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xXx~Breaking Barriers~xXx

xXx~Makeshift HQ: Operation Yayoi~xXx

Yukiho stood fidgeting in front the twins, Mami and Ami. "D-do the two of y-you understand the situation now? I-if so we w-will be going b-back to the others now!"

But, before she got anywhere, two pairs of hands latched onto her arms. ""Hold it right there Yukipyon!""

"Eeehhhh!?" Yukiho looked to her left and right as both twins gave her half lidded stares. "Wha?"

"What the heck kind of explanation was that right now!?" "Yeah! 'Do do the two of you understand the situation now?', thats it!?"

"B-b-but... w-wha!?"

"You can't just leave it at that!" "Yeah! That's just being lazy!" "You gotta explain the whole situation to everyone!" "You're just leaving them hanging!"

"H-huh? Wah? B-but I did te-"

"You gotta explain everything!" "Or else your just gonna leave'em confused" "So we'll help ya out" "Watch and learn!" "Sos Iorin and Makochin's plan needed distractions" "So Iorin decided to swing by Mami and Ami's house to grab Mami and Ami" "They just told us to get in!"

"...w-what are you two-"

"And on the way to Yayoi's house" "They were too busy planning the rescue operations" "of Hibikin's alligator! "Makochin and Iorin were very distracted" "So they just ignored Ami and Mami"

"Sos when we got here" "Here being a house across Yayoi's house" "Which Iorin 'borrowed'" "Makochin and Iorin were still busy fussing over things" "But they were kind enough to stick" "Yukipyon with the job of" "explaining everything to us!"

"...who are you two talking to!?" the confused girl asked, while trying to fight off the dizziness from turning her head between the two twins.

"Us I believe." Came from behind Yukiho.

"Ehh!?" She twirled around to see both 765 Pro's top vocalists standing a few a few feet away from her.

"Chihaya-san, Shijou-san? Where did you two come from!?"

"We were here the whole time." Chihaya said with her usual blank expression

"Who else did you think they were talking to Hagiwara-san?" Takane asked curiously as she supported her chin with a thumb and forefinger.


"... is everything alright Yukiho?..." "...Would you like to sit down for a bit?"

xXx~765 Pro Office~xXx

Akizuki Ritsuko and Otonashi Kotori sat side by side at the office's low table, both with a cup of fresh tea. Ritsuko took a sip and sighed, "Ah, Otonashi-san, great tea as usual."

"Thank You." Kotori also took a sip, then regarded the younger woman, "Ah, Ritsuko-san, we've known each other for a while now. Please. Just call me Kotori."

"Ah, as long as you just call me Ritsuko as well." she replied.

The two girls looked at each other for a couple seconds before giggling softly. They soon continued to peacefully sip at their tea.

" ...all the girls are off doing their own thing again aren't they?" Kotori asked.

"Hai. It also seems that the producer has disappeared as well." Ritsuko didn't even bother to open her eyes as she continued to drink.

"...Are you angry Ritsuko?"

"Very much so." She took another sip.


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