Ianto awoke and stretched, feeling quite cozy under the covers. He didn't really want to move but he was a bit thirsty and there was a throbbing pain in his stomach. Opening his eyes he reached for half full glass of water on the table and scooped up the pills. He swallowed them down and placed the empty glass back on the table.

The knock on the flat door confused him for a moment before he remembered Owen was due to stop by that evening. He didn't get up, however, as he could hear Jack making his way to the door.

A couple minutes later Owen appeared in the doorway. The doctor flipped on the light and then made his way to the bed.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, placing his hand on Ianto's forehead.

"Not too bad," Ianto replied. "A little stomach pain, but I took more Paracetamol.

"Alright," said Owen. He pressed his fingers on either side of Ianto's throat. "Lymph nodes are swollen."

"What does that mean?" asked Jack, standing with his back to the door.

"It means he's still suffering a reaction to the baby," replied the medic, opening the bag he had placed at his side. "I'm going to have to administer the immunosuppressant."

"Will it be harmful to either one of us?" asked Ianto. He was more worried about the baby than himself, if he were being honest.

Owen withdrew liquid from a vial, tapping the needle. "It's going to mean you're even more susceptible to illness. If you catch a cold it could become quite serious. As for the baby, it really needs the antibodies your system makes naturally, and to put it simply, I have to block those."

"What will happen to the baby after it's born?" Ianto questioned, frowning.

"That depends," said the doctor, holding up the needle. "If I have to continue to give you this drug the baby will likely be at risk for at least its first year of life, similar to what a premature baby would go through. But I'm more concerned with you right now, Ianto."

The Welshman sighed. "I'll be fine, I'm sure. I can look out for myself."

"Perhaps, but there is still the chance you could develop hypertension, peptic ulcers, even problems with your liver or kidneys."

"Are you suggesting he not take the drug?" asked Jack.

"Not at all," said Owen. "I'm just explaining how serious it is. I want Ianto to be aware of all the potential problems he and the baby could face with this treatment. It's up to you, Ianto. Do you want me to use this drug?"

"Will I be able to have the baby safely without it?" he replied.

"It's possible, but not probable. Once the body begins to react against a foreign agent, such as an organ that's been transferred, or, in this case, a baby, it tends to continue to do so. You'd be at risk for another miscarriage, and could possibly die if you developed another fever."

Ianto thought for a moment, considering his options. If he didn't let Owen administer the immunosuppressive dug serious problems could arise. He could die, and the baby most likely would. If he took it, there could still be side effects for both himself and the child, still potentially life threatening for them both. As far as he could see the first option wasn't really an option at all, unless he was looking to terminate the pregnancy, which he'd already decided not to do.

"Give me the drug," he said, holding out his arm.

"Are you sure, Ianto?" said Jack, concern all over his face.

He gave Jack a small smile, looking him directly in the eyes. "There's no other choice, sir. I already made my decision not to abort this baby."

"And the side effects?"

"We'll monitor him closely, Jack," Owen told him. "If there's a problem we'll be there to fix it. You said yourself that male pregnancies aren't easy. I think Ianto is proving the point."

Jack held Ianto's gaze for a few more seconds and then dropped it, looking at Owen. "Well then, you heard the man."

Owen looked back at Ianto and Ianto nodded. Owen felt his arm, found the vein, and injected the drug. Ianto sighed and lay back, waiting for the twinge to go away.

"Alright," said Owen, putting the needle away, "we're going to do this again in twelve hours, and every twelve hours after that. We'll do this for a few days. We'll see how your body reacts and take it from there."

"Aren't there tablets he could take?" Jack inquired, coming to sit on the side of the bed when as Owen stood up.

"There are, but for now I need to monitor him and any reactions to the medication. So for the time being I am going to be giving him injections instead. And you, Ianto, will be on bed rest."

Ianto's eyes widened. "What?"

"You heard me. The risk of hypertension is very real, and if it continues during gestation past twenty weeks you could develop Preeclampsia, and if not caught in time, Eclampsia. I'm not taking that risk with your health."

Ianto swallowed the lump in his throat. There was so very much to consider regarding this pregnancy. If he had just gone with the alternative he wouldn't have to deal with all the health risks, but he knew he couldn't kill a child. He'd never deny someone else the right to an abortion, but it had never really been in the cards for him. No, he was going to play by the rules and have a healthy baby, so that a family somewhere could have a child they might not be able to have otherwise.

"Alright, Owen," Ianto agreed. "For how long?"

"For the length of this initial treatment. We can change things up once we know it's working."

Ianto's eyes widened but he didn't argue. Instead he nodded, relaxing into the bed. If this was what was needed, he couldn't fight it. "Will you be alright without me at work?"

