that he agreed. Leah retorted by thinking about Jake sodomizing Nessie, his daughter screaming in ecstasy and begging for more. Edward recoiled and then glared at her. She shrugged, she had told him not to smile at her. It wasn't like they were going to be friends or something stupid like that.

"We have a treaty... rules... rules..." Sam kept going on about something. She quickly lost interest after his first three words.

Harry spoke up from beside her, "so what did you do to make Edward so mad at you?" He pointed at Edward.

"Err." She looked back at Edward. He was still glaring at her, looking more angry than she'd ever seen him. She'd never admit it, but it was kind of scary. He had never glared at her for that long. "I might have thought about Jake and Nessie?"

Harry looked her with his eyebrows scrunched. "But you always do that... this time he looks particularly pissed."

She put on the most innocent expression she could. "I might have pictured them experimenting."

Harry looked back at her with an eyebrow raised. "Experimenting..." he repeated skeptically.


"Experimenting how?" he asked, now clearly amused at her reluctance to answer the question.

"Um. Sodomy?" she winced, thinking she might have gone too far.

Harry looked at her with pity. He was probably about to reassure her that she was going to be fine and that he'd protect her no matter what. He would make her feel better and let her know he would be there for her either way.

"I think you went to far. You might want to watch your back now."

Of course he wouldn't.

"You think he'll try to get me back?" she asked, a bit weary despite herself. They both looked back to Edward who stopped glaring to grin at her. It scared her more. He then walked to the girl that Harry had saved from them and spoke in her ear. She smiled just as much as he was.

"Bugger," Harry said.

"What? What are they gonna do?" Leah asked him worriedly.

"Just remember, Leah. This is all Edward's fault. Not mine," Harry told her quickly.

"What do you mean-"

"Harry!" the girl yelled, suddenly a foot away from them.

"Hi Courtney. How are you?" Harry greeted with a small smile.

Leah looked at them weirdly. Was she going to take revenge on her for Edward? That was rather cowardly of him. She glanced at him to see him sporting a very smug grin. Now she was doubly confused, she didn't think that he would smile at being called a coward. She looked back at the girl.

"I missed you Harry!" she exclaimed loudly. Leah narrowed her eyes. Then the girl reached up and kissed Harry on the cheek.

Oh hell no.

She made sure to picture herself ripping Edward's balls off and then setting them on fire in the bonfire in front of everyone, holding each one on a stick as if they were marshmallows. Edward's smile widened. The smug fucking bastard.

The girl called Courtney was now talking away, occasionally touching Harry in the arm or something that made Leah want to kill her all the more. Harry kept glancing at Leah with obvious worry in his eyes. He probably thought she was going to kill him too.

She hadn't made up her mind yet.

"Please don't kill them," Harry pleaded to her softly.

"Step. Away. From Harry." Leah ground out through clenched teeth at the girl.

The vampire whore looked at her surprised. "Oh! You must be Leah!" She grinned widely. She held out her hand for Leah to shake. "I'm Courtney. The vampire you tried to kill that day at the clearing," she smiled brightly, and then with her other hand reached into her pocket and stuck what looked like a strawberry candy in her mouth. She kept her hand out, waiting for Leah to shake it, sucking on the candy loudly all the while.

Leah just gawked at her. Was this girl serious? "I'm not shaking your hand. Step away from Harry."

"Leah..." Harry said, using his full force of his eyes on her. She almost caved, but thankfully she didn't shake hands with her.

"That's okay!" The vampire said, completely unfazed. "I'm so glad you guys are finally together," she said, surprising Leah. Then she glared at Harry, "You are together, right?"

"Yes, I've told you," Harry smiled brightly. Leah found herself warming up to her reluctantly. Harry seemed to like her, and she wanted them together, so that was an obvious plus...

"Good. Did she get jealous because I kissed you?"

None of the three of them said anything for a few seconds. Harry had closed his eyes and put a hand on his face. The vampire whore – she was again now a whore – was still smiling brightly, waiting for her answer.

Leah was shaking. She was struggling not to phase and kill her right there, because she was pretty sure it would start a fight, and Harry would probably get mad at her.

All three of them talked at the same time.

"Leah, please don't kill anyone."

"I'm going to kill everyone."

"Did I say something wrong?"

