Glee Club Chronicles: In the Dark part XIII

Mr. Schuester spit out his mouthwash into the sink.

"Come to bed Will," Ms. Pillsbury said from the bedroom.

"Alright, let me just turn off the lights," Mr. Schuester said.

Mr. Schuester walked to the kitchen, turning of the lights.

There was a knock at the front door.

Presuming it was too late for visitors, Mr. Schuester opened the door, expecting it to be one of his neighbors with a complaint.

But no one was there.

Just when he was about to close the door, he noticed a manila envelope on the ground.

Mr. Schuester picked it up.

He flipped it over.

'FOR YOUR EYES ONLY' was written on the back.

Mr. Schuster opened it.

Large 8x12 pictures of he and Rachel having sex on his office desk fell onto the ground.

His hands shaking, Mr. Schuester quickly picked them up.

Mr. Schuester read the note attached to the last picture.



Mr. Schuester looked down both corners of his apartment.

No one was in sight.

"Blaine, Blaine!"

Mercedes followed Blaine down the school hall.

When Mercedes finally caught up with Blaine, she touched his shoulder, turning him around.

Blaine's eyes were red. They looked as if he had gotten no sleep.

"Blaine! What's wrong?" Mercedes asked.

Blaine rubbed his nose.

"Nothing, I'm fine," Blaine said, trying to walk away, but Mercedes would not let go of him.

"What happened to you yesterday? Did you talk to Figgins?" Mercedes said.

Blaine tried his best to avert Mercedes' eyes.

"…I'm sorry Mercedes. I can't help you," Blaine said.

"Oh my god… He got to you didn't he. What did he say Blaine? What does he have on you?!" Mercedes said.

Blaine shook his head.

"Tell me Blaine. Please tell me," Mercedes pleaded.

Blaine's hands trembled in Mercedes'.

"I can't tell you Mercedes…" Blaine said. "…I can't"

"What is it? I can help-"

"No! Please! Just…don't tell Kurt about this…please," Blaine said before walking away.

Mr. Schuester walked down the school hallway in a daze. A few students smiled at him. He didn't smile back. The pictures he received last night stayed etched in his memory, and one question ruled his thoughts: Who sent them.

It wasn't until Rachel came into this view was Mr. Schuester pulled back to reality.

"Mr. Schuester," Rachel said sweetly.

Mr. Schuester averted his eyes. He turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.

"Mr. Schuester?" Rachel said, following him. "Are you alright?"

When Mr. Schuester realized Rachel wasn't going to stop, he turned around.

"Leave me alone," Mr. Schuester said coldly before quickly walking to his office and slamming the door shut.

Mr. Schuester put down his bag and immediately began to dig through his office.

"Where is it?" he said, tossing books off his shelf.

Mr. Schuester went to the door and switched off the light in his office.

In the far corner above the top shelf of his desk was a very small red light.

Mr. Schuester climbed the shelf, and grabbed the disguised camera from the wall.


"Where've you been?" Mercedes asked as she caught up to Quinn in the cafeteria.

"Around," Quinn answered.

"I think Mr. Schue got to Blaine. I don't know what he possibly could have on him though," Mercedes said.

"I wouldn't worry so much about Mr. Schue anymore," Quinn said.

"What? Why?" Mercedes asked.

Quinn shrugged her left shoulder.

"I…took care of it," Quinn said.

"…How?" Mercedes asked cautiously.

Mr. Schuester entered the cafeteria.

Even from ten yards away, Mercedes could make out the beads of sweat dripping from his forehead.

Some students waved at him.

Clearly on edge, Mr. Schuester ignored their cordial salutations, only returning suspicious glances.

Mercedes looked back at Quinn.

"What did you do?" Mercedes asked.

"What I had to," Quinn replied before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"This isn't going to come back and bite me in the butt is it?" Mercedes said.

"Not you, no," Quinn told her.

Mercedes turned back around to look at Mr. Schuester who still scanned the cafeteria nervously.

Mike sat next to Mercedes in Calculus.

"I'm freaking out about this test," Mike said. "You know I'm already getting an A- in Chemistry. If I don't get my shit together in Cal my dad is going to force me to quit glee club."

