Command: Note: apparently, people who've hacked HG/SS have discovered that Youngster Joey's Ratata has the highest IVs (which modify a Pokemon's base stats) possible, meaning it actually is in the top percentage.
Command: Go bee hunting!

You have no idea what an IV is, but you think it would be a great idea to go bee hunting...

Command: Make a note of visiting the Dark Cave once you've finished helping Patchouli. Might have something cool in it, but going in there with Patchouli might be dangerous for her. Nothing saying we can't backtrack, after all.
Command: Also we can search for bees then.
Command: Continue towards Violet, for Patchouli.

...later. You put bee hunting and spelunking on the list of things you would like to do after you get Patchouli into Violet, but for now you decide to stick to the main road for the sake of your companion's health.

Command: dice 1d20

Command: dice 1

Something feels special about today, the sun is shining and the birds are singing but beyond that you sense that today is going to be lucky. You pass dark cave without incident, enjoying the peace which continues unabated. But right as Violet City is just coming into view, you spot a funny looking giant brown and red dog.

Whatever this thing is, it seems to be causing Patchouli to hyperventilate. It also seems to have your pokemon really agitated. Regardless, you're pretty sure you want to try to catch it.

Command: "Hey patchy? This thing's got the 'mons pretty riled up eh? You're pretty tense too y'know."

"Ah, um, well..." The librarian stutters. She doesn't seem able to get the words out.

Command: "Ah well, if it's a pokemon, then it's our job for now to catch it, eh?"

"Er, yes, yes you're right." Fighting her shock, Patchouli lets both totodile and her rattata out of their balls.

Command: Let's scan it with the pokedex, then get ready to try catching it. Besides, it looks like it might be fire type!

The pokedex whirrs to life. "Entei the Volcano Pokemon. Unable to restrain its extreme power, it races headlong around the land. It is said that one is born every time a new volcano appears."

You prepare to battle it. Noting that it looks like it's about to blast something, you consider which pokemon to send forward and what moves to have them use. You think this thing could kill them if you aren't careful. You think flanking it would be a good idea, but suspect it will blast through the weakest link.

Command: "Hey, since this guy's fire, I call first dibs, 'kay?"

"Er... Sure thing."

Command: Lighter's fire-type too right? So he oughta be just fine. Of course, we'll jump in too, since we haven't had a chance to have a good scrap ourselves. Plus, immortality means we can take the hits for the rest if we gotta.

Command: Remember how fire made our Ponyta stronger?
Command: Send out Ponyta.

Command: That works too, we can deploy both Dash and Lighter!

You send Lighter and Dash in. The dog responds to your deploy with a car sized-burst of flame. It seems the flames are too hot even for Lighter as Lighter is hurt pretty badly, but Dash's mane is blazing hotter than ever.

The creature looks around like it is about to flee. You think that to fight this species you'll need a strategy to keep them from running away, so you have Dash flank it. Admittedly, this will make Dash harder to protect.

Command: Let it flee. Lighter's wounds are more important.

Command: You sure about this man? I've been through the hell of trying to catch this bugger.

Command: It's taken no damage. It's about to flee. It's not statused. We only have normal pokeballs. Yes, I'm sure.

Although it took a lot of damage, it appears Lighter is still in fit condition to continue battling, though barely. You consider calling it back, but you don't believe it's wounds require immediate attention.

You are currently conflicted about whether to let it flee or not. You could ask Patchouli for help, although you don't want her taking a blast of fire and don't think her pokemon would fare as well as Lighter, if even that well, so you hesitate to have her get involved. That said, this thing does appear to be out of your league.

Command: Well, don't blame me if it gets away and we never run into it again yo.

Command: Out of our Pokemon's league, maybe, but it clearly has no idea who it's dealing with. Move in and take it on personally.

Command: I like your way of thinking. besides, it's bound to respect us all the more if we take it on personally.

You get personally involved in the battle, because beating things up is always the best way to get their respect. Or at least it's your favorite way. Unfortunately, it appears the dog-thing might know exactly who it's dealing with, because instead of taking you head on it tries to run straight through Dash, taking your ponyta out with a powerful stomp before you can connect with an equally powerful blazing kick that knocks it to the ground. It quickly gets back on its feet - you are sure it will try to run away again.

Command: Call dash back into the pokeball for the time, and rush in with a flurry of flaming punches! Full speed ahead!

Command: Mokou, use Fire Punch!

You decide to do the flurry of fire punches, since you don't have time to go searching for ponyta's ball. You connect, and you are sure the beast will have a black eye in the morning, but with nothing blocking its exit it chooses not to stick around and fight, but rather it runs like hell. Since you can't catch up to it, you call Dash and Lighter back. You walk with your companion to the town in silence, Patchouli because she's still awestruck, and yourself because you can't think of anything to say the the librarian. The two of you reach the pokemon center in Violet and you break the silence. "We're here."
"You just punched a legend in the face, you know that?" Patchouli says, words returning to her.
"Oh? that's it?" The librarian grumbles. "Anyway, I'm going to do some research into that thing. Give me your number. I'll call you if I find anything." The two of you swap numbers, though you already have hers.
"So what will you do now?"
"Eventually, meet up with Alice. Right now, I'm taking a nap," Patchy yawns. "I might be in Sprout tower later tonight, if my health allows it." She gives her pokemon to the nurse, says goodbye, and lies down on one of the couches. Within seconds she is snoring.
You give your pokemon to the nurse as well. She replies, "It looks like your ponyta took a lot of damage. It should stay here overnight at least. Don't worry, you can pick it up at any pokemon center tomorrow." You get your Charmander and your Spearow back.
You can now go to several locations. You can inquire about specific locations you want to know about. It is now late in the afternoon, a couple hours until sunset.


