Co-written between Tangerine Catnip and NebulousMistress

This is an AU. Let's get that out of the way first. Daniella Fenton, still known as Danny, is a girl. Other than that everything is exactly as you've come to expect. Although Phantom Planet never happened.

Now... And this is important here...

This story deals with some very harsh themes. Kidnapping, imprisonment, and graphic rape with the goal being forced pregnancy.

Allow me to repeat that. GRAPHIC RAPE!

Now, for the record, neither of us condone this sort of behavior. Heck, one of the RPers has been on the receiving end of this sort of behavior. We have very personal reasons not to condone it. But that doesn't mean we can't write about it.

If you STILL read this AFTER BEING WARNED and you STILL feel the need to condemn us for putting these words on the page then you can BITE ME.

This fanfic is spawned from refurbished RP logs. It has been edited and the voices homogenized.

Daniella Fenton swirled the metal spoon through her bowl of porridge, mixing in the brown sugar. Her body still ached from being manhandled by two burly ghosts and being shoved in the trunk of a sleek black car. She rubbed her shoulder, fingers brushing the burn where the Plasmius Maximus had touched her skin, zapping away her ghost powers and leaving her at the mercy of her kidnappers. It was a nasty little device that left a halfa with such a cold empty sensation that not even Vlad used it without a very good reason. She looked up from her bowl to glare at Vlad again but he didn't seem to be the least put off by it. He was sitting there comfortably eating his own breakfast, assured in the knowledge that the metal brace around her leg would keep his guest at the table.

"Let me guess," Danny said, still struck by the oddity of this calm moment in the middle of her kidnapping. "I wasn't actually given a scholarship to the University of Liberal Arts Design. In fact, knowing you it probably doesn't even exist." Danny sighed. As far as falling for evil plans went this was a seriously stupid misjudgment on her part. Maybe she let her guard down because Vlad hadn't been very active in the last few years. Or maybe the rush of finishing high school made her forget she wasn't a normal person who could do normal things like go to college and get a good job.

"Oh, the school exists," Vlad said. "And your parents were quite thrilled when they called the numbers provided and everything was verified for them. Unfortunately it is quite a simple matter of having calls rerouted. Such an easy little instillation. But you are correct in figuring out that you were never accepted. The school likely doesn't even know you exist given you never applied. Your scholarship was a fraud as well." Vlad sat back in his chair, looking Danny up and down. "Dear girl, I'm surprised you haven't asked why you're here. After all, given our shared past, our shared... conditions... Surely you're curious as to why I've gone through all this trouble."

"Well usually you launch into a rant before I have to ask," Danny said. "I didn't think I needed to." She shook her head, letting her messy black fringe of hair fall over her eyes. She used the move as cover to scan the room. She didn't recognize the dining room but the castle had changed a lot in the five years she had known Vlad. The fact that the Wisconsin castle had been destroyed twice since her last visit probably didn't help her sense of recall. "I have to admit this is a softer reception than I'm used to getting. Normally I would be tied to a lab table right around now." She lifted her spoon to her lips, taking the tiniest bite she could. "Those pills are kind of ominous though…" She pointed to the capsules next to her breakfast dish, flicking her hair so she could glare at Vlad again.

"My dear, I long ago stopped trying to take you apart," Vlad said. "I have no reason to strap you to a lab table." A thought crossed his mind. "Unless of course you'd like me to... Nevermind, we'll get to that later. First, to discuss why you're here. Well, that does have something akin to why I used to kidnap you. You remember some of my failed plots. Cloning, genetic engineering, the perfect creation... I was going about it all wrong, my dear Daniella. I was thinking too hard. Trying too hard. I needed to simplify my plan.

"That's where you come in," he continued. "Surely you realize, dear girl, that you and I are the only members of our species. Why, there's no reason to think a human being would survive carrying a child of mine or that a human would be capable of fathering anything with you. Spawn of mine might very well try to phase through his mother's womb and kill them both while a human-bred fetus might very well simply fall out of you if you were to transform. Think about it, my dear. Surely you can appreciate the gravity of the situation we both find ourselves in. Never able to properly appreciate the touch of a true mate..."

Danny tried really hard to follow his train of thought, she really did. She hadn't ever really thought about motherhood. She hadn't even been able to hold down a boyfriend for more than a couple weeks before her ghost hunting brought it to an abrupt end. Not to mention the week that she spent caring for a flour sack with Valarie. That was more than enough to convince her she didn't need to think about kids for a very long time.

"That's genuinely disgusting, Vlad," she muttered. "Thanks for that mental image." Obviously he spent a lot more time thinking about his hybrid status than she did but that might simply be because he had more time to do so. "So you saying neither of us can have kids? I mean that's a bummer but it's not the end of the world. Surly a rich guy like you can adopt?" Danny shrugged her shoulders. "I'm still not seeing how this relates to you kidnapping me."

Vlad shook his head and sighed. Ah, Daniella, such a small-minded girl... The look he was giving her should have disturbed her more than anything he'd said thus far. "My dear, I didn't say we can't breed," he said. "I merely said we cannot breed with humans. After five years of calculations I've found no evidence that we're sterile." A grin spread across his face, an expression halfway between bashful and anticipatory. "On the contrary, I've found plenty of evidence suggesting that half-ghosts can produce viable children. But only when bred with other half-ghosts."

Danny blinked at him. Vlad was hinting at was so far outside her realm of possibility that it was taking a while for her to put the pieces together. "But we're the only half ghost in the world," she said, slowly shifting back on her chair as a district sense of dread began to take hold. "So the only way for use to have kids is if we..." Her spoon dropped to the floor with a thump as she realized. "No.. okay no… bad mental image bad..." She rested her head in her hands and took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. The last piece of the puzzle still hovered out of her reach but her skin was already starting to crawl and she had to sense it coming. "You… you're not serious... you can't be that desperate, you already got the cat!"

