Title: Legendary Travesty

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Leah/Esme, established Bella/Alice (Bellice)

Author: Mirandyscrow

Rating: R

Summary: AU Leah imprints in Eclipse. We follow her as she deals with denial, acceptance and the consequences that this extraordinary event causes. This story take place about two months before the beginning of Eclipse and will be a femslash pairing. If you don't like it then don't read it. Thanks!

Spoilers: Let's say everything up until Eclipse is fair game, but I'm twisting a lot of facts and timelines to suit my story.

Archive: Sure if you really want it. Lol, it would be a surprise to me, just ask my permission first. (It's nice when people ask)

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Author's Note: I don't have a clue where this idea came from. I was actually focusing on going to sleep and this plus five other prompts popped into my head and played around in my skull until I wrote them down and attempted to give them a fair shot at being written. Now here we are.

Author's Note Part Deux: One of the scenes in this chapter may seem a little familiar to some. That's because I totally ripped it from the movie Constantine with a few changes. It was one of my favorite scenes of the movie and I really liked the idea of a supernatural bar.

Author's Note in Triplicate: I'm not a mechanic nor do I know how to do any repairs besides change the oil and change a flat tire. The jargon I just kind of slammed in this chapter come from research involving Youtube and Google. I apologize in advance if I happen to get something incorrect.

Big thanks to my beautiful wifey faithlessfate for being an awesome beta and making this story worth reading! All careless mistakes are my own.

Chapter 18: The First of Many

Leah looked through the classifieds with a resolved frown marring her face. She was determined to find herself a new car even if it killed her. She only got three hundred dollars from the wreck yard for her car. Her 1970 Chevy didn't have a current blue book value so she allowed herself five grand from her savings account to spend on the car. It shouldn't be any hassle to find a decent car that would get her from point A to point B. The newspaper yielded very few results but she wasn't deterred. Her next step was to go online for more local ads. She circled each advertisement that interested her and logged onto Esme's laptop.

"Have you found anything yet?" Esme asked, coming back in to the room with six large fresh baked blueberry muffins.

Leah nodded to the screen, her eyes skimming the Craigslist ad. "I've got about three right now that seem pretty okay."

Esme tilted her head curiously. "What exactly are you looking for?"

"Well, I haven't really thought about a specific make or model. I do want something American made, that way the repairs don't cost me an arm and a leg." Leah shrugged with a tilt of her head. "I don't exactly have a steady income flowing in now that I've left my job due to an 'irreparable home situation.'" She said sarcastically using her fingers to draw air quotes.

"I still don't see why you won't just let me buy you a car." Esme said, coming to stand behind Leah.

"No, Mé." Leah sighed exasperatedly. She placed the laptop on the bed and grabbed a muffin from the plate and pinched a piece off before placing it in her mouth. The light treat melted in her mouth and she hummed appreciatively.

Esme beamed then sobered. "Did you go to Joe and let him see that you were okay?"

"I will next week." Leah promised, clicking another link. Her eyes scanned the ad and with a scoff she hit the back button forcefully.

"Why won't you let me buy you a car?" Esme asked once again.

Leah grabbed Esme's hand and kissed it gently. "Because I do have the money to get my own car. It's no big deal to me."

"If it's no big deal then why won't you just allow me-" Esme began.

"I'm not a charity case!" Leah growled, turning back to the computer.

Esme placed a calming hand on Leah's shoulder. "That's right, you're not, but it's not charity to accept a gift."

"Mé, a necklace or a couple of videogames are a gift. A car…" Leah paused and took a bite from the muffin chewing slowly as she gathered her thoughts. "A car is a serious financial commitment."

"I know it is." Esme said plainly, trying to figure out when the conversation got so tense.

"You don't know what it is to me." Leah explained quickly. "Neither of my parents ever had a brand new car. We had to save every penny carefully while we plotted out the best car that would not only get us from place to place but also hold up to the tough jobs my dad often had to do."

"You think I'm just throwing my money around." Esme concluded softly.

"It makes me a little uncomfortable." Leah admitted. "I know you want to help me but this is something I want to do alone. Please." She said quietly, finishing her muffin.

"I won't press the issue, but from now on I'll help whether you want me to or not." Esme gave Leah a few envelopes with her name on them. "Remember that it's not just my money anymore." "I'll be downstairs when you're ready to go inspect the cars." She said and swept out of the room.

Leah went back to Craigslist and only succeeded in finding two other cars in her price range she was willing to check out. She quickly finished the remaining muffins and downed the orange juice left for her. She took a shower and headed downstairs to find Esme already outside in the Lexus.

She'd just slid into the passenger seat while Esme put the car in drive and sped down the road. The first house they came upon was a cozy looking house. Leah looked around the large panel van outside. It certainly looked like a decent enough car. She didn't necessarily want a van but if it turned out she couldn't find anything else she would settle for the van.

Leah didn't turn as she heard the sounds of someone shuffling towards what she assumed was the window to peek out at her. A second later the same person opened the door and made their way onto to the porch.

"Can I help you?" A tall, toned man asked gruffly.

"Yeah, I've come to look at the van and possibly take it for a test drive." Leah said respectfully. She realized that she'd started this venture a little too early on a Saturday but wasn't above charming her way past the people's morning grumpiness.

"That van?" the man asked, his expression unreadable while his voice was saturated with incredulity. "Tyler! Get your pot smoking ass out here!"

A teenager came out with slept in hair and a couple of spots of milk dripping from his chin.

Leah squinted her eyes slightly. She vaguely remembered this guy from Bella's graduation party. So this was the Tyler that nearly made Bella a human grease stain. She half expected him to be just a bit more impressive.

"Since when are you selling the van?" The man asked Tyler.

Tyler frowned in confusion. "Selling my van? What are you talking about?"

Leah didn't say a word as she pulled out the folded Craigslist ad she printed out from her pocket. "You didn't advertise this?" she asked.

Tyler took the paper and glanced over it with a heavily wrinkled brow. "Mike!" he screeched suddenly and bounded into the house with the ad in tow. "I'm going to kill him."

"I should have known." The older man shook his head with a chuckle. "Look, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. It looks like one of my son's friends is pulling a prank."

"Yeah, I gathered that." Leah nodded in agreement with a fake smile.

"Sorry for wasting your time." The guy chuckled out the last of his sentence. With a shake of his head he headed back into the house.

"No prob." Leah said thankful to leave this farce behind.

Esme's face held more than a little amusement.

"Not a word," Leah grumbled as she put on her seatbelt.

"My lips are sealed, darling." Esme said and put the car into gear.


By lunch time, Leah had had all she could stand of automobiles. She was currently staring out the window while slumped in the passenger side with a particularly pronounced pout.

"You were barely in there for five minutes." Esme observed quietly.

"As I'm sure you heard, that guy was more interested in dating me while his pregnant girlfriend is in the hospital than actually selling a car." Leah busied herself with fastening her seatbelt.

"Well, it's a good thing he already has children because I don't think he'll be having more anytime soon." Esme said casually as she turned the key in the ignition.

Leah's expression suddenly turned sheepish. "Heard that too did you?" she scratched the side of her head.

