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xXx~Exploring with Hibiki Ep. 6~xXx


xXx~In Front of a Jungle like place~xXx

Hibiki comes out of nowhere, "Hiyas! Ganaha Hibiki here on 'Exploring with Hibiki!' And we have a special guest today~"

"Amami Haruka!" the short haired girl also pops out from nowhere.

"Hiyas Haruka! Sos today on 'Exploring with Hibiki!' we are going to be exploring this Jungle behind us!'

"What?! But last week you did a dog park! This week a Jungle!?" Haruka panicked, pointing at the lush green jungle behind them. "Is that a snake?! I think I just saw a snake!"

"Well... the viewers wanted something more exciting since I was having a guest this week."

"But a Jungle!? How'd I even get here in the first place? I don't remember anything since I entered the office this morning!"

Hibiki coughed to the side, muttering something that disturbingly sounded like yesterday... "Wells... that doesn't matter, you're here now! Aren't you excited? This is going to be a fun adventure!"

"Why's the camera crew wearing body armor!?"

xXx~765 Pro's Office~xXx

The producer turned away from the Tv screen and looked toward his fellow producer, who was typing away on her laptop, "Umm..."

"Don't worry, we're covered, we bought a substantial amount of insurance for Hibiki's new show." Ritsuko said, not bother to look up from her work. She was sitting one of the office's single seater sofas next the couch that producer was sitting on.

The producer chuckled nervously, "Err... That's really not what I'm worried about Ritsuko-san... More like, I'm worried about the girls' safety..."

"Nah, they'll be fine Nii-chan~" said Mami sitting to his left. "Yeah, it's Hibiki! This is what she does!" said Ami sitting to his right.

"No I mean... Haruka... you know how she is. Maybe we should have picked someone less... clumsy... as Hibiki's guest." He thought for a second, "Maybe someone like Makoto..."

"No ways, that wouldn't be any fun to watch~" Whined Mami. "Yeah~! Maybe you should make Haruka a permanent cast member!" Ami added.

"Ahhh! Hibiki! Save me!" "What the!? How'd you get into that hole Haruka!?" "I don't know! Just save me! I don't want to die!"

"Yes, definitely! Haruka should be Hibiki's partner. She'll make it much more exciting~!"

"No, we won't be able to afford the higher insurance premiums if she became a regular." Ritsuko said, still on her laptop, "Also, Hibiki might really die trying save her over and over."

"..." The producer just turned back to the Tv, praying that they'd be- "Wait. Wasn't this recorded a few days ago, why aren't they back yet?"

"The search crew found them yesterday. Their plane will be landing in a few hours."

"Just where the hell did you send them!?"


An: Go read the 4-koma manga Puchimasu which heavily inspired this... whatever it is. The manga heals the soul.