Vlad nodded to himself; here was the expected reaction. "I don't consider myself desperate, Daniella," he said. "I have, after all, waited five years for you. For the perfect timing. I've spent a great deal of time, energy, and resources setting this up. Your parents think you're at college. Considering the periodic updates they'll be getting from a proxy they won't even think of a reason to be worried about you until next summer. Your friendships are few and far between. Those friendships that you have cultivated were told by your own words that you're going to be very busy for a very long while and that you won't be able to see them for a long, long time. This isn't desperation, my dear. This is triumph. I have earned this. I have you exactly where I want you. I have succeeded. You are alone, Danny. There is no one to save you because you were the one to make sure there was no one to miss you."

Danny's fingers grasped the table hard. She knew she was in trouble before but now... It was like she finally looked down and noticed the gaping chasm opening under her feet. "You've been waiting for me? How... how long have you planed this? All those years of fighting. No... no way..." She shook her head violently and scrambled to her feet but the chain prevented her from doing much more than stand beside her chair. "You can't... you can't just take something like that..."

She slammed her fist into the table. She wished she had her ghost powers just to feel it break. This was all starting to feel like a bad nightmare. "Think about this for a moment, Vlad. I'm your enemy! I'm pesky little bratty Danny Fenton! You don't really want me like that."

"And why wouldn't I, my dear?" he asked. "You're beautiful with a fiery passion unmatched by any I've ever known. You've developed into quite a young woman. A little thin, perhaps, but we can easily fix that. You're strong, capable, willful, stubborn, and caring. Why wouldn't I want you?" He gestured to the pills next to her bowl. "Those are prenatal vitamins. You can take them willingly or not. Be reminded, however, if you don't take them willingly they will be ground up and stirred into your food. I hear they taste terrible in powdered form."

Danny looked at Vlad like he had grown two heads. She tried to step back. Her cheeks were brushing bright red at the complements, too shocked to speak. Of all the people in the world that she could imagine herself lying with Vlad was the last on the list next to her father. But his words... he sounded so serious... She looked at the pills. Vlad wasn't just serious he was going whole hog on this. Danny crossed her arms over her chest defensively. She backed away from Vlad, nearly tripping herself again. "You're going to force me to... to have your…" She couldn't do it. This was so wrong, so very wrong. She couldn't even say it.

"I have spent the last few years preparing for your inevitable maturity," Vlad said, getting up and slowly sauntering around the table. "I falsified the university's acceptance, I set up the scholarship, I even remodeled the castle in preparation for this day. Don't think of it as being forced, my dear. Think of it as an arrangement. After all, I don't get to pick either. Instead I get your skinny little bony butt. We all have to do things we don't fully appreciate. Like taking our vitamins..."

Vlad picked up the pills and reached for her, gripping her hair in one hand and shoving the pills into her mouth with the other. He held her jaw closed and waited for them to dissolve. Waited for them to start tasting horrid enough that she swallowed them on her own. It didn't take long. Danny struggled against Vlad but didn't manage much beyond pulling her own hair and putting on a show. Vlad pulled her into a tight hold, her back to his chest. The taste in her mouth grew unbearable and she reflexively swallowed. When Vlad's hand lowered a moment later she was genuinely surprised that she was still conscious.

"Y-you're nuts, Vlad... You're not going to get away with this..." She struggled in his arms but worn out and without her powers she was just a feisty little girl only three quarters the size of her elder captor.

"I don't see why not," Vlad purred. "After all, I already have. I have... nine months before anyone thinks you might be in trouble. Nine months before anyone even starts looking for you. Imagine all we can get accomplished in nine months." He held her with one arm while he ran his fingers through her hair, almost as though trying to soothe the strands he'd tugged. He leaned down to smell her hair, holding back a moan at her scent. It had been far too long since he allowed himself to smell a woman. "We begin tonight, my dear."

Danny gave a high-pitched squeak. "T-tonight," she repeated, her stomach flipping like she was on a carnival ride. "Vlad I-I can't... I've never..." Her brain shut her up instantly. Vlad didn't need to know that. She attempted to kick Vlad but found herself lifted off the ground before she could land a hit. Without warning she was slung over the elder's shoulder, hanging upside down as the world spun in circles. A hand brushed up her thighs and held her steady. The chain around her foot must have been phased off.

Vlad brought her to her new bedroom. After all, being kidnapped right after her morning flight landed, dragged here bound and gagged in the trunk of a car, hit with the upgraded Plasmius Maximus, then having to learn all about her fate, well... It was a lot to take in. She needed some time to processes her new reality. He pressed his hand to the hidden panel, turning off the ghost shield using his ectosignature. Then he walked right in and dropped her on the bed. "This is your room," he explained. "Everything in here is yours to do with what you will. Keep in mind I might not replace your things if you destroy them. This room including the balcony and the bathroom is enclosed in a ghost shield. I expect you to be presentable in time for dinner tonight at sunset. You will be dining with me and then we'll begin." He raked his eyes up and down her form, leaving her with a parting leer before turning and heading back out.

He locked the door with key and activated the ghost shield. He'd won.

The door clicked as it was locked. Danny let her shoulders slump, sinking back onto the bed. She took a few deep breathes, trying to keep calm. She needed to stay calm. Vlad would expect panic, he had practically said as much. He would have already prepared for that.

For the first time it occurred to her that the ceiling looked awfully soft. She realized she was actually looking at a canopy overhanging the bed. Danny sat up and looked around her temporary prison, taking in all the things Vlad had felt a young lady would need to be happy. The first thing that leaped to her eyes was the colors, eggshell white and soft yellows with flecks of gold in swirls on the bedspread and the trimmings on the oak queen sized bed. The colors amplified the light streaming in through the large balcony window. There was a large bookshelf on the far wall stacked with the shiny covers of new books. On closer inspection they were just fresh prints of old classics. There was a prevalence for children's fiction that gave Danny the sinking feeling that Vlad was getting way ahead of himself.

Danny shivered and pushed herself up, her fingers closed around something soft and fuzzy. She found herself holding the arm of a teddy bear with long brown fur and a ribbon tired around its neck. She threw it as hard as she could. The bear bounced off the painted stonework of a fireplace and landed on the sofa safe and sound.

