"Dude, what are you doing?" Demyx asked as Riku unbuckled his seatbelt.

"You hear him screaming?!" Riku shouted loudly.

"Ow! Stop it! Stop it!" Sora cried in the background over Riku's phone.

"Riku, the police said to stay here," Zexion hated to remind Riku for the hundredth time.

"Riku! Riku help me! Help me!" Sora let out a loud wail as Riku opened the car door and sprinted down the block.

"Stay here and stay on the line!" Axel handed his phone to Demyx so that the blonde could keep in contact with the police who were on their way. The redhead then dashed after Riku, sprinting his hardest to catch up to Riku.

"I. Got. To. Get. IN!" Riku smashed his body against Sora's front door, trying to break it down.

"Would ya stop?!" Axel grabbed Riku's shoulders and pushed him aside. The redhead inhaled deep, took a step back, and then did a side kick that broke the door inside.

"Let's go!" Riku had no time to thank the redhead as he darted for the stairs.

"What the? Who the hell do you think," Sora's mother charged down the stairs, obviously bothered by the loud intrusion.

"Where is he?!" Riku shouted before he heard another shout coming from the second story.

"Let me go!" Sora cried.

"You cannot come up here!" Sora's mother was certain as Axel tried to push aside her. Riku was struggling as Axel tried to hold off the woman, but due to the three bodies all on one narrow staircase, the redhead tripped and was pushed down the stairs. He tumbled messily but with adrenaline both he and Riku were able to make their way up the stairs.

"Help!" Sora screamed again.

"Sora," Riku barely uttered the name before he ran up the stairs with Axel limping behind him.

"Stop! Stop right there!" Sora's mother ordered as Riku tried to jiggle the door handle to Sora's locked bedroom.

"MOVE!" Axel shouted before he smashed Sora's bedroom door off the hinges with another powerful kick before he collapsed to the floor.

"Sora!" Riku stood in the doorway, his body and mind pushed beyond adrenaline and concern.

"I really wouldn't, if I were you." A man grinned as he stood in Sora's room with the brunette's hair in his hand. He had a firm grasp of the trembling boy, both of them standing by the window as the man kept his other hand on Sora's frail chest, ready to push him out the second story window.

"Riku," Sora whined with shaking lips.

"It's ok Sora, it's going to be ok." Riku swallowed hard, trying to devise a plan. He turned to Axel for ideas when he realized that his friend was on the floor, blood slowly showing on his pant leg.

"I, I think I broke my leg," Axel huffed, his left leg looking deformed through the crimson stained jeans.

"Oh god," Riku gulped, feeling distressed as his one and only teammate sat injured. It was clear that Axel's leg was more than just broken as blood seeped through his clothes.

"Leave, leave while you can. You have nothing but your word, and your friend is in need of serious medical attention." The man smiled.

"I, I think I used too much force for both doors after falling down the stairs." Axel groaned as he started to control his breathing as best he could.

The silverrete could only stand there and wonder what was best to do before he frowned, unsure of how to try to save both boys he cared for.

"Riku," Sora begged in a hushed yet desperate whisper.

"Shut up you little brat!"

"Daddy stop!" Sora sobbed as his father tightened his grip, pulling Sora to his tip toes. Sora wore no sling on his left arm, but he kept his shoulder still as if he had it on.

"I said shut up!" The man threw Sora's body in front of his own and nailed him in the stomach while keeping a firm hand in messy brown spikes.

"Ugh!" Sora took the blow with a gasp.

"Let him go!" Riku reached for the brunette.

"Get the hell out of my house!" The man shook his fist full of Sora's hair as the boy rushed one of his own hands to grab his father's hand.

"Not without Sora!" Riku demanded, his brain aching with all of his worries that he tried to silence.

"Either you leave or I'll push him out this window right here, right now." The man glared harshly. Riku looked to Axel and swallowed thick, unsure of what to do, his mind and his feet not working together as he debated the consequences to all possible options. "You want to stay? Ok." The man shrugged before he backed Sora's feet against the window pane.

"No!" Sora fidgeted in futile.

