the blood trickles down my sword as I look at the bodies of the two people I trust. My eyes aren't the ice blue but charcoal black. I stare at the bodies, showing no emotion. I see the girl I loved curled up in in my friends arms, dead. The grip around her used to be tight and protective, now his arms lay loosely around her. Her face used to be scrunched up in fear of my blade, now she looks as if she is sleeping. Their clothes are crimson with blood. I kneel down next to the girl and sigh. Silence. Her once happy smile and bubbly voice, gone. Forever. I whisper my final good bye to her as the hover craft comes to pick me up.
"I love you ok? It was for the better." I stand up and walk to the hovercraft. As I step onto the ladder and I'm frozen into place, I take one last look at the body's being taken up into another hovercraft like the twenty one others that died. Good bye, good luck, Clover.