Author's Note: I just want to make it clear that this story was inspired by a Creepypasta called 'The Egg' and is in no way affiliated with actual beliefs. Johnny is also a very cynical and sarcastic person, so any insults he throws around are from his thoughts, not mine. That is all.

"See, this new theory I heard just…gets to me," the homicidal maniac told the young boy seated in the bed. "I heard bits and pieces from a person before I kill…uh, before they 'went away'. It gets to me, but I'm not sure if that's a positive thing or a negative thing. Not yet."

The smart little boy looked up. "Theory about what?"

"Just…" the scary neighbor man was at a loss for words. "About life, the universe, and our place in it. It was about what we originally came here for and precisely WHY each of us exists. It sent me into an existential crisis for a good half hour. That's rare nowadays." Johnny glanced down at the child. "Hey, you don't mind if I turn this into your bedtime story, right? It's the only thing on my mind, and I honestly don't think I could come up with anything else and make it remotely entertaining. Not that this will be entertaining. I just need to tell someone, and honestly, Squee, you listen a lot better than echoing head voices or a captive audience screaming for release that never finds them."

The boy nodded, but shivered in fear at the mention of Johnny's other options of an audience. "I don't mind. Just…please don't say spooky things, Mr. Scary Neighbor Man. Please?"

"Oh, no, don't worry. This story is completely void of monsters, murders, depression, or swearing. It's all philosophical, which can be a little freaky, but not 'spooky' per say. I'll also try to fill in the blanks that the victim either left out of his rants or was unable to add because of me. He was quite the storyteller himself before he met his demise. Is that all right, then? Having this theory as a replacement story?"


Cue big smile from bloodied, scarred, deranged murderer. "Perfect! Okay, let's see…oh, right. Let's begin it this way. There are billions of people on Planet Earth. All are wandering from place to place, some with a determined purpose, and others with confusion and discontent in their hearts. We all look different from one another. Even identical twins, over time, develop different facial expressions and choose different ways to carry themselves. Each of us exists, but why? Why were so many spirits wandering the Earth, and why were some lives cut so short while others are prolonged for an impressive lengths? And if each person has their own unique spirit, then where could they possibly all fit? Surely even limitless places such as Heaven and Hell would be either crowded or incredibly difficult to navigate around to find people to hang with for all eternity.

Well, here's the trick: there is only one spirit. That's right, only one, and it exists in each of us simultaneously, giving the illusion of having copies of itself. No, this is not some all-powerful, all-knowing being. It is not God. It is not an angel. It is simply a human soul. THE human soul. The only one that humanity has to show for all of its efforts. How can there only be one soul, and yet it encompasses our entire species, which is known for its wild variation from person to person? Let me explain.

At some point in time, I don't know when, and I don't know how, this spirit was created. It was fresh, new, inexperienced. A toddler compared to the entire universe. It saw our little blue planet, and through its own spiritual awakening, it could see the future that was before it. All that potential, all that life, it was sobering to witness. This spirit eagerly decided that it absolutely must be a part of it all. But how was one who worked outside of time's restrictions to participate in something that had begun and ended simultaneously in its eyes? How was it to experience what every individual thought, did, or chose, and mature as a spiritual being so it may become wiser? Simple. It gave the gift of life. True life. And with this new gift of life, it inhabited its very first human being. That would explain why that person was so enamored with all of our race in spite of our flaws and our ridicule. He still held within him that initial wonder with the human race, and refused to give up his positive perception of us. He also had a high regard for his own creator, whomever that may be. Maybe it is God. Who can say, at this point?

After the final death, the spirit wasn't finished. Oh, no. Definitely not. It continued to throw time completely out the window, and leaped from person to person, even becoming the very people that it was meant to abhor. You know, the liars, the murderers, those kinds of people. Bad people. But then, it is believed that in that spirit's personal timeline, it inhabits the worse people around the middle of its timeline, when it starts to become disillusioned with our fate. It becomes wise and thankful again near the end of its journey, or so I was told. Think about it. It was Hitler, and also all of the people he killed. It was Jesus, and all those who followed him. It was every prophet that ever existed, as well as every sinner. It argued with itself in every debate ever concocted, and loved itself in every relationship. It was the famous celebrity avoiding the tabloids as well as the drunk homeless man the celebrity passed by. All these people…they were all one being reacting to different upbringings and brain chemistries! It also fulfilled otherwise loose ends in this way. Those lives that were cut short, were meant to be, as terrible as that sounds. But it was necessary so the spirit could move on to its next person in its timely fashion.

