Producer's POV

"Ah, this is very tiring…"

I sighed heavily as I looked at the papers containing the idols' contract for their CMs and television shows. I needed to make sure that I memorize the information listed inside so that their schedules were not double packed when I arrange them. This is one of the jobs that I had to do as one of the producers at 765 Productions. As some producers only produce two or three idols, I had to juggle between 9 idols. One of the reasons was because we were understaffed due to low funds. Even though there was another producer with me, she was stuck with three idols to manage. The unit, named 'Ryuugu Komachi' was quickly rising in popularity. So, she had to focus on the unit's activities and had no time to help me. The other idols were slowly getting popular too. However, I promised them that I would make them top idols, so I need to work harder to realize that goal.

The only ones here are me, Otonashi-san and Shachou. Everyone sure is busy…

"What's wrong, Producer-san? Feeling tired?"

A young woman who had brown eyes and short green hair that goes down to her neck said that with a smile while bringing a cup of hot green tea to me. She wore a yellow headphone set which doubles as a hair band. She donned a white dress-shirt and black and green vest with a large yellow bowtie, a black skirt and nylon stockings with a pair of white high-heeled shoes.

"Oh, Otonashi-san…"

Her name was Otonashi Kotori, the secretary at 765 Productions. Whenever everyone is busy with their schedules, she'll always lend a helping hand.

I grabbed the cup of green tea and drank it before sighing again and said,

"I wish that Shachou would hire some help around here,"

"Well, it can't be helped. Our company is poor and there is not enough money to hire another producer."

"I guess you're right. We'll have to work hard to earn some money then."

"Good luck then. By the way, Shachou called you to his office."

Otonashi-san then went back to work.

Shachou wanted to see me? I wonder why…

I put down the papers on my desk and walked to Shachou's office. I knocked on the door and said,

"Shachou, you wanted to see me?"

A voice was then heard from inside the room.

"Ah, yes. Come in!"

As I opened the door, I found our president, Takagi Junjirou, sitting at his seat, looking at some papers before putting them down and said,

"I have an important announcement to make."

"An important announcement?"

I was curious. What could the announcement be? Maybe it's about the hiring of a new producer?

"Actually, I decided to hold a concert at Kyoto in a week. The reason is because we need to increase our funds. Also, since you and Ritsuko-chan were so busy with the idols, I think it's time that we hire a new member to our family."


I was happy and breathed a sigh of relief when I heard his announcement. With the addition of a new producer, maybe Ritsuko-san and I can cut some slack.

"It will take some time to find a talented and passionate producer. So, for the time being, I don't want anyone to know this for a while. You're the only one who knows this, so I want you to keep this a secret. Do you understand?"

"I understand!"

After that conversation, I excused myself and went back to work. As I continued my work, I couldn't help but continue smiling. Maybe it's because I'm excited for the new producer to arrive.

Oh yeah, since the concert is held at Kyoto, maybe I should tell him to come to the concert…

"Producer-san, why are you smiling?"

Otonashi-san asked that while she brought me some documents for me to look.

"O-Oh, it's nothing. We're going to hold a concert in Kyoto."

"That's big news! I'll go tell the others."

As Otonashi-san went to call the other idols, I looked at my watch and panicked when I saw the time.

"Oh no, I'm supposed to pick up Haruka from her audition a few seconds ago!"

I quickly took my belongings and left the office hurriedly.

Yes, life is hard at 765 Productions…

Yuuki's POV

My name is Tatsuki Yuuki, I'm a male and 17 years old at the moment. I'm attending a high school named Kougami High and I live in Kyoto.

It was one day before summer break starts. I was waiting for this day to arrive. As I sat on my seat, watching the outside view of the classroom while thinking of a plan on what to do during my summer break, my friend, Sohma Takeru, appeared in front of me and slammed my desk, which surprised me, and asked,

"Hey, Yu-kun! Do you have any plans for next week?"

"No, I don't. Why do you ask?"

Takeru, or Ta-kun as I called him normally, was a guy who was full of energy and always cheerful. He was taller than any of the boys in our class. He had black and messy hair and a face that was considered handsome by the other girls. He was thus called 'The Prince of Kougami High' by most of the girls, which he didn't really care about it much.