"Wait!" Riku reached out. "Wait," he begged with a panicked breath. "We'll go." He said as calmly as he could.

"We will?" Axel looked up to Riku from where the redhead was stuck on the ground shaking from the amount of blood that slowly but steadily exited his clearly broken leg.

"We'll leave. We won't tell anyone. Just, don't hurt him?" Riku shed a tear.

"You have no one to tell." The man said sternly. "The sooner you go the sooner I shall let him be."

"Right. Come on." Riku knelt by Axel and lifted the injured redhead onto his good leg.

"I, I can't." Axel groaned, his leg dangling from his shin down.

"Sorry." Riku blinked another tear before he stood behind Axel and put his arms around the middle of Axel's torso. "I'm so sorry." He said again with a sniffle before he began walking backwards, dragging Axel's feet on the ground, trying to keep his body up as best he could.

"Ah!" Axel gritted his teeth, his broken leg carelessly moving on its own as he panted.

"Riku!" Sora whined. "Don't leave me here!" Sora shouted. "Don't leave me!" He screamed before he sobbed loudly.

"Fuck man," Axel didn't bother to hide the sound of his tears as Riku backed up to the top of the stairs.

"I'm so sorry Axel." Riku wept as he bit his lip, letting Axel's broken leg smack every step violently, causing more blood to escape.

"Ow, oh god," Axel cried, trying to use his one good leg to take most of the strain, but it wasn't enough.

"Almost there," Riku sniffled loudly as Sora's mother waited at the bottom of the staircase.

"Serves you two right, being so nosey." She shook her head just as the two boys finally made it to the first floor. She lifted her nose as she walked past them and went up the stairs and into Sora's bedroom.

"Shh, wait here!" Riku whispered harshly as he left Axel's body on the floor behind the couch, shielded from eyes.

"Where are you going?!" Axel asked back with concern in the loudest whisper he could manage. "The police are already on their way!"

"They won't get here in time. I'm going to save him too!" Riku quickly yet quietly rushed out the back door and into the backyard.

The silverrete looked up to the window he estimated would be Sora's and tried to devise a plan. He needed to get Sora's attention without getting caught by the boy's parents, but this proved to be more difficult than he first assumed.

"Oh fuck oh shit oh fucking shit," Riku barely uttered as he tried to think faster and harder than ever before. His effort was rewarded when Sora happened to look out the window and spotted Riku standing there. Riku quickly lifted his arms up, as if to say he would catch the boy to break his fall. Sora looked behind him, gulped, and then climbed onto the window seal.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sora's father asked loudly before the brunette jumped.

"Oof!" Sora crashed on Riku, causing both boys to land on the concrete.

"Hey!" Sora's father leaned out the window before he disappeared, making it obvious he was going to chase after them.

"Come on let's go!" Sora sat up with difficulty and pulled on Riku's limp arm. "Riku?" Sora asked again before he saw blood leaking from behind Riku's head. "RIKU!" Sora screamed as loudly as he could.

"What?" Axel crawled as fast as he could, his arms and one good leg doing all they could to drag his body from the living room to the first few feet away from the backdoor.

"Riku! Riku!" Sora sobbed, his voice scratching as he squeezed the silverrete's hand.

"Oh no," Axel managed to sit up on his hip as his eyes scanned all over Riku's body, about to go into a state of shock.

"Ahh-hoh, no! No! NO!" Sora wailed as he wept loudly.

"You little fucker," Sora's father made it to the doorway, pausing when he saw Riku's clearly unconscious body lying with blood collecting on the stained concrete.

"Stay away from us!" Axel shouted as he put an arm on Sora's chest, trying to keep his body between father and son. Sora continued to cry as he hid behind the redheads back, hoping for a miracle to save them.

"You brought this on yourself." Sora's father gulped before a team of policemen circled him, ordering him to get on his knees and put his hands on his head. Sora's eyes went wide as his mind put him into a state of disbelief and confusion.

"It's ok." Axel turned around to Sora, letting out a flood of tears due to the shock and pain that had taken a toll on his body. "It's finally going to be ok." Axel cried as he held Sora close.

