A/N: I just recently saw Wreck-It Ralph... like, 7 times. I'm totally in love. I really needed something new to fangasm over. It was time. And I just KNEW that I would love Wreck-It Ralph. I love it when that sort of thing comes together.
So, after skimming the internet briefly I find the Ralph/Vanellope pairing. (Most obvious pairing? Clearly, because we on the internet have no age discrimination... even if we're all like 'when she's OLDER!')
I took to it immediately.

But, as usual, I find the fanfics I found just a little lacking. Most people seem to think their love it dependent on Vanellope getting magically older and then poof! They're attracted to each other.
I guess I'm just a little more interested in the dynamics of it all and the emotions that people are completely over looking.
So, if you want something done right... I'm probably not the one to do it. But I just got to try. My apologies if you're waiting for any of my other fanfics to be updated. I'm working on it, but I've already explained about my attention span.

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Without further ado...

The Upgrade
(The author now apologizes for the lack of a decent title)

Part 1: The Prologue

Everyone was gathered around a table in Game Central listening intently to Clyde as he went on about what he'd heard Mr. Litwak discussing with the games dealer that afternoon.

Today had marked a quarterly for the Arcade. A man from a gaming dealership of some sort came around 4 times a year and he and Mr. Litwak would carefully go over his budget. Which games earned what, which games the games dealer wanted to buy for whatever reason, which ones should be let go, and on a lighter note, which new games the arcade might be getting.

The Pac-Man console was closest to the counter and was in the best position to overhear this conversation. They would've talked to the Pac-Man himself about all of this, but Pac-Man wasn't known for his attention span and wasn't the most reliable to remember all of this information and pay attention to his job at the same time. Also his accent was terribly difficult to understand.

Vanellope, as head of her game, was sitting at the table and trying to listen with all her might, but it was hard. She hadn't been out of her game and in Game Central very many times yet and the surroundings kept attracting her attention. The sleek lines and the absence of candy-striped surfaces was absolutely fascinating. Her attention came back to the meeting when she heard him mention Sugar Rush.

"And since Sugar Rush has been doing really REALLY well he's finally been talked into the upgrade for it. So you can look forward to that being installed pretty soon I think Vanellope." Clyde said.

"An upgrade?" Vanellope asked. "What's that mean?" It certainly sounded exciting. Upgrade was good word to hear for games she was pretty sure.

"Well, I heard some of the hype for it." Clyde offered. "They're expanding the Kart Bakery mini-game, you're getting more tracks, bonus level expansions, and a graphics update that includes new avatars."

"New tracks? New CHARACTERS?! Awesome!" Vanellope exclaimed as she jumped up from her seat.

"N-" Clyde started, trying to get a word in between her whooping. "Well, yes. But I meant that all the current avatars are getting an update too."

That made Vanellope stop.

"What? You... You mean we're all gonna look different?" Vanellope asked. Clyde just nodded.

Vanellope frowned pensively.

The rest of the meeting didn't last long, and Vanellope heard about as much of this part of it as she did the first part. Her attention was no longer on the sprawling Game Central scenery. She now had something completely different to think about.

A/N: Thoughts?

Just to make it clear, since I might not have in the first author's note, this WILL be a Ralph/Vanellope. But an actual relationship is still a long ways off at the moment. It's more of a one-sided thing on Vanellope's part at the moment. And yes, Vanellope is gonna get an older avatar. Overused plot point, blah blah blah...