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Day 3

"No bath."

A fat lip poked out from a deeply set pout. White hair fell in a mop of slightly damp hair, dangling strand by strand in front of squinted blue eyes. Jackie didn't like water, it seemed. Phil grunted in irritation.

"Hrrmph hrrr hurrr!"

"No! No bath!" Sandy poked his head around the doorframe inquisitively, catching Jack's eye, "and no NAP!"

Phils paws met his face with a wet 'slap' sound, echoing in the tiled room. The poor yeti was becoming terribly frustrated. The water in the tub was partially frozen, slushy on the top and left about three inches of actual water in the bottom.


The little boy in question uncrossed his arms and opened his eyes wider, taking on a look of innocence as he turned back toward the door where Tooth was standing.

"Hello, Tooth-ana. Why are you here?" He gave her a disarming smile, brandishing a couple pearly white teeth. Well, they would be pearly if it hadn't been for Bunny handing him a handful of chocolate eggs earlier that day. The reason he needed a bath was because not only were his teeth plastered with the thick milk chocolate, but it was practically plastered to his face, hands, and arms.

"Jack. Let Phil give you a bath. You are filthy." and the pout came back, but the little boy obediently steps back to Phil as he refills the freezing tub. He'd just finished cramming all the slush down the drain with warm water, and now they were going to ruin his work again.

"Phil, use cold water. I read somewhere that it freezes slower than warm," Tooth says helpfully, and when Phil can actually wash the little brat-quickly still, but he's clean-he's glad she gave him that little tip. Jackie sat calmly in the cold water, it wasn't even frosting over (that was good, even though the frigid liquid was freezing his fur together... whatever). Jack had one of North's ice trains-and Phil would be the one to take the heat for that one, just wait-and a cliche rubber ducky. The duck was bright yellow and had the most devious mustache on it. A few of the older believers had wanted one. Things with big mustaches were all the rage.

When all the chocolate was finally gone, and the water starting to turn slushy, Phil lifted a squirming, miniature Jack Frost out of the cold water to cries of, "No! We have to deliver the cargo!" and "Mr. Duck is very mad!"

The yeti sighed, releasing the now semi-dry and fully naked child to run into the hall. It was not his perogative if the child escaped. He only had to care for him until bath time was over.

Laughter echoed down the hall and the slap of damp feet on wood preceded the pale child running past the door... but oh for heaven's sake! Phil slammed the door shut before the kid could come back, huddling on the toilet seat and shivering. Why did that human child like him so much?

Day 5- playtime with Sandy

Jackie was hopping about on the port side, heckling the birds flying beneath them in the night sky. Sandy hummed silently to himself as they flew across the lands below. Distracting Jackie during daytime at the pole was sometimes hard, so Sandy had volunteered to take him to the opposite side of the world for their nighttime and let him burn off some energy.

"Sandy, arr, I'm a pirate! Look at my fancy hat!" and he did, but Jack's hat was literally a pile of snow with impaled icecicles piercing the top. It looked more like the Statue of Liberty's crown than a pirate hat... though it was fancy, he'd give him that.

The sandman gave a thumbs up and a big grin to the child of winter, prompting him to run around giggling and peeking out over the edge. Sandy hopped towards him and poked a finger in his face, waggling it with a disapproving look for seemingly the fifth time that night. He couldn't seem to stay away from the side of the ship.

Floating away, Sandy sent some sand over Tibet, sighing as it spread out and danced into the little huts and other houses throughout the mountains. Jack was a busy little guy, even on a pirate ship. Or was it especially on a pirate ship? Hm. The things he had to think about. The last few days with Jackie had been mostly uneventful, filled with baths and chocolate, naps and playtime, snowball fights and a few time-outs.

Minutes went by smoothly, Sandy spreading the sand everywhere across Asia and smoothing out some ripples in his sand-railing, before he noticed it. 'It' was the all-encompassing silence around him. It was that silence that came after a child that you were watching went into another room. You couldn't even hear them playing or laughing after a few minutes, and that's when you knew they'd done something.

Sandy turned around slowly. There, on the gangplank, stood Jackie. He was bouncing on the loose board projection and looking over the edge into the clouds below. Sandy's mouth opened in a silent shout, sand hands stretching out to grab him, but they were too late. Jackie had walked the plank.

Sandy floated faster than Pitch's fearlings over to the side, scouring the clouds view for sight of the small child in a small hope that he'd grabbed onto the rigging hanging over the side, but he was not there. Sandy hung his head in sadness at the implications.

Peels of laughter brought his eyes back up. There, sweeping through the masts on the breeze, was a small, white haired child and he was practically squealing as he was whipped to and fro by the wind. It seemed the wind, even when Jack wasn't his normal self and hadn't spoken to him in a few days, was a loyal and safe caretaker.

Sandy breathed a sigh of relief and held back from reprimanding the boy when he finally landed on the starbard side of the boat. With a last look at Russia's vast expanse, he blew a giant handful of sand towards the ground below and set course for the North Pole. They'd been out too long, it seemed.

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