Hi everyone! My name is Benedict Lover and this is my first ever Sherlock fanfiction so I hope I did these two justice. I might have confused myself between the BBC version and the books while writing but I was aiming for the BBC version. I hope you enjoy my first JohnLock story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock

"Sherlock… What are you doing?" I ask him as his eyes set upon mine, he was speechless as he walked up to me. Sherlock Holmes speechless?

His eyes slant downwards to my jumper, I stand back a inch gazing away from his eyes, I didn't know what Holmes was thinking. I never knew what Holmes was thinking.

His fingers trace against the rough edges of my jumper, and a sudden realization comes to my head.

"My dear Watson." Sherlock whispers as his hands ruffle my grey and white hair, I smirk at him, I couldn't believe he had noticed.

"Say, come on. Put me down. It's almost as if you want me to suffer." I say sneakily as Sherlock's eyes glitter with memories, suddenly I regret my words as he comes back to the surface and holds both of my hands looking straight into my eyes.

"John, can't you tell?" Sherlock remarks smirking at me, I stand there dumbfounded.

"Make a deduction for me John." Sherlock continues laughing at my awkwardness as I read his body posture, the high shrill of his voice, and the movement off his eyes. From reading his blog it all becomes quite clear, and is very shocking.

"No…no?" I say quite unsure of my deduction as his eyes swift over my physical substance. Or at least I hope so. "So, what is your conclusion?" Sherlock asks me as he stands a little closer towering over me, his beady eyes squint as I stare at him in concentration.

"Well, it seems the way your posture leans directly towards me, your constant off subject flirting-" I was suddenly cut off, my eyes opened in astonishment as his lips drag me closer to his body, every inch off me was screaming at me to run as his lips grazed across mine, his black locks off hair smelt like baby shampoo as his hands glided across my jumper. I knew what he wanted, and oh boy was that out of the question, but when it's Sherlock, he sure does know how to get what he wants.

Instead he tugs at my jumper furiously as he refuses to break the kiss, in my mind I smile as I make him drop his hands and forcefully throw off that ridiculous coat off his. He finally breaks the kiss as he stares at me intently.

"You're joking right?" I mutter as he continues to stare at my jumper in frustration.

All that comes on his end is silence, I mutter to myself furiously as I slowly and awkwardly lift off my jumper revealing a full sleeved white tee-shirt with a billion buttons, where I find Sherlock muttering to himself in return. I instantly crack up laughing as a blush slowly appears across Homes' face. I edge myself closer to him and slowly unbutton his shirt as I notice his hands stay positively still.

I notice a few scares and scratches across his shoulders as I pull off his shirt, I am quite surprised but I don't say a word as I gently move my lips across the healed scares, almost as if I was exploring his entire body.

"John." I hear him say, as I stand back and stare at him in hesitation.

Suddenly his hands rip off my shirt and I instantly feel bare as his own lips graze at my wound from my time off being an Army Doctor.

"You know, we could go a bit faster." I whisper as he gently pushes me onto the bed next to us, I guess I spoke to soon.

The chemistry between us was so unbearable, Sherlock's cheekbones and tinted eyes certainty where a delight, there is much more to describe this man than at a glance, even with his science of deduction, which I still think, and am positive to this day is bollocks.