"That I did." Esme said simply.

"He deserved it." Leah grumbled sullenly.

Esme merely smiled, glancing at the clock on the dashboard before zooming down the road. "What would you like to have for lunch?"

"I don't really care," Leah said forlornly, staring determinedly out the window once more.

"Hey, it's going to be okay, sweetie." Esme soothed her quietly. "I promise you'll find a car."

Leah looked skeptical. "One that doesn't come with a dozen strings attached?" she couldn't help but ask.

"I'm completely confident you will." Esme responded in the affirmative.

"I wish I was." Leah replied with a sigh.

"You know if you'd just taken my offer you wouldn't be in this predicament." Esme teased lightly.

"Shut up." Leah groused again although the small smile one her face betrayed her seriousness.

Esme took her hand off the shift knob and held it out to Leah. The wolf beamed and gripped the proffered hand tightly. They rode on the second shift all the way to lunch.


It was a little after the lunch rush when they finally decided to stop outside of town. They took a seat in a booth near the back of the diner and waited to be approached by a waitress. It didn't take long before a young woman walked up to their table with a tired but genuine smile on her face.

"Good afternoon, my name is Jamanda and I'll be your server today." She said quickly, handing them each a menu with practiced ease. "What can I get you two to drink?" she asked and waited patiently.

"I'll have an iced tea, thank you." Esme said politely. There was a beat of silence immediately following her response.

Then another.

Finally Esme cleared her throat pointedly, glancing at Leah.

"I'll have a Sprite." Leah muttered barely audible as she continued staring at the single, horribly wrinkled advertisement clenched in her fist.

Esme smiled indulgently at the waitress and shrugged. The waitress glanced between the two women confused before walking away to fill their drink orders.

"What's wrong?" Esme asked as soon as the waitress was out of ear shot.

"Huh?" Leah asked finally taking her eyes off the paper. She shook her head. "Nothing. It's just…nothing." She gritted out and balled up the paper in her hand tossing it on the table in disgust.

It rolled across the table and fell into Esme's lap. The vampire opened the paper slowly. Leah kept her eyes pinned to the table unable to ignore the small crinkle that came from the other side of the table.

"Leah," Esme whispered as she studied the picture. "Is this the car you want?" she asked as she studied the picture of a two-tone rust red colored Camaro. It was covered with sap and at least two pounds of pine straw. The driver side door was held closed with a length of rope that was tied to the mirror of the passenger side door. The left headlight was shattered and the right headlight was hanging out by its wires. "What is this?"

"It's a 1969 Camaro SS." Leah answered fluidly.

"Is this the car you want?" Esme asked again.

"I don't know." Leah replied with a shrug. "I kind of wanted to buy it and restore it. I thought maybe it would make me feel like I was bonding with my dad one last time," she said just before the waitress returned with their drinks.

"Iced tea and a Sprite." She placed the glasses on the table and pulled out her notepad with a smile. "Are we ready to order or do you need another minute?"

"No, I think we're ready." Esme glanced at Leah and continued. "I'll have the grilled chicken salad with Italian dressing on the side and she'll have a double bacon cheeseburger with everything on it, extra pickles and extra grilled onions, cooked rare with a side of French fries."

"…cooked rare with fries," the waitress repeated while she scribbled the order. "Alrighty, I'm going to go put that in for you." She informed them cheerfully and walked away.

"Thank you," Leah said. she kept her eyes locked with Esme's until the waitress was gone again. "Look, I know it's stupid."

"It's definitely not, Leah. You miss your father and it's perfectly natural to want to keep his memory alive." Esme said gently, waving off Leah's self-affliction.

"You don't think I'm obsessing?" Leah asked self-consciously.

"Do you think you're obsessing?" Esme countered. "Do you think this will make you forget all your grieving?"

"No," Leah replied with a shake of her head. "This all seems like the right thing to do. Him and me fixing a car one last time like we used to."

"Then that's settled." Esme announced as she placed the wrinkled paper on the table. "We'll go look at that car next."

"Mé, we really don't have to." Leah sighed.

"Why not?" Esme questioned and pointed to the advertisement. "It's parked out on the street outside someone's property and the advertisement says if we can move it. We can have it."

"If I can't get it to start we could always get Emmett to move it." Leah said with a small grin.

"Okay, we'll go directly after lunch." Esme held out her hand.

Leah grasped it gently in her own. She sent a pulse of love careening through their bond and chuckled happily when she felt the same enthusiastic pulse in return.

"Okay, ladies. Here we are." Jamanda returned. She hesitated for just a moment as she spied their clasped hands but recovered quickly and positioned the correct plates in front of the two women. "Enjoy your meal and I'll be back to check on you." And then she was gone once more.


Leah tried to keep her excitement in check as Esme pulled into the driveway of the nice quaint cottage.

"Go on and take a look." Esme said.

Leah hesitated once more before exiting the car. "I just can't believe it's actually there." She informed Esme through the open window. "This is my dream car. I used to keep a scrap book of all the features it would contain if I ever got one."

"Maybe we can find it one day."

"I doubt that," Leah replied ruefully. "I placed it in my dad's casket for safe keeping."

"I'm sorry." Esme said softly.

"It's okay." Leah said, stepping toward the car. She peered at the pitiful thing thick coating of pollen and dust covering the windows. She heard the front door open and out stepped a spry woman in an apron. The wolf could see that the woman held wisdom far beyond her years. "Good afternoon." She greeted with a nod.

"Hello, dear." The woman replied kindly. "I see you admiring my husband's old project."

"Yeah, I saw an ad online." Leah responded, pulling the crinkled paper from her pocket. "It said if I could move it, it was mine. Do you know what's wrong with it?"

The woman smiled mischievously. "Now where would the fun be in that?" she asked. "Give it a few minutes, dear. I'm sure it will come to you." The older woman walked forward with an outstretched hand. "I'm Mrs. Dean by the way."

"Oh my god, where are my manners?" Leah remarked with a grimace. If her mother was there she was sure there would be a head slap with her name on it. "I'm Leah and the woman in the car is Esme."

"Yes, I remember her from the last time the Cullen's were here." Mrs. Dean said after a beat. Her eyes twinkled with a deeper meaning. "Don't look so startled dear." She told Esme when she saw the panicked expression in her eyes. "I've just simply been blessed with a photographic memory. I have no reason to reveal your rather questionable existence but I must remark that fate is a truly interesting busybody." The older woman muttered quietly to herself as she entered her home.


Leah pushed the car the last few feet into the vacant spot in the garage. "Okay then." She said to the empty room. "Let's get to work." She slapped her hands together and grabbed a bag full of tools from the work bench. She walked around the car and opened the driver side door, her eyes widened and she immediately closed the door again. "A hornet's nest. Just great." She was grateful that all the windows were closed tightly and the insects had been fairly dormant the entire move to the house otherwise they would have surely found a way out of the car.

The wolf turned and trekked into the house heading straight for the kitchen. She crouched down, looking in the cabinets underneath the sink and dug out all the cleaning products before letting out a small frustrated grunt. "Where are the insecticides in this house?" she called out, knowing the others would hear her.

