2nd Saga: Reviving the Dream


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Chapter 1: Arriving to Conclusions

"…When that time comes, we will be ready…"

…2 years later…

"The paint is the wrong color, that tower should be taller, pay more attention to the blueprint!" Videl Satan sighed as her father barked orders to the construction workers responsible for the finishing touches of a two year dream project.

Videl hid her head in shame as she gazed upon the banner in front of "The Mr. Satan's World-Saving Defeat of Majin Buu, Super Gorgeous Hotel". The location was selected on an island near enough to the World Martial Arts Tournament Island that most of the spectators would definitely want to stay at this hotel rather than any other for the annual event. For the rest of the year it was built like a resort with golf, and a casino, and beaches, and spa, and more ridiculousness than Videl could wrap her head around.

Both she and her father knew very well that he wasn't the one who saved the world from Majin Buu or Cell for that matter. There were other mysterious and unnamed heroes out there too humble to ever claim their victory.

Videl walked to a special wing she'd been able to integrate into the design of the hotel. Along the walls of the main lobby of the wing were statues baring the resemblance of warriors who had "aided" Mister Satan in his fights against the forces that threatened the earth. Beyond the coliseum style motif along the edge of the room however, and featured prominently on a fountain pedestal in the center of the room were large reproductions of the mysterious warriors who Videl knew to be the true saviors of the planet.

A grin crossed her face as she gazed upon the statue of the youngest of the warriors that she knew to be called Gohan. She had specifically requested for the halo to be suspended over the head of the statue, and though it had confused the designers, they didn't question her.

"Earth's little cherub defender… are you still out there?" Videl sat on the edge of the fountain and just listened to the serene flow of the fountain for a moment. Water had such a pleasant trickling sound. The sound was getting louder though, in fact it was starting to rumble. "What the hell?" Videl stood as she noticed the entire building was trembling.

The shaking caused Mister Satan to become tangled in his cape and lose his balance, "This island isn't supposed to have earthquakes! I specifically said an island with no earthquakes and no volcanoes!"

The sound became deafening as a sonic boom like crash was descending upon the hotel. Videl ran outside in time to see two bright red spheres drop from the sky and fly past the hotel, "Those weren't meteors."

The two spheres soared through the sky at amazing speed, reaching the main land within seconds and finally crashing into open country leaving a large crater. The red-hot glow faded from the objects surfaces revealing space ships reminiscent of pods used during Frieza's reign over the galaxy.

The pods opened with a hiss of cool steam and an armored figure with a saiyan tail stepped out of the first pod followed by a short robotic woman from the second. The two alien visitors looked up and immediately noticed themselves to be surrounded by the silhouettes of strong looking warriors.

The man with the saiyan tail readied a defensive posture in case a fight was coming on. With the sun behind the crowd he could hardly make out any detail yet as a tall man with wildly spiked hair approached him. The face cleared revealing a wide friendly smile, "Yo!" He waved, "Welcome to earth, I hope you're not planning to start any trouble."

The visitor to earth gulped nervously, "No… I'm looking for… The Saiyan Prince, Vegeta."

From the other side Vegeta stepped down into the crater, "Then you've found him, what business do you have here?"

A smile came over the man's face as he ran forward several steps toward Vegeta before bowing, "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Tarble, your little brother!"

A shocked look came over Vegeta's face as well as all the other Z-Warriors.

Krillin was almost shaking, "Vegeta has a… a brother?"

Bulma seemed fairly calm about the whole ordeal from her vantage point a little ways off, "Vegeta honey, he looks like you."

Vegeta grunted, "Why should I believe you?"

Goku scratched his head looking like he was trying to remember something; "I'm having the weirdest case of déjà vu right now…"

Vegeta quickly overcame the stupor, "If you are who you claim to be, prove it."

Tarble reached into his armor and pulled out a locket in the shape of the royal crest of Vegeta-sei. He opened it and revealed to Vegeta a photograph taken of King Vegeta, Vegeta as a child, their mother, and himself as a newborn.