"Riku," Sora shuddered in Axel's embrace.

"He's alive. He needs to be taken to a hospital. We have an ambulance on the way." One of the officers said.

"He needs one too." Sora tugged on the officer's pant leg, pointing to Axel with his other hand.

"Oh dear," The policeman stooped down and used a knife in his pocket to tear open the tainted jean fabric on Axel's left leg.

"Shit," Axel inhaled deep, able to see how his bone had broken through the surface of his skin.

"Hang in there, ok?" The policeman said as Axel started to pant.

"Sora, Sora," Axel took deep rushed breaths. "Sora cover it." Axel closed his eyes. Sora gulped as he nodded, unable to take his eyes off of the gruesome sight of how the bone popped out, showing the inside of Axel's leg with blood, tissue, and muscle.

Having nothing nearby to cover up the broken flesh, Sora shed his own shirt over his still wounded shoulder, and placed it over Axel's leg.

"Thank you." Axel huffed, his body beginning to tremble.

"It's ok." Sora sniffled as he put both arms around Axel's neck. "It'll be ok." He said, as if for himself as he hid his face in the redhead's neck.

"Alright, we need to get him in first. The second ambulance will be here in a minute." A different officer explained to Sora and Axel as a paramedic team lifted Riku's body onto a stretcher.

"He's, he's going to be just fine, right?" Axel asked, needing to be reassured.

"We're going to take good care of him." One paramedic answered before they swarmed Riku's body on the stretcher, putting a mask over his face, cleaning the blood from the back of his head, leaving Axel and Sora to glance at the pool of blood beside them.

"It's ok." Axel sighed, his body going weak as his adrenaline wore down.

"You're going to be ok too." Sora sniffled as he looked into the redheads eyes. "You have to be, ok?" Sora's lower lip shook.

"I will." Axel blinked a tear.

"You better." Sora ordered as he inhaled as many tears as he could. "You better be." He repeated as he hiccupped.

"I promise." Axel tried to nod, but the pain in his leg began to spread.

"Here, you can lay here." Sora patted his lap and pulled Axel's torso down gently.

"Ah!" Axel grimaced as his bad leg twitched.

"Shh," Sora rubbed Axel's chest in a relaxing notion.

"Oh man," Axel began to bite down on his finger.

"Here, bite this," Sora took the shirt off of Axel's knee since the redhead couldn't see anything but the sky and Sora's torso and up, and fed it to the redhead.

Axel bit down violently, his face displaying the torment that his injury was causing his body.

"Alright, let's go." Another paramedic team rushed to Sora's side and lifted Axel up onto a stretcher.

"Ah, ah, oh god oh god oh god." Axel wept.

"Do you need to go to a hospital to?" One paramedic helped the brunette boy to his feet.

"No." Sora whispered as tears silently fell.

"Let's check to be sure." The paramedic did a quick assessment and after confirming that nothing was broken or severely injured beyond the already existing bruises and swollen shoulder, he escorted Sora out the front door.

"Sora?" Demyx ran up to the brunette. "Oh thank goodness you're ok!" Demyx held Sora as tightly as he could.

"We were so worried!" Zexion stood beside them.

"I, I'm ok." Sora wiped his eyes, his mind on the verge of shutting down.

"Where, where are Axel and Riku?" Demyx asked with a look of confusion.

"You didn't see?" Sora whispered.

"Didn't see what? We just got here. We were waiting behind the corner around the block and when we saw the cop cars drive by with two ambulance cars we figured the coast was clear to come back and check on you and Axel and Riku." Zexion explained.

"So you did see." Sora said quietly.

"See what?" Demyx wondered aloud.

"Oh no." Zexion gulped in a whisper. "The ambulance?" he asked as calmly as his panicking heart would let him.

"No." Demyx shook his head in disbelief before Sora nodded. "NO!" Demyx screamed before he turned around, about to make a run for it when Zexion tugged on his wrist.

"What are you going to do? Race them all the way to the hospital?" Zexion yelled in his hurt confusion.

"YES!" Demyx cried before he sobbed on Zexion's shoulder.

"They, they are alive, right?" Zexion had to ask.

