I ran to the beach, knowing Sephy would be there. I knew she could calm me down. She could help me relax, where I would be safe. Everything that was happening was like a Civil war. After reading Lynny's letter, I thought I could handle it, I became a rock. But now I'm cracking, being eroded by a river of emotions. What's worse is that the river is showing, flowing through me from the inside out. However, as the tears started streaming, I kept running, getting faster every second. I was almost thereā€¦

When I got to the beach, I saw her. Sephy was sat down on the sand, staring out at the sea. I kept running. Until I reached her, I kept running. I sat down next to her, and just as I did, something shiny dropped to the sand, like a raindrop. A tear. Sephy was crying, just like me. The way dad and Jude snapped at her, they had no right! It wasn't her fault, none of it.

We just sat there for a while, neither of us said anything. We listened to the sound of the waves and watched them lapping up onto the shore. It was peaceful. She lay her head on my shoulder, and I hugged her. Comforting her, I think. It was comforting for me, if not her. This was better for me. Better than the stuffy rooms of my crowded house.

"Callum?" You could hear the sadness in her shaky voice. She turned her head to look at me. It was like sitting with a lonely puppy. You could see the sorrow in her eyes, still glistening with the tears that hadn't yet fallen to the sand.

"What is it Sephy?" I asked, in response to hearing my name.

"Thank you" She put her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

"What for?" I asked puzzled.

"For being here"

I relaxed and closed my eyes, just as she had done. Everything was better now, and I had Sephy to thank for it.