No longer concerned over any danger, Bulma approached and took a look, "Oh my gosh, is that what you looked like as a kid Vegeta? You were so cute! I need a copy of that please."

Vegeta sighed, "Yes… Tarble; you were born only days before Frieza arrived on Planet Vegeta. Father deemed your power to be weak and sent you off to a distant planet. I never realized you were given any indication of your heritage."

"There were scrolls and data chips in the pod with me. Records of our home world, and a message from father saying that I may be the last remaining member of our race as he was planning to attack Frieza and was not confident of victory," Tarble held out a disk which emitted a holographic projection of King Vegeta.

Vegeta was left speechless as Tarble activated the recording and King Vegeta spoke, "Frieza has ordered an arrangement where he will take custody of my eldest son. His demands have grown too much for us to tolerate. When he comes for my son, we will attack. Though I am uncertain if we can defeat Frieza, it means more to our race to die in battle than to continue to live as his slaves. Frieza was not informed of the birth of my second son. I hope he and the history within these disks reach a distant world and live on should our efforts fail us."

With a wave of his hand, Vegeta stopped the playback, "Why are you here?"

Tarble looked away as an expression of shame came over him, "I need help."

"Get on with it," Vegeta bellowed impatiently.

"A powerful duo, remnants of Frieza's army came to the planet that has been so kind as to shelter me. I tried to stand up to them, but they were too strong for me. I need help to defeat them," Tarble finally admitted.

"Fine," Vegeta appeared to offer his aid immediately in own begrudging way. "Where can we find this pair?"

"They were following me rather closely," Tarble remained downcast, "I'd imagine they'll be arriving on earth within moments."

"Sounds like fun!" Goku proclaimed jovially.

"You must be careful!" Tarble tried to warn them, "From the stories I've heard, they're at least as powerful now as Frieza was during his reign."

"Frieza huh?" Goku thought for a moment, "What do you think Vegeta? Someone as strong as Frieza should be a good exercise for the kids and two on two sounds fair."

Vegeta crossed his arms, "I'm sure Trunks would be more than enough to handle whatever these two have to offer, but sure, why not…"

Tarble watched in wonder as he heard two kids excitedly chant, "We get to fight the aliens!"

"Stupid space junk falling through the atmosphere and making a mess of things!" Hercule Satan sat at a table sipping ice lemonade as the staff of his hotel was busy dusting and straightening up after the ruckus from earlier.

Videl popped up out of nowhere and slammed a TV panel on the table in front of her father startling him in the process, "I knew I had seen something like this before! Check this out!" Videl hit the replay button on the video she had loaded up as an archived newscast was played with a date indicating it was filmed fourteen years prior. A camera caught two metal spheres falling through the sky and crashing into the middle of Peninsula City. A few minutes later the entire city was destroyed.

Mister Satan gulped loudly, "Alright, what was that for?"

"This is what happened next," Videl forwarded to the next video that captured the alien's appearance and some of their battle with a group of mysterious strangers on a mountain range.

"So what you're trying to say is…?" Mister Satan prayed that his daughter wasn't drawing the conclusion that he thought she was.

Videl pumped her arm, "I'm saying that the last time pods like those fell to earth that evil aliens went on a rampage, we should see if we can do something about it!"

"Uh-huh…" Mister Satan mumbled unconvinced.

A rumbling started up again. As before it became louder and violent. Videl ran out from under the cover and looked up into the sky in time to see two more pods break through the atmosphere. They were closer than the last two and actually impacted one of the hotel towers, crumbling it to the ground.

In the midst of the quaking rumbles, a small girl ran to Hercule and grabbed on to him, "Daddy!"

Mister Satan clutched the little girl tight, "Don't worry princess, it's almost over, I hope!"

As the quaking ended, Videl pulled out a phone, "Erasa, another two just flew by here, can you track them? Just get as close an estimate as you can, I'm heading that way."

Hercule patted the girl's head as tears welled in his eyes from staring at the crumbled east tower of his "gorgeous" hotel. Videl grabbed him by the back of his collar and dragged him off, "Sorry Ciphy, it's time dad earned his "savior" title!"