"We don't have any use for them. Insects obviously can't harm us so we never got any. What do you need it for?" replied a disembodied voice she assumed was Emmett.

"I was thinking it could double as an alternative to deodorant. What do you think?" Leah asked with a roll of her eyes.

"Well, anything's got to be better than your normal stink." Rosalie said without missing a beat.

"Says you, you rotten freesia fairy." Leah bit out quickly and turned back to Emmett. "I've got a heinous fucking hornet's nest in my new car and I need them gone. I guess I'm going to the store then."

"No need." Emmett said with a wave of his hand. "You stay in here and close the door to the garage, me and Jasper will take care of them."

Jasper was downstairs in seconds. "What's the wager this time?" he asked. "Tea party?"

"Tea party." Emmett affirmed. They stood and nodded to each other like sparring combatants. "Let's go!"

"Whoa!" Leah called out. "Don't destroy my car. I haven't even had a chance to drive it."

"No promises." Jasper said with a smirk before the door closed.

"He was joking right?" Leah asked Edward.

"Yes, he was." He assured her quietly.

Leah walked over and grabbed a couple of dry dishtowels rolling them tightly so they would fit under the doorframe. "What are they doing in there?"

"They are going to catch the hornets one by one." Edward said, flipping through a music book.

"And the one with the least amount loses whatever ridiculous bet they have going on." Alice added dryly.

"Is that right?" Leah asked in disbelief.

Just then, Jasper walked through the garage door with a victorious smile on his face.

"Best two out of three." Emmett whined following up behind him.

"Absolutely not, brother." Jasper said with a smirk. "I won fair and square."

"Okay, let's get this over with." Emmett grasped his sleeves and rolled them up as if preparing for hard labor.

"No way." Jasper responded with a shake of his head. "You know the rules to the wager states that I can redeem my prize at any point during this month. So be prepared." He warned Emmett with a smile that was pure evil.

Leah shook her head and made her way back into the garage. She grabbed the small vacuum cleaner in the corner and proceeded to rid her car of some of its thick layer of dirt. She cleaned up some of the errant hornet carcasses and angrily tossed the nest in the trash can. "Good riddance."

She took out a small notebook out of her back pocket and began to survey her vehicle. She scribbled down the external things that needed to be fixed and put the notebook back in her pocket. She retrieved the toolbox yet again and slid underneath the car.

"Ow, shit!" Leah exclaimed as the wrench landed on the ground with a clang. She rolled from under the car, drenched in old engine oil. She grabbed the car's manual from the floor, thumbing through it.

The wolf stubbornly ignored Rosalie who suddenly appeared and leaned against the car, smirking down at her. "I thought you might like to know your brother and Jacob are here." The blonde informed her.

"Yeah, I heard." Leah replied dryly. It was times like this that she was sure that she could truly be grateful that they lived deep in the woods. With Emmett's video game cranked up to near ear-splitting decibels, they would not only be issued a citation for disturbing the peace but also run out of town. "Fricking Call of Duty."

"Boys and their toys." Rosalie said airily. "And what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm restoring my car." Leah said in a tone that suggested that the answer was completely obvious.

"You mean your bucket of bolts?" Rosalie glanced over the rust red car covered with dead leaves and pine needles. "I never thought I'd find a car that was worse off than Bella's truck."

"Hey! Don't talk about her like that!" Leah hopped up, causing oil to drip from her clothing to the garage floor. "My baby's going to be kickass when I'm done."

"What are your plans for this car?" Rosalie asked callously. "You can't just poke and prod at it, slap some mirror paint on it and call it street ready."

"It's going to have to be a complete overhaul. The old lady I got it from said her husband had stopped working on it for years due to his arthritis but it looks like he mostly just tinkered with the minor things. I'm going to have to rebuild the whole engine from top to bottom." Leah stared at the car like she was seeing its transformation right in front of her. "But mirror paint won't be a bad touch." She added just to be a bitch.

"And you know what you're doing?" the blonde asked with a skeptic eyebrow.

"Yes, of course I know!" Leah huffed, insulted. "I used to help my dad and Billy fix cars on the reservation all the time. I just twisted the bolt to the oil trap too hard."

"This is a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS." Rosalie stated in a tone that implied that Leah was an idiot. "It needs to be handled delicately."

"You knew that from a glance?" Leah asked, her eyebrows lifted in surprise.

"I guess you don't know that I'm the regular mechanic around here?" Rosalie asked in a bored tone.

Leah gave her a blank look that screamed of incredulity.

Rosalie shrugged. "A girl's got to have a hobby."

"I figured yours would be nail filing, shopping, and gabbing about American Idol." Leah rolled back under the car.

"You don't know everything about us yet so you really have no right to judge." Rosalie said testily.

"I'm sure it was just ever so difficult having everything you ever wanted in the world." Leah responded.

"You're right. I did have everything I wanted," Rosalie admitted. She scowled, hearing Leah's muttered 'No, surprise there.' and continued, "but I didn't have a choice in my turning. None of us did." The blonde looked wistfully off in the distance as she recalled long forgotten memory. "Royce King was the most eligible bachelor in town. I barely knew him but I was young, I was in love with the idea of love."

"Listen, Rosalie. You don't have to prove anything to me." Leah said softly, removing herself from under the car slowly. She shook her head. "You don't have to tell me this if you don't want to."

"No," Rosalie said adamantly. "I need to get this out. I'll be letting Bella know so I may as well reveal it, relive it." She drew a long breath and persisted. "On the last night of my life, I left a friend's house late. I wasn't far from home when I saw Royce and a few of his friends on a street corner. I remember the glazed look in their eyes and the prickling of my hair standing on end with self-preservation. He presented me to his friends like a prized heifer, kissing me forcefully and groping me roughly. One of the men 'suggested' helpfully that I be seen without all my clothes." The vampire growled out through gritted teeth. "They had me right there in the street over and over again and then they just left me, thinking I was dead. Believe me I wanted to be."

"Shit, Rosalie." Leah breathed uncomfortably after a few quiet seconds of stillness. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's okay. I got my revenge on them." Rosalie revealed as a devious grin slid slowly across her face. "I killed them one at a time. I saved Royce for last so he'd know I was coming. I slaughtered everyone that attempted to get in my way, doormen, guards, police all without getting a single drop of blood on my ivory white wedding dress." She paused, chuckling. "I was a little theatrical back then."

"Only back then?" Leah couldn't resist the jibe. She walked around the garage, gathering a length of chain.

Rosalie only smiled in response. "Things got better after I found Emmett but we'll always be this." She gestured to herself with a sweep of her hand. "Frozen. Never moving forward. That's what I miss the most about being human. The possibilities. I could be sitting on a front porch somewhere with Emmett gray haired by my side, surrounded by our grandchildren and their laughter. Bella has a choice and I think she's choosing wrong." She insisted, detaching the shattered headlight from the car carefully. "Why would she give up a chance to have children for immortality?"

"I wouldn't know, because the choice was taken from me when I phased." Leah said, pulling the chain and lifting the engine block out of the car.

"What?" Rosalie asked Leah with surprised eyes.