I had white and short hair, which was unusual for most of the students. However, my face and body can be said to be a girl's. Because of that, sometimes even I get love letters, mostly from guys. I'm one head shorter than Ta-kun, who can be considered very tall. I tried many methods to make sure that I grow like a proper man, but none of those methods work, much to my dismay. I inherited my face from my mother, while I inherited my white hair from my father.

Back to the topic, I like having Ta-kun by my side, but there was one thing I hate about him.

"Actually, do you want to come to the 765 Pro concert held here-"


He was an idol fanatic. Lately he has been supporting an idol company named 765 Productions and its idols. The reason I hate that part about him was because I hate music and dancing.

"Come on! Who wouldn't want to go to their concerts? They're amazing, especially Hoshii Miki!"

"Don't you remember? I don't like music and dancing. That means I have no interest in idols."

"Come on, just join me! Maybe you'll change your mind by then!"

As Ta-kun continued pleading me to go with him, a girl with black and long hair walked into the classroom and called out my name. She had a fierce aura around her, which can almost intimidate any student. When she entered the classroom, everyone went quiet and made way for her. It was like peasants making way for a king.

She was my childhood friend, Masaki Kuromi. She was the Student Council president at her 2nd year of high school. Her strict rules and brutal punishments earned her the nickname of 'The Demon of Kougami High'. But I knew that her real personality wasn't like that. I still remembered it like yesterday when she was a shy and cowardly girl…

"Yuuki, I will be attending a meeting with the rest of the Student Council members, so go home without me."

"Okay, Kuromi."

After that, she shot an icy cold glare at Ta-kun before leaving. After the tense aura surrounding the classroom was lifted, everyone continued as usual.

"Wow, Kaichou-san really gives a really fierce aura, like a wild dog ready to attack…"

"Careful, remember the last time you said something bad about her?"

When I mentioned that, Ta-kun shook in fear and muttered,

"Yeah, she dragged me to the Student Council room and gave me a brutal punishment…"

As I prepared to head home, Ta-kun suddenly grabbed me and ran out of the classroom like a crazy person.

"If you don't want to come to the concert, I'll make sure you'll reconsider!"

He yelled as he ran towards the school exit.

"You idiot! Do you want Kuromi to give us both punishments?!"

I yelled back to him while trying to break his hold, but it was too tight and I have no choice but to follow him.

"Relax; she's going to a meeting! She won't be able to notice us!"

I seriously doubted that. The last time I did something bad behind her back, she punished me to a week of cleaning the school yard, even though it wasn't school related.

I just hope that everything turns out okay…

Producer's POV

I arrived at Kyoto first to check out the preparations for the concert. But before that, I excused myself from the staff and went to a house that my distant relative was living. He was one of the reasons why I became a producer. He was dressed up like a girl when I lived there, but his passion for singing and dancing made me realize that I want to make sure that young girls and boys like him can become idols.

As I arrived at a two storey high house with white colored walls, red roof tiles, and a yard that was full of lush plants, I rang the doorbell, waiting for someone to greet me. After a while, a high-pitched voice was heard from the door.

"Yes, I'm coming~"

When the door opened, I saw a woman who had blond and long hair tied to a ponytail and a face which can be considering young and pretty for her age. She sported a simple white dress with a frilly apron with flowery designs on top. That woman was my distant relative's mother, Hinata Rika. While I lived here, she always took care of me and Yuuki. I was indebted to her during that time. When she saw my face, she smiled happily and said,

"If it isn't our Producer-kun! It has been years since you moved to Tokyo. Why don't you come in?"

I humbly accepted her invitation and came in. As I entered the house, I could see that the living room was well-decorated. Dolls and a picture frame of the family were neatly arranged on top of the fireplace. There were vases filled with colorful flowers at the corners of the room. Not only that, the living room was also clean, with not a speck of dust seen, unlike the office. I sat down on a sofa while Yuuki's mother went to prepare tea and snacks. After serving them to me, she sat on the opposite sofa and asked about my condition.

"So, how was life in Tokyo?"