Danny huffed and got to her feet, heading straight for the balcony. The fresh morning air felt good on her face. If she was going to escape this was her best bet. Her highly trained eyes begin taking in the variables, deciding what was important and what wasn't. She didn't let herself get discouraged when she realized the balcony was five stories up, instead focusing on the castle grounds and taking stock of what it would take to get out of here.

First challenge was getting out of this room. After that there was a maze of passageways in the castle. Not a challenge if she had her ghost powers but right now that was a big 'if'. Then there was the huge wall enclosing the perimeter of the castle. That was new. Danny gripped the balcony edge. She really hoped that little addition was to keep something out and not her in. The harder Vlad schemed the more he would fight to keep his investment. She was really trying not to think about the years of planning the elder halfa mentioned even though it made sense in some sick twisted way. If Vlad was desperate enough to clone himself a half ghost son why should he think anything of getting one the normal way?

It had never really occurred to her the only half ghosts in the world could form a breeding pair. Her thoughts turned to Samson the purple-back gorilla. After the whole mix-up Samson had been moved to a zoo in Japan to share a cage with the last male of her species in hope that they would procreate. Danny wondered if she had felt like this. Probably not; a bad tempered gorilla couldn't be worse than Vlad.

Danny reached out a hand, looking for the ghost shield she knew was there. This one was invisible so it was impossible to guess how large it was. She considered throwing herself off in the hope that she could transform before she hit the ground but even if she could pull together the courage to do that it wouldn't be an option until her powers returned.

She walked back over the threshold into the room, wondering for a moment what would become of her bags. The ghosts that kidnapped her had taken them but she doubted Vlad would let her have them back. She figured he must have left clothes in the dresser. Danny turned to it and made a face. She was going to regret looking, she just knew it. She threw open the doors of the armoire and pouted at the display of soft fabrics and bright colors. Not a single pair of jeans or a t-shirt. In fact there weren't any pants at all. Skirts and dresses only. She fiddled with the drawers and quickly noticed the lack of undergarments; she didn't even want to know what that was about.

A quick walk around the bathroom and a splash of cold water on her face brought back her senses. She felt hot and dirty from her kidnapping. One tends to sweat a bit when tied up and helpless in a dark trunk, not to mention the ghosts who threw her in there were slimy.

Given what Vlad had just told her getting naked for a shower seemed like a very bad idea. On the other hand she knew Vlad well enough to know he wouldn't lay her in a bed like that and not use it. Besides, he'd threatened 'tonight', that meant he wanted her to stew while he was gone. Not to mention the hot water could wash away the important bits for his plan; no point in taking that risk. Danny shivered in disgust. Trying to guess what Vlad would do was unnerving but probably useful in the long run. If she could keep her sanity.

Danny pulled her shirt off along with the purple bra that kept her modest bust in line. Her smaller chest combined with her love of loose clothing had earned her a reputation as even more of a tomboy than her friend Sam.

Danny closed her eyes tightly. Vlad was wrong. Her friends would know something was wrong and they would come for her. They wouldn't be fooled by fake letters; best friends since kindergarten couldn't be fooled like that. She just had to hold out as best she could until then. She could do that. Vlad was twice her age after all and she wouldn't fall for the Plasmius Maximus twice.

Her pants unbuttoned easily. She threw them aside and hopped into the shower quickly so she didn't have to look at herself in the mirror any longer. Hot water ran down her shoulders, her back, her legs. She found a bar of soap, scented with something soft and sweet. Jasmine, maybe.

After a good half hour of moping she finally stepped out of the shower. Her black hair was dripping wet and stuck to her neck and shoulders. Something was wrong though. She looked around the room and realized her clothes were gone. She probably should have seen that one coming. All that was left was her bra. She slung it over her shoulder, fingernails digging into her palm. She hadn't sensed anyone entering the room so either Vlad was stealthier than he looked or there was more than one entrance to her cell. She would need to test the walls to see if she could find any hidden doors.

Danny walked back into the main room. She had a ton of shirts and jeans but not here, not with her. They had been her only link to the world outside Vlad's castle. From this point forward everything she touched would be tainted with fruitloop.

She dug through the armoire again, looking for the least dorky of the outfits. She came up with a white dress with a black bow around the hips. It looked comfortable enough and would be nicely ruined by her purple brastraps sticking out. She threw it on and ran her fingers through her hair, toweling it off and messing it up as best as she could. Every little rebellion counted in situations like this.

Danny face planted on the bed again, before rolling over and resuming her staring match with the ceiling. It was going to be a long day until dinner.

Danny ran a hand over the wooden desk. She tried to keep calm as she searched but the setting sun outside made it hard to focus. Her fingers slid over paper and glue and other office supplies until she found the drawer with pens in it. She would have preferred a letter opener but this would have to do. She found the sharpest looking one and tucked it in her bra, shifting it into someplace where it wouldn't stick out. One last check of the bathroom to be absolutely sure she hadn't just misplaced her underwear. Anything to make her feel less exposed. Given the nature of the battle ahead it felt like going in without armor.

She walked back into the bedroom, a sudden chill running down her spine, her lips parted and her next exhale was cold as ice. Her blue eyes flicked to the bed and she contemplated trying to hide under it. She was just bending down to see if she could try it when the hidden panel slid away with a click. She took a step back as her archenemy entered the room. He was dressed up for the occasion, not that it was unusual for him but this particular suit looked a lot less restraining that his usual attire. He was even wearing a normal belt for once. He looked rather stylish in his own way. If Danny was 30 years older and didn't know Vlad was the king of all fruitloops she might have considered him attractive. However, this Danny wanted no part. She stepped back and refused to show fear. "Evening, Vlad," she spat, her blue eyes flashing green. Her powers were returning though not as fast as she would have liked. She still couldn't transform but Vlad didn't need to know that.