"Quitting glee may not be such a bad idea," Mercedes said under her breath.

"Don't joke. It's bad enough Blaine is under the weather. We need all the guys we can get right now for sectionals," Mike said.

Mercedes sighed.

"If you want to borrow my notes, you can have them," Mercedes said, passing her journal over to Mike.

"I can't remember all this in one night," Mike told her.

"How much time do you have after school?" Mercedes asked.

"Football practice ends at four. Can I meet you at your place at five?" Mike said.

"Sure. My parents won't be home till eight anyway," Mercedes said.

Mike let out a sigh of relief.

Mercedes patted Mike on the back. Helping him with Calculus would be a welcomed distraction she sorely needed.

Kurt waited outside of the boys locker room for Finn afterschool.

"What's up?" Finn said when he bumped into Kurt.

The two walked down the hall together.

"I think there's something up with Blaine," Kurt said. "Do you have any idea what it is?"

Finn shrugged his shoulder.

"Your guess would be better than mine," he replied. "You guys do spend every waking minute together."

Kurt groaned.

"I knew it! It is because we're spending too much time together! He's probably growing tired of me," Kurt exclaimed dramatically.

Finn, who was dealing with his own issues, did not respond.

"HELLO? Step-brother dealing with a crisis over here," Kurt announced as he nudged Finn.

"…I can't compete with Sam," Finn said.

Kurt rolled his eyes.

"You're still on that?! Sam's in Kentucky. I would hardly call him competition," Kurt told Finn.

"But she loves him," Finn said.

"…That doesn't mean she can't love you too," Kurt said. "Look, she still sees you as a friend. Have you guys even been out on a date?"

Finn stopped.


"See! Ask her out on a real date. Romance her. Let her see you in a different light; make yourself look like boyfriend material," Kurt explained.

"…You're right," Finn said.

"Good," Kurt said. "Now can we please get back to my crisis?"

"Do you want something to drink, I have Coke?" Mercedes called from the kitchen.

"Water is fine," he said.

Mercedes filled a glass with water. She brought it over to Mike.

"Here you go," she said, taking seat next to him at the couch in the livingroom.

"I think I may be getting it," Mike said.

"You want to try a problem from the back of the book?" Mercedes asked.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Mercedes got up from the couch.

The doorbell rang again.

Mercedes reached the foyer.

She looked through the peephole then opened the door.


Finn smiled.

"Hey," he said.

Mercedes didn't let Finn in.

"What're you doing here?"

"I was in the neighborhood," Finn said anxiously as he kept his hands in his jacket pockets.

Mercedes nodded her head awkwardly waiting for Finn to say something.

"…Is there something I can help you wi-"

"I think we should go out," Finn said, interrupting her.

Mercedes eyes widened.

"Um. Wow," Mercedes said.

Finn waited for an answer.

"Finn…I thought we kinda already went through this," Mercedes started.

"Well, not really," Finn said nervously.

Mercedes exhaled.

"Finn, I'm actually studying with Mike right now for Cal. Maybe we could talk later?" she suggested.

Finn's face show signs of suppressed disappointment.

"Okay. I guess I'll see you tomorrow," he said.

"Okay, bye Finn" Mercedes said, closing the door.

Mercedes went back to the living room.

"You okay?" Mike asked.

Mercedes still wore a slightly bothered look on her face.

Before Mercedes could answer, she felt a hand touch her shoulder and spin her around.

"Oh my god Finn," Mercedes said, grabbing her heart so it wouldn't fall out of her chest.

"I know we said we'd talk tomorrow, but we need to get this out now, and I really don't care who hears it. Sorry Mike," Finn said sternly.

"Uh, no problem," Mike replied awkwardly.

Finn breathed as if he had run around Mercedes' house before getting up the courage to speak to her.

Mercedes continued to look at Finn as if he were insane.

Finn took a deep breath to calm himself before he spoke.

"I get it, okay. You're out of my league. And not only are you out of my league, you're still in love with a guy who is literally perfect inside and out, and I get that I can't compete with him or what you two had. But my gut is telling me that we should give us a shot. I'm really into you and that fact that you haven't killed me yet makes me think you want me too."

