Okay so I bumped up the rating, and yes because there I smut in this, but I have put up guidelines as to where it starts and where it ends, so those people who are uncomfortable (or get bored) and skip right ahead.


"Molly, I know I haven't been the best person to you- especially when we first met, but somehow you managed to put up with it and I finally realised just how much you meant to me.

"You mean the most to me in this world. Yes, despite what you may think, even more than John. You've been there for me, you helped me when no one else would, or could. You risked your life for me.

"I-I know that I believe that caring is a disadvantage, and a weakness, but I've come to realise that I've already given into that. A long time ago. So I realised, yes, caring is something I still believe to be a weakness in someone, but if it is for someone like John, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade and of course you, it's all bloody

"I'd do anything for you, Molly, you'd better know that. I'd protect you, I'd keep you away from harm, hell, and I'd die for you if I'd have to.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I'd want to live without you. I definitely have never felt so strongly, over anyone." Molly looked up at Sherlock, and smiled.

"I know, love." She said softly. He leaned down and pecked her once on the lips.

"Again, I haven't done this before, but I've seen it being done, so I believe I know what to do. Honestly, in all my years I'd never thought I'd ever to this. Ever." He looked back up at Molly.

"You've changed me- for the better. Almost like some type of guardian angel." Molly grinned, standing on her toes to peck him on the cheek.

"Now stop leaving me in suspense. What is it that you want to do?"

"Maybe it wasn't a good idea. I should probably wait and-"


"Molly. It really isn't such a good idea anymore and-"

"Sherlock." Molly said softly. She held his biceps her fingers massaging them softly.

"Look at me." she said quietly. He did, meeting her eyes carefully. "Just show me, or tell me what it is. Please? I promise I won't laugh or cry or scream or whatever. You know I love you too much for that."

Sherlock looked down at her with that piercing stare that made her knees buckle and head go woozy. He took a deep breath.

"Just-Just stay there, okay?"

"Okay, Sherlock." He stepped back then and suddenly kneeled on one foot and faced the ground. Molly was curious because he was fumbling around with his hands. She wanted to see what was going on, but he was probably tying his shoelaces. Besides, she wanted to keep her promise. Then she realised both laces were done. Molly's eyes widened.

No way, no way, no way, no way she chanted over and over in her head no way- not to me of all people

Her heart raced up and settled in her mouth, almost choking her. It drummed wildly in her ribs; she felt like it was in more than one place- her whole body felt like it was vibrating. Heat drove up her ears and into her head.

Sherlock straightened, the cube velvet (purple) box on his palm. Molly's hands flew up to her mouth. She barely realised that they were trembling like leaves in a strong wind.

He opened the box with his free hand before placing it underneath. Molly almost pinched herself. Sat there, in the box's lining was the silver band with the beautiful diamond sitting right in the middle. It had to be at least three carats; stunning amethysts surrounded it. Molly coked back a sob.

"Oh my god…"she whispered, staring, alternating between Sherlock and the ring on his palm. He cleared his throat.

"Molly, I don't want to spend another moment in my life without you being my partner. I don't believe in rubbish like soulmates, but I do believe you are the closest you can get to being mine, and I'd love to have the honour to call you my…wife." Molly began crying when his voice cracked on the last word.

This isn't happening, it's all a dream and I'll wake up again in a few moments. I will- I know I will.

Molly pinched herself discreetly, and almost yelped in pain. Definitely real. It was happening.

"Molly, will you marry me?" Molly nodded her head frantically, after finding that she had no voice. She didn't stop when she saw Sherlock grin widely and stand up. She didn't stop when she ran up to him and jumped into his arms, latching her legs around him.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, a million times, yes." She muttered into his ear as she pecked and kissed every area of skin she could find. His hands wrapped around her back tightly, until one wound its way into her hair. He pulled her head back slightly.

She looked into his eyes, and swore she saw tears, but couldn't investigate further, because he crashed his lips against hers. It was searing this one, passionate and bruising. Molly loved every minute of it. Sherlock broke away, placing the box in his trouser pocket. Before leaning in again. He walked forwards, his knee banging against the couch. He dropped Molly onto it and leaned in, capturing her lips again.

