A/N: A short piece, written after reading the most recent chapters of Naruto. I'll admit I was one of those taken by surprise with the most recent revelations concerning Obito, but it did revive enough of the creative juices within to eventually come up with this. Before anyone asks, I no longer see Obito as the sympathetic character I did in Unfulfilled Potential. He's allowed himself to let grief twist him and has knowingly allowed himself to be manipulated. He no longer cares about anything or anyone any longer beyond doing what Madara has asked of him. Whether he redeems himself or not in the future remains to be seen, but at this point, it is hard to see that as likely.

This is a possibility of what was going through his mind at the end of chapter 611.


Obito growls as he hears the boy speak. He glares at the vast assembly in front of him.

Fools...Why do they not see that they are no more than useless pawns? Why do they continue to resist the inevitable?

All he has done has led to this moment...the creation of Akatsuki, the collection of the tailed beasts, Juubi's creation...

He has no regrets for those he's killed along the road. Why should he? They stood in the way of the world he and Madara envision, one where all will be equal, where there will be no pain, no sadness and peace will last forever.

One where the dead can be revived...

Why do they not see?

Why do they continue to fight?

Madara called them stubborn, and that is not hard to see. All of the Five Nations are arrayed against him, willing to do everything necessary to prevent his vision from coming to pass.

But Obito has come too far to stop now.

If they will not join his world willingly, then so be it.

His and Madara's world will come to fruition.

One way or another.