Hello and welcome to my first story of Vampire Prosecutor. This story contains SPOILERS, so be aware if you haven't yet seen the second season!

After suffering through the agonizing wait between the first and second season I was ready to tear out my hair, when we were left with this major cliffhanger and no noticeable success between Min and Yoo at all. And regrettably, there were no fanfiction out there, which would help to quench my thirst until the next season. So, I decided to at least do something and make my own contribution.

I hope you will enjoy this ride as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know of your thoughts/ideas/requests etc. Each and every comment is appreciated thoroughly and keep me writing.


Her heart stopped when she heard the gunshot. Yoo saw Min fall and yet her brain refused to process it. Numbly she watched him crumble and writhe in pain and wondered if this is how they all died. Her eyes widened when his gaze suddenly glowed blue and their eyes met for a millisecond, before he covered his face in agony.

She didn't see her kidnapper approach and when he wrenched her up her feet wouldn't move. Her body was dragged across the floor and she fell, hitting her head. Her vision filled with tears as she half listened to the discussion between two men. She heard them well enough, but her brain just refused to process it. She only saw blue.

Successfully she had suppressed any thoughts on previous happenings that did not add up with her world. Prosecutor Yoo was a simple person. In her world, there were things that could happen and things that could not. And yet, over the previous months, her neatly organised self had allowed the seed of doubt to grow. Hwang Soon Bum had known something. She could feel the connection between him and Min. Something was wrong and she did not want to know. It did not belong into her world. It did not.

She saw the read-head bare his fangs, eyes glowing red, and wondered, how hard had she hit her head. She took a deep breath and tried to focus on getting away and growled in frustration. Tugging uselessly at her wrists she could feel the rope gnaw at her already raw wrists.

When she was yanked upwards from the floor her eyes once again met with his icy blue ones. This time they were burning with helplessness, regret, hate and fear. Pure fear. She did not know what to think. Never had she seen him helpless before. This did not belong into her world, she squeezed her eyes shut in denial. Only seconds later her eyes flew open again as a searing pain shot through her. Scream tore through her throat and died on her lips as she clutched at the body on top of her.

You cannot really describe that kind of pain, she discovered. Suddenly everything slows down and you can feel every inch of your body quiver in pain. The fire surrounding them was getting bigger and she wondered if she would live long enough to see the explosion. It's funny, her brain mused. Just minutes ago, she would have thought there would be nothing more terrifying than to be tied up next to a bomb watching Prosecutor Min fight for their lives. He had looked so vicious, and broken.

Through the thickening fog her eyes unwillingly searched for his. His abnormally blue eyes pierced hers and she felt calmness take over. Her body stilled. He was bleeding, she noticed. She was most likely as well. Her vision wouldn't focus any more as her body was shutting itself down from the pain. Her last fleeting memory before the darkness was one of regret. Of not being able to tell him.

And there you go. I have couple on the next chapter ready already, but please DO let me know of you thoughts and ideas! You guys are my inspiration!