"My menstruation stopped the day I phased." Leah clarified softly, gazing intently at the engine. She secured the chain and turned to Rosalie. "I can't have children. I've always wanted some and I thought I'd have the chance with Sam, but you know, fate happened."

Rosalie leaned against the car, thoughtful. "Well, I guess you have children now. You're with Esme now so we're at the very least your step children."

Leah titled her head. "Even you?" she asked.

"Yeah, even me." Rosalie said with a long suffering sigh as if it pained her to admit. Her frown morphed into smile.

"This is kind of weird. Having all my children be about my age but at the same time not." Leah rubbed her forehead.

"It's not all bad, mommy." Rosalie said in a baby voice, batting her eyelashes for full effect.

"That's really creepy." Leah pulled a face. "And please don't call me that." The wolf's hand flapped wildly, her eyes widened as she saw the thick engine sludge streaking across Rosalie's face and the front of her shirt.

Rosalie slowly looked down at her clothes, wiping away some of the oil from her face with a deep frown. It only served to smudge more of it across her face.

Leah tried to stop the laugh bubbling up from her throat, only succeeding in making it into a loud snort before she sobered.

"You. Are. So. Dead." Rosalie said through gritted teeth, flinging the oil to the floor.

"Rosalie, it was a mistake." Leah said, walking backwards toward the open garage door. She about faced and ran as quickly as she could, phasing mid step.

"Come back and give us a hug, mommy!" Rosalie yelled, chasing a large grey wolf out of the garage and into the forest.


"What was that?" Jacob asked his head tilting toward the forest while his eyes stayed glued to the large television screen in front of him.

"I don't know." Emmett mumbled. "And I don't care."

"On your left!" Seth shouted just as gunshots boomed from the television speakers.

"I see him! I see him!" Emmett shouted, his fingers moving quickly across the game controller.


Leah finished smoothing her feather earrings down beside her face. She blew out a breath and spritzed a touch of perfume on her neck. "Ready or not." She mumbled out and left the room.

"Wow, mutt. You actually do clean up nice." Rosalie teased with genuine appraisal.

"Told you," Leah said with a smirk. She shifted nervously at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Esme to make her appearance.

As if conjured by her thoughts, the vampire emerged at the top of the stairs gazing at Leah as if she was seeing her for the first time. Leah was eternally grateful that she and Esme had decided dress in separate rooms. She didn't think she would have been able to concentrate watching her imprint put on that outfit. The shimmery ivory top had a deep v neck accented with ruffles. The black mini-skirt put her legs on display. She was nearly the same height as Leah with her white stiletto peep-toe ankle boots as the wolf had opted to wear stylish flats.

"You look so beautiful." Leah breathed, her eyes lingering on the bout of cleavage her mate had on display.

"So do you." Esme replied softly, coming to stand next to Leah. She nodded appreciatively at the maroon over the shoulder silk halter top and dark form-fitting blue jeans.

"Uh, shall we go?" Leah gestured her arm toward the door, trying to shake off the nervous energy in her gut.

"Do you need me to play chauffeur?" Edward asked quietly. He'd got a few key items from his mother's and Leah's thoughts to know they were going out somewhere potentially dangerous. If he could, he would help.

"Not tonight, Edward. Thank you." Esme said politely.

"Alright, you two go on and have fun." Alice said, ushering them toward the door.

"We won't wait up." Rosalie said slyly, winking at Leah.

"Shut up and go to bed." Leah grumbled good-naturedly and Esme pulled Leah swiftly through the door before the wolf could hear the blonde's reply.


Leah and Esme stopped the car outside an unmarked building. It looked like an abandoned warehouse that had certainly seen better days.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Leah asked Esme for the umpteenth time that night.

"No, I'm not sure at all but we've gotten dressed and traveled all this way so we may as well go see if all our effort was all for naught." Esme stated, checking her appearance in the mirror even thought it was supernaturally flawless.

That's when Leah realized the other woman was nervous. With good reason. They were taking a huge risk going to this night club. Sanctarium Il Pax went against everything the Volturi stood for and eluding them at every single opportunity didn't exactly bode well for their reputation with the vampire government. Nevermind the scrutiny the Cullens were under because of Bella, Bree, and now the missing scout. She cringed internally knowing that last factor was her fault.

Leah shook her head free of the destructive thoughts and grasped Esme's hand tightly in comfort. "We'll be okay, my love." She said quietly.

"I know." Esme said firmly though her voice wavered briefly.

Leah smiled softly, reassuringly as she sent a wave of warmth and ease through their bond. "Let's give them hell." The wolf declared, grinning wickedly.

They moved quickly across the parking lot and into the building. Slowly opening the door, Leah and Esme only saw stairs leading down to a room with no windows or furniture. The entire room was black with a lone light bulb casting a red glow across the space. The only other door was the one located behind a tall muscular bodyguard. He wore a black leather vest and matching pants. His height and framed looked even larger than Emmett's. If his glowing red eyes didn't give away what he was, the sugary scent burning Leah's nose did.

He stared down at them for a few seconds expectantly after their approach before he finally spoke. "I can see you two are newcomers. Welcome to Sanctarium Il Pax. If you would tell me all the scents on your card I will grant you entrance."

Leah gave the card a small sniff. All of it was very faint. She thought for a minute. "Juniper berries, roses, and..." she trailed off unable to place the last scent.

"Wolfs bane." Esme told her in her head.

"Wolfs bane." She said confidently.

"Very good." The large bouncer praised. He reached for the velvet rope and paused. "As the name suggests, this is a place of peace ladies no matter what you see in here you are not permitted to interfere unless it is a direct threat to you or your mate. Everything here is done with complete mutual consent whether it appears that way or not." he released the rope, standing aside to let them pass.

Leah and Esme walked through the lavish hallway with more crimson fluorescent lights. The club was stylish and starkly modern. The live band was currently playing a song with country and blues feel to it. The lead singer's deep, husky tones worked perfectly against the odd décor of the building.

Immediately they passed a human girl being bitten by four vampires. Leah held Esme's hand tighter just in case she couldn't stop the maternal instinct that was probably urging her to save the young girl. She relaxed her grip when she heard a keening moan come from the table. One of the males lifted his hands, locking eyes with Esme as he licked it clean of blood before bending over her writhing body again. It felt as though everyone's eyes were on them as they walked through the club.

At a table of very conservative looking clientele, Leah could see two pairs feet under the dark cloth. She could guess why the people were under there, though she remained baffled by the other's disinterested expressions.

They walked past a woman leading a large tiger and wolf on heavy chains, heading towards a black leather padded door. She paused briefly, eyeing Leah appreciatively. Esme turned and glared, placing a possessive hand on Leah's lower back. Her message clear: 'Back off.'

The further they got into the club the more it looked like a normal bar there was more live entertainment and normal lights.

"I'll see if I can go find a table." Esme suggested suddenly, her eyes scanning the entirety of the club.

Leah walked right up to the expansive bar wishing she could have something stronger than a soft drink. She was reluctant to leave Esme at the table alone but she remembered the vampire could more than take care of herself.