"Go kick butt daddy! Good luck sis!" the girl called after them.

The two ships followed the same trajectory as Tarble's ship, and within moments cratered themselves into a spot only a few miles away from where the Z-Warrior waited. Having acquired their target, the watching warriors disappeared in silence.

Hisses were heard as the hatches opened and two tubby aliens emerged, one blue and one red. The two aliens looked at each other acknowledging the other's presence.

"These are the two who have been causing so much trouble then?" Vegeta spoke sternly surprising the duo that someone was so close.

Tarble nodded and pointed to the blue one, "That one's Abo," and then moved his pointing digit to the red one, "And that one's Kado."

Abo smirked, "You think you've found help do you Tarble?"

Kado laughed, "You've only doomed your friends as well as yourself."

Vegeta's eyes narrowed menacingly, "Trunks, defend your uncle's honor."

"Be sure and have fun Goten!" Goku called out.

"Yeah!" Both boys said as they marched ahead of the group.

In the past two years Goten had grown nearly his head worth. His hair was cut and styled more like Gohan's, and instead of an orange gi like his father's he wore black gi pants and a teal shirt with loose sleeves that reached just past his elbows.

Trunks had also done some growing. He was looking the more stylish of the two with his hair neatly combed and a black Capsule Corporation jacket on.

Abo and Kado wore scouters on their left eyes which they checked as the boys approached, "They have power levels of a thousand each!" The two started laughing hysterically at the representatives of earth.

Tarble gulped loudly, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Watch and you will learn," Vegeta stated proudly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Goten bowed to Kado.

"We promise to play nice," Trunks smirked to Abo.

Still grinning the alien pair barely had time to notice their scouters blip before they were simultaneously punched in the guts and sent sailing across the barren field. The two were clutching their stomachs from the unexpected pain as they looked back and saw Goten and Trunks assuming mirrored battle stances.

"Did they really do that?" Abo seemed bewildered finding his scouter was still reading power levels of a thousand on each of them.

Kado grunted, "Fine, no kid gloves for you!" Abo and Kado flashed their ki and burst into a charge at super speed.

Goten and Trunks caught the attacks and promptly all four of them vanished from sight.

Tarble's mouth dropped wide as he looked from left to right, up to down, and yet he couldn't keep up with them, "How are they so fast?"

Goten punched Kado across the jaw at the same time Trunks uppercut Abo from below the chin. They spun around their perspective opponent and with a kick to the side launched them into each other. The midair collision launched a shockwave of air that blew rocks out of the ground below the aliens. Moments later they both dropped from the sky in a limp heap.

Goten and Trunks grinned to each other and fist pumped.

Goku sighed, "Man, they're making this look too easy; it's almost not even fun to watch."

Piccolo watched the fight intently, "When you consider how they play and who they play with, it's really not surprising." Though Piccolo's words were even key, there was a definite hint of pride in his voice.

Abo and Kado pushed themselves to their feet, "You may be strong," Abo started.

"But believe me, we're far from finished," Kado completed.

The two stood back to back assuming a pose before shouting in unison, "Merge!" Their bodies became forms of energy as they swirled together and the energy grew in size.

After a moment the light faded and their body solidified. The new creature was purple skinned with rough patches of spikes across its face. It flexed its muscles and roared.

The smirk never left Trunks's face, "What do you think Goten?"

"I don't know," Goten shrugged, "Should we call him Abokado now?"

Apparently hitting a sore spot, the monster fumed, "We are Aka!" It powered up and charged the boys again with fists large enough to encase their bodies outstretched and ready to strike. Impact was made and it crushed Goten and Trunks into the ground, running them through for a few hundred meters laughing the entire way. The grinding slide began to slow though and the laughing stopped. Two powerful kis burst from in front of Aka's fists as the forward momentum was halted completely. Aka yelled loudly and his ki flared brighter and he pushed forward with all his might.

Goten and Trunks were each pushing against a fist, "It did make him a bit stronger huh?" Goten admitted.

"I guess it did," Trunks replied sounding mildly strained, "what should we do about it?"

