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Chapter 33: Crisis Averted?

If Vanellope had been asked to list all the things she'd been expecting to find when she walked into Ralph's little hut that evening, this wouldn't have even made the top 50. Depending on how much time she'd be given to think about it it might not even have made the top 100. But life is full of surprises, and not all of them are bad so she was going to remain optimistic.

The fact that Ralph and Felix and Tammy were all milling around and looking somber and discussing... something in a slightly cryptic fashion might not be a bad thing, right? Maybe she just didn't want anything to kill the good mood she'd been in since waking up beside Ralph that morning.

She wasn't really worried until she actually walked in the door and they all turned to her suddenly. The way their faces turned from looks of worry to looks of intense contemplation almost made her jump.

"What? I didn't do it! It was three other guys!" She exclaimed. The eyebrow Ralph raised at her made her chuckle nervously. "Umm... nevermind."

There was a moment of silence after that before Felix finally spoke up.

"Hi there Vanellope." Felix offered.

"Hey there Felix..." Vanellope replied. She looked over him and spotted Calhoun, who was no longer looking at her. Calhoun's attention was focused on Ralph. Vanellope couldn't be entirely sure, but that seemed like a very bad sign.

"So... what's going on guys? What's with the faces?" Vanellope finally asked. There was a sharp intake of breath as they all prepared to answer, then a sigh as they realized they didn't know what to say.

Vanellope frowned, now there was definitive proof that something was wrong. What should she do? She tried to puzzle some of it out in her head.

Something was wrong. Something important and possibly urgent, or else Ralph would be sleeping. Tammy and Felix had come over to Ralph's place, so Ralph hadn't went to them for advice or anything... Maybe they were forcing him to talk even? If that was even possible for anyone other than her. They had all stopped the conversation when she had walked in, so it was probably about her. And Tammy was leveling that look at Ralph that clearly said 'I just know you're gonna do something stupid'...

Vanellope experienced a moment of clarity and terror where she was more than certain of what was happening here. Ralph was going to break up with her. She didn't know why, or what could have possibly made him think it was a good idea, but she just knew.

Vanellope swallowed her first reaction and, rather than screaming about the unfairness of it all and how she was quite sure he couldn't make this decision without her, she walked over to where Ralph was sitting on the bed and unabashedly sat in his lap.

This motion seemed to take Ralph by surprise. He squirmed a little and let out a sigh that sounded somewhat annoyed, but in the end he wrapped his arms around Vanellope without argument.

"What were you guys talking about?" Vanellope asked, craning her neck to look at Ralph.

"Vanellope..." Ralph hesitated. "When you came over here did anyone give you any funny looks or anything strange like that?" He asked.

Vanellope didn't know where this was going, but she thought about it. She usually got some funny looks, since people didn't often take their own vehicles through the wires, but she didn't think that was what Ralph meant. She tried to think of any particularly odd happenings in Game Central Station, but nothing came to mind.

"No more than usual." She answered. Ralph nodded.

"Then nevermind what we've been talking about. It doesn't matter." Ralph concluded.

"Ralph.." Felix said in exasperation.

"What? Isn't that exactly what you were saying earlier?" Ralph protested.

"Not because it doesn't effect Vanellope!" Felix protested.

"Why is that reason worse than yours?" Ralph asked.

Felix smacked his palms against his forehead and almost shook with silent frustration.

Vanellope couldn't possibly decode this.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Vanellope asked Ralph finally, when all the pieces she'd put together had finally stopped making sense.

"What? No." Ralph answered quickly. "Where'd you get that idea?"

Vanellope looked away and shrugged with all the nonchalance of a bad thief who has somehow made it out of the bank vault undetected. She couldn't see the look Ralph was giving her, but she felt it burrowing into the back of her head.

Vanellope, searching for something else to think about, accidentally caught Calhoun's eye. Calhoun was frowning, not exactly at her, but in her and Ralph's general direction. Vanellope looked down at the floor instead of trying to figure that out.

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