Leah went to the bar ordering a coke with lime, knowing she wasn't likely going to get alcohol in an alternative bar, since she's considered to be even younger as shifter. She felt a presence come toward her and focused past the other mingling scents.

"So we meet again young one." a sultry voice asked behind her thick with a French accent. "I told you there were more like us."

Leah turned, lifting an eyebrow in question while taking in the appearance of the other woman. She appeared to have taken lessons in how to be even more inappropriately dressed for a middle aged woman since the last time she saw her.

"Shifters mated with vampires." The woman clarified, sipping from her wine glass of blood. She smiled internally from what she perceived was interest, noting Leah's eyes lingering on her form.

"I can see that. How did you-?" Leah started.

The woman smirked at her intrigued expression. "How did I know you were mated with a vampire? Your bond is very young." she sniffed discreetly. "And it hasn't been consummated." the woman leaned into Leah's personal space.

Leah felt her hackles rise at once. "Why is that any business of yours?" she demanded, using her full height to her advantage. She refused to shrink away from this woman.

"You aren't the first couple to walk in here completely lost. Like I said before you aren't the only shifter mated with a vampire. Veronica and I have been together for eighty five years now and still going strong." she explained, brushing against Leah to take her arm.

Leah was trying to dampen her instincts. They had been screaming at her ever since this woman walked up. She quickly found Esme, only to find a tall woman with a light blonde hair and a smarmy smile talking to her. Looking back at Yasmine she noticed the lust and knowing smile on other woman's face. That had to make the dead woman walking Veronica.


Esme glanced up, locking eyes with Leah. "Yes, sweetie?"

"Do these two strike you as odd?" The wolf asked raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Completely. Let's see where this goes and stay on guard."

"My thoughts exactly." Leah agreed and closed the connection.

"Let's go talk somewhere more private." Yasmine grabbed Leah's drink, walking away without waiting for a response.

Leah followed the vampire, her eyes once more observing the uncomfortably intimate scene between Veronica and Esme. She moved around Yasmine quickly and placed herself none too gently between her imprint and the unknown shifter.

"So, Yasmine says you guys have been together for 85 years." She said loudly, accepting her drink from Yasmine. Her fingers were toying with the droplets of condensation outside of the glass. After the other vampire handled the glass she had no intentions of drinking it.

Veronica pulled Yasmine close to the point of almost sitting on her lap. "That's right. It was love at first sight with this one." She smiled and pulled Yasmine in for a savage kiss.

"Oh, that's wonderful." Esme commented stiffly, settling against Leah's side for comfort.

"Are you okay?" Leah asked quickly, taking the opportunity to check over her mate for inappropriate marks. She inched just a bit away from the couple once the annoying porn star moans from the two women had become too much.

"I'm fine, Leah, just a little disturbed with our uninvited guests." Esme responded seriously.

"Do you want me to get rid of them?" Leah inquired, tensing subtly in preparation.

"No, don't." Esme laid a hand on the female Alpha's forearm. "Didn't you say she was the one that invited you?"

"She is." Leah confirmed with a nod.

"I don't want to commit a faux pas and never be able to get into this club again." Esme gestured around the nightclub with enthusiasm. "It's very interesting and exciting. I'd love to come back when these two are nowhere around."

"I'd love that too, Mé." Leah acquiesced and glanced to the side. "Oh good, it looks like they might finally be done with their public display of affection." she remarked sarcastically. "Let's tune back in, shall we?"

"Let's." Esme agreed with a sigh.

Leah and Esme shut off their bond just in time to hear the next question.

"Why haven't you consummated your bond?" Veronica asked gruffly, vindictively as if she knew just what insecurity Leah had. Her hands were moving, trailing up and down Yasmine's side sensually. The vampire preened at the attention.

"You know, I don't know why I have to ask this again, but how is that any of your business?" Leah challenged calmly.

"You may think you're enough, pup." Veronica tossed the insult affectionately like they were old friends. "I used to think that too. It took me a long time to realize that vampires like things a little more intense than any of us can handle."

Leah regarded the blonde with a tilt of her head. "Maybe you're just a lousy lay."

"What did you say?" Veronica's asked as her jaw tensed and her hand paused on its journey to Yasmine's ass.

"I believe you heard me," Leah responded, her full attention on the older woman.

"Leah, calm down. Veronica meant no harm by her observation." Yasmine said reassuringly. "It's just that you two are exceptionally beautiful and we'd each be honored to have you." Her expression was smug and full of lust, not the least bit ashamed to proposition two people she just met. "We could tutor you. Ease you into your new bond." She attempted to lean into Leah's personal space only to be rebuffed by a firm and unfriendly hand on her shoulder.

"That's my mate you have your hands on." Veronica growled warningly from her seat. She discreetly waved off the bodyguards that were stealthily making their way to the table. She was confident she could handle any problem these two new bonded fools could throw her way.

"And Leah's mine." Esme replied icily, she removed her hand but not before shoving Yasmine back against Veronica with a hiss.

"We don't want you and even if you were the last two people in the whole fucking universe we would still not be interested." Leah said with a low snarl, preparing to stand.

"You're out of your element here, young one." Veronica stated, exerting her will on Leah. It slicked uncomfortably over her skin like the Alpha voice but it wasn't anywhere near as powerful as she was expecting.

Veronica was older but by no means of a higher ranking than Leah. Her bloodline was much older and she was Alpha of her pack. Leah eyes narrowed as she shot her own will full force at the blonde. She smirked openly when Veronica bowed her head and exposed her neck in submission with a whimper. The older woman tried to shake free of her hold, completely stunned in her chair.

"You are the one who is out of their element. The bond you two freaks have is a connection full of meaningless sex and power. You never bothered to get to know each other and I'm disgusted to even be associated with you." Leah grabbed Esme's hand, storming to the nearest exit. "Have a nice life." She tossed over her shoulder.

As soon as they were back into the night air, Esme pressed the keyless entry remote. The car beeped twice and flashed its lights briefly illuminating the dark parking lot.

Leah sensed someone behind her just a second before the glint of claws swiped at her. She whirled around, catching Veronica's by the throat and tossing her across the concrete with very little effort at all. She glanced at Esme, noting with pride that Esme was handling Yasmine easily.

Veronica took Leah's lapse in attention and tackled her to the ground. Leah grunted as the woman's full weight settled on her harshly. As they she struggled, Veronica shifted slowly into fairly large sandy blonde wolf. The wolf howled and snapped her jaws very close to Leah's face.

"Leah!" Esme yelled to her.

"I'm fine." Leah grunted. "Don't get distracted and let Yasmine gain the upper hand." She grabbed Veronica's jaws, holding them with very ounce of her strength as the teeth continued to bite dangerously close to her face. Shifting partially, Leah extended her claws into Veronica's gums and muzzle, ripping them open.

The other wolf flinched away, with a whine and rubbed desperately with her paws, attempting to sooth the agony. Leah hopped to her feet instantly and launched herself at Veronica in full wolf form. She bit and scratched the blonde as Veronica tried unsuccessfully to evade her attacks.