"Good evening, my dear," Vlad purred. He looked her up and down, taking in the dress she'd chosen for the evening. White, how fitting. How virginal. Somehow Vlad had the feeling that that dress would not be surviving the night intact, much like Daniella's precious innocence. Vlad held out an arm. "Will you be coming with me quietly or are we going to have to do this the hard way?" He gave her a look that indicated he would not wait for her answer long. If he had to do this the hard way he would not hold back. She had to learn that he was capable of so much more than he'd shown her in their little hero-villain spats. It would be better for her if she learned it now rather than later.

Danny bit her lip, a nervous habit she shared with her mother. Her bare toes dug into the carpet. She needed to get out of this room, someplace that wasn't reinforced by a ghost shield. "I'll come easily as long as you keep your hands to yourself," she said.

"My dear, that defeats the purpose," Vlad drawled. "But I do hope we can make it through dinner without you flipping the table or attempting some sort of show of strength or escape or some such nonsense. I promise that if you can behave yourself I will not lay a hand on you in anger. Surely that must count for something."

Against all her instincts she stepped forward, flinching when Vlad took her arm. They stepped out of the room together and Danny tried to make herself relax. Catching Vlad off his guard wouldn't work if she felt like a coiled spring.

"I can make your time here pleasant, even enjoyable," Vlad said, almost conversationally. "Or I can make your life into the living hell that you so seem to desire. Whether your nights are filled with pleasure or pain is yours to decide, Daniella. But know this." He stopped them in the hallway, allowing his eyes to smoulder like red coals. "I will not have you jeopardizing what I have worked for out of some foolish, misguided, insane hope that I might take pity on you or that someone might somehow telepathically sense your plight. The fantasy that was your life is over now, my dear. Wake up to your reality."

For a moment Danny was seriously tempted to spit in his face, but the look in Vlad's eyes was so unnerving that she lost her courage for it. They turned a corner and the doors to the dining room opened. She tugged away as the hand holding her finally loosened. She settled down in her chair, her anger showing. "You're the one trapped in a fantasy, Vlad," she said bitterly. "One where everyone lives to serve you. You're not just crazy, you're an all-around awful person." Her fingers balled into fists in her lap. "I won't ever serve you, not willingly. You know that as well as I do."

"I know that opinions change, my dear," Vlad said, leveling her with a look that was halfway between a glare and a fond indulgence. "Your view of me will change. You're not the first woman to be in your position just as I am not the first man in mine." Vlad took his napkin off the table and placed it in his lap with a flourish. As if on cue a ghost, little more than a shade, drifted into the room with a tray. Their first course was placed in front of them and the shade dissolved.

Oysters. Vlad gave Danny a look that clearly told her she was expected to eat before he picked up a shell and slurped the meat out of it.

Danny slumped in her seat, looking down at the shellfish. Over her shoulder the shade leaned forward to fill to glasses with a light bubbly liquid. The ghost girl blinked at it and reached for her glass, thinking it was some kind of soda before she took a sip and noticed the slight tang of alcohol on her tongue. She put the glass down and turned back to her food. There was no reason not to eat besides to prove a point and she would need the strength it could provide. Vlad also hadn't seen fit to provide her with lunch, so she was starving.

She picked up her own shell much more carefully, tipping the contents passed her lips. The meat was chewy and had been dipped in a creamy sauce that tasted just faintly of wine and cheese. Despite herself Danny made a soft sound of appreciation, it was unbelievably tasty. She picked up the second and third shell eating them far too fast, and a moment later she was left licking her fingers, happy for a brief second before she remembered the dinner company. She dropped her hand and quickly washed away the taste in her mouth, forgetting it was champagne and therefore not a good idea to drink before an escape attempt.

Vlad chuckled at Danny's incivility. She took after her father in that regard, unfortunately. It was something he would have to break her of at some point in the future. Something to do in the months ahead while his primary plan came to fruition. Meanwhile he took his time with his oysters. He slurped the contents up, enjoying the slight burn of pepper along with the soft, buttery taste of the shellfish. He took his time, making her wait for the next course. She would learn to take things at his preferred speeds. That or she would find herself spending half her life bored and waiting, the other half running around frantic.

Danny kicked her legs like an impatient child. She looked around the room again, noting the doors and how many steps she though it would take for her to get to each one. She made a show of adjusting her dress to cover the fact she was checking for her makeshift weapon. A pen would be a poor defense without the element of surprise though; she needed the prefect moment. The silence dragged on for a few more moments and Danny started to fidget; it wasn't something she normally did but the situation was tense enough already and wiggling around was preferable to thinking about what Vlad was planning for her.

"I couldn't help but notice my new wardrobe is lacking in a certain department," she said suddenly, shooting a look at Vlad. "I know I'm going to regret asking, but was that intentional?"

"Of course it was intentional," Vlad said as he fixed his last oyster. "You will not be allowed to wear pants or underwear until such time as I decide you have earned that right. Speaking of, you won't have that bra for long, either. You don't need one for support, not yet anyway." He slurped the oyster, swallowing with a quiet hum as he dropped the shell on his plate. The oysters were as much for her benefit as his own but he fancied he could feel them working. Or maybe that was the conversation's direction affecting him. He gestured for the plates to be taken as the shade returned. Their plates were replaced with the second course, salmon with saffron and a colorful vegetable garnish, their champagne with glasses of a deep red wine.

Danny sat in stunned silence, very sure Vlad had just made a crack about her breast size. She crossed one arm over her chest like she was protecting the little purple snippet of clothing. He was seriously saying she had to earn the privilege to wear fucking underwear. Vlad really was going to try to take everything away from her. She grabbed her fork angrily and skewered a carrot, growling around the bite as she slid it into her mouth. Fuck, even the vegetables were irresistible. She worked her way clockwise around her plate taking bites of everything while still trying to look angry as she did it.

She eyed her glass. One glass of wine probably wouldn't hurt. She drank, her belly feeling pleasantly contented with all this rich food. Her shoulders slumped; the day had caught up to her faster than she was hoping.

Vlad picked up his glass of red wine and seemed to be halfway to proposing a toast before he decided against it. She wouldn't appreciate it. Not yet, anyway. Maybe in another year she might. Maybe only a few months. It all depended on her. Speaking of... "Tonight will be our first attempt," he said before taking a bite of flaky, fluffy salmon. "We don't have a very large window of opportunity so we will be making the attempt quite often for the first week. After that, well, it depends on a few things. If you respond poorly to my touch, for instance, then I will have to make sure you have ample opportunity to grow accustomed to it."