"…Should I be listening to this?" Mike asked awkwardly.

Mercedes folded her arms.

"Finn, I've known you since sophomore year and we just became friends. I really enjoy the relationship we have, but what makes you think just because we work as friends means we'd work as something more?" Mercedes asked.

Finn gulped.

"That's a legitimate question," he began.

Mike looked nervously between the two.

"Honestly. Okay, no, I don't have a perfect argument why we should try being more than friends. All I know is you're the only person I know who's never taken me as a joke," Finn said.

Mercedes' indignant expression softened into one of compassion.

"Every girlfriend I've had has treated me like a bumbling idiot, and because of that, that's the standard I set for myself. And then you happened…and I feel like a man around you. I feel responsible, I feel useful, I feel determined. And there you are, smart, talented, graceful, and for the first time in my life I'm thinking, maybe I deserve a girl like you," Finn said. " Maybe I deserve…a real woman."

Mercedes' mouth remained half open.

Finn waited patiently for her to react. He was instantly relieved when he saw Mercedes' mouth curve into a smile.

Mercedes let out a nervous cough, making Finn chuckle.

"So…you want to go out on a date," Mercedes said.

"Just one date. And if you aren't feeling it, I'll happily accept being friends," Finn replied.

Mercedes sighed, turning her head to look at Mike who still sat on the couch.

Mike gave her thumbs up.

Mercedes laughed. She turned back to Finn. She licked her lips and raised one eyebrow fiercely.

"Okay Finn Hudson. One date."

"So I will definitely meet you at your place for outfit decisions," Kurt said.

Mercedes laughed as she put her third period textbooks away. She couldn't believe that she agreed to go on a date with Finn Hudson, but it was the second day in a row Mr. Schuester had left her alone. Maybe it really was over. Maybe she could enjoy herself for once.

"Just don't make me look like a hooker this time," she responded.

"That outfit was to attract the bate. Now that we got the fish hooked you just have to keep him. I'm thinking tangerine," Kurt said.

"Are you serious? That's not even in season," Mercedes said.

"Excuse you! Tangerine is the new mauve thank you very much," Kurt said.

Mercedes laughed.

"I appreciate the enthusiasm," she said.

Kurt pouted as he looked at his face in his locker mirror.

"Honestly, I'd get into anything right now to get my mind of my love life," he admitted.

"What's going on?" Mercedes asked.

"Hm, besides the fact that Blaine has been acting like a brooding vampire for last few days. And I'm not talking Edward Cullen vampire. I'm talking been buried for five-hundred years and I smell homeless vampire," Kurt said.

"…Are you sure you're not exaggerating Kurt?"

"Mercedes, he showed up today in a wrinkled shirt, aftershave, and no gel in his hair. Does that sound like my Blaine to you?" Kurt exclaimed.

Mercedes looked at Kurt. She was caught in a dilemma.

Kurt knew nothing about the grief Mr. Schuester was putting her through, and she didn't want him to know. Then on the other hand, it would be wrong for her not tell her best friend that his boyfriend is being threatened.

Mercedes opened her mouth to say something then stopped.

She did not want to be held responsible for possibly ruining Kurt and Blaine's relationship. It was clear to her that Mr. Schue had something on Blaine, and if it was what she thought it was, then she did not want to let that cat out of the bag.

"…I don't know," Mercedes said.

"I'm really worried, Mercedes. He won't even speak to me," Kurt said.

Mercedes tapped Blaine on the shoulder.

It took some searching, but she finally caught him reading in a cubicle in the back of the library.

Blaine took off his headphones.

"What the hell are you doing?" Mercedes asked, though she didn't give Blaine a chance to answer.

"I know Mr. Schuester is blackmailing you with something bad, but you have got to quit avoiding Kurt. That's self-sabotage."

Blaine shook his head.

"You don't understand Mercedes," he said. "I can't look Kurt in the eye and not see what I did to him."

"…Did you cheat on Kurt? You know what, I don't even want to know. That is my best friend, Blaine. He loves you so much-"

Mercedes stopped talking when her voice started to shake. She was surprised to find herself getting so emotional on Kurt and Blaine possibly breaking up.