"Super time?" Goten asked excitedly.

"Sure, why not?" Trunks winked.

The ground in front of Aka split open as the energy he was pushing against took on a golden color, "What?!"

Tarble also watched in increasing amazement as his scouter exploded trying to scan the boys' power levels, "Their power, is that… the legend?"

Vegeta nodded, "We do indeed refer to one in that transformed state as a Super Saiyan."

Still holding on to one of Aka's hands each, Goten and Trunks began to fly in circles, spinning Aka around and around. Once they had the beast sufficiently disoriented they let go and from the same side kicked him high into the sky. Aka continued to spin wildly until he crashed into a mountain and crumbled it under the force of his fall.

Aka tried to push himself to his feet, but was still dizzy from the spinning. So much so that in a fit of disorientation he upchucked whatever contents were in his shared stomach.

Goten and Trunks started laughing and high fived each other for their triumph over Aka's constitution.

"This is humiliating…" Aka grumbled to himself as he wiped his mouth, "No one does this to us; not since Lord Frieza was around does anyone humiliate us!"

Aka began to rise into the sky as the atmosphere darkened, "We'll show you brats, you'll see that you're up against a force that is now the greatest in the galaxy!" Aka put his hands together and pushed forth a large amount of his energy, "Just try and survive this! WAHAHANO-HAAA!" the purple blast was enormous as it cascaded across the empty range.

Goten and Trunks stood steadfast and waited as the beam approached. Trunks started the countdown, "Three…"

"Two…" Goten continued as he and Trunks faced each other.

One…" Trunks drew out as they held their hands between them, Trunks's horizontally opposed and Goten's vertically.

"Now!" Both of them concentrated their energy into the same space at the same time. Together they brought their hands forward and side-by-side launched a counter blast at close proximity, which immediately tore through Aka's Wahaha beam.

"No… NOOO!" Aka screamed as the power beam from the boys completely overtook his own and whisked him away before exploding.

Goten and Trunks touched down on the ground and their hair returned to their original colors, "Great job guys!" Bulma and Chichi shouted from the background. The two boys posed grinning with their thumbs up.

"Well that sure was an easy villain," Krillin laughed to himself.

"Just be thankful you weren't the one who had to fight it," Yamcha teased.

Everyone was celebrating and cheering, but Tarble noticed a serious look still on Goku's and Vegeta's faces, "What's wrong?"

"Looks like he's going to make things interesting…" Goku whispered.

Several miles off, Aka climbed out from the rubble and rocks that had collapsed over him, "FINE! I don't need to be stronger than those brats! It won't matter when this planet's nothing but DUUUST!"

Aka burst himself high into the sky, feeding an energy ball over his head powerful enough to wipe out the earth.

Tarble was nearly blown over when Goku and Vegeta left their positions at instant super speed.

Vegeta looked over to see Goku flying at his side, "Back off Kackarot, he's mine!"

"Don't worry Vegeta, I've got this covered!" Goku contested.

"This is my family's problem, I'll handle it!" Vegeta barked.

"The earth is in danger and that's totally my department!" Goku retorted.

Like a red giant star, Aka's energy ball began casting a dangerous light over the earth.

"Just let me take care of this Vegeta!" Goku whined.

"Fat chance!" Vegeta yelled.

"I'll get there first!" Goku challenged.

"Like hell you will!" Vegeta grunted.

The ball was thrown, ending their argument. However before they could act a shadow appeared between them and the oncoming attack, "Ahh no!" Goku and Vegeta yelled unison.

"HOW?!" Aka peered through the ball seeing that a boy, slightly larger than the ones he already fought, was holding the ball in place.

"You should have called it quits when you had the chance!" With his hands outstretched, Gohan formed a huge purple shield completely encasing Aka's energy ball except for what was pointed directly back in Aka's face. With hands already above his head, a great yellow and orange energy gathered, "MA-SEN-KO-HAAA!"

The planet killing ball exploded, the force of the blast directed back at Aka. Aka's shout was unintelligible as the energy engulfed him and tore him away from the earthly plane for good.