Sprout tower

Pokemon School

Violet City Gym

Ruins of Alph

National Park

Dark Cave

Goldenrod City

Azalea Town

Ecruteak City

Mahogany Town

Command: Let's ask about the National Park, the Ruins of Alph, and Dark Cave.

"Can you tell me about the National Park?" you ask the nurse.
"It's one part nature preserve, one part local park, and its to the west. It's famous for its daily bug catching competitions, where they give prizes to the trainers who catch the toughest bugs each day. The park is also a wonderful place to have a picnic with your boyfriend; the foliage especially beautiful in the fall."
"How about the Ruins of Alph?"
"The ruins are an active excavation sight that also functions as a tourist attraction. The ruins' original purpose is unknown, and they are the oldest known structure in Johto." The nurse explains. "It's also a nice place to go on a date. Lots of quiet spots for smooching in privacy."
"And Dark Cave?"
"Dark cave is the fastest route from here to Blackthorn city. Other than that it's not very interesting, but once in a blue moon you'll get a explosion of Dunsparce. Not today though, if you go today there won't be a Dunsparce in sight."

Command: "Tough bugs eh? Not exactly my thing, since I prefer fire and all. But that could be pretty useful to have. Anything you could tell me about the ones you can find there? I'm hoping to find a Beedrill specifically, because there's someone I don't get along with who had a rather amusing run-in with some bees a while back."

"They'll have tons of Beedrill. Theres also butterfree, scyther, pincer, paras, and venonat. If there's a bug you want, I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding it there. But be careful, some of them get very aggressive."

Command: Maybe we oughta take Patchy past the ruins, she seems like the sort who'd like poking around old ruins.

You think this is a good idea, but you think it should wait until tomorrow. She's currently fast asleep, and you doubt the ruins are open to the public at night.

Command: "What kind of Pokemon can you find in Dark Cave aside from the occasional Dunsparce?"

Command: Let's look it up in the pokedex while we're at it.

"It's mostly just Geodude and Zubat. There are some Goldeen and Magikarp in the water, and if you go deep you might find Graveler and Golbat, but I wouldn't advise it. Like any big cave system, if you don't stick to the designated paths you may never find your way out again. Union cave may be farther away, but at least it has Sandshrew and Onix."
The nurse shows you Union cave on the map; it's to the south and while it's a bit further away, it's on the route to Azalea town. Your pokedex confirms everything the nurse told you.

Command: Boyfriend? Proclaim self to be male.

Command: Wait, what? Why?

You think it would be funny, but the bows you wear make it pretty hard to pass for male. You suppose you could take them off, maybe buy a fedora at the local stores. But as you are right now, you are pretty oddly dressed to pass as a guy.

Who are you kidding. Johto doesn't believe in fashion sense, there's a 50/50 chance the nurse is hitting on you.

Command: Also, it's because Mokou generally looks like a guy, dresses like a guy, and overall acts like a guy.

You take offense to your own thoughts. You do not dress like a guy, you wear hair bows. You tell yourself there's a difference, and that the problem is too many guys in Johto dress like girls.

Command: Do not proclaim self to be male, but proclaim self to have no need of a boyfriend. Self can handle self.

"Are you sure? I'm a natural when it comes to hook-ups." Nurse joy replies.
"Yes, I'm sure."

Command: "Huh, caves are pretty dangerous, but nothing's worse the the bamboo forest I live in. You'd be surprised how horrifyingly easy it is to get lost there, but I never do."

Command: We'll have to take note that we could even find some stronger pokemon deeper in. We're Immortal, and it's hard for us to get lost, so it should be a piece of cake!

"Be warned that the wild pokemon themselves regularly reshape the caves, especially as you go in deep. Trainers that stick to the path are fine, but trainers that go spelunking should always bring a pokemon that can dig them out. You never know when a wild Graveler explosion will bring down part of the cave."

Command: "Huh, so what ones would you suggest then? I take it that the Geodude, Graveler, and Onix you mentioned earlier are good for that yeah?"

"Diglett and Onix are best; they can carve out tunnels in seconds. Some Graveler and Geodude are good diggers, but many aren't, it's kind of hit and miss. They don't usually need to dig tunnels, so they often don't learn how to do it any faster than a trainer with a shovel. You can buy a TM in Goldenrod to teach Charmander how to dig, if you'd like." The nurse says, typing at her computer. "Let's see, it says here the item is called TM 28."