Nov 10, 10am, airplane to Genovia

I am moving to Genovia permanently!

I am so nervous but so happy.

I get to start a new lifeā€¦as a princess!

After graduating all I wanted to do was rest but this change is going to be perfect!

I had a lot of work to do before leaving but now I am on the plane and adventure is just the excitement I need. Usually, change kills me but a new life seems to be what I need after this past years. All the things that I can do, although my schedule is going to be packed; but I'll make free time to enjoy and explore. Since I am still young, Grandmere is going to take some of the things in my schedule. I am still going to be a princess though, so time to myself is going to be a very limited option.

Leaving the city wasn't my main concern, leaving my mom was by far the greatest concern.

"I can't believe how much you are growing! Take care of everyone and I know you are going to be such a good princess," she said, tears rolling down her cheek.

The most embarrassing part was that I was crying too. Not just crying but bawling.

"I don't know, this is going to be so much work and everyone knows I am not the best with responsibility," I said, butterflies in my stomach.

"Mia, you are always doubting yourself. You are so caring and sweet, awkward at times, but you always put effort to what you do," she said hugging me.

"I love you Mom," I said hugging her back.

I turned to my step-father, Mr. Gianini, also my old Algebra teacher, and hugged him.

"Promise me one thing, you will take care of Mom and the baby. Don't leave their sides," I said with a smile on my face.

"Okay but you also have to promise me something," Mr. Gianini said, "Promise me you'll stay out of trouble, specially boy trouble."

I turned to my mom who was holding my little brother in her arms. I kissed his head and then hugged my mom and step dad goodbye. I walked up to the jet and waved like a princess at them.

I have ten hours to kill until I land in Genovia. You know, I can get used to having a private jet. I don't have to fly in economy and hear babies crying, to tell you the truth I heard enough of that at my house.

Leaving Lily and Michael was also hard but they will come to Genovia to visit me when I officially move in to the palace. Obviously, it wasn't easy but I will live without somebody to analyze my every move. I love Lily but she was getting on my nerves this last couple of days. I wasn't sure when I was going to explode so I am kind of glad I left early.

Everything seems in place now.

Although I will be back on tense ground when I reach Genovia. My grandmere is going to KILL me with tasks.