"Man, what a pain this is."

Fushimi continuously grumbled to his self. As of now, he was patrolling Shizume City, as ordered by Lieutenant Awashima and the King...right on his day-off. He was still grumbling about it, but remembered something interesting that Awashima and Munakata said before they gave him his mission for the day. He had eavesdropped between the Blue King and the Lieutenant's little discussion.

"Awashima-kun, please do send an experienced member to apprehend the Reds who are causing a ruckus. I cannot handle any more of the ruffians making a mess of this city. Complaints from the civilians are piling up as we speak." Munakata said, as he took a sip of his tea.

"Understood, Sir. But...if I may ask...who do you think is capable of this?", Awashima asked, then added, "I am capable of doing it, Sir. And if-"

"Fushimi-kun." Munakata placed his cup of tea down and averted his focus on Awashima, "Fushimi is the one who is capable of this job. I know you are also capable of doing this, but I just thought it would be easier. And besides, isn't it a job he'd like to accept?"

Awashima nodded, "Understood."

"Fushimi-kun, I would appreciate it if you stop hiding behind the door and come inside.", Munakata said, looking at the door where Fushimi was hiding.

"Tch." Fushimi entered as he was told. As expected from the Blue King, he could sense a person, even though he was masking his presence.

Munakata looked at him, "Now, do you accept...or not?"


Fushimi sighed, going back to the present.

Yes, Munakata was right that he would accept the job but, right now, he was changing his mind. It was his day-off. But there was nothing he could do about it, if he said no...something bad would probably happen.

As Fushimi was thinking about his 'notes to self', a man who was beaten up suddenly came and bumped into several people in the street yelling, "Damn you, Red bastards!"

Now that got his attention.

Before the bloodied man was about to push him out of the way, Fushimi roughly grabbed him by the collar and demanded, "Where are they?"

The man gulped and replied, "O-Over there in th-that company building." The man pointed at the tall building just across the street. Fushimi loosened his grip on the man's collar and shoved him away.

Fushimi grinned. "I guess this isn't that boring after all."