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When Q woke up that morning his whole head felt heavy. It was the like the weight of all those late nights drinking nothing but Earl Grey had come to sit on his skull. All those hours sat and pounded at his temples.

His throat felt like it had been stuffed with wool and something worse. Raw, itchy, and just awful. He laid there in bed taking stock of himself. His back was hurting…what on Earth? he wasn't an old man why did his knees ache? And his jaw?

He pulled the sheets off because he was too hot. Without them he shivered. Frosty fingers ran up and down his spine.

Bloody hell, he murmured to himself. He didn't even need to bother with the thermometer. But he also knew he had to go to a meeting and he had to do some very important work on the MI6 security grid. 007 was in the country but other agents often needed an extra hand and he was the best.

Also he never missed a day of work. It was a little thing but Q was rather proud of it. He was not some teenage slacker like so many assumed and he worked hard to prove it to everybody every day. It didn't help that even in Q branch most of his coworkers were at least ten years his senior and they didn't appreciate the 'youngster' getting his own office.

So he dragged himself to work. He knew he was in no shape to drive so he took the tube. He realized he must have looked awful when somebody gave him their seat on the tube. He sat gratefully and dozed leaning his head against the window. Then when he arrived at his stop he had to walk through their whole damned car park just to reach MI6. His body was thoroughly displeased by that turn of events.

Once he entered the MI6 building files were handed to him and orders were given. If people noticed how ill he was they didn't seem to mind. First Q assisted 005 through a crowded market in Turkey after some bad man or another. He wasn't that focused and when the shots rang out in his ear he flinched and wondered if his own head might explode. After that it was coding and he just tried to focus on the familiar numbers and algorithms. Then he was going through files for Bonds upcoming missions.

Eventually Q had to get up and go speak to M about something.

It was a bit of a torture and he found himself leaning on the walls. At some point he sensed the presence of the icy gaze even before the man appeared in his field of vision.

"Rough night?" Bond asked.

"Bugger off" Q grumbled before continuing on his way. He felt those eyes follow him until he turned a corner. After the meeting he went back to his office and realized he should eat something. He had thrown some peanut butter on toast this morning. It was his usual lunch. Now it looked sticky and awful. But even sick people need to eat something. He forces himself to chew and swallow the sandwhich, bite by painful bite.

Eventually it was a reasonable time to leave. His stomach felt like it had been kicked and his vision was beginning to swim.

He managed to coax his body up and slowly made his way through the halls. That sandwich was sitting badly in his stomach but Q ignored it. It felt like there was something stuck high in his throat. He forced himself to keep moving. He did not notice that he had begun to sweat.

Finally he was out the door and into the car park. A few steps forward and the floor seemed to move under him. His legs melted beneath him and he fell to his knees feeling the bile rise in his throat.

Finally his lunch made an encore appearance as his body forced the offending material out. His whole body was shaking as he managed to crawl away and lean against the tire of the nearest car. He rested his back against the hard rubber and shut his eyes. It occurred to him he should try to get back up.

The sound of a door opening slipped by unnoticed but he recognized those footsteps anywhere. He heard rather than saw the man come to a stop in front of him. He looked to see blue eyes bending down to eye level. Bond looked him up and down, calculating. He reached out and gently rested a hand on Q's forehead. Q shut his eyes again, enjoying the feel of something cool on his skin.

Bond made a small noise and stood up.

"Wait here." A stupid statement to Q's mind since obviously he wasn't going anywhere. Bond simply nodded down at him and jogged out of Q's field of vision. A minute or so passed before the car came speeding around the corner and stopped in front of him.

Bond got out of the car and went to Q. Without a word he reached down a scooped up the younger man. At this point Q was too tired to try and analyze the situation or think of anything to say. He just let Bond carry him to the car. Bond got the door open and managed to gently fold Q into the passenger's seat. He even reached over to get the seat belt but Q batted his hand away. He wasn't five, that much at least he was capable of doing. Bond smirked a little before he got into the driver's seat and turned to Q.

"So you have two options here Q. I can take you to a hospital or something of that sort or I can take you home." At the sound of the word hospital Q looked up at him with wide eyes. Sterile white walls and the smell of sickness. Bond saw and nodded a little.

"I will remind you of this the next time you try and drag me to medical." Bond muttered to him and Q could only sigh and lean against the window. After that Bond drove on without a word. Q fell asleep resting against the window. Soon enough a hand on his shoulder woke him up and helped him out of the car.

"Think you can walk?" he asked and Q nodded. Bond put Q's arm over his shoulder to steady him. It wasn't until they were in the door that Q realized this wasn't his apartment. Bond led him to the elevator which took them to the third floor. On the ride up Q wobbled and Bond put an arm around his waist to steady him. Once they got inside Bond went straight to the couch and laid him down on it. Then he went back and turned on a lamp or two and strode off out of sight. Q saw a light go on in another room. He took a glance around and was not surprised to see how sparsely furnished the room was. Although the small flat screen television was a surprise. He had never imagined Bond as a man who sat and watched telly. From the other room he heard some clattering around. cabinets opening and closing. Bond eventually came back in with a glass of water and three Tylenol which he handed to Q who obediently took them. Then Bond went off again and came back with a thermometer. It was the kind Q's mom used to use. He felt like a child staring down at the end of it sitting outside of his mouth as he waited for it to beep. When it did Bond grabbed it and looked at the number.

"I'm afraid you probably caught this from me. I picked it up from somewhere last week and had to hole up here for a few days…your at 39 Celsius by the way." He spoke in a matter-of-fact way. Q remembered a day last week when Bond came in looking like crap. Q had said he was hung over. Now Q nodded and leaned back on the couch. He was asleep in moments.

Hours later he woke up and found he had a blanket draped over him and a mug of tea on the table that had gone cold.

James was asleep in the love seat which was barely big enough to fit all of him comfortably. Q stared at the man who actually seemed much younger when he slept. As if he sensed the other man's gaze the agent cracked one eye open.

Neither of them spoke for a moment. They just sat there and felt the silence. It was an easy one.

Finally Q opened his mouth to speak. To say something…maybe thank you, or demand that they never speak of this again. But no words came out and somehow Q thought Bond might have understood. He simply nodded at Q and muttered

"Go back to sleep."

And he did.

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