So Beautiful

Chapter 4

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Harry frowned as he watched Scorpius run around the backyard of Charlie's home. He was wearing long jeans and a long sleeved shirt, it was a rare sunny day but the weather was chilly. And Harry's frowned deepened as he observed his son. The clothes were getting short.

Scorpius was growing. He was growing everyday really. Everyday Harry would marvel at how such a miracle could have ever came out from him. His pregnancy was peaceful if a bit bumpy near the end which nearly caused him to lose his baby, his magic had created a birthing channel and the delivery had been painful. Not as badly as a Crucio but in some ways so much worse.

A crucio, all three Unforgivables really, attacked your brain. The brain with all the nerves that run throughout your body. If you effect the brain, you affect the body. Simple as that really. It was what brought out the mind over matter theory.

So while the torture curse attacked his nerves telling his body he was being tortured in the worse way imaginable, the pregnancy had been so real, simply because he could feel everything happening to him. The tearing of flesh, the blood, the pushing, the pain. The feeling when Scorpius had finally been delivered safely. That had been priceless.

And now Scorpius was 17 months old. And ironically, Fate must have really hated him, Scorpius lost his father when he was exactly 15 months old. Draco's birthday had passed while he was in his depression induced haze and it was nearing the end of June. Harry had heard from Sam that Jacob was having his summer holidays and that was why the teen was so free.

His baby had graced his parents with his presence on January 2nd, Harry had his contractions on the night of January 1st and had feared having a New Year's baby. Thankfully Scorpius had only cried his first breath in the early morning of January 2nd.

Harry's birthday was approaching fast. He didn't feel like a 23 year old, he felt so much older. His life had been fast paced and hectic, always something happening every year. The war ended with him being the victor, but at the cost of everybody else's death, the only living members of the Order were Kingsley and Severus really, and from the DA, only Luna and Susan Bones who had joined in an effort to help her Aunt.

Severus also doted on Scorpius, the reminder of his godson, the two had hashed out all the ill feelings and grudges held against each other. Which the Potions Master had agreed (hesitantly and reluctantly) was mostly his fault for seeing James Potter without even bothering to know that Harry Potter was nothing like his father.

James Potter was a spoiled young man whose parent had him late in life and so he was pampered for it and that got to his head. The young man before him had lost his parents when he was barely past a year old and had been abused by his aunt and her family simply for being different.

Severus didn't know how he could have been so blind.

But Harry had forgiven the man. For he knew that Severus deserved happiness for all the sacrifices he had made for the war. Truly, the one whom Harry would blame was Albus Dumbledore. A man that Harry hated with a fiery passion only because the old man was now dead and Harry had no outlet on which to unleash his anger.

The man had manipulated and caused so much pain, and for what? All for the Greater Good. Harry had spat on the fool's tomb in disgust before turning away to head back into the fray of war. That had felt like so long ago, when in reality it had only been around 5 years. Thankfully, Harry had been mentally unfit to attend the annual Ministry Ball to commemorate the fall of Voldemort that year.

He wouldn't have attended if he could have helped it anyway.

And now he was shaken from his wandering thoughts when he watched Scorpius trip and almost fall. Harry was immediately by his young son's side. But the boy brushed him off with a toothy grin. His son certainly did take after Draco, he couldn't possibly be like Harry. Harry couldn't remember a time when he had been allowed to play so happily. Simply running around because it was fun, he only ran because Dudley and Piers had chased him, the threat of being beaten up prompting the younger him into running for his life.

Harry shook himself away from those thoughts, the rising image of purple faced Uncle Vernon faded before it fully formed and Harry gave a grateful sigh. Only Scorpius was here to shake away the painful past away. Harry didn't know how he would survive without his son by his side. He feared when Scorpius would grow old and mature enough to want his space and wouldn't want Harry to stick to him as much as he did now.

Harry was sure Scorpius enjoyed the near constant attention Harry showered him.

But for how long? Scorpius was growing day by day and Draco, his precious dragon, will never be able to see the miracle that was their child. Draco will never see Scorpius lose his first tooth, his first day of school, his first friend, his first love, his wedding, his child, and with what should have been a wizard's prolonged life, his grandchild. Their great grandchildren.

Draco would never get to see all of that.

Draco who wanted a family as much as Harry, maybe even more. For Draco knew what a family should have been like, before he lost it all. While Harry never knew, until he met his friends. His best friends. Who were now dead.