Both Leah and Harry gawked at the girl. She really thought she did nothing wrong?

"Courtney," Harry started out, looking at her with a bit of concern. Leah scowled at her hard, and then at Harry for good measure. "Why would you think that it would be okay to say that you kissed me in front of someone that I'm with, who would probably get jealous and try to kill you – someone who's already tried to kill you?"

Leah thought he summed it up pretty nicely. If she wasn't glaring holes through the vampire, she would have smiled at him.

"Edward told me it would help you guys keep your relationship interesting," she said, cocking her head to the side and seeming puzzled.

Leah then heard Edward's laughter from far off. She was going to kill everyone.

She took a step to go and kill Edward and the vampire whore, when Harry grabbed her from behind and put his arms around her stomach. That calmed her, it felt nice.

"Let's just cut the drama, huh? We got Sam for that," he pointed towards Sam who was still raving toward Carlisle. "We need to stop this and get along. Okay?"

"Okay!" Courtney smiled widely. "Sisters?" she asked Leah, holding her arms out.

Leah just looked at her with all the disgust she felt. "You kissed my imprint. I don't want to be, sisters," she said the last word in the highest pitch she could, and mockingly threw her arms all over the place. "You kissed Harry. I want to kill you," she spat out.

The vampire just stared at her, still smiling. There was something seriously wrong with that vampire.

"Leah." Harry was glaring at her. Harry was actually glaring at her. Oh-oh. "She did it before she knew about you, and we weren't dating yet. She did everything she could afterward to convince me to date you. She's trying really hard to get along with you," he said pointedly, obviously leaving out that she wasn't doing the same.

She sighed, all the fight going out of her. "Fine," she grumbled, glaring at the ground, pouting petulantly.

Stupid vampires. Stupid Edward. Stupid imprinting not letting her fight back.

Harry sighed as well now. "I'm sorry. It's just that... we're not blaming the right person!" he exclaimed, putting some cheer into his voice.

Leah's ears perked up at that. So she could blame someone. That would make it all better. "It's all Courtney's fault right?"

Harry rolled his eyes at her. "No. I would want to kill anyone that kissed you as well, but I can't go and kill everyone that did it before we dated, now can I?" he asked rhetorically. She decided to ignore the sentiment.

"Of course you can," she immediately disagreed. "I would even find it hot," she smiled at him. "So can I kill the whore now?"

She looked at Harry now. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the whore looking at Harry expectantly, with a smile still on her face. Ugh, it was harder and harder to hate her.

"Stop calling her names," he scolded gently. "She won't try anything again. Right Courtney?" Harry and Leah both looked at her expectantly.

"I won't try anything without her permission," she said. Leah wasn't completely happy with that answer, but it seemed honest enough.

"See. No threat there." Harry smiled at her tentatively.

"Fine. But I'm never giving permission." She glared at the girl, to which she just shrugged. "And no more kissing on the cheek, that makes me kill you."

"Sure. Hugs?" the vampire asked.

"Never," Leah immediately responded. Harry stared at her with an unimpressed look. "Fine. Can't last more than a second though," she conceded, pouting.

Harry laughed at that. The girl just hugged him, thankfully for less than a second or Leah would have killed her.

"Okay, now. You guys realize we can't just let this go, right?" Harry said, to which Leah immediately agreed. She knew her imprint would make up for it.

"What? What's wrong?" Courtn- the whore - said. Leah sighed, she didn't wanna like her.

"Well, because you said that you kissed me, Leah almost killed you. If she wasn't so nice and perfect," Leah smiled winningly, forgiving him instantly at the first compliment, "she could have at the very least stopped you from ever speaking to me, and I couldn't completely blame her... it's sort of her right as a girlfriend now."

Courtney's face changed from smiling for the first time, she looked completely horrified. She must really be scared of not speaking to him anymore. And Leah had the power to make that happen. She almost cackled. She wouldn't actually stop Harry from speaking to anyone because Harry wouldn't like it, but she liked having that kind of power over her.

"Oh I'm so sorry, Harry!" Courtney wailed in despair. Wow, now Leah even felt a little bad for her.

"Err. I won't do that..." Leah mumbled. God, she disgusted herself. So weak.

They both smiled at her gratefully, making her feel a little better. Well, Harry doing it made her feel better.

