What would happen if Hiccup found toothless as a baby and never told anyone about it. What if Hiccup was just a little kid himself, decided to raise and befriend the dragon. When he got older his dad demands him to begin dragon training. What will hiccup do? To make matters worse all the dragons are searching for him, and toothless. What for? Come find out. doesn't entirely follow movie will only have a few scenes from it.

Azawrath: so I'm starting this story its my first httyd story. I have no beta so please excuse any mistakes. I got the idea of a baby dragon from Night fury 321. My storyline is different but taking the baby version of it.


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Chapter 1

-hiccup age 7-

I was running through the forest as fast I could, trying to get away from the other kids. Everyday they would chase me, beat me up, call me "hiccup the useless." After a while it just gets bothersome. After a while of running I stopped in a small clearing to catch my breath. I couldn't hear the other kids so I guessed they gave up on the chase. I walked to where the sun was shining the most and watched the trees sway silently with the wind.

Just sitting in the forest listening to the sounds was relaxing and it got my mind off of everything that went on in my village. Nobody like having me around, I was weak compared to all the other Viking kids. All the adults around here would whisper about how I couldn't even pick up a hammer. I'M SEVEN FOR THORS SAKE! Some people would just call me a walking disaster since every time something went wrong I was there.

Taking in a deep breath I sighed, closing my eyes just to empty my mind and not have to worry for a bit. I guess I ended up falling asleep, because next thing I knew my head was resting on my arm on the ground, and I felt something warm curled up next to my stomach. I slowly moved my head so I could see what was cuddled up next to me. A creature as black as night curled up into a tiny ball was next to me. It must have felt me move because it poked its head up and yawned.

Quickly realizing it was a dragon I scrambled up from my spot and started to back away. "Oh Thor…..I'm in trouble…." the black dragon got up and stretched like a cat, once it was done stretching it sat down, tilted its head and stared at me. "hey there….little guy." I asked hesitantly, only after speaking to it did it start jumping around towards me and jumped on my chest causing me to fall backwards. It blew a small amount of fire which hit my hand, I yelped in pain and yanked my hand away.

The dragon tilted its ears back and whined at me. 'what the heck was that all about….?' I questioned in my head.

'I marked you master!' A chipper voice echoed the clearing, which made me look around. If anyone saw me with a dragon they would exile me for not killing it as soon as I saw it.

"Who's there!" I shouted, scanning the forest and shoving the baby dragon to the side trying to hide him from sight.

The dragon jumped away from my hand to sit in front of me. I looked at it with weary eyes, 'Master no one is here but you and I." The chipper voice from earlier said.

Realizing were it was coming from, I just stared on in disbelief for a second. "Oh…..gods…." was all that escaped my mouth before everything went black.

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