"Riku's unconscious, but Axel's ok."

"What, what happened to him?" Demyx sniffled.

"He broke his leg." Sora said quietly.

"Oh, that's it?" Zexion said, as if he were relieved.

"That's it?!" Demyx asked in disgust. "My baby is in pain!"

"It wasn't pretty." Sora gulped. "His bone is sticking out of his leg."

"It, it what? It was, sticking, sticking out?" Demyx asked with wide eyes and slow words.

"Yeah, like, completely out. I saw the inside of his leg and everything." Sora shook his head free from the image that stuck with him.

"Oh, oh good." Demyx smiled.

"Good?" Sora couldn't fight back his surprise.

"Excuse me," Demyx held up a finger before he fainted.

"Dem!" Zexion caught the tall blonde, slowly falling to the ground to stabilize the weight of the swimmer. "He'll be ok." Zexion reassured Sora.

"Pardon me, Sora?" A policeman walked up to the brunette. "We need to talk about your parents."

Zexion watched as Sora and a policeman walked to a police car and talked privately; he saw how cops were putting tape around the area with barricades to warn off neighbors; he sat there with an unconscious Demyx in his lap for nearly twenty minutes before the blonde came to.

"Zex?" Demyx sat up slowly.

"Hey, you feeling any better?" Zexion asked.

"I, I want my Axel." Demyx sniffled.

"I know Dem." Zexion held the blonde until a police car offered to give him and Demyx a ride to the hospital to visit their friends.

"Man, I can't believe Riku's still asleep and Axel's still in surgery." Zexion tapped an impatient foot as Demyx frowned.

"I can't believe they took Sora away without letting us talk to him more."

"Well, there's a lot of legal stuff they have to figure out." Zexion shrugged, trying not to tire his mind with wondering what the details were.

"Do, do you think they're going to arrest him?" Demyx gulped nervously.

"Nah, no, of course not." Zexion shook his head before he made eye contact with the blonde. "At least I really hope not." He whispered quietly.

"He's so small, and so innocent."

"Innocent." Zexion scoffed. "He sells drugs, carries condoms in his pocket, yet," Zexion shook his head. "Yet he's one of the sweetest most harmless kids I've ever met."

"I just hope we can talk to him soon. I miss him." Demyx slumped his cheeks into his hands.

"Yeah. Well, we just have to be patient." Zexion sighed. He was right. The two waited for another three hours before a doctor came out to inform them.

"How are they?" Zexion rushed to his feet as a sleepy Demyx rubbed his eyes.

"We put a metal rod in Axel's leg to help the bone heal. He's going to be fine and although the recovery process is slow, we expect him to heal just fine."

"Oh thank god!" Demyx put a hand to his chest in relief.

"And Riku?" Zexion asked.

"He's still in a coma." The doctor said quietly.

"Oh," Zexion frowned.

"He's breathing on his own, and his body seems to be adjusting, so hopefully he will be awake sometime tomorrow, but there's really no way to be sure." The doctor cleared his throat.

"Well, thank you." Zexion tried to remain professional.

"He will come out of the coma, right?" Demyx looked to Zexion.

"He better." Zexion sighed. The two fell asleep in the waiting area, sitting up in the uncomfortable chairs, Zexion resting on Demyx's shoulder while Demyx held Zexion.

"Good morning." The doctor slowly approached the drooling Zexion and snoring Demyx.

"M?" Zexion coughed on his own saliva.

"Excuse me?" The doctor repeated a bit louder.

"What?" Zexion shook his head clear as his hair messily scattered over his eyes.

"Your friend, Riku," The doctor began before Zexion slapped Demyx's chest.

"HUH?" Demyx sat right up and looked about wildly.

"It's about Riku!" Zexion said before he nodded to the doctor. "Go on,"

"He's awake." The doctor smiled.

"Oh thank goodness!" Zexion smiled to Demyx, who hugged him tight.

"He's already eaten and is slowly talking. As for Axel, he is asleep but is doing great." The doctor smiled.

"Can, can we talk to them? Please?" Demyx begged.