"I don't blame you though, Courtney. You didn't know," Harry said to her. Leah disagreed, it was her fault. "Leah doesn't blame you either," Now she completely disagreed, and scowled to show it. "She doesn't, she just thinks she does."

Leah raised an eyebrow at that, begging him to explain. She would love to hear this one. "You see," Harry started out, putting a finger up as if he was lecturing, "Who told you to come here and say that?" He didn't wait for the answer. "Edward. We all blame Edward, not you."

Ah, her imprint was completely right, like always. She did blame Edward above all. It should have been obvious that her imprint was right, she'd never doubt him again. She smiled at Courtney and Harry to show her agreement. "So, we need revenge?" she said hopefully.

"Yup!" Harry agreed. Now they were planning revenge together. This might be one of the hottest things they could do. Her imprint kept raising the bar every time he did something. "I have one too, if you agree Courtney."

"Of course! He almost made me lose you. He's going down," she growled with a fierce expression. Whoa there, Leah thought, she'd never though the perpetually smiling girl could do that. Now they were getting somewhere.

"Nessie needs sexual education soon, right? Who better than you, Courtney," he smiled at her. "Make sure to give her a complete education, the more you teach her the better."

"Oral?" Courtney asked. Leah smiled widely.

"At least," Harry nodded.


"Definitely," Harry nodded again. Leah laughed happily

"Bondage?" Courtney fired off.

"Especially Bondage," Leah immediately replied, definitely cackling now.

"And whenever you do scenarios, make sure to do it with her and Jacob," Harry helpfully added.

"Oh! And orgies. Don't forget orgies," Leah reminded, her face now truly full of evil.

"Hmm. I've got some experience with those. How about gay sex? I was pretty good at eating a girl out before I turned," Courtney said with a big smile. Leah and Harry both gawked.

"Really?" Leah asked interestedly. She couldn't help herself.

"Of course. I can show you if you'd like?" the girl asked her, looking down at her crotch. She caught Harry's breathing speed up.

"Don't even dream about it Harry," she warned him.

"Oh phooey," Courtney said, not seeming sad at all. "If you ever change your mind I have a lot of experience with threesomes. I like you both already, I would love to join you."

Leah sputtered. Harry sighed as if this was normal. "We really shouldn't talk about sex around Courtney," Harry wisely said.

"Yeah, you guys probably shouldn't," Courtney agreed, still brightly.

Harry tried to move past that, "Err. Let's just get back on track. Just teach her everything you know, Courtney."

Her eyes widened comically. "Everything? That could take a few days..."

Both Leah and Harry's eyes bugged out. For her to be a relatively new born vampire and have that much knowledge... maybe Leah wasn't completely wrong when she called her a whore.

"Ok, just an intermediate level. We don't want Edward to try and kill us for real," Harry said, staring at Courtney in concern.

"Alright!" she agreed. Leah guessed she could tolerate her a little. After all, she was taking revenge on the mind-rapist. Plus Harry liked her, so that made her a little bit better than the other vampires.

God, she was so whipped.

"You know Harry. Sometimes this imprinting is really annoying. I want to hate her. I really want to hate her. You liking her makes me not hate her," she complained, pouting at Harry so that he would fix it.

He didn't. Although what he said did make her feel better about it.

"It works both ways, Leah. I don't normally dislike anyone, but I can't help but almost hate Sam. I also love your brother and mother for no reason other than you do," he tenderly grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers through hers.

She contentedly sighed and put her head on his shoulder. "Good."

"Besides," he continued, "I'm pretty sure you would like her anyways, you've a lot in common with her," he commented.

"What? We both want to fuck you?" she asked him, delighting in his body's response. His breathing picked up, and she felt more heat on top of her head, coming from his face.

He cleared his throat, trying to ignore it. He would probably get her back for that. "You both dislike Bella the most."

"You do?" Leah asked her, the respect in her voice coming out even when she tried to hide it.

"Of course," Courtney made a face. "She's so..."

"Needy? Dependent?" Leah offered excitedly, too happy to finally have someone to talk shit about Bella with to remember who it was.

"Yes!" Courtney, her new best friend, agreed vehemently. "But that's not even the worst part!" she complained loudly.

"There's more?" Leah gasped dramatically, enjoying herself far too much.

