Three Months later

Mike walks into his house, and he notices straight away the small changes in it. There are a few more ornaments on the shelves, his CD collection has gotten bigger, and there are a few items that he knows are from Kate's apartment.

He puts his bags down by the hallway and walks into the kitchen to get himself a drink when he sees that Kate's mail is now coming to his place, this puts a smile on his face. He turns around and heads off to put a load of washing on and the rest of his clean clothes away in his draws, which he is not surprised to find have been rearranged while he has been away. But the most tell-tale sign that Kate has decided to move in his how she has her jewellery box and makeup setup on the dresser. The thought that she felt comfortable to do this without him asking her makes his heart swell.

She is serious about us, about making this work. She does won't the same things as me. A future together as a couple, a family. Mike thinks to himself as he goes through the house noticing all the little changes Kate has made to the house. Nothing major but he does noticed them, every single little thing she has changed he picks it up.

I've made the right choice. Supporting her through the loss of Jim's child was important to both of us. We are getting somewhere, somewhere in the right direction for both of us. He thinks again to himself as he sits down on the couch, then decides to spread out across and before long he has drifted off to sleep. The last few days catching up on him.


Out on the water somewhere in the middle of the Arafura Sea, Hammersley is busy chasing down another Illegal fishing boat. The crew have noticed how over the last few weeks Kate's mood has brightened up heads compared to how she was when she first came back after the attack. To the crew they see their old XO returning the one that was fun but also fear and firm returning to them, the person she was before everything went to custard. Dutchy is pretty sure he knows who is behind it but as he hasn't seen him in the last few months he is sure Kate has been in contact with him, as on some days she is more update and happy than others, as if she has received an email form him or had some time to talk to him.

Of course they all know that they are returning to back to Cairns soon and of course Kate is even more full on than normal. She has been at the crew to make sure that Hammersley is clean and ready for when they arrive in port. Even during the boarding she took no prisons and got the job done quick and swiftly. Of course the crew also didn't miss the smile that graced her face all day. They may still be hour away from arriving home but for Kate she can't wait. Her man is coming home, a home that they now share, one that she hasn't told him as of yet that she has moved into full time since he left.

She is sitting in the CO's chair and starts to fiddle with the extra chain that is around her neck, one that everyone has noticed she has worn every day since she returned and has never taken it off; she pulls the ring out and looks at before placing it back under her shirt. Unknown to her Dutchy and Charge have both seen the ring and have a smile on their faces.

For Kate she has also been pleased to not have to deal with her mother again. So far there has been no more contact from her at all and she hopes it stays that way.


Maxine got the phone call from Darwin of Mike's expected arrival back in Cairns and knowing how much the two have missed each other she made sure Hammersley was in port as soon as was possible including giving them several days of shore leave so that the two could spend some time together before work was enforced upon them again and they had to get back to their roles within the Navy.

Also for Maxine she was hoping that Mike's time away might have helped him calm down and that they might be able to get their friendship back on track after what she did with Kate over him. But also giving them a few days of personal time together with Kate not being crashed sailed she knew would go a long way with the two of them.

Mike wakes up a few hours later to find the house in total darkness, he gets up and makes himself something to eat and is surprised to find food in the fridge. He has a slight laugh to himself, picking Maxine had been at work for there to be eatable food as he knows Kate hasn't been home much in the last couple of weeks.

After having something to eat he decides to go have a shower then heads to bed for more sleep.

Around midnight he feels the bed move and someone curl up into the side of him. He notices the all too familiar smell of Kate as she snuggles into him, a smell he hasn't smelt in three months.

"God I've missed you." He says before placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"Like wise."

"How long you home for?"

"A couple of days got maintenance."

"Good." He says as he pulls her even closer to his body, taking in another breath of her sent from her hair. The two relax into each other as they allow sleep to engulf them both.

The next couple of days they spent just the two of them. Time to enjoy each other's company before work takes over their lives yet again.

Three Months later

Kate has received her promotion to Lieutenant Commander and has now taken over the command of Hammersley. The crew throw Kate a party to celebrate her promotion one they all recon she should have received a year ago.

The day of her receiving her promotion is also the day that Mike proposed to her at a candle lit dinner at her favourite restaurant in Cairns, which they follow up with a walk along the beach afterwards.

A few weeks later Maxine takes some holidays and they put Mike in Charge of Navcom. It was no surprise that when Maxine returned six weeks later that He stayed in his position while she was transferred to another location that included a pay rise and promotion. For Mike he did not mind having the desk job as it allowed for him to have a relationship with Kate, he may hate driving a desk as Maxine puts it but it gives him the change to be with the one he loves.

Three Months after his promotion to Commanding Officer of Navcom Cairns, Kate and Mike marry in a small and private ceremony. Only their closest friends and family attend, including the crew of Hammersley. Kate asks Chloe to be her flower girl and this causes tears to fall form Sally's eyes, but what shocks Sally the most is when Kate asks her to be her maid of honour and walk down the aisle alongside of her.

Chris may no longer be with them in person but the crew have never forgotten about her and Chloe. It is a day like today a celebration of two people joining to become one and them being included is what reminds Sally why Chris loved working for Mike and his crew. They treated each other like family, they loved each other and everyone was involved in each other's lives. It is for this reason that Sally has stayed in Cairns even though her family are not close by nor are Chris, but the crew the family of Hammersley always are close by for her.

For the crew of Hammersley it reminds them of what is important and not to dwell on the past. Chris and Jim may not be with them in person but they will always live on in their hearts and minds, and as long as Sally and Chloe stay in Cairns they will always be a phone call away.

Of course Hammersley knows how to party and at the function after the ceremony the crew and the rest of the quest relax and enjoy the evening in their true fashion and style. Of course some of the speeches that where said had them laughing and also blushing at some of the things that were said, but most of all everyone could see how happy the two of them were, how the two couldn't stop looking at each other. It was no surprise that when they had their first dance as husband and wife they only had eyes for each other, of course Mike's dad cutting in and demanding a dance with his daughter in-law had everyone laughing, after that everyone was up on the dance floor.

Later the evening after saying their goodbyes to everyone Mike and Kate head off to their hotel that Mike has booked for them before they fly out for their honeymoon in Tahiti.

As they lie in bed Kate decides to let him in on her little secret her wedding present to him.

"MMM Mike?"

"Yea baby?" he says as they are wrapped up in each other after making love.

"I have a surprise for you?'

"And what is that my beautiful wife?" He says to her as he smiles down at her.

"How would you like to be a father in about seven months?" She says to him smiling at him.

"Are you saying what I think your saying?" He asks her, as he runs a hand down the side of her face tacking some of her hair behind her ear.

"Yes I am."

"Your pregnant, I'm going to be a father?"

"Yes darling I am."

"But why not tell me before know?"

"I only found out last week when I noticed I was late. I saw a doctor and had it confirmed. And it is fine I can fly. So I decided since I haven't had any of the morning sickness some people get I would wait and tell you on our wedding as my wedding present to you." He leans down and captures her lips in his.

"It is the best wedding present I could ever receive." He says back to her before kissing her again.

Seven months two weeks and three days later they welcome Blake Christopher Jim Flynn into the world, due to the damage that her two miscarriages had caused that had not been noticed, Kate had some complications during the end of her pregnancy and during child birth that resulted in her having to receive a hysterectomy meaning Blake would be their only child. For Mike and Kate this did not bother them the fact that were able to bring Blake into this world healthy and without any ill effects to him was all that matter.

It was the start of a new path forward for the family. One they were more than willing to take together no matter what was put in front of them.