Since that fateful night of going to the concert that Nii-san's idol agency held, I ended up joining 765 Productions as one of their idols. When the concert ended, I met up with the idols backstage and introduced myself to them, though I got weird stares from them at first…

During the after party, I managed to get closer with the other idols, in order to know them better. There were some that were easy to get along with, while some were hard to approach. Nevertheless, I'm going to work together with them in the near future, so I hope that everything will work out in the end.

As the next day arrived, I did all of my daily routine and went to the agency, which was situated in Tokyo. I got the directions from Nii-san during the concert, so that I could go there without getting lost. As I approached a building with the number '765' printed on a window, I instantly knew that it was the place.

I entered the building and saw an elevator on my right, but it was out of order and I had to resort to using the stairs…

After a few minutes of climbing the stairs, I arrived at a door which had the words '765 Productions' etched on the window. I opened the door and found out that the place wasn't as fancy as I thought. When I first thought of the offices of many idol agencies, I would picture fancy and expensive furniture on every corner, posters of the idols and records hung on the walls, reflecting their success over the years. Instead, what I saw was cheap furniture and many boxes stacked in every corner of the office. It looked like nobody had cleaned this place up for a few weeks…

Does anyone clean this place up..?

However, something wasn't right.

I thought that there would be an idol, or at least a receptionist, to greet me, but there wasn't a living soul as far as I can see. All I saw was a cute little plush doll which had silver long hair sitting on a sofa. My eyes lighted up when I saw this. I couldn't help but think,

This is so cute… Is this someone's doll? It makes me really want to take it home and put it beside the other dolls…

I had a habit of keeping anything that I consider cute, including dolls. Whenever I see one just placing there on the other side on the shop window, I would just buy it on the spot. It may not be a manly thing for me, but I didn't care. A lot of guys might be like me, having hobbies that didn't suit their appearance or personality.

There was something I couldn't help but think again, but the doll looked awfully familiar. It had the same appearance like Takane-san, one of the idols from this agency. The only difference between them was that the doll looked a bit chubbier.

As I walked closer and tried to hold it, it suddenly reacted and threw a paper at me, like a ninja throwing a shuriken. I was lucky enough to dodge it, as the paper happened to make a dent on the walls…

I was dumbfounded. Can a doll move on its own? There was no way. Japan hasn't even been able to produce robots that can move as fast as that doll. I quickly hid myself to avoid another paper thrown at me, but the doll didn't move after that. It was just standing on the floor, not doing anything.

Did I swear I just saw it move?

As I leaned closer this time, it pulled out a paper and wrote something. After it finished writing, it turned the paper around for me to see. The paper wrote the words 'Takanya'. I was curious as to what it meant until I asked it,

"Is that your name?"

I thought that I wouldn't get a reply, but it nodded and wrote something again.

"Puchidol… What does that mean?"

After that, I saw another one like it coming towards me. The other doll this time resembled a little like Makoto, with its hair being shorter. However, its body was bigger than Takanya's…

"Another one? It looks cute too…"

As with any first action when I saw a cute thing, I tried to approach it and quickly hug it, but I was met with a terrible fate…

The chibi version of Makoto hit me with a Demon's Fist. I was sent flying into a stack of boxes which luckily broke my fall. However, that punch was really devastating…

"Ouch… That hurts…"

The hell!? How did that Puchidol learn a move from Tekken!? Not only that, it used Heihachi's move! Isn't this a violation of the story!?

As I struggled to get back on my feet, the two of them walked closer to me, with Takanya writing something again…

"Makochii huh… As expected, the Puchidols have some of the same names as their larger counterparts…"

This time, another one approached me. It looked like Iori, but its forehead was exposed, unlike Iori's which was partially hidden.

"Hmm. This one looks like Iori, so I guess your name's Io, huh?"

The little version of Iori happily nodded. However, her face suddenly changed into a fierce one and her forehead was lighting up, like it was charging for a beam…

"W-What's wrong?"

As I turned around, I could see a cockroach flying around. It looked like this was the reason Io made that face.


Wait a second, why is her forehead charging like a beam… Oh no!


As I quickly dodged to the right, a beam suddenly came out from her forehead. The beam was so strong that was enough for me to see the cockroach being decimated before my eyes…

Not only that, the wall was destroyed as a result from the beam…

This is unreal… Am I dreaming?