"Yes!" Courtney nodded with wide eyes, looking completely scandalized. "She's such a prude!"

Leah snorted so hard she covered her mouth in case something came out. "Really?" she asked, just to hear more.

"Yes! She doesn't do anything," Courtney told them with a disgusted face. "And she talks about even less."

"What, she won't take it up the ass or something?" Leah asked her, trying to account for what Courtney would think prude means. Harry just rolled his eyes next to her, used to her language by now.

Courtney scoffed. "The last time I even said sodomy, Bella acted like I had raped her daughter or something," she shook her head. "No, she won't do anything except for missionary, and she won't kiss anywhere below the neck!" Courtney threw her hands up in frustration, looking as if the chasteness personally offended her.

Leah snickered. Maybe that was revenge enough for Edward.

They spent a few more minutes listening to Courtney go off about positions and complained about Bella. It was the best time she'd ever spent with a vampire. All the while, she kept her head on Harry's shoulder, feeling very happy.

"Okay," Leah admitted, "so maybe this whole not hating her isn't so bad."

"So why is it that you don't hate the Cullens?" he asked her suddenly.

"What!?" her head snapped up off his shoulder. "Of course I do! They ruined everything!"

"Really?" Harry asked skeptically, letting go of her hand and walking a step away. "So what was it that they ruined exactly?" he asked, with an eyebrow raised.

Getting questioned on what the Cullens did to her brought up her old anger.

"I had a perfect life before they got there. I was happy and probably going to get married, and they not only broke all that when Sam imprinted, but then they made me phase having to see him think about Emily all the time!" she ranted angrily, "it was hell."

She looked at Harry at the end of her rant. He looked... hurt. Very hurt. His face was pointed down and face was sad. Why would he be hurt by-




Leah just made a choking noise at the back of her throat, feeling like she was about to cry. She hurt her imprint. No one else did. She hurt Harry. How fucking inconsiderate could she be, talking about Sam, of all people, like that. Her life was a thousand – no, infinite - times better now that he was in it. She would gladly go through all she went through to have Harry. She would happily go through all that much more, and she'd be thankful.

Harry was still just looking down sadly. Fuck. She felt like shit, like the worst piece of shit on the world.

She would beg, she would do anything he wanted. She wouldn't even make sex jokes about what she was willing to do, she didn't deserve to do that with him. She didn't deserve to even kiss his shoes and there she was, hurting him.

"I am so, so sorry, Harry," she whimpered. Her pride was all gone now, and she didn't care. If she didn't think it would make it worse, she would have gotten on her knees and cried on his legs right then, right in front of everyone.

He just nodded sadly.

"Harry, please believe me. My life is a million times better, I don't really hate what happened to me. I am glad it happened now, since I have you," she rambled. "Really. I really am so fucking sorry. I really, really didn't mean it. You're the greatest thing that ever happened to me," she kept talking really quickly, trying to say more in case any of it made him feel better. He kept looking down sadly. This must have really hurt him with this.

Why wouldn't it? She had just said that she blamed the Cullens for ever imprinting on him, and taking Sam away. Basically, she had just said that she'd rather have been with Sam than him.

She had really fucked this up.

"Harry. Please believe me. I don't blame the Cullens, if anything I'm grateful to them because they brought you to me. I won't ever be mean to them again. I owe them. You're-"

Whatever she was going to say was stopped when she noticed Harry's face, which he had pulled up.

He was smiling. He was smiling victoriously. That little shit. What a manipulative little fucker.

"You heard it didn't you Courtney?" he gloated, like the little asshole that he is. "You heard she didn't blame the Cullens." He laughed loudly now, while the little whore giggled with him.

"You- you-" She sputtered. She couldn't even form a complete sentence in her head.

"You genius? You brilliant, brilliant man?" He grinned even wider, looking for all the world as if he had just solved world hunger, his face was so smug. What a cheeky fucking imprint she had.

Leah finally restarted her thought process. "You manipulative little asshole! I really felt like shit there. I'm so hurt that you would be so inconsiderate with my feelings! You just used them so inconside-"

"Don't even try it," he cut her off, his grin becoming face spitting, "You can't use the same thing after I just did."