The light from the explosion faded as Gohan turned around and made a "V" with his hand for victory, "I got it!"

"Awww, that's cheating son, I didn't teleport!" Goku dejectedly frowned as he and Vegeta arrived on either side of Gohan.

Gohan closed his eyes and scratched the back of his head while smiling nervously and giggling. He wore an outfit much like Goten's only with a burgundy colored shirt to his elbows. Vegeta tapped his arm but said nothing as Goku tried to perk back up, "Oh well, but I get the next one!"

"In your dreams!" Vegeta growled.

At a complete loss for words, Tarble collapsed to the ground as the small robot woman tried to comfort him, "They made it look so… effortless… They're all so strong."

The three most powerful saiyans returned to the group as a low hum was heard approaching. In the sky a large airship featuring the prominent bust of Mister Satan was settling overhead. Two cables were dropped from the ship as a battle armored Hercule came flying down a zip tie like cord. Videl was close behind him in plain clothes.

The two touched down on the ground and noticed the Z-Warriors were the only ones present. "It's you guys!" Videl exclaimed happily.

Mister Satan barely landed on his feet as he noticed the same thing; "You're all here! Does this mean it's over already?"

Goku laughed and gave the man a thumbs-up. A crooked grin formed on the large man's face before he promptly fainted from relief.

Videl noticed the boy standing at Goku's side and approached him, "Gohan, it's good to see you again."

"You know my name?" A lump grew in Gohan's throat as he asked.

Videl nodded, "That's what your little gremlin friend called you the last time I saw you."

"Oh," Gohan laughed as he realized she was referring to Phips. He tried to straighten himself out as he shyly waved to the girl, "Well, hi!"

Videl smiled as she lowered herself to his eyelevel, "I don't believe it, you still haven't changed at all since the last time I saw you…"

"Yeah…" A frown formed on Gohan's face as he looked away from Videl's eyes.

It was obvious to Videl that Gohan was saddened, "Gohan…? Is something wrong?"

Goku placed his hand on Gohan's shoulder and kneeled down to whisper to his son, "We should probably go."

With a nod Gohan signaled he agreed. The two Sons placed fingers to their heads in concentration for a moment before they disappeared in multiple quick fades, taking the rest of the group with them.

"No wait, please don't go yet!" Videl pleaded, but she was already left standing alone with her still unconscious father.

Within an instant, the Z-Warriors all materialized atop Mount Paozu.

"One of these days Goku, you really need to teach that Mister Satan a lesson," Chichi grumbled.

Nothing but a warm smile crossed Goku's face, "As long as he's there then people leave us alone, I don't see what the problem is."

Chichi thought about it and shrugged, "Anyway, with that over we probably need to have a celebration and welcome Tarble to the family. What do you think Bulma?"

"I agree, and it's a beautiful day up here in the mountains, let's have a cookout!" Everyone cheered at the notion of food.

It took next to no time for the group's combined efforts to have the son property rigged up for a party. Trunks took the liberty of introducing his uncle to all of their friends while Goten helped, "That's Master Roshi, he helped train Goku years ago to be a great warrior."

Goten nodded, "Yeah, and he's also a dirty old man who chases all the pretty girls."

Trunks continued, "That's Yamcha, he's been one of Goku's friends for a long time, longer than Krillin I think."

Goten happily added, "Yeah and he used to have a thing with Trunks's mom before she got together with Trunks's dad!" Trunks squinted his eyes dangerously at Goten.

After clearing his throat, Trunks pointed down the line, "And that's Tien."

Trunks waited to see if Goten would say anything about Tien but after a moment Goten just shrugged, "He has three eyes!"

Trunks buried his face in his hands and groaned.

Gohan happened to be walking by so Goten pulled him closer, "And you saw him earlier, but this Gohan!" Goten exclaimed excitedly.

"Yo!" Gohan waved to Tarble.

"You two look a lot alike," Tarble pointed out looking between Gohan and Goten.

Goten nodded excitedly, "Yeah, he's my big brother! But I'm catching up!"

