Hello, Hello! It's-a me again! This time, I bring a challenge presented to me by Lord Lycaon (Has really good stories!) The challenge consists on a Skyward Sword/Bleach x-over. Now, without further ado, let us begin!

12th Division Headquarters, Captain's personal lab

Inside the 12th division barracks, a certain (insane) Captain was working on a new project. When he watched the video showing Kurosaki's prowess with his hollow powers, he began researching how to force Hollowification.

"Hehehe, this is it! I have finally discovered it!" Mayuri Kurotsuchi celebrated like the madman he is. In his hands was a small black orb, around the size of his fist, which was glowing with an ominous energy. He placed the orb in a Gigai with a fake soul in it. If it worked, it would turn the soul into a hollow. To the captain's delight, the orb began to crack with energy and tangle the Gigai with black tendrils. "I am such a genius!" He flattered himself once again as a bone mask began to form around the Gigai's face, and it's skin was starting to rip off, showing Hollow skin beneath. The crazed captain kept laughing like crazy, until the sound of energy stopped. "HAHAHA… huh?" The orb had stopped sending energy into the Gigai, and instead, began to absorb it. It absorbed not only the fake soul, but the gigai too. The orb began to glow a black color more ominous than one of Unohana's glares as it sucked in the poor soul and the body it was inhabiting. The Spirit Energy readers around the room began to go crazy, showing readings that were off the marks. The insane captain knew very well what was about to happen. In a desperate attempt to escape, he opened a Senkaimon with his Zanpakuto. Sadly, he was unable to cross it before the orb blew up, releasing a massive amount of Spiritual energy. It was so much it dwarfed even Zaraki Kenpachi's Reiatsu. The blast hit Kurotsuchi and liquefied him, and then the energy crossed the barrier…

… straight into Karakura.

Karakura Town, Kurosaki Clinic

It was a regular Saturday morning in the Kurosaki Clinic. Karin was watching a soccer game, Yuzu was cooking breakfast, Ichigo was still asleep, and Isshin…

"GOOD MORNIIIIING, ICHIGO!" Was being the idiot he always was. Ichigo simply rolled over in his bed, caused his father to land on the mattress, and sent him flying to the closet door with a kick.

"Stop doing that shit, old man!" Ichigo yelled at his father, who was in the floor massaging his jaw.

"Ah, I have trained you well, my son!" Rukia couldn't help but stifle a giggle from her place in Ichigo's closet. She was already used to this pattern, but it didn't remove the sense of humor it had every time Isshin crashed against her door. She remembered this one time she teamed up with Ichigo, so that when Isshin crashed, she slipped some Ice cubes (From the freezer, not her own) into his back. His reaction was hilarious, especially since he had his shirt tucked into his pants. Anyway, once Ichigo had kicked Isshin out of his room (quite literally), Rukia got out of her closet.

"I swear, one of these days I'm gonna Getsuga Tenshou his ass all the way to the Seiretei and back!" Ichigo yelled out in frustration. His family either already knew of his powers or didn't even know what he was talking about, so he didn't mind yelling it out loud.

"Oh, come on, Ichigo, your father can't be that annoying…"

"HE CAN!" Karin yelled out from below. Apparently, the Kurosaki household has very thin walls and floors. Ichigo gave Rukia a 'See?' look. Before the little Shinigami could answer, her spirit phone began to ring in a tone Ichigo hadn't heard before.

"Give me a second… Moshi-moshi?" Rukia held the phone to her ear. Ichigo was tense, expecting orders to find and kill a dangerous Hollow, or that Aizen had been found… "Oh, Ohayo ni-sama! Yes, things are doing alright over here, little to none Hollow activity…" Ichigo faceplanted as she began to speak. Ever since the Sokyoku Hill incident, Byakuya had been less than trusting to leave Rukia alone with Ichigo. Most of the time he sent Renji to do the checkup, but this time he decided to call…

'Something's up…' Ichigo thought as he noticed Rukia's face harden. 'Ok, one out of two: Aizen was found, or Kurotsuchi did something stupid again…'

"What do you mean, 'blew up'? What was he trying to do this time!?" Rukia said into the phone, nervous. Meanwhile, Ichigo just thought:

'Nailed it…' He tuned Rukia out as she spoke with her brother and quickly began to scan around his room. 'Not in the bed, or under it… not in the closet obviously… not in the bathroom… the desk!' He extended his right hand, fist closed, so that it was parallel to the ground. Just as he did, a stuffed lion plush crashed into his arm, emitting a pained groan. "Kon, remind me again why I haven't thrown you out?"