All too soon, Leah had the wolf pinned beneath her by the scruff of her neck. Veronica slumped in submission and shifted back into her human form exhaustedly. Esme dragged a battered Yasmine to her mate and dropped her in a heap.

Leah shifted back and quickly gathered her ruined clothes, arranging them so that they covered her modesty. "Keep your paws to yourself." she growled to the couple lowly, standing to her full height. She turned to Esme with an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry about our date-" Her words were cut off by Esme as the vampire kissed her possessively.

Esme slammed Leah against the van and kissed her as if her life depended on it. "Mine." she hissed as she devoured Leah's mouth with her own. She bit down, breaking the skin of Leah's lower lip and suckled at the blood greedily from the wound.

Yasmine began to stir at the scent of delicious blood peppering the air. Esme pivoted then keeping a firm hold on Leah as she landed another kick, landing the vampire semi-conscious once more.

Leah's breath hitched and the clutched at Esme desperately, her heart racing as Esme broke the kiss and trailed nips down her neck and bit down firmly. The vampire licked and sucked the bite only pulling away once Leah's skin bruised prettily from her mark.

Leah groaned as Esme blew cool air across the angry mark. She grabbed Esme by the hair and kissed her ferociously. Her hands trailed up and down the vampire's torso, wishing that the vampire wore a different outfit. She decided to hell with it and began inching the short dress up her mate's toned thighs.

Suddenly there were a smattering hoots and cheering from all around them Esme and Leah broke apart sheepishly. It dawned on them that they'd very nearly had their first time up against someone's car in a dirty parking lot of a clandestine supernatural nightclub with witnesses.

A male figure approached Leah and Esme, both of whom immediately crouched into defensive postures. His deliberate disregard for the vanquished couple laying sprawled on the concrete near him gave the women some indication that they weren't facing a new threat.

"Whoa," the slim man held up in his hands. "I just came to congratulate you on your victory. Yasmine and Veronica have been terrorizing Sanctarium Il Pax for awhile."

"Why are they allowed back in?"

"They are large contributors and Yasmine's brother unfortunately owns the club."

"Of course." Leah snorted in disgust.

"Yup, money talks even in these circles." The man agreed.

Leah peered at him curiously. He smelled interesting, not unpleasant or even threatening just interesting. He smelled crisp and clean like lemongrass and catnip but her inner wolf didn't know what to make of 'interesting' so she extended her Alpha will tentatively to gauge his reaction.

The man stiffened but bowed his head slightly in recognition to a predator in higher ranking than himself. "Oh my, you've never met another shifter before tonight have you?"

"I honestly wasn't aware that there were any other shifters. Yasmine said there were others like me but I assumed she meant other wolves that were mated with vampires besides me." Leah tilted her head as she scrutinized the other man. "What are you?"

"Whatever half-truths Yasmine has told you doesn't even begin to cover it. My name is Warren." The man introduced himself finally. "And my animal form is a lion."

"It's nice to meet you." Esme said politely, offering a hand for the man to shake. "I'm Esme and the one to my right is my mate Leah."

"Yo, Warren!" a girl called out obnoxiously. "You coming or what?"

"Well, I have to go soon but let me give you my phone number. If you want to meet with level headed none predatory shifters and vampires give me a call we live close by." Warren said and reached into his pocket and handed the two women a business card. "Nice to meet you Esme, Leah." He nodded to each woman in turn and walked back to his group of friends, looking at them friendly intrigue.

"What do you think?" Leah asked, not taking her eyes off the departing group.

"It couldn't hurt to go and observe this group of shifters. We can bring Edward along if you're truly worried." Esme suggested to ease the younger woman.

"I'm not worried. As you can see we are completely capable of taking on any threats together." Leah said, gesturing to an empty spot of concrete that used to hold Yasmine and Veronica. "Wait, where did they go?"

"It's not important." Esme assured her and tossed Leah the keys. "Would you like to drive home? I find that going well above the speed limit decreases a little stress."

Leah nodded and accepted the keys. "I mean what I was saying earlier, Mé. I'm sorry for the way our first date happened." She said once they got into the car. She rested her head against the steering wheel. "What if they're right, Esme? What if I'm not enough for you?" she asked, glancing beside her.

"They are not right, love. If we never consummate our bond I'd still want to be with you until the end of time." Esme stated seriously. "I do hope you'll let me have a few things to tide me over." She said in a joking purr. Leah barked out a laugh and started the car.


Nearly a week after their disastrous date, Leah and Esme were taking full advantage of a rare empty house and feverishly making out on the couch. The younger woman leaned forward, pressing Esme underneath her toned form on the sofa.

The vampire broke the kiss with a smirk and nuzzled the side Leah's face. "This is nice."

"Mhm." Leah hummed in agreement. "It is nice to have an empty house every now and then."

Just then Leah and Esme stiffened at the same time, extricating themselves and standing reluctantly.

"So much for alone time." Leah said and snatched her tank top from the floor. She stormed past the returning group outside. "Emmett, you and me!" she declared, grabbing the bulky vampire by the arm and pressing him further into forest. "Let's spar."

The large vampire held back his giddy dance of glee and flashed toward her without preamble. Leah grinned mischievously and shifted. After the wolf bested the vampire three out of five rounds and was finally able to beg the vampire off with promises of more fights soon, Leah felt a little of the tension leave her body. She walked toward the back door, seeing a clean towel and a perfectly chilled bottle of water waiting for her next to the patio doors. She downed the water and mopped the sweat off her face and neck.

Draping the towel over her shoulders, Leah walked into the house. She expected the immediate recoil of disgust the vampires exhibited. She turned amused eyes to Esme who looked like she wanted to jump on her and eat her alive. Leah's heart thundered in her chest, stuck in the moment with her imprint.

The other vampires glanced back and forth, amused, waiting to see who would make the first move between the two women. Esme looked away first and Leah practically ran upstairs mumbling out her plans for a shower.

When Leah got out of her very cold shower she discovered Esme was out hunting. The vampire must have been in such a hurry she forgot to send Leah a telepathic message. It was for the best, Leah decided as she walked into the garage.


Leah had just finished cleaning all her windows and started hand waxing her car when Rosalie walked into the garage.

"Want some help?" The blonde asked.

Leah paused for a second before shrugging. "It couldn't hurt." She continued rubbing down the metal.

"When you first brought this back I never imagined it looking like this." Rosalie said with a chuckle and a shake of her head.

"Yeah." Leah agreed with a smile. "To tell you the truth, I didn't exactly think I'd get this far. A few times there, I thought it was going to end up on the junk heap."

"I'm glad it all worked out." Rosalie said sincerely.

"Probably not as much as I am, considering it is my car." Leah countered.

"True." Rosalie said simply. "You know the lust pouring off you two are going to send the house into an orgy." She spoke casually.

Leah looked at with an expression of abject horror. She tried to rid herself of the images provoked by the blonde's statement. "There's not enough brain bleach in the world for what I just saw." She griped, rubbing her eyes roughly with the heels of her hand.

"You're acting like Edward, all chaste and pure." Rosalie spat it like it was an infectious disease and paused. "And even worse, Edward agrees."

Leah's glare became murderous at the insult. "I don't know what to do, okay?"