"I don't know what to do," Blaine said. "Kurt will hate me."

Mercedes exhaled slowly.

"…You need to talk to him. Kurt loves you and he'll listen to what you have to say. But your relationship will be screwed anyway if you ignore him till he dumps you."

"Okay. I'll talk to him,"

"I don't believe it. I can't," Santana said in the choir room.

"I was right there," Mike said.

"I knew he liked her," Tina said, holding her hand to her heart sweetly.

"How could Finn not tell me? So much for being boys," Puck said.

"Maybe it's because you keep sleeping with his girlfriends," Santana retorted.

Everybody chuckled.

"I don't know, Mercedes seems too smart for him," Artie said.

"I think they'd be cute together," Tina responded, sticking her tongue out at Artie.

"What's the point of them even going out when he's just going to get back with Rachel eventually?" Santana grumbled.

Everybody stopped talking the moment Rachel entered the choir room.

"I hope you chatty kathys were busy discussing sectionals," Rachel said.

"Among other things," Artie said.

"So…Rachel, we heard you and Finn broke up," Santana said.

"…And where'd you hear that?" Rachel asked.

"His new girlfriend," Santana said while everyone snickered.

Rachel's face turned a pea green.

"What new girlfriend?"

"Maybe you should ask him," Santana said with a smirk.

Finn entered the room.

"What's up guys?"

Everyone muttered a half-hearted hello to Finn when he went over to sit by the drums.

Rachel walked over to him.

"So…how are you?" Rachel asked. "I know the break up was recent but-"

"I'm fine actually. It's not like it's the first time we broke up…or the second for that matter," Finn replied coolly.

Rachel nodded her head.

"Right," she said. "I just don't want you being upset with me."

"I'm not. I'm borderline happy," Finn said with a smirk.

"Good. Your happiness is what matters after all," said Rachel anxiously.

Rachel watched Finn tighten the drums.

"So, I was thinking…maybe we good go over the duet tonight," she began.

"I have plans already."

"Plans. With who?"

Finn smiled.

"A friend," he said.

"That sounds…nice," Rachel forced out.

Finn stood outside of Mercedes' house next to his truck.

Nervously, he picked some white lint of his suit sleeve.

He would've received Mercedes inside her house, but she wasn't sure her parents would be okay with her going out on a school night.

Just as Finn was about to check his watch again, the front door opened.

Mercedes appeared in a long tangerine red dress. Her hair was brushed to one side of her neck like Jessica Rabbit. Her lips matched the color of her dress. She wore a gold necklace with a heart-shaped crest that rested on her chest.

She smiled and walked up to Finn's truck.

Finn exhaled slowly. As he watched Mercedes come towards him he knew that their friendship was over. She didn't look like his "buddy" anymore, and he could never picture her as such ever again. Starting then, Mercedes Jones would either end up his girlfriend, or that beautiful woman who got away.

"Wow. You look really …spicy," Finn said unable to find the right word.

Mercedes snorted.

"You can blame your step brother for that," she responded with an eye roll.

"No, I really like it," Finn said.

When Mercedes reached Finn, he gently fixed her dress strap that had fallen to her arm.

"Thanks," she said. "You cleaned up well too."

Finn helped Mercedes into his truck before getting in on his side.

"So, where are we headed?" Mercedes asked.

"I made reservations for us at Breadsticks," Finn said.

Finn observed Mercedes as she scrunched up her nose.



"Tell me"

Mercedes shrugged her shoulder.

"Breadsticks is nice, but that's you and Rachel's place."

"Well, do you have any better ideas?" Finn asked.

Mercedes smirked.

"I do, actually."

Finn handed Mercedes her hotdog with extra relish.

The two sat on the bench in front of the large fountain spewing out water in the middle of the city park.

People on bikes rode by them while couples lay on blankets in the low grass. The entire park was decorated with low-lighted lanterns that hung on the branches of trees.

"Told you this was better," said Mercedes, taking a bite of her hotdog.

Finn laughed.

"Wha?" Mercedes said with her mouth half full.

"You got something on your chin," Finn said.

Mercedes touched her chin, smearing the relish even more.

Finn chuckled even harder.