"You can see Riku in about thirty minutes. As for Axel, it is crucial that he sleeps until he is properly healed. Once he wakes, we'll let you know so you can say hi."

"Thank you!" Zexion clapped and just thirty minutes later, he and Demyx walked into Riku's hospital room.

"Hey," Demyx whispered as Riku lifted a hand cautiously.

"We missed you man." Zexion sniffled as he clasped Riku's hand gently yet strongly.

"S-Sora," Riku whispered as best he could.

"We don't know." Demyx shrugged as Riku closed his eyes.

"I'm sure he's alright." Zexion added.

"Axel?" Riku opened his eyes slowly.

"He's in here too. He broke his leg pretty badly, but the doctors already finished his surgery so he should be ready to see us soon." Demyx smiled.

"Sorry, sorry I, I dragged him into this," Riku's words were patiently uttered as Zexion shook his head.

"You guys saved Sora, and that's what matters."

"Yeah, Axel's tough and he's going to be just fine. Like you." Demyx added for encouragement.

The two boys were escorted out of the room just minutes after entering so Riku could rest peacefully, and after being told they weren't allowed to see Axel for the day, the two went to Demyx's house.

"It's so quiet." Zexion said as he and Demyx sat alone on Demyx's couch.

"I miss him." Demyx bit his lip.

"Me too." Zexion whispered, knowing the blonde meant Axel, but referencing all of their friends that were absent.

"I want them all here. It's not the same. Something's missing." Demyx sighed loudly.

"They'll be here soon." Zexion nodded to himself as he set up his sleeping bag on the floor by Demyx's.

"I can't fall asleep." Demyx whined an hour after Zexion had turned off the lights.

"Me either." Zexion rolled over to face his friend.

"Can, can I hold you?" Demyx asked with a sniffle.

"Yeah," Zexion scooted his sleeping bag over to Demyx's and both boys freed their arms to hold each other.

"Goodnight Zexion." Demyx gave sleep one more try as he closed his eyes.

"Night, Demyx." Zexion whispered before he fell into an uneasy sleep.

School, swim meets, and science experiments kept the two boys busy for the next two weeks when they were finally called back to the hospital. They greeted Riku calmly but with as much excitement as they were allowed to, happy to have the silverrete back in their grasp.

"You guys, I'm fine. Really." Riku smiled as Zexion and Demyx remained overly cautious as they helped Riku to the hospital's exit.

"We just want to be sure." Zexion smiled.

"There he is!" Demyx pointed when he saw his boyfriend for the first time in two weeks. Axel was being rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair by a female nurse after having spent two weeks in intense physical therapy.

"Hey baby." Axel said with a gentle voice as Demyx clenched his hand as tightly as he could.

"I missed you so much Axel Lea, you have no idea!" Demyx kissed Axel's cheek delicately.

"I missed you too." Axel said quietly.

"Come on, let's get these two home." Zexion chuckled as the nurse instructed on Axel's basic care requirements, before they all loaded up in Demyx's car.

"So, still no word on him eh?" Axel asked as Demyx parked his wheelchair with his left leg extended straight in front of his body.

"Nope." Zexion sighed as he, Demyx, and Riku occupied Demyx's couch with the blonde at the end by Axel's wheelchair.

"Well, I had my mom call about trying to offer him a place to live, like a foster-host family, but she hasn't contacted me so either she's super busy with work, or they said no." Demyx shrugged hopelessly.

"Two weeks is a long time." Riku winced.

"Well the officers said that he needed counseling and that they had to figure out what would happen to his parents and stuff." Zexion added.

"True." Axel nodded.

"What about his brother?" Riku asked.

"They didn't mention him. All we know is that they were going to arrest both of his parents, probably give his mom some sort of break since his dad was the one with most of the charges. They said they were going to make sure Sora wasn't seriously injured and then take him to the center where they'd question him about the drugs and make sure he's safe from his former boss. Then they said they'd try to find him a home or put in him the orphanage, but they promised they'd tell us once he got a home or if he had to go to the orphanage." Demyx sighed loudly.

"He did go through so much." Riku whispered.