Flashes of red and screams.

Of blood and pain.

Of fear and horror.

He couldn't breathe. It was like being in the war again, everywhere he looked, wizards and witches were falling and fighting with spells bursting out of their wand tips in angry colors. Falling. All of them falling. The ground. The green grass stained red. Blood. Too much blood. Seeping into the Earth. Bodies lying everywhere. Strewn around in mangled heaps.

Missing. There wasn't any light in their eyes. Just the dull hollow look. They weren't there anymore. Missing arm or leg. Intestine decorated the grounds. A heart here a liver there. A squished eyeball lying next to half a face.

Harry barely registered hearing somebody screaming. There were so many people screaming. In rage, in pain, in terror.

"Harry!" Hermione.

Jumping in front of the green light. Her limp body falling with a sickening thud as she was pushed of the Astronomy Tower by a fallen Ravenclaw.

"Harry!" Ron pushing Harry down the stairs as Dolohov shot a sickly purple light at where he was a moment ago. "Go Harry, I'll cover you." Harry could only nod numbly, turning and running without looking back. He heard the faint scream of the Killing Curse. But he didn't turn around to see. He couldn't. He needed to get to Voldemort.

"Harry!" Jacob.

It was Jacob who was shaking him. Holding on to him. What? Why? He wasn't at Hogwarts anymore. He was in a backyard? What was he doing here? Why did Jacob look so old now? The last time Harry had seen the younger boy he was 6. What was Jacob doing here? Where was Voldemort? He needed to get to Voldemort. And a flash of blond filled his vision. Draco. Draco was there. He would know how to save them. Draco knew so much.

"Draco..." Harry croaked. His throat hurt. Must be because of all the spells he had cast. It was a war. Why was he here then? Did we win? The small blond was pulled into Harry's arms. This was a much smaller Draco. Why was Draco so small?

"Daddy?" A small voice trembled with unshed tears. Draco wouldn't have called him daddy. This wasn't Draco. Who was this? "Daddy?" The not-Draco asked.

"What? Draco?" Harry could only stare into the same grey eyes. The same grey that Draco had. But the shape was like his own.

"Me Scorpy. Daddy okay?" The boy, Scorpy? Told him. Scorpy. Who would name their child Scorpy?

"Let's name him Scorpius, love." Draco had wanted to name his first born Scorpius.

This was Draco's son? What was Draco's son doing here?

"Daddy?" The boy, Draco's son asked him. Harry was this boy's daddy?

"Scorpius?" Harry mumbled amazed. This was his baby, he realized. That smooth chin and thin nose. Draco had such a pointy face. Those were his chin and nose. Draco and he had a baby. After the war. They were married. That's right. The war was long over. And he and Draco had fallen in love and gotten married. And they had Scorpius and Luna was made Godmother and Blaise was godfather. And Severus was a supportive grandfather. And Draco was dead.

Harry clung onto his son. He remembered now. He was in Forks. With Uncle Charlie. He would be shopping for new furniture for his new house today with Sam. And Jacob.

Jacob. Who was there. Sitting cross legged in front of the father and son pair. With worried brown eyes. Jacob was worried. Oh, he must have had a relapse. Harry had flashed back to his memories during the war. And Jacob must have found him.

"Berry?" It was Sam. They were supposed to go shopping for furniture today. He remembered. Right. His face felt wet. Why was it wet? He lifted one hand slightly from his tight grip on Scorpius and touched his cheek. Tears. He was crying? And Scorpius was crying to. He must have scared his baby. He was being a bad father. How could he scare his own child?

"Scorpy, I'm sorry. Don't cry. My baby. Daddy didn't mean to scare you." Harry mumbled into his son's hair, apologizing over and over. Where was Draco? Draco would have known what to do. Draco was always there to help him when the memories became to much. Oh right. He was dead.

Harry suddenly felt warm. Why was he warm? And Sam was there, hugging him.

"Samich?" Harry murmured, leaning into the embrace. He needed the warmth. The memories had left him chilled to the bone.

"Hey there Berry. Let's get you inside." Sam whispered soothingly. He felt Harry nod, and a whimper when Sam tried to move his best friend. He made to separate Scorpius from his father but backed off when Harry growled and green eyes that had been filled with so much pain, now glowed in anger. Alright, don't touch baby. Sam could do that. So he lifted both Harry and Scorpius into his arms. Jacob trailing behind, worried and scared for his imprint and the baby.

