Hello again my good readers! Here we are, once more in the world of the HB&CC. Now, Last time, Ichigo had a particular run-in on his way to the Eldin Province: Zelda! What will the young Hero of Souls do now? Find out now!

Somewhere in the woods.

Ichigo looked at the girl in front of him, surprise visible in his face. The girl tilted her head in confusion at his act.

"Excuse me are… are you alright?" Realizing his mistake, he quickly reacted.

"Wait, YOU'RE Zelda!?" He said, pointing a finger at her. Several alarms went off in Zelda's head, and, just in case, she threw some dirt at his eyes and ran off. "OW! HEY, COME BACK HERE!" He shunpo'd at her Reiatsu signal and intercepted her. "WAIT! I'M A FRIEND OF LINK'S!" This calmed down the girl immediately, and she looked at the man, distrust still in her eyes.

"How can I know that's the truth?" She asked him.

"Link is a bit shorter than me, blond, with a tendency of spacing out every once in a while and gets flustered easily." Zelda giggled as he finished his description of Link, which was spot-on. "You should've seen the guy when he saw you weren't in that temple. He looked like a puppy that lost his bone." Zelda sighed, knowing that was most likely the truth.

"I know he must've been. But I can't go back yet. I have to finish my mission first." Ichigo tilted his head in confusion, before remembering something.

"Does your mission have anything to do with a gray, creepy-as-hell man called Ghira… Ghira… uh…?"


"Yeah, that guy." Zelda nodded glumly, shuddering at the mention of the man.

"Yes. My mission is to destroy his master: Demise, the Demon King. Ghirahim will do anything to keep me from succeeding…" She began to look around, as if expecting the man to pop out of the trees. Ichigo then began a small debate in his mind.

'That Ghirahim fella did seem pretty intent in getting to her… would it be alright for me to help her?'

'Oi, King! I don't think you should help her! Something about her Reiatsu just makes my skin crawl!'Hichigo's distorted voice rang out in his mind. Ichigo was about to ask what he meant, when he heard the distinct sound of Zangetsu hitting Hichigo over the head.

'The reason you feel like that is because her Reiatsu is pure good. Of course it'd make a hollow feel uncomfortable. I suggest you help her, Ichigo. I have a feeling Ghirahim will try to get her again before long.' Ichigo agreed with his Zanpakuto, knowing he was a far better source of advice than his hollow.

"You know what? I'll be your escort to the land of Eldin." Zelda was definitely surprised by his words.

"Y-you're going to help me?" She asked in disbelief. "W-why?" Ichigo just shrugged.

"I don't really see why not. Besides, that Ghira-something bastard captured and brainwashed one of my closest friends." Some tears welled up on Zelda's eyes. It wasn't often that one met a person so willing to help others.

"Thanks a lot. If I can, I'll help you with your friend in return!" She told him happily. Ichigo gave her a thumb up before looking around.

"So, what direction are we going?" The conversation had disoriented him from his target, so he hoped the girl would know. She did, in fact, and pointed towards the necessary direction.

"It's that way. It should take us at the least three days to get there if we stop to rest at night…" Ichigo nodded, before suddenly picking up the girl and putting her over his shoulder. "H-hey! W-what are you doing!?" She asked, panicking.

"You said three days? We're going to make it in three hours tops." The orange haired Shinigami told her. "Now, hang on!" And with that, he vanished in a flash of Shunpo…


Link's eyes snapped open when his pointed ears caught something.

"Huh… I could've sworn I heard someone screaming…" He muttered, looking around. It had sounded like Zelda… but it couldn't have been her. After all, she was somewhere in the surface. He shrugged it off before resuming his search. "Now, where could Kukiel be?"

Back on the surface

Toushiro Hitsugaya, Captain of the 10th squad, wielder of the most powerful ice-and-snow Zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru, was blushing like it was nobody's business. He had been ever since Ichigo mentioned Karin being in his thoughts, and it didn't help that Matsumoto kept poking at him for that little fact. Sure, she was strong, independent…

'Beautiful beyond belief… WHOA, where'd THAT come from!?'

"You're a growing boy, Toushiro. It is only normal that you would start having this sort of feelings towards girls…" Hyorinmaru stated from his resting/hiding place inside the Captain's mind and soul, hiding himself from Haineko's unending teasing.

'Oh, don't you go giving me that talk! I can sense you feel something towards someone too!' Toushiro countered his spirit. 'What, does Karin have a Zanpakuto or something?'

"… Hangetsu…" The single word Hyorinmaru uttered confused Toushiro.


