Title: Merlin's Paradise

Category: Gen (canon)

Characters/Pairings: Merlin

Rating: T

Summary: A fun little ficlet for ExcaliburMaiden's Birthday (a little late), based on various chat conversations.

Word Count: 606

Beta'ed by Nance and encouragement by Aerist

The door opened with a creak. The sound gave him a sense of familiarity, of homecoming. He'd spent a long day doing...something. Right now, he was so tired, he couldn't even remember why, but his duties as the Court Mage kept nearly every hour of the day filled.

Inside, a fire was already roaring in the hearth, and a banquet was laid out on the table.

"Welcome home, my Lord." A voice purred seductively.

He turned to see Mithian waiting for him by the table. Her smile lit up the room, and he felt a warmth growing inside of him. She moved towards him, and stretched up on her tiptoes, pressing her flower-petal-soft lips against his.

Merlin hummed his appreciation, as she led him to a comfortable chair next to the fire.

"Would you like some wine, my Lord?" The princess asked. her dark brown hair falling around her shoulders in luxurious waves.

His eyes widened and he smiled in response. She brought him a filled goblet of embossed pewter, and beset with jewels.

Another woman came into the room, and he met her dark, green eyes. Sefa's hair was pulled back in a simple style, but he watched with growing excitement as a few wispy strands of dark auburn, floated about her face. Merlin reached out and brushed one of the strands behind her ear, while she knelt in front of him and began removing his boots.

Fingertips caressed his aching calf muscles, as one-by-one his socks were stripped off. He watched as his feet were tenderly placed into a basin of perfectly warm water, and the muscles massaged by her gentle fingers.

He felt a sense of relaxation and happiness.

"Would you like a strawberry, my love?" His eyes fluttered open, and he accepted one of the berries, along with a kiss from Freya. Merlin started to wonder about her appearance, but it didn't seem unusual. So, he pushed it aside.

Somewhere a minstrel began playing a seductive tune, and Merlin's eyes turned toward the bed. Black tresses swayed with the music as Morgana, scantily clad in black leather and silk, wrapped herself around the bedpost, and pulled a horsewhip through her teeth.

She sent him a haughty, sensuous smile, and her sea-green eyes beckoned to him.

Another's voice called to him from behind the bed curtains. It was husky and deep. "Merlin..."

He didn't know when he had stood up, or how he suddenly found himself next to the bed.

Looking down, he saw the brunette waves falling magnificently in front of deep brown eyes. Merlin gasped, as those eyes watched him, savoring his every move. Gwaine licked his lips in anticipation.

Tanned skin of two perfectly formed bodies lay entwined on the bed. There was a sudden gleam of golden hair and Merlin noticed a pair of blue eyes following him, hungrily. "Come here, Merlin." Arthur's voice demanded seductively. "Merlin..."


The splash of cold water and loud authoritative tone, jolted the warlock awake. He looked up to see Arthur staring down at him. His head outlined by the dappled sun through the canopy of the forest.

"What the hell were you dreaming about?" Arthur sneered.

"It was awful...Well, actually, it was rather pleasant...until you arrived."

The king blinked and snorted teasingly. "How could any dream with me be awful?"

"...Because, if I do ever have a harem of lovers, not a single one will be blond."

Arthur stared at his manservant, unsure about how to respond.

Nearby, Gwaine laughed. Tossing his hair out of his eyes with a flick of his head, he gave Merlin a flirtatious wink.