It went quiet before the doorbell rang.

"I got it." Demyx said before he opened the door and shouted. "Reno!"

"Reno?" Axel whipped his head around.

"Hey." The tall redhead looked to the wounded redhead in the wheelchair.

"How's Sora?" Riku asked anxiously.

"Alright, let's all calm down." Reno started as the three abled boys stood around him while Axel watched with anticipation.

"Well? Tell us!" Demyx begged before Reno's partner, Rude, walked in next.

"We have news." Rude said dryly.

"How is he doing?" Riku repeated.

"He's going to be fine. He is very fragile right now, so we haven't disclosed any information about him to anyone, but we are sure he will heal considering all the shit his parents put him through." Reno folded his arms.

"He must have been so scared!" Demyx put his hands over his mouth.

"He was a bit edgy when we got him, and he's showing light signs of mild trauma, but we think he'll be able to recover just fine." Reno gave a small smile.

"Where will he live?" Demyx asked.

"He has no other family other than his parents, so he'll probably go to an orphanage or a rehabilitation center until he's old enough to be on his own."

"What about his twin?" Axel asked.

"His what?" Reno asked in confusion.

"He, he has a twin brother." Riku cleared his throat.

"He never mentioned it." Reno shrugged.

"Didn't look like it in his house." Rude said simply.

"Yeah, yeah he said he has a brother, and his own mother said she has another son!" Riku pressed.

"Did she give a name?" Reno asked with a notepad and pen in hand.

"Roxas." Riku answered.

"Roxas?" Reno mused over the name.

"Yeah, Roxas, blonde, same height as Sora," Axel described the boy he had seen before at school.

"Ah, yes, he isn't related to the family." Reno shook his head.

"Wait, what?" Zexion didn't understand.

"The boy named Roxas isn't related to this family, although he spends a lot of time with them. He doesn't have a room in their house, although from what we were able to get from the mom, she prefers the blonde to the brunette." Reno shrugged.

"Can, can you be more…clear?" Riku scratched his head.

"You're saying that the mom has Sora as her son, but wants Roxas?" Axel guessed.

"Yep. Apparently the two were close friends as children, and when Roxas would come over, the mom would ask Sora to be more like Roxas. Over time, the mother and father treated Roxas so well that the boy began to act as if he lived here. He was there when they treat Sora decently, and he even sleeps in Sora's bed occasionally, but when they beat the brunette boy, the blonde is with his real family."

"That's, that's awful." Zexion whispered. "To know that your parents love someone who isn't even related to them more than their own child."

"Poor guy," Demyx frowned.

"We'll have to talk to this Roxas then, get a statement." Rude looked to his redheaded buddy.

"Alright, well let's find that boy and get a hold of him. Maybe the boy can stay with Roxas if they were close enough to call each other brothers?" Reno scribbled down in his notepad.

"He can stay with me!" Demyx said eagerly.

"We'll need to speak with your parents before we can sign him away." Reno nodded.

"Don't talk about him as if he were your property." Axel threatened from his wheel chair.

"Relax." Reno said before he slipped his notepad into his back pocket. "We're only taking such measures because we care. We wouldn't just let him stay with anyone." Reno gave a small smile.

"Good, cause neither would we. Here's my mom's cell; she's on a business call right now but she already put in a statement and we four will all stay here, honest." Demyx pleaded.

"Ok Dem, I trust you guys. I'll give the number to the agent in charge of Sora's case. I'll get back to you in another hour or so. We're hoping to relocate him by then."

"Wait, you mean, he could be here in like an hour?!" Riku asked with hope.

"Yep. Or the orphanage. The sooner I leave and make some calls the sooner I'll know." Reno said before he took down some notes, looked to his partner, and left.

"I, I don't want to just sit and wait here." Riku said despairingly on Demyx's couch.

"I just can't believe about Roxas." Axel shook his head. "You said that the mom called Roxas her own son, right?"

"Yeah!" Riku nodded.

"Sora even confessed to Roxas being his twin the first day we talked to him." Zexion recalled.

"So why would he lie?" Demyx asked.

"Um, when was he ever honest with us when we first met him?" Axel scoffed.