Jack placed a hand on his arm. "We'll make do," he said, smiling.

"I will be able to get up to use the bathroom, and get food?"

Owen nodded. "Just nothing strenuous. Toilet, bath, food, and drink. For the most part I want you off your feet, either lying on the couch or in this bed. No showers." He turned to look at Jack. "And no sex."

Jack gave the medic an innocent look. "I swear I wasn't even thinking about it."

"Mmhmm. Sure you weren't." To Ianto he said, "Any questions?"

"No," he replied. "None that I can think of at the moment."

"Then I'll be heading out. See you tomorrow morning."

Owen grabbed his bag and headed out of the room. A few moments later the flat door opened and closed, leaving the two men alone once more.

Jack rubbed his arm. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, sir."

"Are you hungry? I could get you something to eat."

His stomach starting to feel better, Ianto realized he was a little hungry. "Maybe something small."


"Yes, please."

"I'll be right back," the captain replied, standing and leaving the room.

Ianto placed a hand on his stomach, rubbing in small circles. "You're an awful lot of trouble already," he told the baby, smiling. "I hope you realize that. Whoever your parents turn out to be they'd better beware. They're going to have a fight on their hands."

He received no reply, but of course didn't expect one. He simply continued to stroke his stomach as if the baby were aware and could feel it. It was comforting to him.

When Jack returned he brought with him a tray. On it he'd placed two sandwiches, two glasses of juice, and a bowl of grapes. "I figured we'd eat together."

"Will you be feeding me the grapes, sir?" Ianto asked, smirking.

"I hadn't planned on it, but if you'd prefer…"

Ianto shook his head, pushing himself up in the bed. "That really won't be necessary."

"Oh I don't know," Jack replied, holding up a grape between two fingers and then popping it into his mouth, "it could be quite hot."

Ianto's eyebrow rose as he reached for a sandwich. "That's dangerous territory, sir," he said. "Doctor's orders were to have no sex."

Jack growled. "I know. Believe me, I know."

Ianto took a bite of his sandwich. Cheese and pickle, his favorite. He chewed carefully, watching as Jack bit into his own sandwich with his typical vigor. They ate in silence for several minutes, Ianto lost in his own thoughts.

When the food was gone they each finished their drinks, and then Ianto lay back down, full and satisfied. Jack took the tray of dishes out of the room and from the sounds heard through the flat was cleaning up the kitchen. Ianto wasn't sure what kind of a mess Jack could have made just getting together sandwiches and fruit, but far be it from him to argue the point.

Jack returned with Ianto's portable DVD player. He didn't remember showing the captain where it was, so the man must have found it while snooping at some point. With the player there was also a stack of movies. Looking at the time, Ianto realized it was already after eight.

"Are you planning on us watching all of those tonight?" he asked Jack, nodding towards the DVDs in his hand.

Jack settled on the bed next to him, positioning the player so they could both easily see it. "Maybe."

"If we do, we'll be up quite late."

Jack shrugged. "I don't mind. Are you tired?"

"Not really. That was quite a long nap."

"Well, then let's just see how many we get through, shall we?"

Ianto smiled. "Alright."

Five hours later Ianto found himself yawning through "Golden Eye." He looked over at Jack but the other man appeared wide awake, watching the movie attentively. He slipped a little lower in the bed, turning onto his side.

His eyes opened with a start, and he found Jack looking down at him, a smirk on his face. "Tired now?" the captain asked, a sparkle in his eyes.

Ianto's own eyes narrowed. "How long was I asleep?"

"About five minutes."

"And were you watching me the whole time?"

Jack's smirk didn't waiver. "It's possible."

Ianto huffed. "That's rather creepy, sir."

Jack laughed, grabbing the DVD player and DVDs. "I'll just put these over here," he said, turning to set everything on the table beside him. Getting up to turn off the light, Jack slipped out of his clothes until he was just wearing his boxers. He climbed back onto bed. "Let's get some sleep."

"Is the door locked?" Ianto asked.

"Locked it when I went to make dinner."

Satisfied, Ianto wiggled around until he'd found the perfect position and watched as Jack slipped the covers over himself. They were lying facing each other and Jack smiled at him.

"What?" said Ianto.

"Can't I just smile at you?"


"I need a reason?"


"Okay," replied Jack, reaching out to stroke a thumb over Ianto's cheek. "You're adorable."

Ianto cringed. "I am not adorable. Drop dead sexy, maybe. But not adorable."

Jack laughed. "I happen to think you're adorable."

"Adorable is a term best reserved for puppies and kittens," explained Ianto. "Not for a grown man."

"I like it."

"I don't."

"Your nose is adorable," said Jack, his smirk turning into a grin.

Ianto groaned. "You're just trying to irritate me now."

