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"Speech" +Parseltongue+ # ancient tongue# (spoken by the old races: Goblins, Dwarfs, Forest elves, centaurs etc.)


Ok if you didn't guess already Crevan = Harry. The only reason I refer to him as Crevan is because he doesn't know that he is Harry Potter yet and what would you call a child you didn't now that's from the future and you'll keep him. The name was the only one I came up with.

Ch:3 throughout the years

1st year after coming:

Young Crevan was now 2 years old and could walk and talk. He has had the Metamorphmagus and Animorph training blocks for a year now. Merlin cast them so that he gets the abilities under control and learns himself before turning into something else. His elder siblings all treat him with love and care so he's a happy 2 years old.

3rd year after coming:

Crevan just broke his training blocks and is practicing to master them. Sir Charles has started teaching him different languages (Latin, Ancient tongue, etc.) and Sir Richard started to teach him sword fighting, while Sir Vulcan started teaching him proper pureblood manners.

6th year after coming:

At seven, Crevan (Call me Vulpes or be in pain) could spare with Godric and won every tenth time. He could speak ancient tongue and Latin fluently. He had mastered his Metamorph ability and had started learning to organise his Occlumency and Legilimency skills to perfection. Sir Hadrian had started to teach him how to dance with the help of Helga and he's gotten quite good. They had started to teach him to control the elements they could teach him. They had done an Elemental test on him and he got all seven possible elements. Merlin was actually shocked at this because he could only control the four main elements.

9th year after coming:

The now ten year old 'Vulpes' had so far learned everything he was thought. He was thought the ways of a pure-blooded lord from that time. He could control his elements somehow but couldn't create theme yet. His Occlumens was at a good level and only Sir Charles, him being a natural, and Rowena, only for a few seconds, could get in. He was still at a noticeable level when using Legilimens.


Crevan 'Vulpes' woke up with cold sweat and slight pain on his scar. He had had a nightmare. The thing is that it was longer than the usual screaming of a woman, who merlin thought to be his mother, and flashes of green. It ended with him flying in some kind of unusual object that made a loud and weird sound.

He got up and whipped the sweat away before looking outside, it was already morning, and got dressed. He snapped his finger and the flame from his candles flew to his palm and turned it bright and began walking to the dining room which was also used as the Grate hall for the school.


He was eight when his elder siblings asked him to help the start a new school and join as an assistant teacher for the school to help with some stuff like sword fighting with Godric, Latin with Rowena, the way of the pure-blooded wizards for the 1st generation Wizards and Witches with Salazar and he helped Helga with teaching them how to do normal chores the non-magical way (in case of emergency). The only thing he thought by himself was to one student, (apparently) a first generation witch called Morgana, with her Metamorphmagus powers which was rare for a first generation witch.

- End of flashback-

He sat at the table next to Morgana, who like him lived in the castle, after He found out that she was abused by her mother at home. The reason for that was that her mother was raped by someone and Morgana reminded her of the incident. Morgana was two years older than him with midnight black hair and light blue eyes. They sat alone in the small table at the back. While the other students sat at four different tables with his siblings.


He was looking while Godric and Salazar were fighting over who should be the mentor for Morgana that was apparently both cunning and brave. Suddenly he got an idea and went to look for Rowena, She was teaching her student's charms, he asked for her to come quickly so he could tell her his idea. "Why don't we charm an object so that it could tell who fit best to teach him/her so that you don't get into fights so often?" Rowena looked at him for a moment before going to her students told them that the classes were dismissed for the day before heading to her library.

She wasn't seen before the evening with Godric's old hat. She went and talked to the other three before finding a chair and asking the new students to come forward and that they would be sorted. The thing that shocked them all was that the hat chose the 'Vaequalis house' and him as the best mentor for Morgana. They took five tables, four big ones and one small one, and told the students to split up and that from now on the school year would be spent with those people and they would be their family for the year.

-End of flashback-

He looked at Godric who was looking at Rowena with love-struck eyes. He had loved her but was to late when she was promised for another man. Rowena's husband had died only a year ago in a war between her hands, she was holding her daughter Helena in her hands. He had always told Godric to go and tell her how he feels but he never would. **one day I will succeed** he thought **one day**. Salazar was whispering something to Ladon his familiar, a basilisk, who was a long snake. Not yet large because it was young but still bigger than normal snakes and Helga was laughing with her students.

Today Merlin would come with his teachers to look at how he was doing with his training and take him to get him a wand so he could learn real spells. He couldn't wait to show them his skill. So he left early with Morgana who was starting to practice transforming into her animagus, a raven. He helped her to concentrate and study the structure of a raven before her normal lessons, which she took turns with the rest of the four because he couldn't teach them yet, him not been taught them yet.

While waiting, he started reading his Element books.


Merlin was going to teach him something new today. He was told to bring nothing and just come so he was a bit curious. He opened the door to find merlin siting with a glass orb in his hands floating around the orb there was a flame, some mud, a water droplet and a visible tiny whirlwind. Merlin opened his eyes to look at the incomer, before standing up and placing the orb down. "Today we'll look what element or elements you can control. Sit down, close your eyes and relax." He did what he was told "Now I'll give you the orb. Just hold it and don't be surprised of what you feel."