"Yeah but, lying about having a brother? That's a bit extreme." Demyx frowned.

"They said that Roxas didn't know that Sora was being abused, but, but how could he not know? I mean we figured it out and we're never there." Axel thought.

"Look, I agree with that super formal police officer with the sunglasses. Let's just wait here and stop worrying over things we can't control and then if we see Sora and he's ok, we just ask him." Zexion said. "I just, I'm tired of worrying and wondering." The boy shook his head.

"He's right, let's just calm down and take a step back." Axel agreed. Zexion and Riku managed to kill an hour by going to the store to get flowers and card for Sora, as well as snacks for the mini party that Demyx was setting up while keeping an eye on Axel's body.

"Great, so that's about everything, right?" Zexion looked into the basket as the boys stood in line to pay.

"Yeah, wait we might want to get some more soda and," Riku suggested before his phone went off. "Hello? Reno? Yeah, yeah this is Riku. He is? Ok, ok; yeah, uh-huh. He is? Oh great! Great! Yeah, yeah like, fifteen minutes? Perfect! Thanks! Bye." Riku hung up as Zexion paid for the treats.

"So?" Zexion asked with wide curious eyes.

"Reno and Rude are on their way to drop Sora off at Demyx's house in fifteen minutes, so let's hurry!" Riku rushed the words out of his mouth before they rushed home after they called Demyx and Axel to warn them.

"Ok, let's try to set up. How much time do we," Riku started as he and Zexion started unpacking the snacks, but stopped when there was a knock on the front door.

"Must be them already." Axel said as he fixed his wheelchair to face the door as Demyx opened it.

"Sora!" The blonde shouted happily as the small brunette boy walked through the doorway, in front of Reno and Rude.

"Hey, you ok?" Riku dashed to Sora's side.

"He's still a bit out of it, but he'll be alright." Reno spoke for the brunette who had a blank look on his tired face.

"Poor baby," Riku whispered as he put a hand on Sora's cheek. Sora looked up into Riku's eyes and then leaned his body forward to rest on Riku's. "I got you." Riku said comfortingly as he rubbed Sora's back.

"We talked to your mom." Reno said to Demyx. "She said that Sora is welcome for however long he desires to stay here."

"That's great!" Riku smiled wide.

"Awesome!" Zexion high fived Demyx.

"Dude, that's wonderful!" Axel rolled himself up to the group.

"Yeah, so we'll be over tomorrow to finalize things. If you guys need anything, give us a call." Reno waved before he left behind Rude.

"Well, welcome back!" Demyx smiled to Sora, who just swallowed silently.

"We really are happy that you're here." Axel smiled as Riku led Sora to the couch.

"Thanks." Sora finally spoke up.

"If you need anything," Zexion started.

"Oh, wait," Demyx jumped up and grabbed the grocery bags. "We bought soda, candy, chips,"

"And we have flowers for you." Axel handed a bouquet of flowers and a get well card which he had on the coffee table to the brunette boy. Sora looked at them with a faint smile.

"Thank you."

"Why don't we order a pizza?" Zexion dug his phone out of his pocket. "Pretty sure I have them on speed dial from all the times we bother them." Zexion chuckled to lighten the mood.

"What kind do you want?" Axel asked Sora.

"Anything is fine." Sora said quietly before another knock came on Demyx's door.

"Who's that?" Demyx opened it before a blonde boy peered inside.


"Roxas!" Sora's energy seemed to have replenished itself. Riku watched with a sense of jealousy as Roxas invited himself inside to hug the brunette.

"Sora!" The blonde exclaimed once more.

"You found me!" Sora ran over to the blonde of same height and stature as himself.

"The cops gave me your current address as this place." He said before he finally made contact with Sora. "I was so worried when I found out." Roxas held Sora as if Sora had never been injured before, squeezing him tightly, swaying from side to side. "Why didn't you tell me!?" Roxas yelled as Sora started to sniffle.

"Hey!" Riku barked.

"I, I couldn't." Sora wiped his eyes. "You were so happy when you were over. I didn't want to ruin it for you."

