Imagine your OTP



A/N: This one is AU and will be in Tate's POV. Hope you enjoy though.

Imagine Person A of your OTP nervously asking Person B to prom.

Westfield High School, one of the worst high schools in this nation I would say. I sat on the edge outside of the school, grabbing a smoke. If that bitch of a president of student council caught me, she would want to smack me down to the ground. I took another long drag before dropping it to get into class. Eh, why did it matter?

"Tate!" One of the annoying track runners scream at me. Why did my mom force me again to do track? "Come on, dude, if you keep smoking those, you know you will have trouble breathing."

I rolled my eyes and smirked. "Fuck off." I took another cancer stick, not giving a fuck about the new student body rules. There was another girl though walking who did care either. She looks in her bag for a lighter. She had long hair with a hat. She wore long sleeves with a purple dress. I rushed over to her with a lighter. "You need one?"

She looks up and leans in for a light. I lit up her stick. "Thanks," she whispers.

I look at her and smiles. "Are you new?"

She nods, "I just moved here from Boston. I'm Violet Harmon."

"Tate Langdon," I spoke up to the pretty girl. "Well, just in case you get in trouble, student body passed a new rule about smoking."

She took a long drag and blew the smoke out as we walk into one of the buildings. "I could care less really. If I do have one now, I will be ten times more pissed off. My parents want to cut me off."

I chuckle a bit, "same here. My mom forces me to do the track, thinking it will help."

We walk to the same class together. That was until the president of student body grabs Violet. "Spit it out now!" Violet—looking terrified—threw it to the ground. "Now, I want you to eat, you little bitch."

Violet looks around at the people. "Why are you doing this to me? I'm new; I didn't—"

"You're hanging around Tate," one of the other girls said. "He knows a lot about the new rule." The one who confront Violet pushed her to the ground and slapped her right across the face. Violet tried to stand up again and was pushed.

Before she hit the ground, I caught her in my arms. I help back on her feet and ran her off to the back of the building. Blood ran from her forehead. "First day of school," I spoke up, "and they did this bullshit?"

Violet sighs, "Should be used to it…No one likes me."

I pressed a bit harder on her forehead and grab her hand. "I do though…"


It's been months since I last saw Violet. I haven't really talked to her. I try my best to. She would skip a lot of days though. It was about three weeks away until the prom, and all I wanted to do was to take her.

She was in class today. The person who usually sat behind her was absent. I sat in that seat and tap her back. She turns around. "Oh, hey, Tate, how have you been?"

I smiled to her, "Doing alright, and you? I rarely see you now of days."

"Personal issues," she whispers. "So, what are you sitting over here for?"

Ask her…Ask her. Is it that hard? The worst she can do is say no. There's nothing wrong.

"Violet!" One of the football players said. He sat right next to her. "I was going to ask you a question, but you haven't been here for a while." And there goes my chance… "Wanna go to prom with me?"

"Aren't you going to ask that pot head? Obviously, you are not my type, so no." She looks back at me. "What did you want to ask?"

"Um, do you want me to walk you home today?" Well, that is a start. "Or like hang out by the beach for a while and work on shit?"

She shrugs, "Why not? I have nothing to do. You can walk me back though. My father is…what you say overprotective."


I wait outside her last class, drawing and painting. I skip math for one day and had to talk to the school about bullshit. She wait outside the doorway, smiling. Once the bell rang, she grabbed my hand and led me to her locker. She kept holding it. I started to light a stick as we were walking. I handed her one, and she did the same, still holding my hands. We walk to the front of the school. Some people were shocked.

As we went to the beach, Violet starts to shiver. "Violet," she looks up, "are you okay?"

She curls up against me. I wrap my arms around her. "That's all I need. I was just a bit cold." She smiles up, "So, what do you want?"

"Since no one is here," I double checked. "I want one thing." I brushed her hair out of her face. She smiles a bit, ducking her head. I took two fingers under her cold chin. I lean in and touch her lips against mine. I look back at her. "Do you want to be my prom date?"

She nods her head, "Of course!" We got up to start walking home. She jumps right into my arms. "You're the one who saved me my first day. Why would I not say no?"