She cursed. She wished she could act as well as him. She looked at his face, which was still grinning smugly. God, it made her so angry. He pulled one over her so easily. And using her feelings like that to make her admit something she never would? That was fucked up.

It was so mean.

It was so inconsiderate.

It was so fucking hot.

She jumped him, right in front of the vampire-whore and whoever else might be watching.

Harry caught her as she pressed her body against his, and she wrapped her legs around his hips, already grinding into him before he even fully caught her. He moaned into her mouth when she attacked him, fueling her passion even more. Her arms were around his neck, pulling his body against hers so that her chest rubbed against his, making her core tingle delightedly. She brought one hand down and pulled it up under his shirt to feel more skin-

"Wow. That is one of the sexiest things that I've ever seen," the girl said, ruining the mood. Leah whined frustratedly and got off of Harry. "Don't stop! Seriously. I've never seen a more passionate couple, I almost started masturbating right here," Courtney licked her lips and ran her eyes over both Leah's and Harry's bodies.

Leah thought gawking at her was going to be the norm now. "Are you horny like all day?" Leah asked without thinking.

"Only around Harry." Okay, Leah definitely thought she wanted to be killed. Even if she knew where the girl was coming from. "Or so I thought. You turn me on just as much as he does, actually," she smacked her lips, staring at Leah's breasts. She didn't know whether to be flattered or creeped out.

"Don't know whether to be flattered or scared, right?" Harry asked her. She stared at him, wanting to kiss him again, this time for agreeing so much all the time. Especially on the more important things like this.

Courtney just shrugged. She didn't know either, apparently. Harry suddenly started laughing loudly. Leah looked at him puzzled.

He pointed toward Sam. Leah's eyes bugged out. He was still yelling at Carlisle. "Still?" she asked incredulously.

"Apparently. Want to step in now?" Harry asked.

"We probably should. The leeches need help, it looks like."

"Hey now," Harry protested with a smile, "I know you like the Cullens now, you can't call them that anymore," Harry finished smugly.

"I hate the Cullens," Leah insisted.

"No, you don't," he said in a singsong voice. "Courtney, you heard her say that she was grateful to them right?" The whore, of course, immediately agreed. Well, Leah had a fool-proof argument.

"Nuh-uh." Yup. Leah thought it was quite genius.

Harry laughed. "You can't just say no and that's it."

"If I deny it, it never happened," Leah stubbornly persisted.

He found that to be the funniest thing, apparently, laughing it up like a crazy person. He kissed her on the cheek after he stopped laughing. She smiled.

"Ooh. You guys are so cute," Courtney cooed at them.

"We are not. I am completely badass, and a bitch, and just completely hard-ass, and tough, and-"

"You're so beautiful when you're stubborn," Harry smoldered at her. Her chest filled with warmth at his praise. It was such a sudden thing too, that it caught her off guard and made her feel shy.

"Nuh-uh..." she said, and scuffed her shoe on the ground.

"Awwww!" she heard Courtney coo. She looked up and saw Harry smirk at her. That dickhead.

"I hate you," she declared and crossed her arms. That was twice he got her. Maybe she imprinted on someone too awesome for her. She should have lowered the bar a bit.

"Okay, enough using the imprint to make fun of Leah," he relented. She breathed a sigh of relief. "We have to get revenge on Edward and then stop that meeting."

He waved his wand and Leah could hear everything that was going on again. He must have put up silencing charms while she was paying too much attention to him. She really had to stop doing that.

"... there have to be rules with you vampires for you to know..." she heard Sam say. She immediately laughed loudly, bringing all attention to her.

She was spared having to explain how much Sam said rules by Harry. She didn't mind explaining, she just didn't want her little game in her mind to be ruined by Sam avoiding that word.

"So you didn't know anything about ancients being strong, right Carlisle?" Harry asked directly.

"No, I've never heard of that. I was under the impression that the older a vampire was, the weaker he was," he said, smiling gratefully at Harry. Probably for stopping Sam.

"Well, it looks like they do actually get stronger, the one that fought us today was stronger than even a newborn," Harry explained to him.

"Are you sure? I was turned by an ancient vampire, and he was extremely weak and thirsty. The Volturi as well... I always thought were very weak. They even have a layer of skin that looks as if it's petrified from not moving at all for so long-"

"Layer of skin?" Harry interrupted with raised eyebrows.

