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Chapter 1

Missy took another sip of her wine and looked across the table. Bryan was talking animatedly about the new construction contract his company had landed.

Bryan was tall, blonde, handsome and charming. Back in high school he had quarterback of the high school football team. Typical All American Golden boy, he was a star athlete, excelling not just in football, but basketball and baseball, as well as a scratch golfer to boot. Senior year was golden for him too, all the girls wanted him, all the boys wanted to be him, and all the major colleges wanted to have him. Still, he decided on A&M, his parents Alma Mater and his first choice. Sadly, due to an injury on the field, his football glory days were cut short, and instead chose to pursue a business degree, and in 3 short years, he had turned his father's weekend construction company into a thriving enterprise. A youth leader at church, and a pillar of the community, he was perfect.

Two years ago, he ran into Missy at the Fuddruckers she was waitressing at, and after a brief period of hazy recollection, her memories of her crush on him in her freshman year start rushing back, and she recalls everything there is to know about him, having watched his life from the sidelines, just like the rest of the town did. They reminisce briefly, and when he asks her out, she doesn't hesitate to take him up on his offer, and they've been dating ever since. Life, has been good.

So why has she been so unhappy lately? She felt so unfulfilled, picturing her life in 5 years' time, a few kids at home to look after, never having to waitress at Fuddruckers again, never having to deal with annoying customers and their unruly children. And yet, as much as she wanted the latter, looking across the table at her teenage dream, she was terrified. When did she trade in her dreams of a life filled passion and promise, for her mother's, a life filled with barely-fair compromises and regrets?

The waitress/hostess removed their dinner plates and returned with dessert. Bryan was smiling and watching her closely, so she smiled back and turned her fork to the cheesecake. She froze. Missy tilted her head a bit and looked closely at her dessert. There was something wrong with it. Something….unusual. Nestled in among the sliced fresh strawberries, something glittered ominously. Her breath caught in her chest. She looked up at Bryan and he was grinning widely. Shaking fingers put down the fork and gripped the table tightly.
"Bryan?" Her voice filled with foreboding.
"Melissa Cooper, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

She's shocked speechless, and he mistakenly assumes it's out of happiness, so he slips the ring onto her finger. She comes out of her stupor when they kiss, and though it still manages to blow her mind, especially after the passion of their multi-orgasmic sex, she still lays there, panting, their bodies covered in a glistening sheen of sweat, just numb.

She goes home after, even if she normally stays the night, just to turn on the tv for some sort of noise, and stare at the ring on her finger. He's the guy she's dreamed of in her pubescent fantasies, and she has spent countless days just practising signing her name with his last name, and this was just the perfect ring, and he was just oh-so-perfect. But it all feels so wrong, somehow. For some reason, instead of the exhilaration and thrills and explosion of butterflies, she just feels trapped, suffocated even.

Sure, he was a great lover, unselfish in bed and extremely thorough, and well endowed , often leaving her body humming and her mind fuzzy with pleasure. And he's also generous outside of the bedroom, kind, and in his own, mainstream way, smart. But he never really inspired any kind of passion in her, and while he may have been loving, he seemed to be so out of a sense of duty. She wasn't sure if she felt that same obligation.

And then there was the passion issue, in and of itself. Maybe, it wasn't just him, and his gorgeous, straight-laced, almost too-perfect ways, but her. She had given up on herself, falling into the fast-path towards a typical Texan housewife life, with a good Christian man by her side, and a bunch of beautiful babies to dote on. And she can't just talk to her mom about this, because she knows she will just insist that she's got it good, and to just hold on to him. Meemaw was out seeing as how it would surely just come back to her mother, and her older brother was about as useful as a confidant as a megaphone. With all her friends either married or engaged, (like her, she thought regretfully) she knew they wouldn't be as objective as she'd like. Which left her twin brother, Sheldon, with his brutal honesty.

She books a flight to LAX to visit her brother, hoping the commute to Pasadena wouldn't be too bad, and she sends off a quick text to her mom telling her not to worry and that she would be visiting Sheldon for up to a week. Right before her flight takes off she shoots off an identical text to Bryan, and she curls up in the small seat, as much as her 5'9" frame would allow her to.

The stewardess brought her a blanket, and a cup of tea, which brought a small smile to her face. How very Sheldon-like, to find comfort in a cup of tea. It was a non-optional social convention, according to her brother, to offer someone a warm beverage in times of distress, and she found herself hoping he had a large supply at hand. She was on her to the one person she could trust with her life, but who most likely wouldn't be able to understand, she hopes he'd let her stay as they hadn't had a close bond since he left for college when they both where still young children, they haven't been close in years due to distance both physical and emotionally, Missy always tried to be Sheldon's protector and gap between her brother and the rest of the world. But when he left for school, she was left standing, holding onto their past and still reaching out for him only to never return as he headed off to california and left her behind grasping for him without her twin in the same town they despised. She hopes he can be here for her this time, and that they haven't grown to far apart and will be her protector and rock that she needs this time around.



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