When two girls appear out of nowhere in the heart of Camelot during the start of a war, they will have to fight to stay alive and battle to avoid accusations, and most importantly make the ultimate decision of going home to their dearly missed family's or staying with their newly acquainted loves...

I really suck at summaries, but please give this story a chance. (The chapter get longer as you go along.)

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Arthur/OC Merlin/OC

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"We have deployed six knights in the east and four in the west. Due to the current circumstances we will be sending an extra seven knights to the north to join the four that are already up there. The situation in the-" Merlin tuned the rest of the knights speech out as he decided that it was of no importance to him, he was just there to serve Arthur.
The knights sitting at the round table looked solemn and had their attention focused solely on sir Leon as he continued what he was saying whilst Arthur's brow knitted together in concentration and what looked like frustration, most likely about the unexplained up roar in the smaller villages of Camelot. Merlin allowed his thoughts to wander, his mind deciding that now was a good time to start remising about how much Camelot had changed since Arthur had become king - after Uthers untimely death. The kingdom was now a peaceful place were all are treated equally despite their backgrounds and we are now at peace with many of the neighbouring colony's - thankfully. Yet magic was still outlawed, due to most of Arthur's family betraying him with the use of magic.

Merlin noticed that sir Leon was coming to the end of his speech but Arthur was still in his trace, Merlin was about to go over to him to try and alert him that he needed to give his views on sir Leons suggestions when a quite scream echoed through the hall rapidly getting louder and louder until it was almost deafening. Just as Merlin and the rest of the people in the hall started to think that they couldn't take it anymore there was a loud thump! as a girl, who looked about the age of 19, landed on Merlin, causing him to fall flat on his back - the unknown girl still on her front laying over his stomach. The girl let out a low groan before lifting herself up slightly, keeping her eyes tightly closed. Merlin took a moment to take in her features, or what he could see of them, as her slightly curly, chestnut brown hair was blocking most of her face from view. He could just make out a small pair of full lips and a small dainty nose, his actions were paused yet again by another scream, not as high pitched but still practically deafening and then - just as before - a young girl around the age of 19 landed straight in the middle of the round table, where only a small portion of the knights were still sat due to most of them bolting up to go and tend to Merlin.

The girl on the table lifted her hand to her head and groaned before muttering a quite curse. she slowly began to sit up and allowed her eyes to flicker open, taking in the scene around her. Her eyes landed on the other girl on Merlin and he could just see the brown haired girls eyes shift to the girl on the table.
Multiple knights now had their swords pointed directly at the two girls as they gingerly began to stand up and rush over to each other. Merlin - still in his position on the floor - was now able to get a better look at the girl that landed on top of him. She was quite broad, but in a way that suited her, with a slim waist. She was wearing the most bizarre clothing - but not quite as odd as the other girl - she had on a plain black skirt, that reached just above knee height and a pale brown tank top with a navy blue and red trimmed blazer over the top. Her chestnut brown hair had a slight, natural looking, curl to it and went just past her shoulders before being completed with a feathered full fridge.
Yet out of all of this Merlin noticed only one thing...her eyes, deep intoxicating pools of green rimmed with a vibrant gold that only made them stand out more against her long black lashes and slightly tan skin - they were by far her most prominent feature.

She seemed to be trying to hid behind her slightly taller, raven haired counterpart - a positively terrified expression etched onto her face.
"Take them to the dungeon, they will be tried for the use of sorcery in the morning." Arthur's cold voice broke Merlin from his trance, the two girls had yet to utter one word and they were already being thrown into the dudgeon, granted they did just fall from nowhere and sorcery does seem like the only possible explanation but he could of at least asked the girls their names first. He got back to his feet and brushed himself off, still staring at the brown haired beauty before him, before the guards came and dragged her away. She put up no fight and walked quite willingly down to the dungeons whilst the other girl struggled and fought, screaming and shouting the whole way out the door, he could still hear her yelling profanities at the three guards dragging her away when she had left the room and was travelling down the hall. He watched the teen's retreating figure until he could no longer see her, knowing that all he would be thinking of tonight was those beautiful eyes...