Danny stared at the floor, wishing ideally that Vlad had been foolish enough to provide her with a knife. She hated he way he said 'our' like she had agreed to this. Vlad could sugarcoat it any way he wanted but he was still speaking ideally of how he planned to rape her. Danny thought back to what she remembered from health class and realized... "You've been tracking my cycle," Danny replied flatly. Honestly nothing surprised her anymore. She shook her head and wrapped her arms about herself defensively sinking back into her seat. "The day I grow accustomed to your touch is the day I throw myself off the roof of your castle."

"I can imagine many worse fates for you than growing accustomed to my touch," Vlad said, his easy demeanor descending into something harder, something that growled underneath the surface. "For example, what might have befallen you in Walker's prison. Oh but do try to convince me that being used as the sexual plaything of Walker's guards and of course the warden himself is somehow worse than being offered pleasure by a comforting set of hands. Here you will be taken care of, Daniella. You will be kept fed, kept safe, kept comfortable. But only so long as you accept your new reality. If you insist upon defying me I will be forced to take measures. You will realize what you have here with me, my dear. Even if that means I have to take it all away from you first." With that he put his fork down and waved for his plate to be taken away. Vlad's half-eaten salmon was taken away by the shade before it swooped down to take Danny's plate, not caring if she was finished or not.

The third course was served. A small pile of fruit looked up at Danny from the porcelain plate. The ghost girl sighed; even though she promised not to let Vlad's words get to her they were starting to sink in. She didn't need his caring anything but this whole environment was set up to say otherwise. Vlad had her trapped and forced to be dependent on him and was now trying to convince her that she needed him. A clever mind game. Even though she understood it she could not defend against… at least not fully. The longer she stayed the further she would slide into Vlad's trap. It was that or remain miserable for the rest of her short life.

"If what you've told me of your plan is true you wouldn't have allowed Walker to do that. You need me whole and fresh to get what you want."

"I didn't even know you existed then," Vlad said. "But yes. Now I won't let him touch you like that. But then... I wouldn't have lost a thing since I didn't know I needed you."

Vlad picked up a fig half and bit into it, juice staining his lips. Some berries chosen for their dark red color sat clustered around the one little mythical touch that Vlad had allowed himself. Six pomegranate seeds. Admittedly this did cast him as the lord of the underworld but the Rape of Persephone was fitting considering the circumstances. "If I don't know you're in danger then I have no reason to come to your aid. But then you'd like that, wouldn't you. Casting me as some black knight in your personal fairy tale. It doesn't work that way, my dear."

Danny's eyes flashed green with anger. "You mean like you casting me as the innocent princess, who you, the villain, get to defile and rebuild into your prefect maternal slave?" The conversation was starting to take a bad turn and Danny set about eating again. She popped the fruit covered seeds into her mouth one by one, then taking a bite of the fig. Her life couldn't have been the lie he was telling her it was. This fantasy of Vlad's was the lie, one she needed to escape, the sooner the better. She dropped the husk of the fig; they must be almost done with dinner by now. She could feeling the tension thickening by the second.

Well, she was certainly becoming passionate. It was near enough to the reaction that Vlad wanted for him to think that maybe the carefully constructed meal was working. It was certainly working on him. He wanted her. He wanted her badly. But he had to wait for the right moment. He couldn't simply bend her over the table and take her. Well, he could, but he was no monster. Her little slip of the tongue that morning had verified a suspicion he'd had about her. She was a virgin. He wouldn't defile a virgin like that. Her first time needed to be gentle, passionate, soft and sweet. She needed to be held. Whether she wanted it or not.

He gestured and the last course was brought out. Two little chocolate truffles and a dollop of sweet vanilla cream. Vlad picked up a truffle, swiped it across the cream on his plate, and popped the confection in his mouth.

Danny crossed her legs tightly. She picked up the little ball of cocoa and sugar and popped it into her mouth, sticking her finger into the cream and licking it off. The rich chocolate set of the endorphins that made the treat so irresistible. She reached for her second but Vlad was quicker, plucking it from her plate and dipping in in the cream properly. He held it out for her, testing to see if she wanted the treat enough to eat it from his hand. Danny's blue eyes narrowed and her lips formed a pout. One long second and she made up her mind, griping the table and leaning forward. Her soft lips and tongue brushed his fingers momentarily, and he pulled away before Danny could bite.

"Good girl," Vlad whispered as she took the truffle from his hand. His eyes stayed fixed on her form, on her figure, her movements, her eyes and lips... He was going to enjoy tonight. Mentally he started envisioning what he would do, how she would taste, the noises she might make... He wanted to let her have her hands free so she could hold him in her pleasure but it was an unlikely fantasy. He didn't need an ectoblast to the head to throw him out of the mood. After all, if she made him angry he might forget that he was doing this for her as well as himself.

The dessert was gone soon after it arrived. The last of the plates were cleared away, leaving only the two hybrids and two glasses of wine. So this was the moment then, the moment where the lovers retired to their chamber for the night. Up to now Danny had played along, but now that was about to end. She made to adjust her dress, sneaking the pen out from under her bra and into her hand. It pressed against her wrist reassuringly and she sat up straight. Everything was riding on the next few moments and how fast she could run. Her eyes met Vlad's and Danny held her breath.

Vlad took one last sip of wine, draining his glass. This was it. The next few moments would determine the tone of the rest of the night. He put his glass down and stood up, offering Danny his hand. "Shall we?" he asked.

Danny stood and made to take his hand, keeping a tight rein on her emotions even as she flipped the pen with her fingers and griped the bottom like it was a dagger. "No offense, fruitloop, but I'm going to have to refuse." With an angry cry, she dug her heels into the carpet and launched at him like a wild animal. She aimed for his neck but a fist collided with the hand holding the pen before she could thrust it in, sending it spinning away. A second hit caught her in the belly and she flopped to the floor; not what she had been hoping for but at least she was out of Vlad's reach.