"Yes," Edward nodded curiously. "It looks... powdery almost. A layer of white on top of their skin that makes them look frail."

"Ah. I think I get it now," Harry scratched at his chin in thought. "That layer... that isn't petrification. That's magic buildup from it not being used. If they didn't move at all and kept feeding, their magic must have built up over the years, eventually saturating," Harry said contemplatively.

The Cullen's eyes all widened. "Aro has been sitting on his throne, feeding almost daily for over a millennium..." Carlisle breathed out.

"Oh. So we're properly fucked now, aren't we?" Leah asked sardonically. "Why didn't they just fight us back then, if they're so powerful?"

"Because of the other gifts that our friends had," Edward explained. "He saw through my mind how Bella's shield worked." He stopped to eye fuck his wife again. Leah really hoped she wasn't like that with Harry. "He saw how it acted like a two way mirror. He was careful to hide it from me, but I caught it as I was leaving," he said, pausing as if for suspense. "All Bella had to do was put a shield over Jane, Alec and Chelsea. They would've been rendered useless. With Zafrina and Benjamin as our weapons we could have blinded and burned them all without moving an inch," Edward said, shaking his head.

"Why the fuck didn't we then?" Leah screamed incredulously. They could have wiped them out before they left. What a fucking waste.

"We don't want to fight if it's unnecessary," Carlisle said firmly.

"Oh, just get the fuck off your high horse," Leah grumbled under her breath.

Harry looked like he was about to scold her, but he ended up snorting, which he tried to hide. Leah smiled victoriously. She knew she was awesome, it was about time her imprint saw it as well. Maybe she could get him to hate the Cullens as well? Probably not. She thought she could teach him to hate Bella at least, she was the easiest to hate.

"Well, we can't exactly ask your friends to stand here permanently while we fight off wave after wave that they send..." Harry mused out loud.

"You're correct, we already asked too much of them once," Carlisle agreed, sounding sad.

"I, as well, have already had my friends fight a war for me. I can't ask them for help either," Harry said with almost the same tone that Carlisle used. Leah was much more sympathetic to Harry's.

"So what do we do then. I'm not fighting people every other week. I'm already tired of fighting as it is," Rosalie complained, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Prissy bitch.

Leah snorted. "When have you fought a vampire? The last time was when Victoria came, and even then, Emmett did all the work for you."

"Maybe I should fight someone right now, you dirty little mutt. Come over here and I'll tear that manly hair of yours and shove it up your ass!" Rosalie screeched.

Apparently Harry had enough with her because he waved his wand at Rosalie. Nothing seemed to happen. Rosalie looked confused for a second and then asked Harry what he did. Silently. Because no sound was coming out of her mouth.

Leah laughed extremely hard. Oh, she loved him so much. Silencing the bitch, how much more amazing could he be? She went to tell him how much she loved him.

No sound came out of her mouth either.

What a dick.

With Rosalie, Sam and her all silenced, the meeting took about a tenth of the time that had already passed. She was very upset at being lumped in with Sam and Rosalie - and by her own imprint too.

She was so misunderstood.

"So, it looks like their magic builds up if they stay still too long and keep feeding. The vampire that changed you was probably extremely thirsty and had to move a lot to feed," Harry concluded.

"Yes. I can see why they would want to keep that information hidden. At least they aren't as bad as the Romanians. They fed as much as they could for more than a few millennium," Carlisle said.

"I remember how their eyes were almost clouded over with the white stuff, Aro had only about a third of what the Romanians had," Bella piped in.

Edward probably had to speak after his wife did. "If we ever have to fight the Volturi, they'd probably help."

Harry thought for a few seconds. If she wasn't so mad at him, she would have found it sexy how he was practically leading the meeting. He was the most knowledgeable there. Not only that, but he was the one to come up with the theories first, even though vampires were supposedly smarter. Her imprint was just too awesome. Oh, who was she kidding, stupid imprinting made her forgive him already. She would try to act mad anyways, just to save face.

"Well, the ancient was stronger than a newborn, but not by an extreme amount. Leah was still able to swat him out of the air," he looked at her admiringly then. That's right, imprint, Leah thought. He better suck up to her after he silenced her. "The real difference was his resistance to magic. He was practically immune."