"Well, you better go Google it or buy a book." Rosalie suggested. "Your sexual tension is killing this house. Every time you two are in the room together you look like you want to just mount her."

"Stay out of it, Rosalie." Leah growled under her breath.

"Pardon my French, but you're being a complete pussy about this whole thing." Rosalie said quickly, hoping to encourage Leah into some kind of reaction.

Leah didn't take the bait as she raised a single eyebrow at the vampire. "You realize that you're encouraging me to bed your mother right?"

"Well, someone has to." Rosalie said with a roll of her eyes. She tilted her head, regarding Leah contemplatively. "What happened on your first date?"

Leah sighed, looking away. "Nothing."

"That's bull if ever I heard it." Rosalie said with a scoff. "Now what happened?"

Leah acquiesced and told Rosalie the atrocity that was their first date.

"I'm still not hearing a problem." Rosalie stated with an exasperated hand on her hip.

"I've been acting all confident but the truth is I haven't got the first clue about how to have sex with a vampire." Leah admitted quietly.

"She's more than just a vampire." Rosalie stood, tossing the rag she was using down with a frustrated growl. "She's a woman. Same as you."

"I don't know how to have sex with a woman either. Not to mention..." Leah muttered under her breath.

"I can't believe this!" Rosalie snapped, clearly hearing Leah loud and clear. "You're dragging ass over being a virgin a second time around."

"It's not just that." Leah snapped. "I feel like everything is new again. Like my whole teenage slash adult life understanding lust and my body's reactions hasn't even covered what I could experience."

"Welcome to the land of love, pup." Rosalie cooed, petting Leah's head.

Leah growled, biting at the vampire's hand. She stomped over to the wall snatching her keys form one of the many hooks. "I'm going for a ride." She grumbled. She threw open the door and plopped into the seat. The scent of leather calmed her as she turned the key. All of a sudden, the passenger door opened and Esme dropped into the seat beside her.

The wolf smirked before throwing the car in reverse and peeled off into the night, the tires squealing in protest.

"Do you have a destination in mind?" Esme asked after a few minutes of silent driving.

Leah tightened her grip on the steering wheel. "To be honest? No." She performed a sudden u-turn.

"I thought you just said you didn't know?" Esme asked "Where are you going?"

"Back where this all started." Leah said and pressed the pedal harder. The car rocketed across the pavement. She pulled into the deserted parking lot of the small supermarket, quickly maneuvering the car behind the darkened building.

Leah shut off the car and sat with her hands planted firmly on the steering wheel. Her chest heaved with deep lungfuls of air. Her mother warned her that if she didn't consummate her imprint soon that the 'moon madness' would decide to affect her hormones and the decision would be made for her. The female wolf now knew that to be true. Lately, everything Esme did was turning her on.

Esme's scent now covered every inch of the car and it was making the wolf's head spin. What made matters worse was the short, tight dress the vampire adorned. Leah's eyes darkened as she thought about slipping a hand underneath the thin fabric and claiming her mate.

The air in the car became stifling with tension as Esme was assaulted by the lust careening though the bond. She purred as its insistent thrall covered her being and filled her with more heat. She felt as though she'd combust at any moment.

Leah's head snapped up at the sounds, locking eyes with her vampire. Her nostrils flared as she smelled her imprint's arousal. Her eyes narrowed, glaring at the bright full moon currently hanging low in the sky. She just couldn't take it anymore. Nearly ripping the seatbelt off in her haste, Leah lunged. She tangled her hands in thick auburn strands and devoured the other woman's lips.

Nibbling and sucking at the soft, cool counterparts, she thrust her tongue in the vampire's mouth, demanding submission. Esme hissed in pleasure and opened her mouth, allowing the wolf free reign. Her tongue wrestled with Leah's playfully, making the wolf growl.

"Want you." Leah whined lowly, nipping the vampire's bottom lip. Her hands were everywhere on Esme, roughly caressing her hips, neck, face, and breasts. The older woman arched up, offering herself to the whims of the wolf above her.

"Have me." Esme panted desperately.

The wolf purred her delight and extended a clawed hand, shredding Esme's top in one quick motion. The sharp nails just barely nicked the vampire's torso, pulling a lustful moan from her. Leah bent forward, drawing her warm tongue through the ruined fabric and over the small, four jagged marks she left on immaculate flesh.

Pulling Esme down to the seat with a harsh tug, Leah used her body weight to press the vampire to the firm leather seat and straddled her thigh. Her own brushed the vampire's center creating delicious pressure for their throbbing cores. Both women growled simultaneously at the action.

The younger woman rocked forward experimentally, tentatively. Esme gripped her hips suddenly, pulling her forward with more insistence.

Leah's head whipped back, biting her lip to contain her inner wolf's howl of triumph at her imprint reaching for her. Her hips became a fury of movement as she pulled the vampire's legs up around her waist and rutted desperately. The friction created by their not so dry humping was causing Leah to race toward her climax.

The haze in her vision cleared as she looked down at her mate writhing beneath her, meeting her thrust for thrust.

"Mé." She breathed, enthralled by the sight.

Esme's eyes locked with hers as their releases washed over them a duet of howls and purrs filling the small space between them. The vampire's hand involuntarily shot out, shattering the passenger side window as Leah fell forward, covering the older woman's body with her own, waiting for their trembling to subside. The bits of shattered glass rained down onto them, glinting prettily in the brilliant moonlight.

Leah lifted her head and looked at Esme with a large, dopey grin before an exuberant laugh came bursting from her throat. The vampire soon joined in and as they clung to each other enjoying the cloud of happiness that settled around them.

"That was well worth the wait." Leah declared, sitting up and tugging Esme into a sitting position.

"Mm. I agree." The vampire snuggled close, reveling in the heat radiating from the younger woman. A light breeze was trickling in to remind of her intense yet destructive climax. "I'm sorry about your window." She said suddenly.

"It's fine. I'll get Rosalie to help me replace it tomorrow." Leah said, kissing her imprint gently on the forehead. "What do you say we go home?" she asked with a smirk.


The house was blissfully silent when they got back home. "Everyone must be gone." Leah observed, walking toward the staircase.

"Let's take advantage then." Esme suggested quietly. She leaned forward but unfortunately Leah had the same idea and their noses collided. They laughed nervously, wrapping their arms around each other.

Esme smoothed Leah's hair away from her face with a small grin. "Let's try that again." She said, cupping Leah's face in her hands tenderly. She titled her head accordingly and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Leah's tongue chased Esme's back into her mouth. She shivered when the vampire nipped at it before sucking it softly into her mouth. Leah whimpered against her mate's mouth. Her body trembled as a white hot wave of passion enveloped her body.

Esme pulled back from the kiss regrettably. She took in the desperate looking female wolf with sympathy and grabbed her hand firmly in her own, pulling her upstairs. She tugged, leading Leah toward their seldom shared room. Closing the door behind her, Esme led the wolf to the bed.

She paused next to the door way admiring how beautiful her lover looked. The obsidian orbs that traced Leah's skin shone with love, affection but just the tiniest bit of fear and hesitation. Leah caught this and pulled the vampire close with a shy smile on her lips. "Make love to me." She whispered.