They broke away for air, but Sherlock immediately set work on her jaw and neck. Molly moaned as his kisses travelled lower and lower.

"Sherlock, Sherlock, bedroom. Now." She muttered in between moans. Sherlock broke away, smirking, before lifting the petite woman in his arms, and almost running to the bedroom.

-M Rated Warning- Don't read this next bit if you don't want to—

Sherlock dropped Molly on the bed, before kicking of his socks and shoes. He got back on, crawling over to where Molly lay down. She leant up to meet him half way with another kiss. She pulled him down, forcefully on top of her. He almost fell on her small body, but braced himself with his hands on either side of her head.

Again, Sherlock trailed a searing path down her throat with kisses. He reached behind Molly as she arched into his mouth to unzip her dress. She flipped them around, suddenly.

"Me first." She smirked, straddling him and running her hands over his chest. She leaned down and nibbled softly at the edge of his clavicle. He moaned against her.

"I love you neck. So bloody long. So…hot." She whispered against him as she trailed kisses over the long expanse. His face was slowly flushing from the heat and arousal. She pecked him on the lips, before pulling away and working on his buttons.

"I love," the first button popped open

"Your chest." the second one

"So big" number three

"So hard," four

"Not bulky" five

"But not to thin." Six the shirt lay open, exposing his chest and stomach. Sherlock watched Molly absentmindedly run her hands over his defined pectorals, carefully tracing the stab wound before scratching them sharply over his abdomen. Sherlock bucked; Molly smirked. She ran her hands lower, over to the waistband of his trousers, before trailing back up.

"Molly," he hissed "Stop teasing."

"I'm not." She said innocently. "I'm merely exploring." Sherlock sat up and grabbed her hands.

"Enough exploring. Or I'll have to do some of my own he said, before releasing a hand to squeeze a breast. Molly's breath hitched.

"Someone's touchy." She said as she ran her hand over his shirt, making it drop over his hand, exposing a well-developed arm. Sherlock released her other one, allowing her to strip him of the piece of cotton entirely.

"I love you arms," she said, running her hands up and down them.

"When they're holding my when we sleep, when we kiss, when you carry me," she said softly. She kissed each shoulder once.

"When you're fucking me." Sherlock's eyes were now completely dilated, leaving virtually no irises. Molly leaned down, placing a kiss on the wound, before taking a nipple in her mouth. Sherlock groaned above her.

"Molly…" Molly smirked before switching sides. She bit down on the other nipple causing Sherlock to involuntarily buck against her.

"Molly, please…"

"Because you asked." Molly said before sliding of him and of the bed.

She was still in her dress, eventhough it was unzipped, so she stripped out of it, slowly, knowing Sherlock was watching everything. She finally stepped out of it and kicked it to a corner, before kneeling at the edge of the bed. Sherlock immediately got up and sat at the edge in front of her. Molly kneeled upward, looking down at the tent in his trousers. She let her hand slide over it, smiling at the hiss that sounded. She kissed it slowly before looking up at Sherlock.

"Take them off." She said softly. Sherlock complied, smirking at her as he did so, tantalisingly slowly.

His hard length finally sprung free and Sherlock sighed, free for restraints. He sat back down as Molly leaned up to kiss him lightly. She pulled away, smirking. Molly bent over, her arse in the air on purpose, and kissed her way up Sherlock's shin.

"I love you legs." She said kissing up one thigh

"So muscular. Over worked I must say though," she trailed a kiss past his needed area and went down his other leg. She ignored his groan of protest.

"Especially when they're pounding into me against a wall or door." Sherlock let out another groan. Molly stopped at his ankles and looked back up.

Sherlock was gazing at her, one hand moving up and down his shaft. It started moving faster when he saw her lick her lips slightly. She placed her own hand over him and stopped.

"That's my job, love." She said softly before slapping his arm away. Molly bent down, as her arm began moving up with long, slow light strokes up and down his hard shaft. He groaned above her. Molly smirked up at him, before looking down and planting a kiss on his head. He groaned louder.

Molly kneeled lower and enveloped an entire of one of the two sacs in her mouth Sherlock's hips bucked wildly at the surprise and his eyes flew open.