As I drank my tea, I took a cookie and said,

"I'm doing fine. I recently found work at 765 Productions and I've been really busy lately."

When I mentioned 765 Pro, Yuuki's mother expression seemed to slightly change. I was curious at first, but decided not to say anything about it.

"By the way, how is Yuuki's condition right now?"

As I asked about that topic, her expression changed from a smile to a sad frown.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you about that…"

Yuuki's POV

After a few minutes of running from school, we finally arrived at the stadium which was set to be the concert for the 765 Productions. A large poster can be seen on the top of the stadium, showing 13 girls who I don't even know or care.

"So, what do you think?"

Ta-kun said as he showed me the poster. I was confused and asked him,

"What, exactly?"

"The idols, of course! "

I then focused my attention on the idols, and frankly I didn't feel anything. I turned back to Ta-kun and told him,

"Uh, nothing."

As Ta-kun heard my reply, his jaw dropped. A few seconds later, he regained his composure and pointed at the poster while yelling,

"How can you be so calm about it?! A lot of the guys in class seen this and said that they will definitely go!"

Ta-kun then handed me a ticket. It was for the concert. Everything was listed inside, from the date to the time of the concert. It was dated tomorrow, the day school break starts.

"There, I'll reignite your passion for idols. Just you wait and see!"

He gave me a thumbs up and went home. As I stared at the ticket, I wondered what to do about it.

Should I give this to Kuromi? Or maybe mom...

I didn't want to go to the concert in the first place. I had turned my back on the things that I loved in the past, only because of one horrible memory…

When I was a kid, my parents were extremely fond of me and my mother liked to dress me up as a girl. I didn't mind either, as I was young at that time. Looking at the idols singing and dancing on television also made me more determined to become an idol in the future. As the years passed by, I continued dressing up as a girl and always sang and danced every day. Everyone didn't care about my gender and made friends with me. It was that time that I made friends with Kuromi, who was still shy at that time. Everything went well, until one day…

When I was 12 years old, Kuromi was bullied by a few students from middle school. As I came in to help her, a boy wearing glasses and had brown messy hair laughed at my appearance and found out that I was a guy. I didn't care and quickly called the teachers, prompting them to flee. I thought that they won't come back again, but I was wrong.

At the school festival, our class was scheduled to stage a dancing and singing performance. I signed up, nonetheless, with a few girls from my class. When the performance started, we were doing perfectly fine. Everyone was cheering for us, until; a laughing sound was heard in the crowd. As I looked further, I saw that the middle school students were there. They disrupted the performance and were chased out of the school by the school guards, but not before adding the insult that fueled my hatred for music. The boy who laughed at me at that time yelled loudly and disclosed the truth that I was a boy, yelling to the crowd that a boy like me was weird. The crowd then turned to look at me with eyes saying that I was a weird kid. After the performance, everyone in class comforted me and told me that it's okay. However, I couldn't take the pressure of being weird anymore and gave up on everything that was related to being an idol. I began to dress up like a normal boy and had been continuing my life without music and dancing ever since. Kuromi has also changed a lot during the incident, becoming the ice queen that everyone feared, promising me that she will protect me from now on from guys like them.

When I arrived home, I can see that my mother was going to leave for work. For many years I didn't know what my mother worked as, but the money she earned kept the family running. Because of that, I didn't want to know any more about her job.

"I'm back."

"Oh, welcome home, Yuuki."

After that unforgettable incident, I blamed my mother for developing my hobby of cross-dressing when I was a kid. Because of that, the relationship between me and my mother went downhill. My father worked overseas and left us while I was nine, but he would always send us letters and gifts telling us that he was doing fine. My mother told me that he worked as a businessman and was now working in the US.

The incident was never told to anyone who lived outside of Kyoto, including my father. That was because I didn't want to relive that painful past ever again. People also had forgotten all about that, so I wanted it to stay forgotten.

As I was going to go upstairs to my room for some peace and quiet, my mother called me down. Wondering what was going on, I heeded and went back to the living room. Mom then handed me a package. As I wondered who the sender was, she said,

"Guess who visited us today? It was your distant relative who moved to Tokyo!"