Leah pulled the vampire to her desperately, her lips brushing over the vampire's, just barely creating the smallest pressure. She shivered at the slight chill. She angled her head, bringing their heads closer and deepening the kiss. Her hands trailed down, feeling her way around the other woman's body before she was pushed back with tender pressure.

"I thought I was running this show?" Esme asked teasingly. "Lay down." The vampire breathed, pressing firmly on Leah's shoulders.

The alpha allowed herself to fall onto the plush bed but was unable to stop the slight raise in her heartbeat or the nervous trembling of her body.

Esme looked up sharply at the sound and kissed the spot just above Leah's heart tenderly. "Relax," she whispered, letting her lips brush the fiery skin. "We have all night."

"Okay," Leah said and willed herself to calm down, her heart pounding again from another sensation as Esme lifted her shirt, the material bunched under her breasts. She watched as her mate placed teasing kisses up her toned abdomen.

Esme's cool tongue swiped at the tan skin in random patterns until the vampire reached the waistband of Leah's shorts. She sucked and nibbled at the small piece of skin directly above the button of the shorts. Her mate's piquant scent of arousal was nearly driving her to lay waste to her carefully disciplined plans of lovemaking.

The vampire slid her hands under the tank top and encouraged Leah to help her remove it. The flimsy shirt was tossed away and Esme's eyes devoured the sight of the newly revealed patch of skin. The wholly undivided attention directed at her made Leah self-conscious and she resisted the urge to cover her chest.

Of course, Esme immediately sensed her apprehension. "You're beautiful," she was quick to reassure her. The vampire skimmed her hands up and down Leah's sides at a languid pace, each time reaching closer and closer to her goal.

Icy hands cupped the firm mounds without warning, thumbs brushing over the quickly stiffening peaks. Esme leaned forward maddeningly slow, her hair brushing Leah's chest just a second before her lips closed around Leah's left nipple.

A choked gasp tore from the wolf's throat turned into a strangled sob when Esme applied gentle pressure with her teeth, sucking the nub before laving it with her tongue. She settled onto Leah, placing a leg in between the younger woman's thighs. She was unsurprised when almost immediately; the wolf arched into her, knowing her mounting lust would urge her to seek out more pleasure.

She released Leah's nipple with a pop and held down the younger woman's hips, ignoring the perturbed whine that bubbled forth. She caressed Leah's ass and ripped her shorts in two pieces with no effort at all.

The rough material sliding across Leah's center was becoming too much for the wolf. "Mé… Esme." She panted, her pupils wide, nearly black with lust.

"Shh…" Esme soothed her mate and eased a single finger inside her.

Both women groaned simultaneously at the action. Esme reveled in the immediate clench of the tight heat around her finger. She moved her finger slowly, and added another finger.

Leah was on edge. She knew Esme wouldn't have to do much work but she was determined to enjoy every sensation offered to her. The feeling of being filled was keeping Leah hovering over the cliff.

"C-close." She stuttered out, grasping at Esme shoulders.

"I've thought about this numerous times." Esme said hoarsely. "I wanted to lay you down, caress every single inch of your body with feather light touches then fuck you so slowly you'd hardly have been able to stand it." She breathed deeply, looking at Leah savagely. "But I think you require a firmer touch." She continued, thrusting her fingers up to the hilt.

Only a minute twinge of pain from breaking her newly reconstructed barrier preceded the rush of her release. As her body shuddered violently, Leah was only distantly aware of Esme pinning her bucking body down while thrusting into her with barely restrained strength behind each stroke.

A second climax pursued the sloping descent of the first. "Esme!" Leah cried out and melted to the bed bonelessly.

Esme gently pulled her fingers free after the final clench of muscles and could not stop herself from sucking her glistening fingers clean. She purred in satisfaction at the flavor of Leah's blood and other fluids mingling together on her tongue like a heady nectar.

"Is it wrong that I find that incredibly sexy?" Leah asked, finally opening her eyes. She felt her strength beginning to return to her.

Esme shook her head slowly with a small grin. "I don't think so."

"Good." Leah said and she pounced, embracing the vampire.

She settled her weight on top of Esme, enjoying the warmth emanating from the vampire's center, just under her own hips. She traced her hands gently down the length of her mate's legs, calloused hands caressing reverently. Kissing her way down Esme's torso, the wolf took her time, nipping and sucking at every patch of skin she could see. Esme writhed underneath her, shuddering as she felt sharp teeth against the sensitive flesh below her navel.

"You're stunning," Leah whispered, her voice thick with awe. She slid her hands up the vampire's legs, fingertips ghosting over the apex between them. Esme bucked slightly in response, her desperation clear through her movements, her needy flesh yearning for more pressure.

"Patience," Leah teased, her pace maddeningly slow. Esme groaned, and the wolf relented, making her way down the vampire's body quickly, the dress she was wearing torn away with a single rip. Leah felt her mouth water, greedy eyes drinking in the sight before her, folds glistening with moisture, beckoning her to taste.

Esme tensed, afraid that if she moved a muscle the maddening pace the younger woman had originally set would resume. Leah pressed her hands flat against the vampire's hips and bent low, licking a path from her entrance to her clit. Esme shot up, back arching sharply as if a live wire was connected to her body and keened, her voice high-pitched.

Leah smiled and pressed her tongue more insistently to the small bundle of nerves, fluttering against it quickly. Esme's hands shot down to tangle in her hair, pulling her impossibly close as her hips began canting in a familiar rhythm, her peak nearing. "Please," she whined. "Please, please…" she gasped desperately as her panting sped up.

The encouragement served its purpose and Leah redoubled her efforts, closing her mouth over Esme's clit. She sucked it into her mouth and scraped her teeth across the sensitive top. Without warning, Esme's legs clamped down around her head, the fingers tangled into her hair digging sharp fingernails into the wolf's scalp, leaving half-moon imprints behind. Leah felt a rush of liquid, the evidence of her mate's climax coating her chin as Esme screamed her pleasure, the sound muffled by the thighs clenched tightly over her ears.

Esme came down from her high gradually. "How could you ever think you wouldn't be enough for me?" she asked with bliss written across her face.


Leah slid down the stair banister into the living room and practically danced to the kitchen to grab a plate of breakfast or rather she would have if she wasn't sore all over. She and Esme shared a kiss before she went to sit at the large dining room table that currently housed Seth and Jake. As soon as she sat at the table, everyone broke out in applause complete with cheering and whistles.

"Bow chicka wow wow." Emmett sang out with a slinky dance from his position by Rosalie.

"It's about time." Alice chirped happily.

"Way to go, Leah!" Jake said over a mouthful of pancakes.

"Good going, Lassie." Rosalie said in a disinterested tone that was betrayed by the soft smile curling up the edges of her mouth as she continued flicking through a car magazine.

"I'm happy for you, sis." Seth said, taking that moment to snag a piece of sausage from her plate.

"You can all shut up and you two eat your breakfast." Leah glared but couldn't stop the grin taking over her face.

-End of Chapter Eighteen-

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