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Chapter 34: News Spreads Quickly

The news of their engagement spread like wildfire and not just through Konohagakure. The son of the great Fourth Hokage and a possible Hokage some day getting engaged was news that many wanted to know. Ino was happy that everyone seemed to know, she was always being stopped and congratulated on the streets. Naruto was more worried that now Akatsuki and Orochimaru were more aware of how weak she made him, he knew that before their wedding they would have to make a good dent into their forces if not kill them all.

Naruto sat at their table, spinning a kunai as he thought heavily. He had a ring on his finger now as well, one that had been passed down the Namikaze Clan line from father to son. Naruto was spinning the kunai quickly, not realizing the small hole he was putting in the table. That was what his fiance walked in on with the groceries for their apartment. He had offered to go with her but she had other things that she wanted to buy that he wasn't allowed to see when she bought them. Ino watched as he spun the kunai again, his gaze still intense and not yet realizing she was home, "Naruto-kun?"

That snapped him out of it, he stopped the kunai and looked over at her, "Hey Ino-chan.. your back?"

He quickly got up from the table and took the bags from her and carried them into the kitchen for her. She came over to the table and looked at the hole that her blond haired fiance had put into their table. Ino ran her finger over the hole then looked over at him, "So.. you going to tell me what you were thinking about when you decided to ruin our table?"

Naruto finished putting the groceries away then came out of the kitchen and looked at her. He gave her a light smile, "I am not sure we will be able to get married before we deal with this Akatsuki problem Ino-chan. I wanted us too be able to do this without everyone knowing but seeing as when we step outside we are swarmed with congratulations I think it is safe to say that Akatsuki as well as Orochimaru know about it as well. We probably wouldn't be able to pick a day and keep that a secret since we don't know who the leak is, that means we have to wait."

The platinum blond looked over at him, "I already know about that Naruto-kun, I know you better then anyone and I knew that you wouldn't risk letting me get hurt in our wedding. I knew that you would want to wait when everyone found out. As for the leak, I am fairly sure it was my mother. Where do you think I had gotten it from?"

Naruto smiled a little more at her, glad that she was understanding where he was coming from with this whole situation. He stopped leaning on the wall and gave her a more serious look, "I am going to want to go and deal with this whole Akatsuki situation here relatively soon Ino-chan.. with or without their permission to leave the village."

As they stared at one another she nodded her head at him. She was more then ready to go and take care of this damn problem they had. Naruto gave her a smile then gave her a quick kiss, though as he kissed her she quickly put her hands around his neck making the kiss deeper. As they kissed though, they heard something going on outside of their apartment. Naruto broke the kiss and looked at the window, walking over to it quickly he closed the blinds then went to their room grabbing their gear and tossing her the blades she used, "They came to us it seems love."

Ino nodded her head in understanding and quickly strapped on her tanto and katana. They ran out of the apartment and joined where the other shinobi were gathering, the top shinobi who stood a chance in this fight were all there. Naruto landed next to his father and Ino landed beside him, Kiba was there soon afterwords with Tayuya as well. The others who were there were Jiraiya, Minato, Neji, Kakashi, Gai, Inoichi, Asuma and Lee.

Tsunade was there as well of course, she was the Hokage so naturally her place was there. She had a report of all the people that were attacking them. She read off the list to them all, "Okay.. we have Orochimaru, Pein, Konan, Itachi and Sasuke. From what we can tell this is all that remains of Akatsuki thanks to the very active hunting of Team Zulu. Now.. their objective is of course Naruto and the Kyuubi. That being said, I want Naruto and Ino to stay out of this battle."

The blond haired Jounin Jinchuriki looked over at his platinum haired fiance. He knew that wouldn't settle well with her and she did have an upset look on her face from it. Ino looked at the blond haired Hokage, "We are NOT sitting out of anything. They are here for him, that means he isn't going to let you all risk your lives for him while he just sits on the side lines. There is also no way in hell that I will let him risk his life while I sit on the side line, he won't ask me to stay out of it either. I tell you what, you get him to tell me to stay out of it then I will."

Tsunade looked at the two of them, "Naruto.. tell her to stay out of this battle. All of these people that are coming are more then willing to use her against you. They will use her to make it so you give yourself over, making all of the people who could die put their lives on the line for no reason."

The blond haired jinchuriki looked at her, knowing that he would have to pay the price if he were to deny her what she was promised. Naruto sighed as he scratched the back of his head, "Ino-hime... is allowed to fight.. I promised her."

The blond haired Fifth Hokage just made a groaning sound from this. She looked over for support from Minato, Inoichi and Jiraiya, "Any of you three want to step in and help me? We all know that she is a liability in this since she can be used against him."