Sam gently placed Harry onto the couch before sitting at his side while Jacob sat on the other. Jacob rubbing soothing circles on Harry's back. Pausing once in a while with an angry look on his face before continuing.

"I'm sorry." Harry whispered. Hugging Scorpius close to himself. Sam just smiled while Jacob put an arm around his imprint.

"Can I ask what happened back there?" Jacob asked gently. Not wanting to spook Harry. Who, was still trembling like a leaf. Harry stiffened but nodded.

"I had a relapse." Harry muttered. Sam and Jacob looked on expectantly.

"After the war, I couldn't live properly. I kept having flashes back to the war. I would see people dying and the lights and the spells and the pain and the horror and the death. The Death." Harry was shaking violently again so Jacob shushed him with a hug and Sam joined him to, because he couldn't just leave his best friend like that. Sam never understood the pain had gone through the war, but seeing his best friend crying and screaming in pain and horror. It made Sam want to crush somebody's neck.

Jacob wasn't faring any better, and the imprint bond would make the need to comfort Harry stronger.

"Draco, Draco he, he helped me with that. He calmed me down and he made me remember that the war was now over. That I was a live and nobody was going to hurt me anymore." Harry continued, oblivious to the rage the two wolves felt. It would have been better anyway, Sam didn't want to scare Harry.

"He always helped me when I had one, but after, after his-" Harry cut off, tears coming back to his eyes that Jacob gently wiped away with a thumb, the dark russet skin standing in stark contrast against Harry's own pale skin.

"I was in hospital for a month. Trauma enforced depression. I was emotionally unstable and always had nightmares. Scorp had to go stay with his godfather. But he came to visit me everyday. Usually with his godmother in tow. They brought me back." Harry whispered. Scorpius, tired out from the crying and high emotions, had fallen asleep in his father's arms.

Looking for all the world that he belonged there. Harry, gently ran his fingers through his son's soft hair. He placed a soft kiss on his son's hairline.

"When I was released, they agreed that I needed to get away. From the press, the people, even from magic really. I needed to hide. Bellatrix was still at large. And she was after Scorpius. So I came here. I thought the fresh start would help me. But I guess I was wrong." Harry clenched his hand into a fist.

Sam looked at Jacob, who nodded in understanding. "Harry, do you still want to go shopping?" Jacob asked gently. Harry's had arrived yesterday. And Harry wanted to test it out by going shopping in Seattle. He wanted only the best for his and Scorpius new home and he was sure he would never find it in the tiny furniture stores in Forks and Port Angeles.

"We could stay in and watch a movie." Sam suggested. Truthfully he didn't want Harry to go out when he was like this.

"No. I want to go. Scorpius needs new clothes." Harry said resolutely. Green eyes determinedly staring up to the two men on either side of him.

Jacob thought it was cute to see Harry swiveling his head to look at both of them in the eye, in an attempt to convince them to let him out.

"Alright." Both of them conceded. Whatever Harry wanted. Harry left with a still dozing Scorp to go and get ready while the two were told to make themselves at home.

"Well," Sam started. Jacob looked like he was itching to say something.

"How do I help him?" Jacob whispered brokenly. Harry was in so much pain and hurt. How could he help his imprint? When he had reached Harry while he was having a fit, Harry didn't even see him. It was like he was looking through him. Like Jacob didn't even exist. Because there was only Draco.

"How could I possibly compete against Draco?" Jacob whispered.

"By being there for him." Sam answered. "Harry needs support and someone who will help and love him. Draco can't do that anymore because he's dead. So you can take his place and be that pillar of support for your imprint." Sam continued.

Jacob stared into the eyes of the other Alpha. His own pack only had he, Leah and Seth but Jacob didn't want to give up his place anymore. He was fine with being an Alpha. He was glad that his pack was small. Not that they could transform. With the Cullens gone, the wolves had no need to transform to help defend the town from a Vampire attack.

Jacob was studying his last year in the high school on the Reservation. He was looking for a Mechanical course for College. The one near the town. Not like he could afford anything else. Anyway he wanted to be able to support himself and his father. And now his imprint and his child.

"Hey we're ready." Harry smiled, his eyes were still red but his face wasn't flushing and the smile was genuine. Jacob thought Harry looked beautiful.