"I didn't get it?" Mercedes said.

Finn used his napkin and wiped Mercedes' face.

"That wasn't embarrassing at all," Mercedes said with a smile.

"Don't sweat it. I once got hot sauce in my eye while eating tacos," Finn said.

Mercedes laughed.

"So, how did you find out about this place?" Finn asked, taking a bite of his hot dog.

"What? It's a public park. Didn't your dad ever…oh I'm sorry," said Mercedes.

"No, it's okay," Finn said. "To be honest, you probably know as much about my father as I do. I don't know if he liked going to the park. I don't know if he liked football."

"Or if he would love my chicken pot pie as much as you do," Mercedes added.

"Anyone would love that chicken pot pie," Finn said with a smile.

Mercedes nudged him.

"…I think your father would be proud to see the man you turned into," she said.

Mercedes glanced up at Finn and blushed.

Finn smiled.

"You think so?" he said.

Mercedes nodded, taking another bite from her hotdog.

"You have something again on your face," he said.

"Where?" Mercedes asked.

Finn leaned over and kissed Mercedes on the cheek.

"I got it," he said sweetly.

Mercedes blushed.

Mercedes glanced up at Finn.

The two were seated in the seventh row of concert hall. The Lima theatre was putting on a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Mercedes watched as Finn was entranced by the play. She smiled and placed her hand on his arm.

Finn felt Mercedes' hand and looked down at her, but her eyes were already focusing on the actors on stage. He smiled and took her hand in his.

They were only into the third act of the play and both Mercedes and Finn were thinking about the end of the night. Mercedes thought about what she would do when Finn dropped her off. It was the perfect night and she wanted to end it right.

Finn tried his best to keep his eyes on the play. He smiled as he felt Mercedes' thumb brush against his hand. He wanted more of this. He wanted to be able to hold her hand all the time; be able to treat her to nice things and tell her things he couldn't tell anyone else. The night was going well and he wanted to end it right, but at the same time he didn't want to push too far. The last two times he tried to kiss her didn't work out so well so he wanted to make so she initiated the next time.

Finn and Mercedes were taken out of the moment when Mercedes' phone vibrated. Other people looked around at her as she fumbled to get her phone out of her purse.

It was Kurt.

Mercedes clicked the answer button and ducked her head under her seat.

"Kurt. I'm in a play, can I talk to you later?" she whispered.

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"Hello? Kurt?" Mercedes said a little louder.

"Would you be quiet?" an older man said behind her.

"Sorry, sir," Finn said to him. "Mercedes."

Mercedes still had her phone receiver pressed to her ear. After awhile she could hear Kurt's faint crying the background.

"Kurt? What's wrong?" she said. Mercedes stood up to get out.

"Lady, will you sit down!? This is ridiculous!" the old man exclaimed.

Finn stood up and turned to the man.

"Hey! Would you calm hell the down? Move out of her way!" Finn retorted.

The man slumped uncomfortably in his seat so Mercedes could step over him.

With her phone still pressed to her ear, she walked out of the theatre and into the hallway.

"Kurt? Can you hear me? What's going on?" she asked,

She could hear Kurt sniffling.

"I talked to Blaine," Kurt finally said.

Mercedes' heart started pounding nervously.

"You did?" she said.

"He came over tonight, and he said that he was going through something he didn't want to discuss. I pushed him about it and then he said we were growing into two different people," Kurt said through tears.

Mercedes didn't like where this was going.

"He broke up with me Mercedes," Kurt finally said. "I don't even know what happened. He just dumped me."

Mercedes could feel herself panicking. She had pushed Blaine to talk to Kurt, but she didn't think he'd do this. She hadn't guessed how afraid Blaine was in telling Kurt the truth.

"Kurt, this is all my fault," she said.

"How is it your fault? You didn't do anything. You don't know what's going on in Blaine's head," Kurt said. "I just…I really thought he loved me."

"He does love you, Kurt," Mercedes said. "I'm so sorry this happened."

"It's okay. Relationships suck," Kurt said, trying to make himself feel better. "How's your date with Finn going?"

"It's fine," Mercedes said, wiping her eye.

"The play was my idea, you know," he said.