"That's easy!" The stuffed doll said as it got off Ichigo's arm and into the floor. "Because you know nee-san wouldn't let you! Right, nee-san?" Kon said this with his trademark tears. (A/N: How the hell does a plush doll cry? o.0) His answer, however, was Rukia kicking him into the wall out of reflex. Just then, she hung up.

"Ok, what did the crazy scientist do this time?" Ichigo said nonchalantly. Rukia just sighed and put her hand on her face.

"Apparently, he was trying to recreate the Hogyoku…" Ichigo opened his mouth, ready to yell something, but Rukia cut him off with her hand. "Fortunately, he failed. Unfortunately, the explosion carried a massive amount of Reiryoku into Karakura. We were told to remain on guard for any increased Hollow activity or anything like that… Ichigo, are you listening to me!?" About halfway through her explanation, Ichigo had gone to the window, and was looking at the sky, fearfully. Rukia approached him and followed his line of sight and… Saw the most massive Garganta either of them had ever seen. Not only was it bigger, it was also of a different color. Instead of just black, it was glowing gold, with some black in the mix.

"Rukia… what… is that?" Ichigo asked her fearfully, especially when he saw something moving inside. Rukia just put on her glove and punched him out of his body, and then forced Kon's pill down the body's throat. Then she popped her own Gikongan, Chappy.

"Either a hallucination, or the biggest Garganta in the history of Souls. Let's go!" They both Shunpo'ed out of the house and into the sky in front of the hole. They sensed the Reiatsus of Orihime, Uryu, and Chad as they approached the massive hole in the sky. They also felt the reiatsus of Toushiro and Matsumoto getting close, fast.

"KUROSAKI!'' The voice of the young Captain rang out from behind them. As usual, he was in his Captain's Haori, with his Zanpakuto on his back, with his faithful (if lazy) Lieutenant beside him, her Lieutenant Insignia on her right shoulder, over her Shinigami uniform. "What the hell is going on here!?"

"I'll tell you when I know, Toushiro!" The Captain was about to complaint to Ichigo about using his first name, when a roar- Definitely not human, animal, and not likely hollow – Came out of the gaping hole. Before anyone could react, a black and green tornado formed in the hole and began to suck the Shinigami, along with some other nearby objects, into it. Last thing Ichigo saw before being knocked out was a piece of concrete hitting Rukia in the head…

Meanwhile, in Skyloft

"Ok, Link… you can do this… yeah, all you have to do, is go down to a place no one has ever explored before and exists only in myths, find Zelda, and defeat a giant being of pure evil before he destroys the world… yeah, no pressure…" A young, green clad man thought as he flew on the back of a big, crimson bird. Ever since his best friend was kidnapped, everything he knew had been put on doubt. Before, if anyone had told him of a sword with a blue spirit within, he would've thrown that person off Skyloft for insanity. Now, he was flying with said sword on his back, and was about to jump into a giant green beam of light… 'OH, SWEET HYLLA, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!?' He thought. The spirit of the sword, Fi, popped out at that moment.

~ Master, this is where the opening in the cloud barrier was formed. I recommend jumping now. ~ Was all she said before jumping back into the sword. Before jumping, Link had one thought.

