Merlin's Great Prophesy

A/N: In this story there will by some own characters, creatures and spells. There might be some changes in the timeline like when Sirius gets free etc. and will happen in an alternative universe. This will be a harem story. Don't like don't read (it's a free world of imagination). Warnings: AU, 'Harem', Ron bashing and puppet/chess master (manipulator) Dumbledore


The time of king Arthurs rule (A/N: let's say 1000AD):

In a small and dark room of the biggest castle in Britain there was a triangular table. Around that table there was a long figure with a slightly long nose and a long white beard standing while seven knightly figures sat. The knights where dressed in armor and a red cloth with a golden dragon on top. The only difference was their house crest under their left shoulder. The long figure was wearing a blue robe with shining yellow stars. He also had a pointed hat of the same style. While the knights had a more serious look on their faces the long figure had a dreamy expression that no one else will have for a long, long time.

Just when the doors open and a well build man with armor, red cloth with a golden dragon, a crown and a red cape steps in the long figure starts to speak in a dreamy but serious voice:

"In many years to come there will be a war,… a war…between the most extreme darkness and light is going, a war that will determine the end of magic. But a gray child will be born, born when the lines of four great witches and wizards unite.

The four great magic users will save the gray child, save him from the manipulations of leader of light and help 'him',… help him get ready for his destiny. …His destiny which will bring the war to an end and magic will be saved for eternity.

The gray child cursed, …cursed by dark magic and eternal but he will be saved, saved by his seven …es, his seven …ives and his 'guardians'. His name will be known all around the world. His two names. His names Vulpes and … his more known name… his name is H...ry …ott…r"

The knights were dumbfounded but one of them, a man with golden hair like a lions, had enough courage to talk: "M-m-merlin?" he stuttered, " wh-what was that?" The man, Merlin just looked at them and smiled with a dreamy smile: "Why Sir Richard, I was just visited by Nargles and their lovely friends timeturgles." After which his eyes rolled to his head and he began falling backwards. Two of the knights caught him before he touched the ground. Now the man who came through the door, King Arthur Pendragon, spoke: "well done Sir Hadrian and Sir Vulcan put him down on his chair, sometimes I wonder what is in his head really, oh well we'll begin our meeting."

Merlin came back with a slight shake; "we should wait till the four children come with the prophesized one to come. For ones I'm part of a prophecy I myself gave, but him to come so fast I never expected. " There was a knock on the door and it opened only for the room to see five children, four who they recognized, the two boys and the two girls, but the baby was unknown to them all.

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