Mercedes chuckled.

"I figured." She replied.

"I'll let you get back to it," Kurt said. "I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay," Mercedes said.

Kurt hung up.

"Is everything alright?"

Finn had just arrived behind Mercedes.

"Um, Kurt and Blaine just broke up," Mercedes said, putting her phone back into her purse.


Finn's eyes narrowed in disbelief.

"That's crazy," he said.

"I know," said Mercedes, feeling guilty.

"Don't worry about it. They'll get back together," Finn assured her.

"I'm not so sure," Mercedes said glumly.

"Trust me. You know how many times Rachel and I swore we'd never get back together and we di-"

Finn stopped.

Mercedes smiled sadly.

"I think you should take me home now," she said.

Finn pulled up to Mercedes' house.

They walked to the front door in silence.

"…I had a nice time," she said.

Finn rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm really sorry about mentioning Rachel," he began.

Mercedes shook her head.

"Don't worry about it really. You have nothing to apologize for. I was honest to you about my feelings for Sam. It 'd be hypocritical of me to assume you've gotten over Rachel so quickly."

Finn looked down at his car keys, playing with them shyly.

"You told that one night that I should be happy, no matter what, that I should find happiness," Finn said. "I wasn't sure what you meant at the time, but now I think I get it."

"I don't even know what I meant by that," Mercedes said, making Finn laugh.

"I'm happy," Finn said, finally letting his eyes catch Mercedes'.

Her face was expressionless, which it always looked like when she was thinking. It worried him.

He didn't expect her to tug at his jacket.

Mercedes stood on her toes. She leaned her head back and pressed her lips against Finn's. Finn closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Mercedes' waist, kissing her more deeply. Mercedes smiled into the kiss when she felt her feet leave the ground. She never realized how tall Finn was and found the fact humorous in the moment.

When their lips finally parted, Finn slowly placed Mercedes back on the ground.

When Mercedes opened her eyes and looked at Finn, strangely, he looked different to her, better, and different.

She blushed.

"Goodnight," she said, pulling her keys from her clutch and sticking her key in the door.

"Goodnight," Finn said.

Mercedes smiled, even noticing that his voice sounded deeper to her.

Mercedes went inside and closed the door.

She waited by the window and watched as Finn got in his truck.

She chuckled when she saw Finn do a fist pump of victory before starting the engine and driving away.

Finn got back to his house after ten.

Everyone was in bed early.

Finn went to Kurt's room. The door was half open.

Kurt lay in his bed, sketching in his fashion notebook. Finn noticed Kurt's eyes were blotchy and his nose was as red as a tomato cherry.

Finn knocked on the door.

Kurt smiled when he saw his step-brother.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Okay," Finn replied.

"Liar. I can see you beaming from here. I want to hear all the deets," Kurt said, tossing used tissues off his bed, and patting the mattress so Finn would take a seat next to him.

Finn sat down.

"So, we ditched Breadsticks and had hotdogs in the park," Finn began.

"Oh my god, that's so romantic," Kurt said. "What did you talk about?"

"Nothing too serious. We mostly laughed. It was a nice time," Finn said.

"Did you kiss her?" Kurt asked.

"She kissed me actually," Finn said.

"Ooooohhhh, who would've thought, my brother and my best friend," Kurt said, rubbing his nose.

"…Are you gonna be okay. I know how close you were with Blaine," Finn said.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. I think he may be in trouble. I really don't know," said Kurt.

"If you think he's the one, try and work it out with him," Finn said.

"I thought you never liked him?" Kurt said honestly.

"I don't, but you should be with the person who makes you happy," Finn said.

"Wise words," said Kurt.

"A friend told me," Finn said.

Just then, Finn's cell phone started ringing.

He pulled it out of his pocket.

Rachel's face filled the phone's screen.

Finn sent the call to voicemail.

"I see you're taking your own advice," Kurt said smartly.

"Goodnight, Kurt," Finn said.

Rachel paced her bathroom with her phone in her hand.

She dialed Finn again.

The call went straight to voicemail again.

"Finn, this is Rachel," she spoke anxiously. "Please call me back. My cycle is late. Finn…it's never been late before…"

To be continued…