"Molly!" he groaned out. His hands wound into her hair as she released it and took on it's partner. Her hand was still making languid strokes, but soon felt the absence of Sherlock's hand in her hair, but on her own hand, forcing her to stroke faster. She let go completely, leaving him staring down at her. She leaned back up, kissing him on the lips before leaning down again.

This time she enveloped his entire length into her mouth. She stared up at him watching him watch her. Molly could feel the wetness from her core seep in slowly into her knickers. Sherlock stood up suddenly, forcing Molly to back up. She pulled away and smirked at him silently, before taking in the hard length again.

Molly braced herself against Sherlock's hips for balance. His hands pulled tightly on her hair. She moaned as she felt another bout of dampness stain her underwear.

Sherlock began thrusting into her mouth. He didn't start of slow; he went straight into it, pumping harder into her mouth. Molly choked slightly, but the gag caused him to moan and pump harder.

Sherlock turned his head up, exposing his neck. Molly let her right hand drop and make its way to her underwear. She tentatively stroked herself through her already wet underwear as she ran her tongue over the vein on Sherlock's cock. He groaned again, still looking up. Molly watched him thrust into her, and continued stroking herself. She fell back slowly on her heels, and released her other hand to bring up her breast. She ran her fingers over her nipples once and moaned.

The sound caused Sherlock to snap his head down. One look at Molly and he groaned as he shot his seed out into her mouth. Molly moaned, excepting it all into her mouth. Sherlock took his re-hardening length out of her mouth as she panted. She could still taste the bittersweet after taste of his seed. Sherlock knelt down in front of her and cupped her cheeks, pecking her on the forehead. She then grabbed his face down and crashed her lips against his, forcing him to taste himself.

He broke away, smirking.

"My turn." He said, before picking Molly up and placing her on the edge of the bed. She sat on the same position he was just in and watched as he crawled up her, smirking. His alabaster skin, dark mop and eyes and that smirk somehow reminded Molly of sometime of fallen angel.

Sherlock kissed her ear, nibbling it, before making his way down her neck. He kissed a trail down her neck, before biting hard on the skin. Molly cried out in mostly pleasure. He kissed the spot and licked the angry red mark.

"Mine." He growled before pushing her against the bed. Her legs still dangled of the edge of the bed and she was still clad in her underwear. Sherlock pulled carelessly at the flimsy lace of her bra strap as he looked at her. Her hair fanned around her like a halo.

"Your hair, so soft and long." He said softly as played with a strand. He moved down to her chest, straddling her. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra with practiced ease. Molly helped him strip her out of it. Her nipples instantly hardened in the cool air.

"You breasts, so soft" he leaned down to kiss one before doing the same to the other. Molly mewled above him.

"Can't believe I ever said they were small." He muttered before leaning down and taking one into his mouth. Molly arched her back as he swirled his tongue over an engorged peak. She felt the tremors travelling down her spine and into her core. His other head began kneading the other breast, toying lightly with the nipple. Sherlock bit down on it; Molly let out a choked noise. Sherlock switched sides, He kneaded the bitten nipple softly, soothing it as he did the same to the untouched one.

Again Molly cried out, latching her arms around his head. Sherlock smirked and chuckled against her, the vibrations causing Molly to moan again. She could feel even more of her juices soil her knickers. Sherlock pulled away, planting a slow kiss on her. He leaned back, placing a knee between her thighs, forcing them apart.

"So wet." He groaned.

"All for you." She whispered softly. Sherlock's smirk came back.

"All for me to play with?" Molly nodded, uncaring about the glint in his eyes.

"Sit up. " he instructed, getting off the bed. Molly did so, her hands by her sides, uncertain.

Sherlock trailed his nose up her legs and buried it into her clothed folds. Molly whimpered slightly.

"You smell so good." He muttered softly, glancing up at her. Molly's back was arched, slightly in pleasure. Her hand was trailing up her stomach. Sherlock held onto the lace waistband of her knickers before sliding his hands away.

"Sherlock, now who's the tease."

"I am." He said plainly.

"Hypocrite. Sherlock" Molly finally obliged and slid away the black fabric. He tossed away somewhere and travelled his eyes up to the shaved mound. He pushed her thighs apart and inhaled. Molly shuddered above him. She closed her eyes and waited.