"That's… interesting…" Tarble stated while sounding a little confused.

A crooked grin managed its way onto Gohan's face as his eyes closed and head went lopsided, "It's a long story… Anyway, you guys have fun!"

"We're going to get games started soon Gohan!" Goten bounded happily, "You're going to play with us right?"

"Umm… sure," Goten smiled happily as Gohan ruffled his hair. "Let me know when you have everything ready," Gohan told him as he continued on.

Trunks pointed to another friend, "And that's Chiaotzu."

Goten leaned closer to Tarble, "I think he's a cursed doll…"

Trunks pushed Goten aside, "You dope! He's a vampire, duh!"

"Ohhh, I see it!" Goten smiled.

Around the side of the house Gohan walked off by himself. A little ways aside from the actual house was a cement pillar. Gohan stopped and looked at it for a moment. From about three feet from the ground and up, lines had been carved into the pillar. Goten's name and a date was written near each of the lines of one side, while his own name and a date was written on the lines on another side.

Gohan crossed his arms and stared at it for a moment with his head cocked to the side. With a sigh he turned around and put his back against the pillar and set his hand on top of his head. He left his hand at that spot on the pillar as he turned around to look. His hand had fallen exactly into the line carved near the words, "Gohan at 11 Years Old" which had been put there nine years ago.

A long breath escaped, one Gohan hadn't realized he was holding. After a moment of silence he spoke aloud, "I guess that's where it's going to stay, huh Piccolo?"

Piccolo approached from the trees, "Does that bother you?"

Gohan shrugged, "I don't know, maybe? I'm just confused."

"How so?" Piccolo had a good idea of what was going through Gohan's head, but he knew it helped his former pupil to actually talk about it.

"I just don't know what I'm supposed to be. Should I grow up and act as an adult and be responsible and adult like and think and do adult things, or am I a kid who can play and do silly childish things and not get taken seriously?" Gohan's current frustration was apparent.

Piccolo smirked slightly, "If anyone did, you proved long ago that children are a force to be reckoned with and should be taken seriously."

"That's not what I mean," Gohan laughed.

"I know," Piccolo placed his hand on Gohan's shoulder, "But it has only been two years since you came back to life, maybe it just needs more time. Everyone agrees you should be enjoying this time you've been given."

Gohan looked down sullenly, "I guess I'm just thinking that I don't know how to enjoy being a kid."

"I believe that one," Piccolo shook his head, "From the time you were five years old we were dragging you into the middle of things no child should have been a part of, I'm sorry for that Gohan."

An immediate shift came over Gohan's demeanor, "No, Mister Piccolo, I didn't mean it like that either, really. I'm sorry, I guess I just don't really know what has me in such a funk today."

"What's important is that you be yourself through all of this," Piccolo crossed his arms and resumed his authoritative stance, "Forget the preconceived notions of how others believe the world to be and be the person you are in your heart regardless of appearances."

The two shared a moment of silent contemplation before Gohan finally smiled again, "You would say something like that." Another moment of companionable silence ticked by, "I guess I was also thinking… when I saw that girl today that if I were, well, normal that I'd be her age."

Piccolo actually smirked, "We've crossed paths with them on several occasions, do you like her?"

Gohan staggered, "Don't start sounding like Phips please."

Piccolo couldn't help but chuckle to himself. His expression turned serious again shortly thereafter though. He had to very carefully consider his next words before he spoke them, "Gohan," he paused for a moment while he concluded that he had to at least express it as an option, "There is the possibility that Shenron could normalize your aging if that's what you truly want."

No reply was heard. Gohan chewed on his tongue as he continued to think.

On the other side of the house, Goten was walking across the lot carrying some large plastic pins and looking from left to right. He eventually ran up to Goku, "Dad, have you seen Gohan? He said he was going to play with us once we got the games set up."

Goku looked around as well, "I don't sense him, but I'm sure he's somewhere close by. He'll probably join you soon."

"Okay, thanks," Goten walked away looking a little dejected. Out of habit he checked under his shirt collar to make sure a particular prism was still safe and secure around his neck.

End Chapter

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