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The last chapter Rose and Bella plan for hers and Jasper wedding. Irina is on the warpath. And Leah's wedding went beautifully and Bella got sick at the reception. In the last chapter, the girls were taken to Volturi while they were out shopping now their men were on their way to rescue their mates in the last chapter. Irina got what she deserved in the end and Bella faints. The big surprise in the last chapter Bella is pregnant with twins. Charlie and Emmett pull out the babies' names in a crystal bowl that Bella and Jasper chose in the last chapter. Jane and Alec found out in the last chapter that they are future mates of Bella's and Jasper children. Marcus saved a life at the end. Jasper and Bella find out in the end of the Christmas celebration that Jane and Alec are the true mates of their unborn children. Bella goes into labor in the last chapter. Rose delivers the babies in the last chapter.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Aftermath of Delivery

Jasper Point of View

Everyone is waiting for Bella to wake-up from the change it has not been a day. Thinking back on the delivery of Maverick and Crystal I never been so scared in my life for them and my mate. When her heart stopped and then, the monitor went flat-lined I took control of that situation. I ordered Rose to give me the paddles to shock Bella's heart back to life. Lucky, the paddles did its job to shock her heart to start beating again. Then I began to bite her making sure I got all of her main aortas on her body for my venom to work into her blood system. Emmett and I are watching over her meanwhile, the rest of the family is taking care of Maverick and Crystal for us. Rose finally, got to hold the babies she is tickle that she is a grandmother. Esme and Sue helped cleaned up Bella from all the blood and helped her into her clothes. So far, Bella isn't screaming like most do going through the change only silence. Carlisle checked out Charlie after, Crystal bite him. He has no venom in his system which is good that he is not going through the change yet. Sue and Charlie are going to change next year. Sue weighted and measured Maverick and Crystal our son's weight is at 6.2 pounds and he is 21 inches long. He will be tall like me. Our daughter weight is at 5.0 pounds and she is 16.5 inches long. She will be short like her mother I feel. Both of our children are beautiful. They both have that Whitlock smile on their lips. That is something we inherited from my father. I heard the door opened up it is Carlisle. That brought me out of my thoughts.

"Jasper here are my thoughts we need to move Bella and the babies to Forks. We can make Bella comfortable on the plane as well as the babies. Everything the babies' needs are at the other house. Charlie needs to get back to work. What are your thoughts?" Carlisle asked me come to think of it we didn't bring anything that the babies would need with us.

"Yes, it is okay by me. When do we leave?" I asked him looking down on my mate while she is asleep.

"I would say now it is good timing since, it has been only six hours that Bella has gone through the change. I told everyone to get ready to leave. Charlie and Sue are flying back with us. It will only take an hour and ten minutes to fly home. That way Bella can wake-up in her own room." Carlisle says to me and he is checking Bella pulse rate on her wrist we took the monitors off of her.

"Jane I need your help to get our things together. I will carry Bella out to SUV. Rose and Esme get the babies ready we will leave now." I order them to do. I looked around to see what we brought with us and Jane got everything we had in the room. I carried Bella out to SUV placed her in my lap in front seat to drive to airport. Emmett drove us and the babies are with Rose in backseat. The others ran by foot to airport. Esme carried Sue on her back and Charlie is on Felix's back hitching a ride. I hear Maverick cry. It broke my heart to hear him cry and felt his emotions he is worried looking at his mother.

"Rose hand me Maverick I am going to calm him down by placing Maverick in his mother's lap. He is worried about his mother." Rose handed me Maverick from the back seat I gently picked him up and sat him in her lap. He immediately calmed down. Rose is holding Crystal and her face is tucked under Rose's chin cuddling next to her seeing out of the mirror of the visor. She is asleep. Soon we arrived at the airport and seeing out of the front window that the others made it first. I thought that they would considering that they are vampires with fast speed. Rose told Emmett not to drive as fast as he usually does especially, with the children in tow. It looks like Felix is going to fly the plane. Charlie looked down on Bella as I carried her into the plane. He is still worried about her. Emmett has Maverick in his arms and Rose has Crystal carry her. As we entered the plane everyone got settled in their seats. Bella is lying on the sofa in-between me and her father. Jane is keeping an eye on Maverick he is sitting in Esme's lap. Rose is still holding Crystal while Alec is staring at her. Crystal's eyes are roaming around she is looking to make sure all the important men in her life are close by. She is protective of them. Her bonds to me, Emmett, Alec and Charlie are important to her. I do think Crystal has all men in her life wrapped around her tiny figure. She is only hours old. Maverick is a mommy's boy already. When he cried, he was worried about his mother it took me laying Maverick on his mommy's body to calm him down. Something tells me he will be close to Carlisle, Rose and Esme as his role model. I feel it with my power there is connection with them three to our son. Now with me I feel it with my power there is pride he has towards me as his father. Maverick will be close to Jane he has already develop a bond with her. On the other hand, Crystal I feel she will be close to Rose and Sue as her role model. She has already developed a bond with them two. Crystal adores her mother I feel it with my gift she has a strong bond to her mother.