Her eyes flew open when he took the first lick.

"So sweet," he mumbled against her.

"Sherlock…" she muttered as he parted her folds and started licking around her. Molly felt him go everywhere except for that one place she knew would send her spiraling.

"Sherlock please"

"Please what?"

"Touch me."

"I am." Molly glared down at him as he swirled his tongue around her. Suddenly he ran his tongue over her bundle of nerves and Molly nearly screamed.

"There! Please Sherlock! There-Just-" Molly moaned as Sherlock finally obliged her. He looked up at her, his almond eyes sparkling. Molly fell back against the bed and arched her hips of the bed trying to get more friction. Sherlock kept his tongue on her clit, but kept pulling away when she tried getting closer. She groaned, frustrated and took a different approach.

She brought her hips back down and let her legs rest. Sherlock looked up at her, and carried on suckling. She didn't notice his hand coming up.

Sherlock plunged to fingers into her, palm up, immediately curling them to hit her g-spot. Molly screamed out and wrapped her legs around his neck, trapping Sherlock between her calves and mound. He didn't stop or falter. He added another finger and began pumping slowly into her.

Molly felt the little butterflies in her lower belly begin to swarm as the heat began taking over. She grinded herself into Sherlock, moaning and writhing on the bed. Her hands palmed at her breasts. She felt Sherlock's hand and mouth move away but she was already to far gone. The bed dipped and Sherlock captured her mouth with his. His hand went back down. He circled his clit once with his thumb, before straddling.

Molly screamed out her climax, dots entering her eyes the same time Sherlock entered her to the hilt. She cam down from her high, panting, realising suddenly that Sherlock was above her, pistoning his hips at an inhuman pace. He was watching her.

"So beautiful." He muttered before capturing her lips with his. Molly felt a rise of another climax coming onto her- she was still winded from the last one and moaned when Sherlock brushed a hand over her clit, smirking.

Energy suddenly coursed through her. Molly leaned up and planted her lips firmly on Sherlock's before dragging them down onto the mattress. His pace didn't slow. Sweat dripped down his head, pasting his curls on to his forehead,

Sherlock groaned before pulling away from the kiss. They stared at each other again. Molly wrapped her legs around his waist, giving Sherlock a new angle. Molly cried out as he went in deeper.

The second orgasm was a surprise. She didn't even realise the build up but when the initial shock of pleasure coursed through her, she instantly clamped herself down on Sherlock and screamed.

Sherlock came instantly after, groaning and spilling spurts of his seed into her. He bit down softly on her shoulder to muffle his own groans, and rolled over in case he crushed her. She lay back, panting, to tired to move.

-End of M Rated Scene-

She felt the mattress dip.

"Sherlock?" he was at his cupboard grabbing a pair of flannel pajama pants and an old T-shirt from his cupboard. Molly snorted.

"You're getting clothes? Seriously?" Sherlock smirked at her.

"I was going to het something else, but decided that it would save trouble in the morning." Sherlock pulled on the pants and tied the knot. He bent over to pick up his trousers and pulled something out of its pocket. He dropped the pants and crawled back onto the bed. He fitted the T-shirt over Molly's head, before pecking her on the cheek. He opened the ox he was holding, revealing the ring. He took it out, and threw the box somewhere. It thudded somewhere. Molly giggled.

"You didn't have to throw it." Sherlock shrugged before grabbing her left hand. He looked up at her, grinning. Molly returned it and leaned forwards to kiss him softly. He slid the ring into her finger.

"Perfect fit," she mused, "why am I not surprised?" Sherlock chuckled, before kissing her temple. They slid under the covers and Molly rested her head and left hand on Sherlock's chest.

An alarm clock chimed next to them: 12 a.m., 25th of December.

"Merry Christmas, Molly."

"And a Happy New Year." She answered, pecking him on the lips.

"I always though that I'd receive my ring in some beautiful dress, with my hair all done up, after a wonderful dinner with my gorgeous, sexy man. I definitely didn't think I'd be in my soon-to-be fiancés old T-shirt, with no underwear and my hair a mess, after a shag. At least I got the latter to right." Sherlock smirked down at her. The ring lay glinting for both of them to see.