I quickly slapped myself in the face, hoping that I would wake up. But sadly, it didn't work, and I was feeling the pain from both the slap and the uppercut…

As I was rubbing my wounds, a Puchidol who looked like Hibiki appeared before me.

Another one? What special ability does this one have…?

I didn't want to find out. Judging by what the others did, I didn't want another beam, paper, or a fist to be aimed at me. I angrily shouted,

"Don't come near me!"

"Ku… Kwehhh!"

The Puchidol immediately cried when it heard me shout. Suddenly there was smoke in the office. After a while, I could hear a bear growling…

"Oh no…"

A brown, furry creature with four legs then emerged from the smoke. When I noticed that it was a bear, my jaw dropped.


The bear ferociously growled and looked intent on chasing me and killing me on the spot. I wasted no time in running away from it. However, it was impossible for me to outrun it, as it had two extra legs. I quickly shouted,

"Gwah! Help me!"

But it looked like nobody tried to help. Even Takanya and Makochii stood far away from me and just watched me from the sides. Not only that, Takanya even brought a tub of popcorn, as if she was watching a movie about a boy being chased by a man-eating bear.

Is there no one who can help me?

While I was being chased by the bear, the little Hibiki was still crying. Seeing her cry made me think of a plan that may work…

Maybe the bear will go away if I cheered it up…

"I'm sorry! I'll buy you sweets if you call the bear off, okay!?"

The little Hibiki then stopped crying and signaled the bear to go home. The bear heeded its words and did just that, while I was still running in circles, unaware that the bear had stopped chasing me. After I had stopped running, I limped to the sofa, exhausted, and took a seat…

There's no mistake… I'm in a dream… But why can't I wake up…?

After a few seconds, another one approached me with a cup of tea on its hands. It looked just like Yukiho, but I didn't bother on the details as I was still exhausted.


I gladly took it and quickly drank it all. However, my mouth then felt a burning sensation. It wasn't because of the hot tea, but because there was something spicy mixed inside the tea.

"My throat, it burns!"

I quickly looked around for water and saw two figures watching me from behind a door. They looked like the Futami twins but they have the same hair length, although their ponytails are tied in different directions. They high-fived each other for their success and ran for it.

"So you two are the culprits…"

I would have chased them, but my throat was still burning. I quickly searched for a glass of water and managed to find one. I was supposed to drink it up, but suddenly a Puchidol which resembled like Haruka showed up and begged me for a sip. I was hesitant at first, but I had no choice but to let her drink first. As I handed her the drink, however, she dumped the water all over her body and began to multiply.

This is bad…

As the mini Harukas began multiplying until the office was full of them, I immediately ran away with all of my energy, my stamina drained and my throat still burning from the spicy tea. I thought that they would lose track of me, but I was wrong, they were still chasing me. Not only that, one which was especially big was leading the charge.

This is nuts… What is today? The day when little creatures show up with strange powers?

As I ran with all of my might for a while, I happened to pass by a figure which looked like Azusa-san, but with longer hair. It didn't take long for me to think that,

Azusa-san gets lost easily... Maybe there's a way I can lose these guys!

I immediately grabbed her and continued running away. Thinking of a way to activate her powers, I tried many ways, including saying some magic words that I saw from a cheesy movie, but it didn't work. As I began to give up, the little Azusa-san put its hands together. Her movements finally made me realize that I needed to clap my hands. I did just that, and found myself transported to a deserted island, with the little Azusa-san on top of my head.

"Finally, I'm free from those creatures… But I'm now stuck on a deserted island…"

I laid down on the sand and shouted at the blue sky,

"Please, God, just make me wake up from this dream!"

As I closed my eyes and opened them again, I found myself inside my room, on my bed. I rose up and breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was a horrible nightmare… I just hope that this doesn't happen again…"

I didn't know why, but I had a feeling that I'm about to face that same nightmare again the next time I sleep…

Author's Notes: If you're wondering why this is up, it's because I didn't have anything to do. It's good for a while that I had the time to rest before National Service starts, but I just couldn't stop the urge to write… Plus, it's to commemorate the airing of the anime 'Puchimasu!' on January 1st.Yes, we get to see the idols in their chibi forms every weekday for three months, but I'm stuck in NS without any internet… By the way, this is considered an omake, but the Puchidols may show up again in Yuuki's future dreams…