"We can't share this information either," Harry said authoritatively. "If the Volturi find out that the more they feed the stronger they are, they'll feed almost hourly. They'll kill humans by the thousands," he said gravely. Leah couldn't even wrap her mind around that.

"Don't they already know?" Edward asked, "It's probably why most ancients stay still for so long," he mused.

"I think they have an idea," Harry said slowly, "They probably think that not moving at all, and making it build up, is making them stronger. They probably think they're building their strength up by not using it."

"Isn't that what we just found out?" Bell asked, looking confused.

"Well, it's the magic that builds up... not when they don't move but when they don't use it..." he paused and scratched at his chin. Leah just kept listening raptly. "That means that they can go and move as long as they don't use more than they consume..." he said, nodding his head as if finally putting all the puzzles together.

"So what would they do differently..." Emmett asked, then looked around, as if surprised that he said anything intelligent.

"If they found this out... they would probably go and feed as much as they could, that's how they would get strongest," Leah looked around, the only ones that seemed to get it where Carlisle and Edwards. But Edward probably only got it from Carlisle.

Leah got it, she thought smugly. Or she would... when she would ask Harry to explain it later.

Harry, apparently noticed this as well. "Think about it as an equation," he said, smiling a bit at something he was thinking about, probably at lecturing like Hermione. "You get so much energy from a human... for simplicity, let's say they have a gallon of blood," she saw Carlisle fidget and restrain himself from correcting him. "A gallon of blood has magic in it, let's just say a gallon worth of energy," he continued on, making Leah feel a little like he was dumbing shit down for them.

Harry took a deep breath and continued. "When you move and stuff, you use some of that energy. Actually... realistically, you use about maybe half of that gallon, in the whole hunt of a human, which might take a week." The vampires nodded, looking impressed at his calculation. She was torn between pride at her imprint and disgust at everyone talking about this so easily. "The Volturi are sitting in their throne all day, using none of that energy they drank. So, they get stronger by a gallon every day," he said solemnly, then rushed out a small unimportant part. "Ignoring little details like not all of that is absorbed, and their powers taking more energy... details," he waved his hand around vaguely.

He continued. "So, if the Volturi can either waste half a gallon by hunting, or stay there and keep the whole gallon, they would keep the gallon," he said nodding. "However, if they could hunt three times a day... that's one and a half gallons they are keeping a day," he said making everyone's eyes go wide, finally getting it. He continued anyways. "The Volturi don't take a week to hunt, and they don't have to keep to their laws, hunting only a little. They could hunt ten times a day if they felt like it, and if it only takes that short for each one, then the magic wasted is extremely negligible. They could consume ten gallons of the blood's magic every day."

Everyone held in their breaths, knowing how true that was.

"So we never speak of this again?" Carlisle said solemnly.

"Agreed," almost everyone said simultaneously.

Jacob spoke up for the first time, from where he was sitting with Nessie, trying to keep her away from the grim conversation. "Whether we end up attacking them or not, or whatever we decide on doing, we need to come up with a better way of defending ourselves here," he said, standing up and walking over to them. "We can't be as vulnerable as we were today. Would you be willing to have one of yours accompany us on patrols?" he asked the Cullens.

That actually made a lot of sense to Leah. "Make it each couple will go with you," Edward said.

"Woo! I call Edward!" Seth immediately yelled. "And Bella," he added on as an obvious afterthought.

Leah put her palm on her face. Her brother might be gay.

She looked back at Harry and saw for the first time how tired he looked. He smiled at her and she jerked her head toward his house. "Come on," she directed, surprised that she had her voice back, "let's get you to bed." She smiled at him cornily. "I'll hold you all night."

Courtney showed up in front of them, then. She hugged Harry quickly, then dashed over to her and kissed her on the cheek, startling her. Her cheek burned from how icy the vampires lips felt, and not in a good way.

At least it wasn't as bad as she thought. If any other vampire had tried it, she would have already phased. Harry smiled at her sleepily, looking very happy that Leah didn't fight the girl. She guessed she could play nice for him.

She gave him a halfhearted glare and walked with him to his house, her arm around his waist to take some weight off, since he looked dead on his feet. All that magic he'd used must have taken a lot out of him.

He fell asleep before they made it to his house, where she laid down next to him, watching him contentedly.