Glad she had chosen a short dress and no fancy shoes or socks, the ghost girl scrambled to her feet and ran from the room, not looking back as she rounded the corner. Sprinting at top speed, she closed her eyes and threw everything into an attempt to transform. "Come on, come on," she chanted to herself as the rings appeared around her hips. For one blissful moment she almost had it, then her foot caught on something and she tripped. On the way down Danny realized what a bad idea it had been to run with her eyes closed, but there wasn't much she could do now but skid across the floor till friction brought her to another halt.

Left alone in the dining room, Vlad was gritted his teeth. Of course. Of course she would do this! What was he thinking, even allowing himself to entertain the notion that this night might go well! Of course she wasn't going to allow him to have her! Ugh... Vlad crushed the pen in his hand and transformed. He flew off down the hall, following her trail. There was no way out of the castle this way but if she'd transformed and flew off then he could be spending most of the night looking for her. What a way to spend a romantic evening. "That was a very naughty thing you did, Daniella," Vlad called as he flew. "I was going to be gentle for you, my dear. After all, you've never done this before. A girl's first time can be quite painful. I was going to do all I could to keep you from hurting, to make you feel good. Come out and I still might."

He turned a corner to see her crumpled against the wall. He clucked his tongue. "So clumsy, my dear," he said.

Danny jerked her head up, her hand curling into a fist. "Shut up!" Once again the rings appeared and this time they made it partway up her torso before they snapped back, drawing a scream of frustration. She got back to her feet and made a dive for the next room, slamming the heavy wooden door behind her even though that would not stop her pursuer. She leaped deftly over a couch and past a grand piano, running the opposite way and weaving through as many rooms as she could.

Vlad chased her, phasing through slammed doors and drifting through rooms. So she couldn't transform. That made things easier. He duplicated, sending shades into probable rooms she might be running to. He toyed with her, appearing behind doors she threw open, herding her down a path he chose. It was a game, a game he thoroughly enjoyed. He found himself laughing maniacally as he chased her. This fact shocked even him but he decided to just go along with it. "You can't escape me, my dear," he called as she ducked through another door. Dead end. She came back through and kept running. "This is my castle. I know where these doors lead. Do you?" Another door with a shade behind it. That shade brightened into a duplicate that flew at her. She slammed the door and kept running while Vlad's taunts seemed to come from all around her.

Danny's chest heaved violently, her mouth dry and her eyes wide. There was a cramp in her side, her body complaining about the lack of a warm up. Her feet hurt from slamming onto wooden and stone floors again and again. If this was gym class she would have given up but adrenaline kept her going far better than the screams of any teacher. She wondered if this was all just a bad dream. She spotted a duplicate down the hallway and ducked into a passage, nearly tripping over a spiral staircase. For a second she was hopeful - finally a way down. She took the stairs two at a time and vaulted over the banister when she was close enough to the ground. Her feet landed on tile and she scanned this room, her hope crushed as she realized she was standing beside a pool, a small roman-style bathhouse built into what looked like the foundation of the castle. One way in, one way out. she turned on her heel and tried to go back up the stairs but was stopped in her tracks when a gloved hand closed around her hair, wrenching her head back till she was looking into blood red eyes.

"Here you are," Vlad purred. One arm held an iron grip around her heaving chest, the other kept her in this position as a duplicate joined them. "I see you found something fun. But this isn't for tonight, my dear. No, you have to earn the right to take advantage of this room. So for now..." He grabbed her wrists and shoved them together in front of her, using ectoplasm to bind them together. "Let's see what else you have hidden in this pretty white dress of yours," he said as he ripped it off of her. The fabric shredded, scattered all around her as he tore it away. The bra suffered the same fate before he split. One of him held her still while the other ran his hands over every inch of bare skin.

Danny kicked and cried out loudly but all she managed to do was tread air as the fabric was torn from her like wrapping paper off a highly anticipated gift. Her cheeks blushed bright red. She tried to twist away from the hands running up her torso but trapped between two Vlads there we nowhere to twist that didn't lead to her being pressed against him. His gloved fingers ran unhindered over her body, down her side and up her legs. She clenched her thighs together as Vlad's fingers touched her hips. Her deep breaths made even her modest breasts heave with exertion. "No," she begged. "No no no get off!"

Vlad ignored her pleas. Instead he phased his hand through her clenched thighs and felt along the skin there, reaching up to purposefully caress her core. He rubbed his fingers between her nether lips, feeling her surprised gasp. From there his hands went up her sides to cup her breasts then along her shoulders and down her arms. Back up her neck to her hair. He gripped her and pulled her head back, forcing her to look him in the eyes again. "I'm not a cruel man," he told her. "But I will have my prize."

Vlad's words were sweet but hollow, not a shred of doubt in his eyes. He would get everything he wanted from the young fertile body he was laying his eyes on fully for the first time. She had none of the curves of her mother but those would come in time once she was carrying his first heir. She was still beautiful in her own way though. Strong and slightly toned from years of superhero work, skinny but with lots of potential to grow into a fine woman.

The duplicate vanished as Vlad hoisted her up and lifted her over his shoulder. She could kick and scream all she wanted but he would not let her go. He held her thighs together with one arm, kept her steady with a hand resting on her curved butt. Then he changed back and made his way up the stairs the old-fashioned way. On foot.

Bent over Vlad's shoulder, Danny was unable to do more than slam her firsts into Vlad's back. The elder didn't even seem to notice the hits; he was too preoccupied with feeling up her bare backside. She struggled all the way back up the two flights of stairs. Vlad took his sweet time to let her work out her aggression. By the time they had made it to her room she was dead weight in his arms, exhausted by her struggles. The door opened to his touch and they were back inside.

Given the fact that she'd already tried to run away Vlad was grateful he'd had the foresight to install restraints on the bedposts. With a grand gesture he dumped her on the bed, foregoing the more gentle "laying her down on the bed". No, she didn't get to experience that. As fun as the chase had been she was still a very naughty girl for trying to run away. The bounce had her off balance just long enough for him to shackle one ankle in place. Then he moved to the head of the bed and grabbed her wrists. The ectoplasm bonds dissolved as he shackled first one wrist then the other, uncaring as she clawed at him, struck him, fought with all her might.