"Her name is Hangetsu, the Reflecting Moon Fang."

'OH SWEET SPIRIT KING, TELL ME YOU'RE KIDDING!' Toushiro mind-yelled with panicked eyes. He could only imagine what the girl could do when she became a Shinigami. 'Hey wait, if I like Karin, then you…'

"I'll be going now." Hyorinmaru then cut off his connection to the Captain, leaving the younger one chuckling, even though his face was beet red.

Eldin Province

"Yosh! See? I told you we'd get here in three hours tops!" Ichigo told his passenger cheerfully, ignoring the sounds of nausea coming from her. Zelda's hair was sticking out in every possible direction, and her face was an unhealthy green color that seemed to intensify under the intense heat of the area.

"Could you… *Burp*… please put me down?" The Incarnation of the Goddess practically begged.

"Huh? Oh, right, sorry." He placed the girl on the floor, and she rushed off to empty her stomach's contents on a nearby dead bush. "I… uh… think I overdid it…"

"You think, Ichigo?"Zangetsu drawled sarcastically. The spirit had been playing chess with Hichigo for the last few hours, and had beaten the Hollow several times by now. "Why don't you give our guest some water before she vomits her stomach?"Ichigo nodded and hurried to get the girl some water, which she drank gratefully.

"Sorry about that. I should've paid more attention to you…" Ichigo told her, feeling genuinely ashamed.

"It's *cough* ok. You did get us here as you said you would." The girl managed to say. "H-how did you move that quickly?" Ichigo sighed.

"Well, might as well as tell you. Ever heard of a Death God?" Ichigo began his explanation, scratching the back of his neck in slight irritation. The girl shook her head. "Well, I'm one of 'em. Our job is to escort the souls of the dead to the afterlife and purify evil spirits using our Zanpakuto, or Soul Slayers, which have a personification of our power in them. My speed was one of the techniques we use: Shunpo, or Flash Step."

"Um… I, uh… don't really believe you…" Zelda said, most likely thinking the man in front of her was crazy. Even more so when he grabbed his sword and started to shake it.

"OI! OLD MAN! COME ON OUT ALREADY!" Much to her shock, a black garbed man emerged from the blade, followed closely by a white skinned version of Ichigo.

"GIHI! I'm finally out!" The hollow exclaimed a little too cheerfully. "Do you have any idea how stuffy it is inside this guy's soul? Kami-sama, it's a pain!"

"W-what are you?" Zelda's voice was full of fear, staring at the obviously evil being standing in front of her. His aura just oozed evil…

"Oh, don't worry about little old me." The monochromatic Ichigo said, chuckling evilly. "Even if I'm out, I'm still bound to the will of the King here…" No sooner had he said that, when Ichigo smashed the flat side of his blade into the Hollow's head.

"If you're bound to my will…" Ichigo muttered, "THEN GET THE FUCK BACK IN THERE!" He pounded the Hollow time and time again with the sword, each time a massive lump appearing on the spirit's head. While this was happening, Zangetsu approached Zelda and gave her a bow.

"Please excuse them. They are not exactly fond of one another." The spirit said calmly, indicating this was a nearly daily event. "My name is Zangetsu, which in your tongue would mean Cutting Moon Fang." He held out his hand, which Zelda nervously shook.

"H-hi, I'm Zelda… I don't know if it means anything." Zangetsu hummed for a second.

"Your name can mean 'Dark Battle', in fact. A fitting name, considering your mission." Zangetsu stated, remembering something he had once seen from within Ichigo's mind. Before their conversation could continue, Hichigo flew through the space between them and crashed into a tree.

"WHY THE HELL WON'T YOU GO BACK IN THERE!" Ichigo yelled as he closed in on the dazed and bruised hollow once more. Zangetsu sighed at their interaction.

"And that… is Hichigo." The spirit explained. "Excuse me for a second…" Zangetsu walked up to the fighting Ichigos… and punched both of them in the head, knocking both out. "Ah… that's better."

"W-what just happened?" Zelda asked, utterly confused by what just happened. "And who – or what – are you?" Zangetsu chuckled.

"I suppose an explanation is in order. I am the spirit that resides in Ichigo's sword. I'm a piece of his soul given shape and power." The spirit then pointed at the monochromatic Ichigo. "This is another part of Ichigo's soul: Hichigo. He's a more… evil side of him, born when Ichigo lost his powers several months ago."

"So… he's his Dark side?" Zangetsu shrugged in response.

"That's one way to look at it, yes."

Zelda nodded, before speaking again.