The three made their way to Harry's car and Scorpius sat next to Jacob, while Sam sat shotgun. The boy had woken up while Harry had been trying to wrestle a shirt on him. Jacob smiled at the kid who gave a shy smile in return. Sam gave Harry directions to Seattle and they spent the car ride just talking and laughing as they exchanged stories about growing up. Well, Sam and Jacob told stories while Harry drove with a smile on his face.

Harry had forced Draco to take driving lessons with him while they were still dating and Harry was thankful. Now he could drive himself and his son anywhere they wanted.

Jacobs swore he would never clothes shopping for Scorp with Harry ever again. Unless Harry really wanted to then he wouldn't say no. For Harry, clothes only came in two categories. Perfect, and not perfect. This was the second children's clothes store they had been to and Harry only had 2 new outfits for Scorp. Harry had insisted in getting his son an entirely new wardrobe and Jacob could only bring himself to agree with whatever Harry chose.

Sam had bailed halfway through the first store saying he needed to look at some catering stuff for his wedding to Emily. Harry had merely spared him a glance before nodding, then dragging both Jacob and Scorp further into the new found hell that was shopping.

Scorp was enjoying himself, the lucky kid. It seemed like the kid thrived on attention. And shopping meant the attention was mostly on him. Jacob just sighed but plastered a smile on his face whenever Harry looked his way. It was kinda cute how Harry would determinedly search for that perfect outfit for his precious baby. It was kinda nice how devoted Harry was. It made Jacob wonder about how doting Harry would be when they had their own cubs.

Jacob walked into a shelf and a couple of kid clothes fell on top of his head.

"Jacob!" Harry hurried over to his friend. Jacob had been in some sort of daze and now he looked like he was thinking about life's problems. And now he looked at the shelf, as if wondering since when was it there in the first place.

"I'm...alright." Jacob said hesitantly.

A salesgirl hurriedly made her way over to clean up the mess and Harry gave her his best apologetic smile. The girl blushed and waved off the apology. Jacob gave the girl a glare but then the three of them made to leave the store. Harry wanted to look at other stores and they needed to find Sam. Harry wanted to go to a different mall entirely.

They found Sam walking over towards them with popsicles in hand. He smiled and handed one to Scorp, after an exchange of looks with Harry, which Harry reluctantly allowed, before handing one to Harry and another to Jacob. The three slowly made their way around the mall, window shopping, occasionally stopping when something caught their eye.

Scorp had to be brought away to the nearest bathroom by a fussing Harry for a diaper change and to also clean up the melted popsicle all over his face. Jacob and Sam agreed to wait outside for their companion talking about what happened during their time apart.

It was almost 3 hours later when they finally stopped for dinner, Harry finally done with shopping for Scorp, they were at the diner where Leah was worked and instead of the snarky she-wolf, there was a bubbly teen waiting tables with a bright smile.

"Yo, Seth!" Sam called out once they had managed to grab a booth. The teen turned around and eyes widened before another bright smile spread across his face.

"Jacob! Oh my god you're out in public!" Seth exclaimed when he finally made his way to their table. Jacob groaned and Sam laughed while Harry looked confusedly between the three.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't see you." Said when he caught sight of the Brit. "I'm Seth, Leah's my sister." Harry gave a small smile in reply. "Harry and this is my son, Scorpius." Scorpius only held onto his daddy's arm tighter, trying to hide himself from the new boy.

"Cool name. So what can I get for you guys?" Seth asked the table. With mumbles of the usual from the wolves, Harry ordered something with fish for him and his son. Before asking for apple pie for dessert for the entire table.

"He's a lot like Jacob wen he was a kid." Harry commented to Sam. Who chuckled in agreement. Scorpius was laughing at funny faces that Jacob made with Harry looked on approvingly. Sam noticed and continued his conversation with Harry while waiting for their food.

Harry collapsed tiredly on his bed, Scorpius asleep in his own, Scorpius' entire new wardrobe already packed and his old clothes in plastic bags by the door to be donated to charity tomorrow.

Spending the entire day out shopping after a relapse was tiring, and Harry only managed to grab hold of Draco's photo before he fell asleep. For once, not dreaming but an honestly resting sleep. Perhaps the Fates realized that Harry was tired and allowed him a decent rest and not another nightmare.

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