She was beautiful like this. Despite her flaws, her physical imperfections, her impossibly young figure. Her passion, her strength, the fire in her eyes as she cursed him and screamed at him, as she thrashed against her bonds while he shackled her remaining ankle, even the tears that shone in her eyes as she couldn't fight the reality of the situation. That made her beautiful.

Vlad began to undress.

Danny slumped back against the bed, her eyes stinging with tears. Even her infinite well of bravado cracked under the cold metal of the restraints holding her down spread eagle and exposed. Frightened blue eyes watched as Vlad undressed himself in front of her. She continued to tug at the chains, unwilling to give up the hope that they would loosen or break.

Vlad rested his suit jacket over the nearby sofa and placed his belt on top of it. Hands went down to unbutton his pants and Danny looked away sharply. She stared at the canopy as tears slid down her cheeks. A slight dip in the bed and she felt Vlad's presence over her. Dull indigo eyes looked down at her. Danny had never been given the look Vlad was giving her now ever before. It was the look of a man who wanted something oh so desperately and was mere moments from finally having it. He wanted her and there was nothing stopping him. Maybe it was the years of Vlad failing to woo her mother but Danny had never thought Vlad would be capable of this. The years of loneliness had finally driven him mad.

"Vlad…" she whispered. "Listen to me. Y-you can't do this... I'm still to young. I-I can't..."

"Shh," he shushed, stroking a hand down the side of her face. He kissed her cheek, tasting the salty tears that stained her pretty blue eyes. "You're absolutely perfect, my dear. Believe me when I say that. Let me show you how perfect..."

He drew down her body, kissing a trail to her pert little breasts. He kissed her nipples, darting his tongue out to lave them slowly. The small buds reacted easily to the lazy swirls of Vlad's tongue, hardening and perking up.

Vlad's kisses and touches were deceptively soft and after a while Danny couldn't help but respond to it. Her skin tingled with feather-light touches and now that she was helpless there was nothing to do but relax into them and the intense feeling of being fawned over. Danny took deep breaths, her body reacting to the strong male presence even against her own better judgment. Biology dictated that she seek out a mate with strength and power, both of which Vlad had in spades. Women her age would fall over Vlad for the mention of his pocketbook, even without knowledge of his superhuman abilities. There was also a musky scent that made her head swim. Danny closed her eyes, attempting to push away the crawling warmth that engulfed her body.

He reached a hand down to rub against her core, his fingers sliding along her clit, over the hidden opening who's purpose would be well served tonight. She was still resisting him, was still too dry to the touch. Flicks of uncomfortable sensation came from the fingertip rubbing her clit and Danny was relieved when the hand was pulled back again.

Vlad resumed his exploration of her body with his lips, kissing down to her hips. He pressed a wet kiss to both of her hip bones while he slid his hands up to rub her belly and wrap around her waist. He kissed her hips, down one thigh and then back up. He did the other as his hands gripped her hips, held her still. She'd stopped wiggling, giving herself over to despair. No matter. He would transmute despair to something that shined like an alchemist turning lead to gold. He gave her one more smouldering look, something akin to triumph in his lustful eyes, before descending on her core with his mouth. Vlad's hands drifted to her inner thighs, pressing them apart as his tongue sought out her taste. Her lips parted with a press of his tongue and he felt her finally begin to get wet. Her taste was addictive, just a little sharp on his tongue, as he lapped at her clit and nuzzled her lips.

Danny was completely unprepared for the feeling of Vlad's tongue between her legs. She wimped loudly as it prodded her, teasing and licking and generally feeling wet and hot all over the spots that were hardwired with nerve endings. Blood headed south rapidly and the little hood of flesh protecting her clit slid back as it swelled, the once painful sensation turning to white hot pleasure. Her legs twitched and she found herself sinking against the bed.

Vlad glanced up. Her tears had stopped and her eyes were closed. A challenge, then, to pull her back from merely lying back and thinking of England. A challenge he felt he should at least attempt to best before having her. He lapped at her opening, darting his tongue into her. He moaned at her taste, the sound rumbling against her. He felt her shudder in response. Well then. He wrapped his lips around her clit and hummed.

Vlad's hum against her second set of lips drew a long moan from Danny. She lifted her head and saw her archenemy's face buried between her legs. The sucking around the tiny nub of flesh was making her legs tremble. Vlad pulled back for a moment and her hips bucked up a little until Vlad's tongue slid over her labia and dipped into her again. Danny's concentration broke entirely and this time her moan filled the room. She could feel herself getting wet, her body responding eagerly and preparing itself. It was getting hard to think as every motion coaxed her deeper into physical pleasure. She whimpered almost non-stop, pulling on her bindings and shaking like she was having trouble settling down.

Vlad knew if her hands were free her fingers would be buried in his hair. Whether to shove him away or hold him there he wasn't entirely sure and he realized she wouldn't know either. He slid his hands up her thighs, his fingers brushing the crease where leg met with hips. His thumbs reached in to hold her outer lips apart as he pressed his face closer to her. His tongue traced her inner lips, just reaching inside her. She tasted best there but he wanted to save that. He wanted her first penetration to be from his cock, not from his tongue. Instead he nuzzled her before going back to lap at her clit over and over. He drank in her sounds, her scent, her taste, and especially her movements. Those movements grew more chaotic as her moans grew more desperate. She tasted different now, softer. He couldn't get enough.

Danny's heart was pounding so hard she could hear it in her ears. Her skin was probably hot enough to fry an egg on. Each movement was almost painful in its pleasure. Messy hair fell over her flushed face, her struggling grew more intense with the flickers of bliss coming from her hips. She rocked into each lick, her moans growing shorter and closer as the pace sped up. The jolts threatened to bring her over the edge as they got closer and closer together. How had Vlad learned to do this with his tongue? It was almost unreal how her whole body could fall into such small movements. His pace didn't even falter, he just kept on licking her like she was a delicious treat. She wouldn't last much longer, though what she was lasting out for she had no idea. The waves just kept coming and coming until one came and didn't go away.