"Really?! Nii-san came to visit?"

As he mentioned nii-san, I was so happy that I immediately got up from my seat. It was years since he moved to Tokyo to further his studies. However, I didn't know about his whereabouts since he left.

"He left you this package and a letter as well."

As I received the package and letter, I thanked my mother for the first time since that incident. As she heard my thanks, she smiled to me. That smile was brighter than her normal one which I always see.

After that, I went to my room, eager to open the package and read the letter…

Producer's POV

The preparations for the concert are going smoothly. I hope that the concert tomorrow will be a huge success. However, I can't shake the feeling that I had when I heard the truth about Yuuki back at his house…


"What?! Yuuki quitted singing and dancing? What happened to him?"

I was surprised when I heard his mother said that she quitted the things that he loved most. I thought that there was no way that he would give up that easily…

"Maybe I shouldn't have dressed him like a girl in the past…"

I heard everything from her, including the past that he had tried to keep away from everyone. As I slowly thought about what to do, his mother suggested a plan for me.

"Can your agency take him in? Tomorrow's the day summer break starts. I was hoping that he would return to the things that he loves…"

It was a very good idea. Maybe staying in an environment full of singing and dancing could get him back up. I didn't hesitate about it and immediately said yes. She heard my answer and thanked me. By the way, I still haven't given her the package yet…

"Here, I wanted him to go to the concert my agency is holding."

I gave her the package that included a black t-shirt with the label '765 Pro' on it. It also contained a backstage pass that gave him exclusive rights to watch it in the front row.

"Why don't you go too? I have another spare backstage pass so…"

As I tried to invite her to the concert, she waved her hands and said,

"Sorry, I have work. Don't worry; I'll watch it from the television at my working place."

Before I left for the stadium, I asked her for a little help.

"By the way, do you have a pen and paper?"

"What is it for?"

"Something that I hope will get him to go to the concert…"

Flashback end

I wonder if he will come to the concert…

"Producer-san, can you check if the lights are positioned perfectly?"

"Yes, coming!"

Yuuki's POV

As I finished showering and switched to my casual wear, which was a white t-shirt with blue jeans, I sat on my bed and tried to open the package.

My bedroom can't be considered normal for a man… Since I had inherited my mother's love for cute things, I liked to keep animal dolls and always kept them a secret from my friends, Ta-kun and Kuromi. If Ta-kun found out about this, he would definitely laugh at me and spread the news. Kuromi won't say anything, but I can't keep any promise that she wouldn't tell anyone about this. Because of my liking for the dolls, I always place them neatly a every corner of my room. Except for the dolls, there was a computer, mostly for gaming, a bookshelf full of books that involve cooking, and my bed. If you're wondering why I had cookbooks, my mother is a terrible cook. Before dad left us, he was the one in charge. After she took the job, she messed the whole thing up and we had to order takeaway. I can still remember the awful taste of her omelet rice…

Ah, it's open!

As I opened the package, I saw something that really made me unhappy. There was a shirt with the label of the agency Ta-kun mentioned. Not only that, there was also a backstage pass to the concert. My mind was blank, why would he send me such things? As I wanted the truth from him, I almost completely forgot about the letter. I opened the envelope and slowly read its contents…

Dear Yuuki,

It's been a few years since we heard of each other right?

Sorry for not reaching out to you while I'm at Tokyo.

Truth is, I heard the past from your mother.

I felt really sad when I heard you quitted everything.

In this package is a way to get into the concert.

I'm now the producer at 765 Pro.

I wanted you to know that everyone has to move on and forget the past.

After the concert, I have something to tell you.

I hope you'll be there.

I wanted to tear up the letter after I finished reading, but I couldn't bear myself to do it. I didn't know why, but I just can't.

I really wanted to continue singing and dancing, but the thought of the past repeating itself kept me away from it.

It looks like there's no way I'm not going to the concert. I adjusted my feelings and thought to myself.

There's no way I'm backing down. All the answers will come to light on this concert!

Author Notes: Ah, my first take on a fanfic for IDOLMASTER. I really hope the story can go on as smoothly as possible. If there are any mistakes, please don't hesitate to tell me, thanks!