"If I die, I'd just like to say: Groose, you're an asshole!" Back in Skyloft, a certain bully felt a horrible chill down his spine. Link jumped off his Loftwing, using all of his will not to scream. (A/N: How would you feel if you were told to jump into somewhere you've always been told there's absolutely nothing?) Strangely enough, instead of the big, black void he was expecting, he saw trees. And a lot of them. He saw small birds flying around, as well as a massive tree in the distance. He was so impressed by what he saw, he almost didn't notice an important detail in the scenery: The fast approaching floor. The minute he did, however, he took out his Sailing Cloth, given to him by Zelda. The cloth was of really good quality, as it slowed down his fall to the point he barely made any sound as he landed. "Well, I think the worst part is over…"

~ Master, I advise against communicating with yourself. There is a 56% chance that you will drive yourself into insanity ~ The hero sweatdropped at his partner's words. While he actually liked Fi, he wouldn't really mind it if she showed some more emotion… Link began to walk the path he had in front of him, trying to find where he had to go. He killed a pair of Deku Babas on the way, but nothing particularly tough. He did have to endure Fi's definition of them. ~ This violent plant is widespread in wooded areas. It will attempt to bite anything that approaches it. Though it is covered in a tough outer husk, the inside of its mouth is soft. I have confirmed the existence of two varieties: those that open their mouths vertically and those that open them horizontally. ~ After some more hacking and slashing, they came across a stone door, adorned with strange symbols. One of them, the biggest one, was of an eye with a tear drop.

"Strange taste for décor, eh, Fi?"Link could've sworn he heard her stifle a giggle, but decided to ignore it. Before he could go and analyze the door, he felt a something dreadful slam against his back. He turned around and headed over to look at the edge of the cliff. The cliff had a strange, natural spiral shape, almost like if something was supposed to fit there. That wasn't what caught his attention though. He saw a pillar on the base of the cliff, glowing ominously. Then, out of nowhere, he saw the same beast he had seen the day Zelda got taken away. Its roar released a horrible feeling that chilled him to the bone, but he didn't yield. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, the beast vanished. "F-fi… did you feel that just now?"

~ Affirmative. I sense a great evil power sealed inside that pillar, but the seal is weakening. I recommend using my power to renew the seal's power ~ Link nodded, and began to run down the cliff. Eventually, he got tired of running and just jumped down the cliff, using the cloth to slow himself down. Once he reached the bottom, the feeling of dread was more powerful than he had ever thought possible. But even so, he pressed on. He heard a voice in his head telling him to use the Skyward Strike on the pillar. He diligently obeyed the voice, knowing that the pure energies of the strike would be able to banish any evil. He raised his sword, and felt the power slowly flowing from the skies into his blade.

"SKYWARD STRIKE!" He fired the disc of pure energy into the pillar. In an instant, the horrible feeling it emanated vanished. He also felt the seal on the door vanishing. Then, many wind currents began to flow out of the holes around the cliff. Using those, Link climbed back up to the top of the cliff, and walked over to the door. He was stopped by Fi before he could open the door though.

~Master, I feel three presences approaching quickly. I calculate a 98% chance they'll crash painfully into you right now ~ Before he could ask what she meant, the hero felt something heavy crash against his back, followed by two other impacts. The last was lighter, though. Link turned around to see what was going on… and found his face stuck between a woman's assets. In an instant, he moved faster than ever before out of the pile and flattened himself against a wall, his face completely red. ~ I calculate a 100% chance that you are completely embarrassed, Master ~ Link heard Fi say as he repeated something in his mind like a mantra.

'I like Zelda… I like Zelda… I like Zelda…' That was enough to calm him down. He got lost in a happy memory of the two of them flying around Skyloft, just having fun. He was interrupted when an orange-haired kid grabbed him by the shirt and began to talk in a language he didn't understand.

"Ōi! Omae wa dareda yo~tsu! Soshite doko ni iru!?" Link stared at the kid with a confused look in his eyes. His confusion heightened when another one, a kid with white hair, began to talk the same language.

"Kurosaki wa, ochitsuite kudasai. Kare wa rikaidekinai."

"Nandesuka? Shikashi... Dono yō ni wareware wa, shikashi watashitachi no genzai no basho o mitsukeru! Dono yō ni wareware wa ikinokotte ikudarou! Wareware wa koko de gashi suru tsumorida!" Yelled the woman that had crashed into Link.

"Urusai Matsumoto! Watashi wa anata ga hon'yaku kido o manabu yō ni tanoma riyūdesu!" While the captain and lieutenant kept arguing, Ichigo made an attempt to communicate with the hero. After getting his attention, Ichigo began to point at himself.

