Bond was unusually early for work today; he had had some trouble sleeping the night before, and decided to give up on sleep and just get ready for the day. It was about seven o'clock in the morning when Bond was just about to enter M16 until he recognized a car that drove past. Driving the car was a young woman who was looking around frantically. Anyone else wouldn't take a second glance, but Bond deemed her actions as somewhat suspicious. Bond didn't know who she was exactly, but her face was familiar. She looked like a woman he had seen on a previous mission. Now she was on her own mission. It appeared that Bond wasn't going to be early for work today after all.

007 set off after the vehicle, following at a safe distance behind. It wasn't a difficult task on foot, because of all the traffic. The car eventually turned into a driveway, which Bond assumed led to a new enemy lair. Not a very secretive or creative place, in the middle of the city, but quite convenient as it was just down the street from M16.

Bond maneuvered through the cars in the parking lot, keeping a careful eye on the woman as she pulled into another lot on the far side of the building. Bond began to creep to the next aisle of cars when he heard the sound of a pick-up truck accelerating. 007 jumped out-of-the-way of the speeding vehicle just before he heard a crunching sound. Wait... crunching? Bond stood up and checked his pockets; his cell phone was missing. He turned around to check the ground and sure enough, Bond's week-old phone was in pieces.

"Sorry, Q," Bond said to himself as he picked up what was left of the machine, and tucked the pieces away in the inside pocket of his jacket. The driver of the truck had parked and a boy who looked to be about sixteen years of age had gotten out and was walking towards the building.

"Bloody kids," 007 sighed. But he now noticed that the parking lot was littered with teen-aged boys. They were all wearing similar clothes and walking into the same entrances. Bond had missed the sign at the end of the driveway that was labeled, "Archbishop Tenison's School." He had also missed where the woman he was following entered the building. Well, he supposed he might as well follow the crowd and pray that he crossed paths with her again.

The best way Bond could describe the inside of the building was a younger, more crowded version of M16, or a human zoo. Students were slamming locker doors shut, talking loudly across the halls, and running to various rooms. An obnoxious bell rang throughout the halls and within seconds, the halls were empty. James studied the suddenly quiet and open hallway. Walking past the nearest door and glancing inside, he realized, of course, the answer was obvious: school.

He continued walking through the hallways and peering inside the classrooms until he found the woman he had been following. He had stopped outside the door for no more than five seconds before students starting pointing toward the door.

He could hear their voices, "Miss B! Miss B! Someone's at the door!"

The young woman, Miss B, turned to look through the glass. She certainly had not expected a secret agent to visit her at work. While leaving her classroom, she called to the students, "Begin working on the homework assignment. Ask each other for help."

"Mr. Bond. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" She asked quietly as she pulled the door shut behind her. She straightened her black and white flower print skirt before she rolled up the sleeves of her blue cardigan and crossed her arms. Bond could tell she was trying to make herself seem taller even though her heels only added a few inches to her five-foot-four stature; she was still shorter than 007.

Ahh, so she recognized him, which confirmed that Bond had indeed seen her before. He couldn't help but wonder what on earth she was doing in this place; school was like prison for kids and Bond couldn't imagine anyone wanting to go back.

"Posing as a teacher; very nice job. What kind of evil plan was Silva devising that he needs you here?"

Miss B laughed, "Actually, Mr. Bond, teaching is my day job. Spying is a night and weekend gig. Mathematics is my calling; Silva realized this and helped me used my skills to their full potential. Now that he's dead, I am looking for new employment."

"I'm sure the kids would love to hear about all of your interesting adventures."

"Oh, no, my students don't need to know that their algebra teacher is secretly helping to overthrow M16. For good, this time."

James put his hands in his pockets and looked around for anyone roaming the halls.

Miss B pulled her long, wavy brown hair behind her ear and continued, "Mr. Bond, what are you doing here?"

"Please, call me James. And honestly, I followed you here because I believed you to be on some kind of secret mission. I wanted to know what exactly you were up to."

Just then a faint ringing came from the inside of Bond's jacket. Bond couldn't believe his ears when he reached in for his cell phone. Pulling out the pieces, the cracked screen showed that Q was calling.

Miss B looked at the mess, "Is this the kind of technology they give their agents now? M16 is really losing its touch. So who is it, Mr. Bond?" She reached for the piece of the phone that was lit up, showing who the caller was. Bond reacted quickly so she couldn't see it, but not fast enough as Miss B had only needed to read one letter, "Q? I've heard about your new Quartermaster. He must be quite the genius if he could design a phone that still works after being run over. Those damn kids and their outrageous driving."

Bond ignored Q's call and looked at Miss B, "Yes, Mr. Bond, I saw you in the parking lot this morning. It's not everyday that Tenison's gets a visit from an M16 agent. So, about this new Q. I want to meet him."

"I'm sorry, Miss B, but that won't happen."

"Mr. Bond, please, I don't wish to get any information from him. I've heard he's quite the looker, and I just want one date."

"One date?"


"Nothing more?"

"I promise."

James thought on this, Miss B was a very good actress he must admit, she could have been lying from the moment she opened her mouth. What was the harm in one date? He could easily spy on them in case her intentions were more dangerous than "just getting to know him."


"Fine. One date. One. Tonight, eight o'clock, at the Brunswick House Cafe."

"Excellent! I'll see him tonight. I best be getting back to my class before they get too off-task. Thank you for the visit, Mr. Bond," and with that she left Bond alone in the hallway.

He hung around for another minute wondering what the hell he had just agreed to. Hoping this wouldn't cause too much trouble, 007 left for M16.

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