Jack scooted forward and kissed the tip of Ianto's nose. "I stand by my assessment."

Rolling his eyes, Ianto turned over with his back to Jack, settling into the bed and yawning again. He heard and felt movement and then Jack was pressed up behind him, arm wrapped around his middle. A hand slid to his stomach and settled there. Ianto sighed.

"Is this comfortable?" the captain asked, his breath a whisper against the shell of Ianto's ear.

"Yes, it's fine," Ianto replied. It was actually more than fine, if the stirring in his groin was anything to go by. But the good doctor had said no sex. It was going to be tough. His hormones kicked in at the most inopportune times.

Jack pressed a kiss to the back of his neck and Ianto suppressed a moan. "Goodnight, Ianto."

"Goodnight, Jack."

When Ianto once again awoke, he could hear the shower running. He blinked bleary eyes at the clock and saw that it was just before six. Owen would be there in a couple of hours to give him his next injection, likely on his way into the Hub.

Sitting up, Ianto worked the kinks out of his muscles. He hadn't tossed and turned, probably due to Jack's presence, but he'd obviously stayed in one position too long, not moving at all. Jack was like an octopus when he slept, wrapping himself around Ianto.

Jack returned to the room after a few minutes, smiling at Ianto as he got dressed. "You should be sleeping. Did I wake you?"

"No," Ianto replied, pushing the covers aside. "It wasn't you. Just not able to sleep anymore. Owen will be here soon."

Jack buttoned his shirt, walking over to wear Ianto was now sitting on the side of the bed. He sat beside him, kissing his temple. "Not for a couple hours yet," he said. "Want me to draw you a bath?"

Ianto thought about laying in the bath, relaxing his muscles. "That sounds lovely."

"Alright. I'll get that started and then make you a nice breakfast."

"You don't have to do all that, sir," Ianto stated. "I can handle it."

"I know you can, but I'm not going into the Hub until Owen's been here anyway. It'll give me something to do."

Ianto nodded, getting to his feet. Jack disappeared into the bathroom to get the water running while Ianto stripped out of his clothes. What he really would have liked was a nice cup of coffee, but that was out of the cards for several more months. More than he'd like to consider.

Once the bath was ready Ianto slipped down into the water, groaning at how very good it felt. He slipped down until only his face was above the water. It required folding his legs in order to fit properly, but tubs in flats weren't really made with a tall man in mind.

He stayed that way for about twenty minutes, enjoying the peace and quiet, and then began to wash himself with the flannel Jack had left for him. For some reason, even though it had only been a day, he felt grungy and in need of a good scrub. Perhaps it was being so ill for a short time. The cold shower hadn't done a thing for him but bring down his fever.

After draining the tub and rinsing himself as well as he could without actually taking a shower, Ianto got out and dried himself off. He brushed his teeth, then headed to the bedroom where he dressed quickly.

Food was on the table once he'd reemerged and Ianto took a seat. "Everything looks so good, Jack. But…"


"There's enough here to feed the whole team. Did you call them over?"

Jack chuckled. "No, I just figured you might be hungry. We didn't eat much last night."

Ianto nodded in agreement, stomach growling as he eyed the spread. There was bacon, eggs, buttered toast, pancakes, and oatmeal. He helped himself to eggs and toast, liberally spreading the strawberry jam. Taking a bite of toast he closed his eyes. It was delicious.

He opened his eyes again to find Jack watching him, not touching his own food. "You're watching me again," he said, after swallowing his mouthful.

"I don't think I've ever seen you that enthralled with food."

Ianto shrugged. "It's the baby, I think. What is it they say? I'm eating for two."

Jack scooped some oatmeal into a bowl and then took a slice of toast, biting into it with a smile. "I'm glad I thought ahead," he said, around a mouthful of food.

Ianto took a sip of orange juice. "Although, if I keep eating this way, I'm bound to look like a whale, soon. It's one thing to eat takeaways and then work it off out in the field. Bed rest means I won't be shedding any extra weight."

"You look fine, Ianto."

"Once this baby is out and gone I'm going to be on a serious diet," Ianto replied, taking a forkful of eggs. "My suits are starting not to fit."

He didn't notice the sad look that passed over the captain's face, his attention solely on the food in front of him. When his eggs were finished he reached for bacon, giving a sound of approval at the taste.

"This is really very good, sir," he told Jack. "Your culinary skills have vastly improved."

"Thank you, Ianto."

The tone of his voice caused Ianto to look up, his eyebrow rising. "Are you alright?"

Jack gave him a small smile. "I'm fine."

Ianto wasn't so sure. There was something off in his tone. But he returned the captain's smile and dug back into his food. He was much hungrier than he'd thought.