"Ichigo" Link stared at him in confusion, but then understood what he meant. He did the same gesture as he did.

"Link!" They were going to continue doing this, communicating by signs, but Matsumoto interrupted them.

"Gurēto hanshu ā! Sen no shita o hanasu kare wa, anata no mondai o kakaeta bokutachi o tasukeru! Sekai no nodo o ou kare wa, anata no chikara o hakki shi, watashitachi no tamashī o jōka suru! Bakudo# 101 :Yunibāsarusupīchi!" A bright light erupted from her hands and struck all those around her. Link, after recovering from the light, looked at the orange haired man yell at the woman, understanding it all.

"Damn it! What the hell was that!?"

"That? Oh, that was a special Kido developed by the stealth corps! It allows you to understand and speak any language!" Matsumoto told the substitute with her usual cheery voice.

"But, considering it was Matsumoto who cast it, who knows how long it'll last…" Hitsugaya said. This elicited a whine from the Lieutenant.

"Oh, come on, captain! I worked hard on learning this one! It won't fade off that quickly!" Link watched the two keep on arguing, a sweatdrop forming in the back of his head.

'Fi, what are the chances those two are slightly insane?'

I calculate a 85% chance, Master. Had I the ability to express emotion, there's a 98% chance that I'd show 'Confusion'. ~ Link moved up his hand to scratch his head. When he did, his sword moved along and allowed Fi to see the sword in Ichigo's back. The sight made a long lost memory arrive.

"OI! You two! Stop arguing and let's try to find out WHERE WE ARE! AHHH!" While he was admonishing the Captain and Lieutenant, Ichigo was startled when the blue, logic being popped out of her sword.

~ Master. This being's sword has caused an event to resurface in my memory. It is a prophecy given to me by Mistress Hylla. ~ The young Hero's eyes widened when Fi informed him of this new development. He nodded at her, asking her to begin. She began dancing around the area, reciting the prophecy as she went as if it was a song. ~ A hero from the skies and a hero of the souls shall unite. The holy blade and the cutting chain's power evil will smite. The power from the heavens and the power of the Hollowed One will defeat the evil lord. The hero of the skies shall be cursed along the way, and the Hero of Souls his salvation shall be. Beware of the slave of the Evil Lord's blade, for her memory is lost and her blade's as well. Only the love of the Hero of Souls may restore her might, or they will both perish by each other's hand… I calculate an 87% chance that this being with oddly colored hair is the Hero of Souls. ~ Ichigo watched the blue being carefully, thinking WHY she thought he was the hero. The Cutting Chain part fit him well, but he was no hero… But decided to become one when he finally noticed something.

"Hey, where's Rukia?"

There we go! I'm finally finished with this. Took me a while to write, but it is done. I will not be able to write anything more for the remainder of this week, since I have my Death Final exams coming up. BladeOfThePoet, logging out.


Ōi! Omae wa dareda yo~tsu! Soshite doko ni iru: HEY! Who the hell are you! And where are we!?

Kurosaki wa, ochitsuite kudasai. Kare wa rikaidekinai: Kurosaki, calm down, he cannot understand you.

Nandesuka? Shikashi... Dono yō ni wareware wa, shikashi watashitachi no genzai no basho o mitsukeru! Dono yō ni wareware wa ikinokotte ikudarou!: WHAT!? But… but how are we going to find out our current location!? How will we survive!?

Urusai Matsumoto! Watashi wa anata ga hon'yaku kido o manabu yō ni tanoma riyūdesu: QUIET MATSUMOTO! This is why i told you to learn that Translation Kido!

Gurēto hanshu ā! Sen no shita o hanasu kare wa, anata no mondai o kakaeta bokutachi o tasukeru! Sekai no nodo o ou kare wa, anata no chikara o hakki shi, watashitachi no tamashī o jōka suru! Bakudo# 101 :Yunibāsarusupīchi!: Oh Great lord! He who speaks a thousand tongues, aid your troubled servants! He who bears the throat of the world, unleash your power and cleanse our souls! Bakudo #101: Universal speech!