"Jasper what are you thinking of?" Charlie asked me he is so observant that is where Bella gets hers from. He is staring at me and looking down on his daughter.

"Oh! I was thinking of the bonds that are developing with our children towards others. I feel it with my power." I say to him and then Carlisle looks directly at me with a deep concentration written on his features.

"Care to enlighten us with your thoughts." Carlisle says to me and I looked around our group of vampires and humans inside the plane.

"Here is the thing I feel it with my power that Crystal is bond is strong with me, Emmett, Alec and Charlie we are important to her. She has already developed a bond with Rose and Sue as her role model. Crystal adores her mother and has a strong bond towards Bella. On the other hand, Maverick is a mommy's boy through and through. Our son has a bond with Jane already. Maverick he has pride in me as his dad. Our son has developed bond with you, Carlisle, Esme and Rose as his role model. In other words, our children are looking up to guys already. I have no other solution as to why's my power is telling me this. It cannot be explained." I say to them and everyone looks amazed with smiles for those who will be closer with their connections towards our children. Peter taps the side of his head he does this thing when he knows shit.

"You are right Jasper you're about your thoughts. They have these bonds with certain ones in our family. Now my gift tells me your children will look up to me, Charlotte, Heidi, and Felix as their aunts and uncles. Don't worry Charlie, Emmett it will be very soon that Maverick will look up to you guys. He knows you both already love him. With Marcus, they will look up to him as their second dad. No matter what your children are going to loved and cared for and everyone will protect them with their life. They are going to be spoiled rotten so get used to it brother." He says to me and winks. Something tells me he is right they will be spoiled. I plan to spoil them too. I spied looking down on Bella lying next to me after, hearing our conversations about our children she smiled. On her left hand where her engagement ring sits. She did a thumb up pointing it in the air. She understands what is going on that is good, in my thoughts. That means she is listening.

"Hell yes! It is great news about the kids about their connection to us." Emmett booms with his high pitch voice in the air. You would have think he is rooting for a sports team. He does this all the time when he is excited.

"Language son not in front of the children." Esme's scolds him. He looks down at his feet instead of her. It is an admission of guilt. Everyone in the plane just shakes their head and laughs at him being scolded. He is use to it because he is like a kid himself. That will never change.

"Another thing Jasper my guru told me that Bella will be out of it less than and a day and a half. She will wake-up sooner from the change than, three days it normally takes." Peter says to me at least that is good news. I need her.

"Thanks Pete for info. It is good news." I say to him as Felix descends the plane lower in altitude. We are about to land the plane in Forks where there is a small airport and hanger. Carlisle keeps his plane there.

"Heidi I want to go shopping to buy something for the babies. I didn't get them a thing at Christmas. Will you go with me?" Jane asked her.

"Sure, I will. Anyone else?" Heidi asked. She is looking around among the ladies in our group.

"I will go with you I am the same way I didn't buy anything for my new niece and nephew." Charlotte says to them. Charlotte loves everyone here and she will love being an aunt to our children.

Felix manage to fly the plane at ease we all entered out of the plane. Carlisle has his Mercedes already parked there. He motions for me to place Bella in backseat. Esme went to driver side of the car and Rose got in passenger side and held both babies. I got in and laid Bella's head gently on my lap. Esme drove us home. Felix and Alec are making sure Sue and Charlie they get home. Charlie needs to go back to work and notify Jacob about the birth of the babies. They are catching a piggy back ride on their backs. The others ran home they will make it home before, us.

Sure, enough no sooner we pulled in the driveway. The others were waiting on us. I helped Bella get out of the car and carried her in the house and went upstairs in our room. I laid her on her bed. Went to check on the children in their new nursery. It was decorated with Esme's and Rose's touch. I spied down looking at my children in their cribs they are asleep. I touched Maverick he is showing me his memories what we talked about in the plane. He loves us. Crystal, she is smiling as she sleeps. My first thought the children are hungry I feel it. What do we feed them? They will need to be feed.

"Dad I need you in here." I called out to Carlisle I will always think of him as my dad and a role model for me. Peter and Charlotte look up to him the same way.

