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Chapter 1

Brain rushed to the hospital as his wife was about to give birth. Before leaving he had rushed upstairs and left a simple note under his bed. He smiled at the idea of leaving a note behind under the bed. Running into the hospital with his three year old daughter Melody he stopped at the reception desk. "I'm looking for my wife, she was rushed her in an ambulance because she went into labor." The nurse looked up and smiled, "second floor, turn left from elevator and enter the double doors." With a quick thanks Brian rushed to the elevator. He hopped from one foot to the other as he waited impatiently for it to open then hurriedly got on. Pressing the second button he continued to hop from one foot to the other until the doors reopened letting him out.

Passing a nurse and seeing the double doors just a head he breathes a sigh of relief. He enters and looks around the large reception area trying to figure out where his wife is. He hears her crying out as her contractions become harder and hurries into her room as a nurse chases after him. Seeing his wife he breathes a sigh of relief as he walks up to her and takes her hand in his.

A short time later she is rolled out of the room and into the delivery room. Brian stays behind in his wife's room with their daughter Melody who is scared out of her wits. She's too young to realize what is going on and curls up on her father's lap when he sits down. Twenty minutes go by seeing his daughter has fallen asleep he carefully picks her up and places her gently on the chair. He starts pacing the room, when a nurse comes in carrying a small baby wrapped in a pink blanket.

Brian grins ear to ear as he looks upon his daughter. A few minutes later his wife is rolled back in. Handing their daughter to her she smiles softly at her. "Look love, she's so beautiful;" Brian tells her. "That she is a little princess at that too," sighing Brian's wife looks out the window. "Let's name her Aubriana," his wife suggests. "It sounds perfect love,' Brian says softly into the baby's ear "welcome home our little Aubriana."

Back at Brian's house the note reaches it's destination as a head pops up from the floor boards. Climbing out from under the bed and taking the note with him, he leans against a wall. Bring the note close to his face to read...


Had to run I know it was our day to chat but hey I'm gonna be a dad again. Wife went into labor so had to run to the hospital. Do me a favor don't let the others scare my new kid please. Anyhow I'll drop another note soon enough to let you know exactly who the new member is.

Your best bud,


Smiling Maurice slips the note into his pocket and jumps under the bed. He's gonna go see for himself exactly who this new member is. Waiting for the nurses to settle and dim the lights in the nursery seemed to take forever. When they finally did leave Maurice slipped out from under a crib and walked up and down the isles looking for Brian's baby. The last child he comes across is a small girl, he looks down at her and as if she could sense him opens her eyes.

He smiles at her goofy and her eyes seemed to light up. He gently touches her hand and she coos a bit. Looking at her crib he smiles "hello Aubriana, I'm your new bud Maurice. He reaches into his jacket and slips a small birthday card into her name plate on the crib. "happy birthday baby... I'll come visit you again when your older." He places a finger on her nose softly and she opens her mouth trying to get his finger in their to suck on. Laughing gently he leans down and kisses her on the forehead. "I'll see you again soon enough," he whispers.

He slips back under the crib and every person he meets; he warns them to stay away from Aubriana. He's not gonna let anyone scare her and so help anyone who causes her any trouble. He's grips his leather vest and walks around proudly like an older brother. Smiling up at the ceiling he heads off to work and play.

A nurse rushes up to brian and hands him a card she found when she went to check on the babies. He opens it and reads it to himself.

Hi Brian's new kid,

Just wanting to let you know even though I doubt you can read yet. That I'm not gonna let anyone bother you at all. If you ever have any troubles let me know, your dad knows the best way to get a hold of me. No worrys either baby, cause all my friends know that your on the safe list. See ya again soon.

Your new bud,


Brian shakes his head glad that Maurice saw his daughter and that he was going to keep the others away from her. Slipping the card into his jacket he decides to hang onto it until Aubriana becomes older.

The years slowly tick by and Aubriana (now fifteen) gets gifts on her birthday and around Christmas. No one ever drops them off but as if by magic appear in her room next to her as she sleeps. She never tells anyone about the teenager she seen in her room a few times. he always seemed to be watching her like a guardian angel. She was shy and trouble was at home. Her parents were in the process of getting a divorce. Her mother was extremely mad that day.

The adults agreed to let their daughters choose where they wanted to live. Aub loved her mother but she was so much like her father. Not only that she loved hearing his stories about hanging out with monsters. her mother wanted nothing to do with such hogwash. Her older sister wanted to live with their mother. After much arguing they finally decided to let Aub stay with Brian. A few days later her mother and Melody moved out to a house that they had found.

One night after her mother had left Aubriana sat in a darkened corner crying. "Aub your old enough now and I think it's finally safe to give you these cards." Handing his daughter a small box filled with all sorts of old birthday cards as well as all sorts of holiday cards. She opens them up and to her delight finds that they are all made out to her from a Maurice. "Dad, who is Maurice?"

Smiling he looks at the clock then taking his daughter's hand in his leads her to her bedroom. "I think it's time you meet him, you need to have some fun after all the pain you just went through of your mother and sister moving out." Placing her new treasure on her dresser she walks back to her father as he looks out the window as the sun sets. he moves to the doorway and flicks the bedroom lights off but turns on a strand of christmas lights he had hung up during the day.

"Dad, what's going on?" She looks around and then she sees a hand slowly lifting her bed up. "Not sure what is going on she watches as a teenage looking boy climbs out from under her bed. "Hey babe, glad to see you finally awake, Yo Bri, what's up." he walks to wards her father and they bump heads together after grabbing each others arms. As her eyes adjust she sees that the boy has blue skin, black dots, a purplish blueish mohawk, and she faints.