Cato's POV:

The light streamed through my window and onto my unprepared face. Today was the day.

I rolled off my side and onto my back. I sighed peacefully and relaxed, I didn't have to wake up till later. I opened my eyes and stared at the pale ceiling thinking. I knew Clove and I were almost at enemy stage now, I had a bust lip from her because I was winding her up. She was really starting to get on my nerves and making me want to knock her out, but I couldn't stop the need to protect her. She was my competition, and I did hate her now, she was always making out that I was stuck up and a twat like my dad.

I closed my eyes for longer than I thought as the next thing I felt was a large weight knock all the air out of my lungs. My eyes flung open and I looked down to see a giggling miniature version of me with a gap in his teeth where teeth have fallen out.

"what are you doing Siro?" I chuckled siting up. He sat on his legs and smiled brightly at me.

"getting ready to see you in the games!" he was seven and was also training. I laughed a little and a curious frown grew on his face.

"daddy said Cove is going in too" he struggled to say her name an it was made worse by the gap in his teeth. I rolled my eyes and his frown grew more. He had always loved Clove like a sister, and Clove love him too as she never had any siblings.

"yep, so I'm gonna win for sure" I smirked.

"s-so Cove will die?..." he seemed shocked. He always tried to impress Clove by using knives a lot, and she would help him.

"well do you want me to win? And any way, she doesn't like us" I said standing up.

"what?" he said seeming generally upset

"why does she hate us?..."

"because she's an idiot, she thinks we are stuck up" I said as I grabbed my reaping clothes.

"we are not!" he stood up on my bed.

"I know, she's not nice" I said and I grabbed my shoes. He ran out of my room obviously upset.

I showered and changed into my black formal trousers and shiny black shoes, and then my washed out red shirt. They told Clove and I to wear red so this is all I was going to wear that was red. I sighed as I remembered this was Cloves favirote colour. I ran my hand through my hair and rolled up my sleeves as the day was warm for cold grey district two. I grabbed breakfast and sat alone as I ate my toast.

Clove's POV:

I slowly woke up to the lonely house. My dad had already left for a hard day of making weapons so he could get an hour off for the reaping and to say his loving fair well to me. Everyday since I found out about my sudden expectation to volunteer, he was saying how proud he was of me and how I would bring pride to the our friends and family, but how he knew I would miss Cato. I tried to explain to my dad that pride was more important than friends to Cato and I, and how we had adapted to this already. Adaptation is vital in all sense of life.

I slowly made my way out of bed and across the cold stone floor, which felt like they were sending ice pins through my feet, restricting the movement in my ankles. I undressed and slipped into the shower leaving the water on cold. The cold water left my body feeling shocked and alive, I welcomed they slight stinging pain it coursed and slowly turned the shower up so it was quite warm now that I was fully awake. I closed my eyes and put my head back, leaving the water to trickle onto my face and restrict my breathing. I washed myself and my hair then dried off then went back to my room.

I took out the red dress I was being forced to wear, it was a crimson deep red, and at the front it came to about three inches above my knees, and at the back the fabric fell to my heels. The draping dress is tight from above my hips, so it shows the gentle outline of my slightly defined muscles. My hair naturally dried shiny, raven black and loosely curled and fell just above my waist. I slipped on my district token, a sliver bangle with a brick work pattern on, Cato gave it to me on my eighth birthday but I don't want it for where its from but as it represents my district. I finally put on my black heels I was also forced to wear and walked down stairs. Time to go.

As I arrive, the lady that measures all the tributes and sorts out their clothes ran up to me. She seemed like she was from the Capitol, she must of really looked up to them as she always tried to look like them -and I try to say district two doesn't worship the Capitol- She obviously came from a family much like Cato's, stuck up.

"what is going on with you?!" she says in a hushed scream as she took my face in her hand by my chin.

"umm, nothing?" I frown in confusion, as she searches through her bag. She pulls out some make up.

"No! I'm not having that on my face!". She started to work on my eyes with make up I didn't know the names of as I have never touched as it wasn't useful to me and my dad and I needed money for other things. She pulled out her mirror and showed me, and I had to admit I looked quite good.

"thanks.." I mumbled and walked into the line to sign in. I saw Cato and my blood started to boil, but he did look good. I signed in and stood in my place. I watched Cato walk into his place and look at me coldly, so I looked away.

I faced the stage as the Capitol escort, Melody Giffery, stepped on with pick purple lips that looked as though they were purple banana's, dark skin and yellow sparkly eye make up, her hair was green and tied with a yellow bow. She wore a dress that had a purple corset and a large puffy yellow skirt that puffed out to the knee, and had green patterns over it. She looked terrible.

"Welcome!" her screechy Capitol voice called for all of us to hear.

"today, two amazing young tributes will be randomly picked to compete in the seventy fourth annual Hunger Games!" she jumped up and down clapping.

"But" she paused

"first we must watch the Capitols video! Yay!" I rolled my eye at how stupid she acted, the only part I wasn't looking forward to, the Capitol people.

The video played in the background as I stood deep in thought. I had to win, I couldn't leave my dad alone, he couldn't cope alone. My dad and I lived off each other, I needed him to home me, and he needed my help around the house and someone to talk to. Our system was perfect, the games would just make our lives so much better, but if I died...
I snapped out of thought when I felt a pain in my head like when some one listens to nails scratching on a black board, Melody was talking again.

"Well, lets pick the Men first this year!" she giggled, sticking her long purple nails into the bowl and picking out a singular name.

"being mentored by Enobaria Gleson is" she paused for dramatic effect but all the children in the district knew Cato was going to volunteer.

"Caleb Harrison!" a boy my edged stepped forward, he was from group two so pretty good and would stand a chance of winning, but he knew what was coming.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Cato pushed through standing about half a foot taller than Caleb. Melody smiled.

"Come up here then, what's your name?" she said as he jumped up onto the stage.

"Cato, Cato Hadley" he smirked and about half the girls blushed, I smirked as he had probably dated them all and dumped them all himself knowing him, trying to give himself a 'bad boy' image, where for me none of the boys came near me, I heard them murmur about me and mutter comments but were to frightened of the fiery girl to actually talk to me. This made me think back and realise Cato and Darion where the only people that weren't scared or hated me, and this also lead to remind me of Darion's constant threats and harassment over the last week. I was snapped out of thought again when I heard another name being called.

"Elisia Grensfield!" my small thirteen year old neighbour stepped forward, I always kept an eye out for her and smirked as I realised I could make a sob story out of this.

"I voulnteer!" I sauntered forward wanting to seem laid back and looked at Elisia and she realised my plan, it would help her too if I won and she played along so she hugged me and said thank you. I smiled softly at her and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and she walked off to her older brother who must have been nineteen or twenty.
I stepped on to the stage elegantly and smiled coldly. I walked standing up straight and so my dressed flowed behind me. I brightened up seeing Cato's fists clenched at my plan.

"And your name is darling?" Melody said. I smiled softly looking calm, dangerously calm.

"Clove Cutler" my smile slowly turned cold and to my delight the people clapped for Cato and I.

"well lets see District two's tributes, Cato and Clove shake hands" Melody squeeked.

Cato looked at me, his eyeing blue eyes staring at me as he stuck out his hand. I took his large hand in my small hand and he shaked it. He started to squeeze at a bone crunching strength, making me wince but he kept squeezing till I heard a slight crake and I fell to my knees yelping, and looked up at him as his signature smirk that he never used on me grow on his face. This was the final straw.

Cato's POV:
How could she use volunteering to make a sob story, how dare she! This was the final straw.