Title - A Letter, A Past

Author - ME - Wiggle34

Rating - PG

Disclaimer - I do not own Sea Patrol or its characters, only those I make up that are not part of the show.

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It had been a week since the deaths of Captain Jim Roth and Petty Officer Coxswain Chris Blake. But for Maxine it was work as per normal, unlike the crew of Hammersley which she had given two weeks shore leave to allow them time to grieve and seek counselling for the events that unfolded that unfaithful day.

Since she had arrived in Cairns she had heard a number of rumours about Mike and Kate, that there was more to them than just CO and XO, she could tell from the way they looked at each other that there was more to them, but she had no proof. The day Mike went to fleet command and demanded his desk job for personal reasons she knew then that there was more to these two than meets the eye. She had been trying for thirteen years to get Mike Flynn back into her bed without much luck. Even that night a few weeks ago when they kissed, he never took it any further than a kiss, she was hoping they would go all the way but no it never happened. After that night she started to wonder if she had done the right thing, re warning Kate off. But she had been informed by fleet command to do whatever she could to make Mike stay on Hammersley for the next twelve months and to be honest until he had been to fleet command she did not think he would have any issues with it.

When Kate came to visit her regarding why she never got her promotion, she was not sure what to tell her she had been given a reason but even Maxine felt that it was a below the belt reason not to give her the promotion. She had over the last five years done an excellent job as executive officer on Hammersley and had been commanding officer and acting commanding officer a number of times. To Maxine Kate was totally capable of taking over command, but she was pleased at the time on a personal level for Kate not to get that promotion.

Today though once the mail had arrived, things would change for two people that she knows and for her also.

For Kate being passed for promotion was something new to her, she had never been passed over before. This was all new to her, her first knock back within the navy for anything. IT was taking time, but over time she was warming back up to Mike and they had started to have meals together and spend time together outside of work. But finding out he had a son to Maxine and the talk while on some R and R about a connection they have had knocked her back again. She told Mike he was transparent but the more she thought about it of course they have a connection a son that they share and will always have it. It wasn't till they had found and rescued Ryan who was injured did she notice that there was something else with Mike, she thought he would be with his family but he never went with Maxine, Ryan and Bird to the hospital. This is when she started to realise that the type of connection she thought he was talking about was not the one he was talking about.

Little did Kate know that Maxine was in the process of reading a request that would start to turn her world, upside own in more ways than one.

Back at Navcom Maxine is going through her mail; she opens one letter and starts to read it.

To Commander Maxine White

I found your name on the Navy website as the commanding officer for the base in Cairns. I know my daughter Katelyn Elizabeth McGregor works out of your base. I am trying to get in touch with her but I do not have her contact details I am hoping that you might be able to fix up a meeting between the two of us.

You may be wondering who I am, I am her mother Margaret Anne McGregor, I have not seen Kate since she left to join the Navy, but it is very important that I talk to her.

Can you please let her know I need to speak to her you can contact me at the details below.

Thank you for your time

Margaret McGregor

Maxine pickups her phone and rings Kate

"Kate, Maxine speaking I need you to come to my office please"

"May I ask why ma'am?'

"I will explain once you get here" Maxine then hangs up. Kate is left wondering what the hell is going on the last time Maxine was short and sweet with her. She was telling her off for having a relationship with Mike; well what she thought was a relationship.

Thirty minutes later Kate arrives at Navcom and heads straight to Maxine's office.

"Kate sit please"

"Ma'am why am I here?"

"This came today." Maxine passes over the letter she received today. Kate reads through it, her face pales.

"Ma'am I refuse to see her. And as far as I'm concerned I have no mother." Kate says to Maxine once she had finished reading the letter

"You sure about that Kate?"

"Yes I am sure. She was never a mother to me and whatever she has to say is not worth my time, you can reply to her and tell her I do not under any circumstances want any contact with her or from her."

"Ok I will do that, now how are you coping do you think Hammersley would mind sailing a few days earlier?"

"I'm not sure ma'am getting back to work will have to be done at some stage."

"Ok that is good, I want you to get in touch with your crew and explain to them that sadly due to Kingston having problems their leave has been cut short you sail in three days 1000 hours is your sail time."

"Will do what about Commander Flynn, shouldn't you be telling him this information?"

"Kate has Mike not told?"

"Told me what? I've not seen him since we had drinks after the ceremony."

"It's not for me to tell you Kate, you guys are sailing with a replacement CO and Kate your replacement will take over once this rotation is over with."

"He told you?" Kate looks at her in shock

"No the doctor at the base hospital rang me to inform me, and to make sure I knew that you will need a shore posting soon. Why does Mike know?" Kate looks down at her hands; Maxine can see the worry on her face.

"Yes" is quietly said from her

"Who's the father Kate?" Maxine asks, hoping it's not Mike's

"Jim Roth is the father and Mike didn't take the news to well when I informed him of it." Now that explains why he's gone off like he has then Maxine thinks to herself

"Do you know how far along are you?"

"About five weeks. I did a test two weeks ago but it came back negative but after the killing I went to the doctor not feeling well that is when I found out that I was, he said it might have been too early for the test to pick it up."

"Ok so we have a good eight weeks before we need to have you on light duties. Hammersley rotation is for that duration, you will have some shore leave off and on, if you need any help let me know."

"Thank you ma'am"

"Go home tell your crew, I will inform the CO and your new Medic of your current condition, do you want the others to know?"

"No I don't want anyone to know just yet, too much can happen in the first few months, I'll wait for now." Ok that is weird she sounds like she is speaking from experience here, what isn't she telling me?

"Ok I'll let them know not to tell anyone else. Also I will tee up a meeting with both of them before you sail so you can be introduced to them."

"Thank you Ma'am"

"Ok go home Kate rest tell the crew and I will see you back here in a few days."

Kate leaves Maxine office and heads home to inform the crew that they are sailing early. Maxine types up the reply to send off to Kate's mother.

I can't understand why she doesn't want anything to do with her mother, you would think considering she is pregnant she would want her family around. Nothing I can do about it, it is her choice and I have to respect it.

Kate arrives home and texts the crew about them sailing in three days' time.

Why did my mother send a letter to Maxine about needing to contact me, why now why after 18 years does she want to contact me, what the hell is she after? Does she not realise I don't want anything to do with her. I cut all ties the day I walked out on her and that life she had me living in.

I so badly need Mike right now. I need him to hold, me tell me that it's all going to be ok, that he'll be there for me and for this baby. Why is he not returning to Hammersley? Have I really upset him that much by having Jim's baby?

Three days later Kate is boarding Hammersley, the crew seem down and not as upbeat as they normally would be, all having been affected by Swains death. The replacement CO and Coxswain understand of the situation that unfolded not so long ago.

The crew notice the absent of Commander Flynn, they are informed that he has taken some extra personal time to deal with family matters.