"Sora, they were beating you. That isn't right."

"You mean you never knew?" Axel asked suspiciously.

"Well, I mean, I saw them push him around a bit, but I had no idea it was this bad!" Roxas said desperately. "Whenever they started to hurt him, I told them to stop and they would. I, I didn't know they were only waiting for me to go home." Roxas frowned. "Sora if I would have known I wouldn't have left you." Roxas put a hand on Sora's cheek.

"I thought I could handle it all on my own." Sora blinked innocently.

"Dummy." Roxas shook his head as he pulled Sora's against his chest. "I hope you're ok now."

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Sora gave a small smile.

"Good. I swear, you need anything, you let me know, ok?" Roxas kissed Sora's cheek.

"Ahem," Riku coughed, trying not to get too jealous, but he couldn't help his protective nature.

"You must be Riku." Roxas smiled. "Sora used to tell me a lot about his favorite silver haired classmate."

"We're dating!" Sora grabbed Riku's hand proudly. "Are, aren't we?" Sora looked up to Riku, not sure where their relationship stood after everything that had happened.

"Of course we are." Riku smiled down to Sora, kissing his lips softly as Sora blushed.

"I'm very happy for you lil bro." Roxas ruffled Sora's hair.

"Thanks Roxy."

"Sure thing sweetie. I'm going to go meet with Namine, but baby if you need anything, you call me, ok? I can cancel or leave my date if you just give me a ring, alright?" Roxas asked as he leaned forward to kiss Sora's nose.

"Thank you Roxy." Sora hugged Roxas tightly.

"Anytime." Roxas held Sora back. "You stay safe ok? Big bro will be here from now on, I promise." Roxas gave a soft smile before he frowned. "I'm so sorry I failed you." He shook his head before Sora hugged him again.

"Not your fault Roxy."

"I just," He let out a deep sigh. "I wish I could have helped you. I wish I would have gotten involved more. You may not be my real twin, but I love you like one, ok?" Roxas winked as Riku stood up tall.

"Love you like my older twin too Rox." Sora let out a soft chuckle, finding Riku's nature to be admirable.

"Ok, well, I'll go so you can enjoy your time with your boyfriend." Roxas laughed to lighten the mood.

"I will." Sora took Riku's hand once more.

"Give me a call if you need anything."

"I will."

"Alright, I'll stop by tomorrow, if that's alright?" Roxas turned to Demyx.

"Of course, whenever." Demyx smiled.

"Great. Bye baby bro." Roxas kissed Sora's temple before he left.

"So, he's not your real twin?" Riku had to clarify after Zexion shut the door behind Roxas.

"No. I, I wish he were. If he lived with me permanently, then I probably wouldn't have been hit so much. But he took good care of me when he was over." Sora shrugged.

"Better to have some help than no help." Zexion tried to stay positive.

"Yeah," Sora whispered, looking to his shoes.

"You sure you're ok?" Riku asked, moving Sora's bangs out of his face.

"I'm just a little tired." Sora said slowly.

"How about we go to bed early, after pizza? We can fall asleep to the movie!" Riku proposed.

"Sounds good." Sora responded.

After an extra serving of pizza, Demyx popped the movie into the DVD player, and turned the lights off.

"You ok?" Riku asked for the hundredth time as Sora's eyes closed on their own just seconds before Sora forced them open again.

"Huh?" Sora blinked rapidly as Riku chuckled.

"Go to bed baby," Riku put a pillow on his lap so Sora could lie down.

"Ok," Sora sighed, no energy left in his body.

"I love you." Riku smiled down to the boy he put his arms around.

"Love you too," Sora whispered.

"He's so cute." Demyx admired.

"Glad he's finally safe, for good." Axel nodded, happy to use his leg as an excuse to call dibs on the entire couch, forcing his friends to gather up on the floor.

"Seriously." Zexion agreed.

"Riku?" Sora rolled over, his face smothered into Riku's stomach.

"Yes?" Riku asked while running his fingers through Sora's hair.

"Thank you." Sora said with closed eyes.

"For what?" Riku asked with a small smile.

"For getting involved."

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