"And you're lying, because…?" Zangetsu regarded her with wide eyes. No one had ever doubted the story he had made up for Hichigo's existence. He chuckled lightly before answering.

"I see I can't get past you, you holiness…" The older man drawled. "But Ichigo isn't ready to know the truth just yet. The truth about his heritage and true power…" (A/N WARNING! MANGA SPOILERS AHEAD!)

"His heritage?" The blonde girl asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"Let's just say his mother wasn't exactly… human."

Meanwhile, back in the Seiretei

Karin was in utter shock. Actually, that was an understatement. She was this close to passing out. She had just found out her father, - the good-for-nothing, goofy idiot – Was a Shinigami. A. Shinigami. Yuzu wasn't faring much better either. Their father, after Ichigo's disappearance, had decided it was time for them to learn the truth. And thus, he brought them to Soul Society, saying he was being summoned by the Head Captain. Their arrival was signaled by a series of events…


"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?" Karin yelled as they ran across a dark hallway, being chased by a weird, one eyed train-looking… thing.

"YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW! JUST RUUUUN!" Her father answered, carrying a panicking Yuzu under his arm as they ran. They soon arrived at the exit and… found themselves 30ft above the ground. "Aw, shit…"


They all crashed against a tree, ending up in various odd positions.

"Ok, that could've gone a lot better…" Isshin stated, trying to detangle himself from the branches. He ended up falling off, landing painfully on his back, and met with a purple haired man with a 69 tattoo on his face looking down on him.

"Uh… Kurosaki Isshin and company?" The man stated, looking up to see Yuzu and Karin. All three of them nodded. "Good. My name is Hisagi, and I was told to take you the Captains' Meeting room" All thoughts of suspicion and shock vanished from Karin that instant.

'Captains? Toushiro-kun is here?' Karin's thoughts went to the young, white haired Shinigami. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the sword that formed in front of her until it fell on her lap…


The sword she had gotten was a sleek, black hilted Katana. Her hand fit perfectly on the hilt, almost as if it had been made specifically for her. Her father theorized that, because of her high spiritual energy and the reishi levels on Soul Society, her Zanpakuto was able to take a physical form. She kept admiring the blade until they arrived at a large room, where several odd people were assembled. The people ranged from a small, petite woman with a deep frown to a tall, wolf-like man. When she saw him, Yuzu's eyes went wide…

"KAWAII!" She squealed when she saw the Captain of the 9th Division: Saijin Komamura, whose pride had taken a severe blow. Hisagi and Kira snorted loudly in reaction. Karin chuckled silently, moving her sword down to her hip level, catching the eyes of several captains.

When she saw the blade, Soi Fon groaned loudly, as if someone had told her a bad joke.

"Oh, great… just what we needed…" Soi Fon groaned with exasperation. "Another Kurosaki Shinigami… Can't get any worse, can i…" Her words caught in her throat when she saw what Yuzu had slung over her back: A sleek, black bow made of solidified Reishi. The petite captain slumped at the sight. "I just had to talk, didn't I?" Isshin laughed heartily at that.

'Looks like Yuzu got more of your genes than mine, Masaki…' The former 10th Division captain thought. One of his daughter's was a Shinigami, and the other was a Quincy. Yuzu was now a perfect carbon copy of Masaki, in both appearance and powers. He was broken out of his musings by the Head Captain.

"Kurosaki-san, Miss Kurosaki and… Miss Kurosaki." Yamamoto began, earning himself a couple of chuckles from the present. "Your son, and brother, along with Kuchiki Rukia, Lieutenant Matsumoto Rangiku, and Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya have been sent to another dimension because of a failed experiment by our 12th Squad's captain."

"They were WHAT!?" Karin yelled out. Even if she didn't know how to use it, she had her hand on her sword, ready to attack whoever sent her brother (and her secret, white haired crush) away. Everyone took a couple of steps back, knowing that if the girl was even half as powerful as her brother, she could very well vaporize the room. Only Yamamoto held his ground, not showing any signs of worry,

"We still do not know exactly what he was attempting, but the minute he reforms…" The captain pointed at the goo in a jar nearby. "We'll find out."

"And once you do?" Isshin asked. An aura of seriousness surrounded the Head Captain.

"We'll bring them back… wherever they are."

AND CUT! That's the end of this chapter. I hope you all enjoyed. Now, there have been some interesting developments: Karin has a Zanpakuto and Yuzu materialized a Quincy Bow!


It was revealed that Masaki was, in fact, a Quincy. Her powers were lost when she nearly became Hollowfied, but Isshin saved her. So it is extremely plausible that Yuzu gets Quincy powers.