That means that I, as a human being, am more than just one person. I am billions upon billions of people throughout history. Think about it. Even by talking to you, I am talking to myself! I am the killer that is disgusted with the world, and the frightened child listening to the rants and raves of a maniacal mass murderer. The people killed? Me. The people I've grown close to? Also me. But, still, not really. I have a spirit, and yet it is fickle enough to have already moved on in its own time. Heaven and Hell? Just different sections of its thoughts and different points in time! Ghosts? Nothing more than thoughts and memories accidentally spoken aloud. We don't remember each life while we're in it, as our physical brains can only hold so much information. We remember between each life. We remember it all. But during it, we are a slate that is, generally, wiped clean. We don't know where we stand on the timeline, as we are only little blips compared to the grand scheme of things. Our purpose, therefore, is to simply understand. To comprehend the world and people around us, to be respectful to one another. Truly, we must treat others as we wish to be treated, because when we hurt others, we are quite literally only hurting ourselves. What's the point, then? What's the point of anything if it will only be remembered at the very end of all life as well as the short snapshots in-between? Does the spirit we possess have morals? Does it have any sustained beliefs from life to life? What determines who it chooses to be next?

I'm not saying that I believe in this. Any of this. In fact, upon first hearing it, I laughed at the very idea. I just think that if such a theory exists, and it's well-thought out…hey, it at least deserves the respect of a moment's appreciation. Just imagine it as holding some truth in some form. If we immediately dismissed it, imagine how dumb we would feel if it turned out to be true. If there really is a spirit, I don't want to be remembered as 'that guy' who heard the theory and turned up my nose at it. Just being one more childish memory to be shoved back into the mental attic, only to be brought out to review this source of embarrassment as a regretful lesson in stupidity. It doesn't matter if this is all just a madman's ravings and misplaced conclusions. We have to be more open-minded. Life is full of possibilities and theories. Why not one more?"

Todd looked up with wide, frightened eyes. "Is…is that…true?"

The maniac looked serious for a moment, then cracked a sly grin. "Well, I dunno. I just thought it sounded really neat as a story! I only made up half of it, so I can't take full credit for this theory. It's a pity that I needed to "move" that guy from the machine he was strapped in because another person who was "visiting" needed to be put in it instead. I think he was just saying those things to confuse me! It worked for a little bit, regrettably. I actually delayed killing him for a day. But I still wish that he could have expanded more on it in the short time he was around. I'm pretty sure I got several facts completely wrong. And, since I may have died myself, those kinds of theories are fun to listen to and laugh at! I'm pretty sure Senor Diablo isn't a figment of someone's imagination, although God might have been, since he wasn't nearly as powerful as I was expecting. I also do NOT like the idea that those jerks I killed off for being moronic were actually me in a past or future life. I mean, really! In ANY life, I would NEVER act like or say the things they did! I would NEVER be so DISRESPECTFUL to everyone around me! Calling people names and making lude jokes are just...AAAGGGHHH!"

"B-but…" Todd squeaked out, interrupting Johnny's suddenly angry rant. Johnny froze and looked over at Squee.

"But…?" Nny prompted the frightened boy.

"But what if…what if you're just near the end of the timeline, and those meanies were just in the middle, and you just learned from them or something?"

Johnny's expression softened a bit. "Well…then I still have some wising up to do, don't I? I'm obviously still deranged, though I guess I have a deeper perspective than a lot of people." He sat down on the end of the bed and tentatively rested a hand on Squee's little shoulder. "And, hey, don't worry. If I'm near the end, that means you're near the beginning. Still so full of potential for a good life. If you were in the past and I'm near the future, then that's okay. That means I was you at some point." The maniac gave a small, completely sane smile. "Honestly, even being distantly related through spiritual shenanigans to such a good person as yourself…that would be absolutely fine with me. I couldn't ask for a better person to be related to. If you still have hope and can be a truly good person, even in this terrible world, then why can't I, right?"