Chapter 1: Mokou and Cirno

Hello there! Welcome to the world of POKéMON!
My name is YUKARI! People call me the POKéMON PROF!

This world is inhabited by creatures called POKéMON!
For some people, POKéMON are pets. Others use them for fights.
I study POKéMON as a profession.

First, what is your name?


Right! So your name is MOKOU!

This is my grandson. He's been your rival since you were a baby.

…Erm, what is his name again?


"Yachiru." Cirno suggests.

"I'd rather not," Yukari replies. "Connecting many different worlds at once is a bit of a hassle. Are you sure?"

"Why did you bring her along?" you ask.

"She's one of the few residents of Gensokyo that knows more about pokemon than me," Yukari replies.

"Yep I'm the smartest."

"She's also disposable."


- That way we can fight ourselves with the same pokemon and give it contradicting commands until it violently explodes.

"Mokou can't be the main character, because I'M THE MAIN CHARACTER. ME." Cirno declares to the heavens as much as she does to yourself and Yukari. "Mokou will have to be my rival."

"Did you really have to invite her along?" you ask.

"Kind of. Mind tracking how many times she dies for me? I'd like a benchmark for my studies." Yukari replies.


"How about the NEET princess," you suggest.
"Oh, you know she'll hate it. Camping outdoors for months at a time, far away from civilization and her electronics." Yukari explains, then cracks a sly grin. "But there's no way she could ever refuse the real thing to play with her computers."

- Kaguya

Yukari returned to her script.

That's right! I remember now! His *ahem* HER name is KAGUYA


Your very own POKéMON legend is about to unfold!
A world of dreams and adventures with POKéMON awaits! Let's go!

"Right, so here's the deal. In your bag is everything you need. I'll send you ahead while I prep Kaguya. If you have any questions, ask Cirno."
"And if she doesn't know the answer?" you ask.
"Then I don't either. Off you go!" Yukari says, unceremoniously dropping you in the middle of a small village, where you are soon approached by an elderly man.
"Hi! I'm Professor Oak!" The old man begins, dragging you into his laboratory while on some tangent about his profession. He gives you and the fairy each an electronic device called a pokedex, and offers you one of 3 pokemon.

Will you choose

The Fire Type Pokemon Charmander

The Water Type Pokemon Squirtle

Or the Grass Type Pokemon Bulbasaur

- Obvmander.

You've always had a certain affinity with fire. You decide to go with Charmander.

Cirno squeels "TURTLE!" and begins immediately cuddling the squirtle as you take out your map.

There's a port in Vermillion that might be noteworthy, but before you can get anywhere, you'll need to get off this peninsula, either to the north through Viridian City, or South through Cinnabar Island.

As Professor Oak shows you out of his lab, you notice two mustached sailors and a Meowth offering free trips to Cinnabar to new trainers. One of them is clearly a woman with longish red hair, and the other is a man with blue hair.

They seem legit. Course, Cinnabar is pretty far out of the way, whereas Viridian is a stone's throw from the Pokemon League, Pewter City, and Celadon City.

"Let's Battle!" Cirno declares, sending her newfound turtle forward to confront you.

"What the hell?"

"It's simple," Cirno explains. "I'm the main character, and you're my rival. And this is the first battle of the game. Come on, come on, hurry up and send out Charmander already."

- Go 0_0 at Cirno being able to explain something.

- Send out Charmander

- Scratchspam

You are impressed at Cirno's ability to explain things, but you are skeptical of her explanation. You are pretty sure Kaguya is your rival.

You send out Charmander, and command it to spam scratch. It scratches Squirtle repeatedly while Squirtle tackles it once. Cirno complains that you're supposed to wait your turn between attacks, but this seems more effective.

Squirtle is at 40% health and preparing to tackle again. Charmander is at 70% health and still scratching.

- Scratchspam means SCRATCHSPAM. Do not relent!

You continue spamming scratch attack. Scratchscratchscratchscratch scratch...

Squirtle faints

"But I was supposed to win.." Cirno groans. Professor Oak congratulates both of you one your first pokemon battle, and offers to heal both Charmander and Squirtle using a strange machine. You wonder if it's really just magic, considering it only takes 3 seconds.

You thank the man and return to the map, contemplating where to go next.

- If at all possible, avoid asking Cirno for directions.

- Go North, let's see if something is there!

- Take Charmander out of his ball, though. Being in something THAT small must be bad for him.

"We should walk to Cinnabar Island!" Cirno declares. You decide to ignore her advice concerning directions.

You let Charmander out of it's ball and begin heading north. You're a little worried about that flame on it's tail, but think the fresh air would be good for it. The lizard wags its tail in agreement, and over the protests of Cirno you begin heading north. You cross a large field and soo encounter a flock of small birds. Cirno immediately sends her Squirtle forward to tackle one of the birds, scaring most of them away but holding one of them down. She begins rummaging through her bag, and throws a small red and white ball at the creature. The creature is caught by a red laser, and the ball shakes twice before Cirno picks it up.

"I caught a Pidgey!" Cirno exclaims, shoving the ball in your face.

Most the birds have already fled, but there seems to be one left. This one has red wings instead of brown.

- Inventory
- Examine me
- Examine Cirno
- Examine me again
- Examine Cirno once more
- And finally examine me
- Notice that Cirno is not the me that me is
- Melt Cirno with the fiery passion of a thousand years

Your inventory appears to contain

- 1 makeshift fishing rod. It's really more of a stick with a thread attached to it.
- One ferry pass. This will get you back and forth between the regions known as Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova, and Orre.
- 5 pokeballs
- 20000 P. The conversion rate is 100 P = $1.
- 1 Pokedex
- 1 cellphone? It's called a pokegear or something, Yukari must have snuck it in. It seems to have a few numbers programmed on it.
- 1 town map. You can pick up the town map for each region in some kind of animal hospital called a pokemon center.

"I caught a Pidgey~ I caught a Pidgey~" Cirno sings, while dancing around you in circles. You have decided you've had enough of this and decide to melt the ice fairy's face off. You summon flames to both hands and effectively decapitate the fairy as the rest of her melts into a puddle.

You note that Cirno has died one time so far, though you aren't sure you should count friendly fire towards the Cirno death count.

Your examination revealed the following: You are the one wearing red suspenders. Cirno is the one that is now a puddle. A puddle that is slowly reforming into the shape of a little girl, but still a puddle.

- Evaporate Cirno

- Catch other bird

You would like to evaporate Cirno, but you don't think the other bird will stick around all day, so you decide to put it off until after you catch this thing. You throw one of your pokeballs at the bird. It shakes a couple times before popping right open. You're pretty sure you missed a step in the middle or something. Cirno weakened her's first, right? Either way, this bird is out of it's ball, angry, and squaking like crazy at you. It's also pecking your face off, so you may want to do something about that.

"Yo, jackass, you could have waited for me," you hear someone behind you gasp.