They all looked at one another then Minato spoke first, "Nope, that is their decision."

Inoichi spoke up next, "I have never been able to deny my princess what she wanted."

Jiraiya looked at the Fifth Hokage, "I know all to well what my students wrath is, I am not going to be the one that tries to stop her."

Tsunade just groaned at this then put her hands in the air, "Fine.. do what you want. We suspect that Pein won't move in with the first assault. We figure that he will send his minions in to do his fighting for him first. That means we need to decide who is fighting who, Jiraiya and I are going to fight Orochimaru since he is a Sannin and he can use that damn Resurrection Jutsu. Regardless, he was our teammate and is our responsibility, right Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya nodded his head at her, "He is more of my responsibility, you can cheer me on though if you want, I wouldn't mind that."

She turned her gave over to Naruto and Ino, "You two are a team because Naruto can keep you safer then anyone else. You two will be going for Sasuke and Konan. The report is that he is still under her guidance so that will be a two on two battle, do you understand?"

They both nodded their heads then she looked over at Kakashi, Neji, Gai and Lee. She smiled, "You four are going to be my personal bodyguards after I finish helping Jiraiya. If anyone gets close to me where I have to step in to fight then I am going to destroy you all."

She looked over at Tayuya, Kiba, Minato and Inoichi, "You are dealing with Itachi. Make sure that you don't take him lightly, this is the crazed genius who murdered the entire Uchiha Clan.. other then his little brother of course."

They all nodded then Naruto spoke up finally, "When Pein arrives, he is mine and mine alone. No one is allowed to interfere, that includes you."

His eyes shifted down to his fiance who went to protest but his look made her stop. Everyone else agreed though Minato and Jiraiya both planned on being there with him to help him fight the Akatsuki leader. When they all leapt away and left Naruto and Ino there he looked at her, "I agreed to let you fight, your fighting with me against Sasuke and Konan. They are nothing to worry about, Pein is on another level though and I am not sure that I can keep us both safe and win at the same time. That means that I need you to stay out of it Ino-hime, do you understand?"

Ino slowly started to nod her head, "You aparently have thought this through.. what are your chances of surviving?"

Naruto smiled a little as he looked over at her, "I can't die yet Ino-hime.. I have to marry you and give you everything that I have promised."

For a minute she smiled at him then realized that he hadn't given her a direct answer to the question. He was more or less skating around it and she knew what that meant. She knew it meant that he wasn't sure he would walk away from this battle. Naruto grabbed her hand then they leapt off to where they were told Konan and Sasuke were at. When they landed on the ground they looked at the raven haired Uchiha member and the blue haired paper kunoichi.

Naruto just looked at Sasuke, "So, finally I get to kill you after all these years. That is good, I have been waiting for this day for a very long time."

Sasuke smirked at Naruto, "I tell you what Naruto, when I kill you then I will marry her instead, wouldn't want her to get lonely."

Naruto clenched his fist then she put her arms around him to calm him down, "Don't let him get to you Naruto-kun, we all know I would never pick him. If you do die on me then I will just have to wait to get married until the next life."

The blond haired Jounin man looked over his shoulder at her and gave her a light smile before leaning down and giving her a quick kiss. Naruto looked back over at Sasuke, "Well.. looks like she doesn't want you Sasuke so guess you will have to settle for someone else. Ino-hime isn't one for settling anyways so she wouldn't pick you. She would wait and pick someone much better then either of us."

Ino rolled her eyes, he didn't listen apparently. That or he did and just didn't agree. That wouldn't surprise her to be honest though since he had always had that thought that he wasn't good enough for her. Naruto got ready as he looked at Sasuke, "I got the bastard Uchiha, you can have the paper girl. Is that okay with you Hime?"

Ino nodded her head at him then got into her own offensive stance, "Remember.. when this is all over we have to start to plan out wedding Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled, "I know love."

They watched as both Sasuke and Konan seemed to get ready. Konan had paper flying around her, what she was planning on doing with them was unknown. It could be used to attack as well as used to defend but Naruto had faith that Ino would be able to take care of herself as well as the Akatsuki member that she had been tasked with. Naruto stared at the Uchiha Clan member, since Sasuke had his Sharingan active Naruto activated his Kyuubi Eyes, negating any genjutsu that the man tried to use on him. Naruto tapped his summoning marker on his forearm and his executioner blade appeared and he grabbed the handle before putting it over his shoulder. Sasuke pulled out a blade that seemed like it had lightning coming off of it. Naruto looked over at his fiance and the woman he had always loved, smiling a little as she looked determined, "Good luck Hime, kick her ass good and I will give you a kiss you will never forget."

Ino smirked, "Now that is some motivation."