"I couldn't ask for anything more perfect."


"What if he got cold feet? He doesn't want me, I'm sure of it!"

"MOLLY, calm the hell down. You're look gorgeous, and he doesn't have cold feet. He's standing down the aisle, right now." Molly frowned.

"Yeah right, let me see!" she cried. Mary stood in front of her.

"Don't you dare! It's bad luck! As Maid of Honour, I forbid you."

"Well as the bloody Bride I object and sustain that order."

"Molly, calm down, I promise you, he's out there." Sally said, placing an arm on her shoulder. Mary smiled.

"You're getting married today, Molls." The nurse whispered. Molly grinned.

"I am. I'm getting married."

"You are." Donovan said. She caught sight of a polished, elderly man. Her eyes brightened.

"Mr. Hooper. Is it time?" the man, who was tearing up nodded slightly. Mary pushed Molly forward slightly. Mr. Hooper grinned at his daughter.

"Beautiful." He whispered. Molly smiled, before lacing her arms around his elbow. They began their walk when the doors opened.

The crowd hushed and gasped as they saw the bride. Molly grinned nervously. She was frightened that the strapless gown was going to fall down and expose her chest for the world to see. Her heels were very high and she was frightened about stumbling. At least it was cotton, the dress, and the train somehow wasn't tripping her. She held a bouquet of spider lilies (her mother's absolutely random choice) and glanced behind her.

Her niece smiled grinned and winked at her, as her brother (ring bearer, of course) smiled and nodded slightly. Behind them walked Mary, the blue dress setting of her eyes, her blonde hair piled on top of her head. The same went for Sally, the green dress she was wearing went beautifully with her skin. A close cousin stood behind her, grinning as well.

Molly trained her eyes back to the front- John stood there grinning madly (the thought of Sherlock finally getting married had finally gotten to him. Either that, or it was the fact that his own fiancé was directly behind her niece and nephew). He nudged Sherlock, who's back was turned continuously. Her brother stood at the alter, grinning at her before giving her a thumbs up. Her mother was on the front row on the left bench, her head-poking out. Tears were streaming down her face. It took all of Molly not to cry. Next to her was Sherlock's on mother. She smiled warmly at Molly. Her eyes were tearing up as well. Mycroft was also at the alter, in-between her brother and Sherlock.

His impassive face smile lightly at Molly, before he to nudged his brother. Sherlock turned around slowly, after his brother whispered in his ear. Even though he was always in two-piece suits, her breath caught when she saw him.

The black coat and whit dress shirt hugged his figure amazingly, the tie seated impeccably in the centre. His hair was combed to the side, but that one curl still fell endearingly on his forehead. His face broke into a grin as he first saw her and as she reached the isle and she said goodbye to her father, he reached out and took her hand, helping her up to the alter.

"Radiant." He muttered in her ear.

They went through the ceremonies in a blur. The next Molly knew, the priest was asking her the awaited question.

"Do you, Molly Hooper, take Sherlock Holmes to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." She said softly, her eyes never leaving Sherlock's. He grinned at her.

"And do you, Sherlock Holmes, take Molly Hooper to be you lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," he muttered.

"And by the power invested in me I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Molly grinned as Sherlock leaned down and captured her lips. Molly's hand laced around his neck. The church erupted in applause, and she was dimly away of cameras flashing. Literally. The press just had to do "The Holmes Wedding". It would be all over the news and on the papers by tomorrow.

But honestly she couldn't give a damn. She was Mrs. Molly Holmes.

They pulled away.

"Mrs. Holmes." Sherlock breathed. Molly laughed. Sherlock kissed her again. He pulled away and breathed the only three words she ever really needed him to say.

"I love you."

She grinned, capturing his mouth. As they walked down the aisle. Molly couldn't help but say.

"Off all times, you pick the most cliché one. Sherlock Holmes is becoming a softie." Sherlock smirked down at her.

"That's entirely your fault." He muttered. They walked out the doors. They still had the wedding reception to survive, and then they'd be off finally, for their first night as husband and wife.

Molly looked up at Sherlock as they made their way to the reception hall. He was smiling back down at her.

Molly smiled, nuzzling into his chest. He wrapped an arm around her.

Both never knew anything more perfect.

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