"What is it son?" He asked as he entered our children's room. They are sharing a room for now. It was explained by Jane and Alec that are twins and they cannot be separated. It hurts them emotionally. It doesn't matter if they live thousand miles from each other they still need each other. It is the twin bond that doesn't fade in time.

"The babies are hungry. What do we feed them?" I asked him as he hand over the rail of the crib looking down on the babies.

"We are going to start with them on milk since, they are half vampire they rely on blood too as we do. With the human side of them they are going to need regular food. It will be a test through trial and error of what human food that they will like over time. We are going to add blood into their formula. It may keep their hunger at bay. I am going down to basement in the refrigerator to get some in our store supply of animal blood. We keep those in there in case of emergency. I will get Esme to prepare the bottles." Carlisle says to me as he walks out of the room. Maybe them having a little of both is a good thing.

Rose came in with the two bottles. I touched one of the bottles it is slightly warm. I decided to feed my daughter while Rose feed Maverick. Rose is rocking Maverick and feeding him his bottle. I am standing up holding my daughter in my arms. I can tell there is a slight red and white tint inside of the bottle. They seem satisfied with their bottles.

"I believe Maverick has a huge appetite. He took the whole bottle and sucked on it in no time. I think it will help if both children sleep next to their mother it will help calm them. That way you can keep an eye on Bella and the babies at the same time. When is the last time you hunted?" Rose asked as I recall it was day before, we left.

"The day before, we left. I am good. You are right sis they will sleep better. Both of us will take them in our room to lay next to their mother. Grab their blankets." I say to her and we both went to our room. I laid the children next to their mother and both of them snuggled next to their mother. Maverick has his arm lying across his mother's arm and Crystal has her arm lying next to her mother's chest. Both are so sweet lying next to their mother. I decided to join them and laid their along with them on the bed. With my arm behind me as a pillow and my other arm touching my family. Looking down on my new family I am proud of them and couldn't ask for more. They are all I need.

"Jacob is here Jasper. He wants to come in and see them." I heard Alec say he is downstairs from where his voice is coming from.

"You can let him in." I say and I didn't get out of the bed stayed in that position. Alec opened up our door and motioned for Jacob to come in.

"Hi Jacob! How is your wife and new daughter Jasmine?" I asked him and he is standing at the foot of the bed looking down at my family.

"They are doing fine Jasper and I see your children are beautiful. I hear their tiny heart beats. Yes, they are hybrids as you guys have been explaining to me they are half human. I came by as soon as Charlie told me and had to drop by to see them for myself. And to make sure my sis Bella made it okay. I know she will be different once she is awake but let's hope she will be still the Bella we all know and love. Maverick looks a lot like you but he has his mother's hair color. I do see Crystal she looks the spitting image of her mother except for blond locks in her hair she got that from you. Jasmine looks like her brother and her mother. I am one proud dad of both of my kids. I can tell it with you." Jacob says to me with pride in his voice talking about his family.

"I am proud of them. Jacob, you need not to worry about Bella she will be the same one we know except with one condition. She will be stronger than us and she can probably give you good arm wrestling too and take you down with her." I say to him there is no self-doubt in my thoughts that she can take him down.

"You are right she could take me down. I cannot wait until spar in arm wrestling match with sis." Jacob says to me and he is grinning at the thought until, we both heard it from the rooftops. It is Emmett's voice.

"No way you are Jacob the first bids for an arm wrestling match is me. You got it." Emmett says to Jacob. I laugh at the thought of Bella and Emmett in arm wrestling match. And Emmett's possessiveness over his granddaughter.

"I've got Emmett but deal with this I will be next in line." Jacob says to him. He shakes his head and laughs at Emmett's statement. His phone is ringing from his pocket. His wife is talking to him.

"Yeah Jennie I will pick up a loaf of bread and milk for Ely." Jacob says to his wife as he puts his phone back into his pocket then looks up at me.

"That was the honey I need to go store she is not ready to go publicly yet. She is too busy with our kids. Sam says he wants to come by he wants to visit Bella. I've got to go and tell Bella I came by once she wakes up. I trust she will have a good control once she is awake." Jacob says to me as he walks near the door and his hand on the door knob.

"She will Jake have perfect control my guru is never wrong." Pete says to him and Jacob opens up the door and I am seeing Peter standing in the hall way. Jacob waves bye and I told him bye as he left the room. It is understandable for his concerns. Pete's guru is never wrong. Bella will be the exceptional vampire with good control I don't need his guru to tell me. Something I know within me. I cannot wait for her to open up her pretty brown doe eyes and look at me and our children. Then we will be complete.