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"If you are the light, you cast away the darkness." – Man Hee Lee

The moon is my earliest memory.

But that's all I can remember. And when I try to remember more, a wall comes up. Like my mind doesn't want me to remember what happened before the moon.

With the light of the moon guiding the way, a shadowy figure hopped – yes, hopped – through the night, the streets quiet and empty enough for him to move unseen. He wore a dark cloak wrapped around him and a hood covering his head, and over his shoulder, a staff was strapped to his back.

There was a small bundle in his arms, which he held close to him as he moved. His vivid green eyes looked down upon the baby in his arms as he paused for a moment; the baby stared right back at him, her wide brown eyes curious. It was hard to believe that, after all she had been through, the baby was comfortable.

The figure pushed those memories back and continued.

As he passed the houses he looked through the windows, as if he was trying to find something. He would keep looking down at the baby, as if getting her opinion, before finally stopping outside one house. Inside the figure could see a man and a woman sat side by side on the couch, gazing at each other lovingly; the man was blonde haired and brown eyed, while the woman was a brunette with green eyes. The figure looked down at the baby again and smiled.

He hopped over to the front door, placed the baby on the doorstep, and knocked. He hurried away again and hid in the bushes.

The door opened. Both the man and the woman were there, gazing around to find the one who knocked on their door. The woman saw the baby first; she immediately crouched down and took the bundle into her arms, rocking her gently. The man took out the single piece of paper which was in the child's blankets. It was ripped, but he could still read what the first part said: Helen.

The man and the woman exchanged a glance, before they smiled and brought the baby inside with them.

From inside the bushes, Bunnymund smiled. "You're safe now, little one. See ya in a couple of centuries." He then took the staff off his back; it was golden and green with an egg-shaped emerald on the top. He used it to open a portal in front of him, taking him back to his own time in the past.

My name is Helen. Helen Bennett. Where do I come from? I don't know. I was found on a doorstep when I was still only a baby. No one knows where I came from. And I don't think anyone ever will.