He was given the orb and a weird sensation got all over his body. It started with and a warm sensation near his hands, it soon joined with a wet and soon after dry. He waited a little while before he got a shock of some kind then the orb got heavy like it was made of metal and the suddenly vines wrapped around his arms. He heard Merlin gasp and opened one eye. For a few seconds he saw that now he was holding a metal orb wrapped up in vines and giving sparks like lightning, around the orb he could see the same four balls that Merlin had while holding it. Then the disappeared and he turned a questioning look at Merlin. "You are powerful my boy. You can control all the seven elements."

Then merlin handed him a book, Elementals and their powers by Uther Peverel, and he opened the first page.

'Elements list:

-Fire: The power to controls heat and flames. The flames of this elemental burn in different colours compared to his/her mood

-Water: The power to control and manipulate water in its all forms. They can make ice as strong as any metal and water boil in seconds

-Air/Wind: The powers create storms and strong winds. They can focus their wind to be as sharp as a knife or as blunt as a wooden bat.

-Earth: The power to create solid walls from the ground. Usually used as a defensive type of element

-Metal: The power to blend hard metal and make it harder. Used for both offence and defence. All the greatest heroes usually have this element under control.

-Lightning: The power to shoot energy from your palms. A dangerous element that is hard to control.

-Plant: The power to grow and control plants. A very rare element to have So far there have been only six known Plant elementals '

-End of flashback-

Suddenly he snapped back to reality when the door opened. No one came in so he got up, got the flames of all the candles and brought it above his head. He started blowing dust around the room. In front of him a humanoid shape appeared so he threw the flame and started to form a ring around the thing. What he didn't notice was a hand coming from behind him and caught his hands behind his back and put a hood around his head so he couldn't see. Then he felt a slight pull from his naval and suddenly they were in a place where there were lots of voices. He tried to break free but couldn't. He was pulled to a somewhere then up the steps and he heard a bell ring. The hood was taken from his head and he came face to face with His teachers, merlin and a young man behind a desk.

Sir Richard spoke "You did well but still not well enough."

"Thank you?" He mumbled back before looking around and saw a few wands behind the man behind the desk. "So…my wand? …did you really have to do it this way?" and walked to the desk.

"So your Crevan Vaequalis? I've not heard of you but you look strong" he spoke.

"Actually sir I prefer Vulpes that's what everyone calls me".

"My name is Antioch Peverel, I'm a wand crafter and a master in my own special area of Cores" he continued without listening. "Now Crevan follow me." before walking to the back room followed by the rest soon after. He went to a two desks one that had different kind of woods on top while the other was filled with different glass jars filled with different substances. "Crevan come forward inside the circle and let your magic flow freely. The wand materials should start floating towards you so don't lose control."

Vulpes walked into the circle and sat down, then started relaxing remembering the thing with the elemental orb. He opened his eyes and saw two woods start to float towards him, the woods the sopped and slowly fell down in front of him then he saw three glass jars float towards him, and fell in front of him. He was about to get when the ground cracked and a metal orb that had rock stuck to it flew up out of it. Then there was silence only to be broken by Antioch's clapping.

" Never have I seen so many different things react to one witch or wizard and them to be so rare. First of the woods, the firs one is a vine called Particularum diabolus, the Elemental devil, also known as the Cecidit angelus, Fallen Angel, it's a really rare one it being only 666 years old when it was shocked by a lightning bolt that cut it in half. The thing is that it only dies in natural disasters and obtains their 'ability', in this case lightning."

"The second is an even rarer one, a Deus drake, or a Dragon god tree. There are only a few of them left at Mt. Olympus, which is what the Greek believe to be the home of their gods. The tree is special in its own unique way. It is just like a phoenix, it dies and is 'born' in the same place but the mystery is how the do it because they aren't effected by anything."

"Now for the core's, the first one is a feather of a Griffin, a strong core in its own. The second is the scale of a leviathan, a really dark and strong creature that resembles a sea serpent. The scale is old as leviathans are now extinct for some odd reason. The last one is the heart-string of a creature called a Kitsune. I, myself don't even know what it is but the man I bought it from said that it's a really strong magical demon that resembles a fox with nine tails."

"Now for the last two, I can't add metal or rocks to a wand without breaking it so I have no idea what to do. But the stone is a gemstone called Alexandrite a rare gem that changes colour depending on angle and light you look it in, but I have no idea what the metal is. These cores shouldn't work together in any way possible"

"All the items are powerful and powered by different elements. The Elemental Devil is lightning, the Dragon god tree is the plant, the Griffin is air, the leviathan is water, the Kitsune is fire and Alexandrite is earth and then there is the metal that represents metal. It'll be a fascinating experience making this wand. Come back in two hours"

-2 hours later-

"Crevan here is your wand. A really powerful one at that it's truly amazing, I thought it wouldn't be possible." He handed the wand and the orb to Crevan who took them and sat down concentrating. They looked in amazement as the metal coated around the wand and the gem was broken into two chunks. The smaller one found its place at the tip of the wand while the bigger one went to the base of the handle crating a neat handle for the wand. Ones it was finished there was a large magical pulse and then Crevan disappeared leaving the wand behind.

Merlin looked at Sir Vulcan" Find Sir Antonio and draw together a contract for with him that activates when he returns to his time. The rest of you go and find the four, they need to be informed. I'll arrange something with Morgana; she really loved him you know. Her head was covered with Heartlasings, creatures that eat the emotion of love. "Then he apparated to a forest.

He walked towards a tree and went straight through only to appear in village of Forest elves." My family the time has come. Follow the lines of the four and the changes in culture and language. And meet me every ten years here to let me know of your progress." He turned around and looked to the distance. "Good luck Vulpes my son. Long lived Crevan Vaequalis our saviour."

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