Danny's back arched and she cried out, loud enough that someone could have mistaken it for a scream of fatal agony. Her insides convulsed and her toes curled against the blanket. Her thoughts lost any sense while she couldn't comprehend anything but her own complete bliss.

Vlad could feel her cumming around him, feel it in the muscles of her thighs, feel in the spasms under his tongue, taste it in the flood of juices against his lips, hear it in her scream of pleasure. He purred, sighing in pleasure at having done this to her. Perhaps she wouldn't resist him so much next time. Still, now there was his own pleasure to consider and of course the entire point of keeping her here. She was more than ready for him. Vlad crawled up the length of her body, covering her with his weight. He angled his throbbing cock at her entrance and slowly pressed inside.

She was tight, still gripping at him with the scattered remains of her orgasm. She was wet, so wet as he slid easily into her. His hips settled in between her spread legs as he groaned in pleasure. He wanted to stay here forever. But no, not with her bony hips digging into his. Not with her whimpering voice right next to his ear. He kissed her neck and began to thrust.

Danny looked down, barely able to grasp what was happening before Vlad was already moving inside her. She couldn't do anything; her wrists were tied and her pussy was not going to deny him anything. Her muscles clenched a little as something inside her stretched to make room for him. He was so hard and hot and he rubbed against places she hadn't even realized she had. Vlad was inside her. She had just lost her virginity to her archenemy. Danny sobbed at the indignity of it all.

Vlad lost himself in his own pleasure, not feeling the stab of her bony hipbones or hearing her soft sobs of protest. He buried his face in her neck and thrust into her. She smelled so good, felt wonderful... "You're so beautiful," he whispered, his lips next to her ear. He dragged himself out of his own well of sensation. This was her first time, after all. And she was his, completely his. She would never forget this night. She would never forget that she belonged to him. "You feel so wonderful," he murmured. "So hot, so wet... I want to keep doing this forever..."

Danny's eyes were hooded and blurred with tears. Vlad's pace changed from slow and soft to rough and desperate in a matter of seconds. Ownership and pride dripped from every dirty panted syllable as he fucked her. Her inner walls quivered along with the rest of her. She could feel the slight jerk every time Vlad bottomed out inside her, feel it jolting through every inch of her slender frame.

Vlad kissed down her neck as his hands went to her breasts. His fingertips toyed with her nipples as his lips met her ear again. "You're perfect, my dear," he whispered. "You have no idea how much I've wanted you for so long." The fiery coil of pleasure burned in his gut. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum deep inside you. This is what you do to me, my dear. I'm going to fill you so much you will be feeling it for days..." That coil burned brighter and hotter, lashing at his self-control, ripping it away until he arched back and snarled at the canopy. He slammed into her, shooting hot cum deep inside her trembling body.

The chains strained as Danny pulled hard against them. Vlad's rhythmic thrusts into her stirred up her insides and made her want to melt but she couldn't relax into it, not when his plan was moments away from being sealed. She sobbed at his whispers, trapped and helpless for when the final thrust came. It poured into her hot and thick, no doubt millimetres away from her cervix. He held that position for a very long time making sure she took every last drop before finally pulling out.

Danny went completely slack, her world turned upside down forever. She had lost, completely and utterly lost. Vlad had gotten everything he wanted and she couldn't do a thing to save herself. Blue eyes stared ahead dull and unfocused, her limbs still tied tight.

Vlad rolled off of her, drowsiness setting in. He nuzzled her neck and petted her body in long soft strokes from her neck down to her belly. He wrapped an arm around her waist and snuggled next to her. But he couldn't sleep here. He kissed her cheek, tasting her tears again. No matter. She would learn to accept pleasure without feeling ashamed of it. Perhaps she would even come to trust him. Hopefully before she bore him his first child.

He sat up and began undoing her restraints. Once her limbs were free Danny wrapped them around herself, pulling up her legs and rolling onto her side. The mix of afterglow from her orgasm and the bitter realization of her seemingly inescapable fate intertwined into a pure hollow nothingness. Her mouth was dry as a desert, her throat raw from screaming. She managed a few hoarse words before the sobs raked her chest again. "I can't believe you..." she whispered. "Y-you're a monster."

Vlad got up and started getting dressed. "A monster would not have cared one iota about your pleasure," he said. "A monster would have merely strapped you down and taken what he wanted without a single thought toward your comfort. A monster would leave you bleeding and broken." He glared at her while he buttoned his shirt. "Do not insist upon casting me as your monster unless you truly wish me to be. Tomorrow morning you will join me for breakfast. Until such a time as I feel you have earned the right of choice I will decide what and when you will be eating. You will be woken up at 7 am sharp. I expect you to heed that call. Breakfast is at 8. If you can behave yourself that long I will be taking you on a tour of the castle and the grounds."

"You are home now, Daniella," he said. "However that does not mean you may simply run amok on a whim as you have always done. There are rules you will follow. Tomorrow we will go over those rules." Vlad grabbed his belt but didn't put it on. Instead he folded it over, holding it like an implement of correction. "Breaking the rules leads to certain punishments," he warned. "I have no problem punishing you for your transgressions. Believe me, my dear, I will not enjoy them. I will see you in the morning."

The hidden door clicked behind Vlad and once again Danny was alone. The minutes passed in silence before another sob filled the air and she hid her face in her hands. Her lower half felt slightly raw and she could still feel Vlad inside her when she held still for more than a few seconds. Even if she didn't end up pregnant after tonight Vlad was prepared to try again and again and she didn't doubt he would enjoy every second of it.

This had to be a dream it just had to. Just the thought of a lifetime in this castle was more then she could bear. Danny curled up onto her side, only pulling the blankets over herself with the chill began to bit her hard enough for it to be intolerable. Trapped in her thoughts, she stayed up until the early hours of the morning, eventually crying herself to sleep.