There was only one room in the whole house that had windows. The others were fake, to fool people into believing that this was just some really rich person's house out in the middle of the forest.
No legion of undead in there. Nope, not at all.

Except there were, and there were three out of the five things standing in the window room that were, in fact, dead.
And one of them wasn't standing, but laying on what must be a very comfortable bed. Not that it really mattered. He wouldn't be waking up anytime soon. But if he did, that would be one comfy bed.

"Are you sure he's human?" Antonio asked.
"Yup! As human as human gets! Although, we once had an aunt who claimed she was part bird. She tried to fly," Feliciano said. "she couldn't."
He looked down, and the room went silent for a moment in honor of bird-aunt. Then, Antonio sat down next to Romano and smiled.
"Humans aren't this adorable. He looks so peaceful. I wonder if he's dreaming of nice things," Antonio said. Gilbert scoffed.
"humans are too adorable! Just look at Feli!" he said, and the other chuckled in flattery.
"You're awesome," He said. Francis simply shook his head.
"Don't say that. You'll just fluff his ego, and it's already bad enough as is," he said.
Seeing as how Antonio wasn't really paying attention to anyone else but the sleeper, the two vampires left the room and took Feliciano with them.

Feliciano had told them all about the cursed sleeper when they arrived. His name was Romano. He'd been cursed because he'd insulted that annoying hunter's favorite book and had been within earshot. Not one to take things back or back down, they'd argued and the argument turned magical. The two lives in poverty since their grandfather died and Romano had provided for them thanks to his incredible pick-pocketing skills. He was very anti-social and pessimistic, but he cared a lot about Feliciano and did his best despite the circumstances.

It was all rather interesting to Antonio, and he'd hung onto every word. He didn't know why. Humans were awful, selfish and crazy in the head. But he enjoyed the life in Feliciano's eyes and he enjoyed knowing things about his sleeping cutie. And besides, they had two very important similarities.
1. They were both cursed by the same jerk. Very important.
2. They tried their best to take care of the ones they called family, even if the means were not always that favorable and harmed other people. At least they had that in common. Antonio had almost forgotten that Romano was a human and he… Well, he wasn't.

He was a vampire.
A vampire who should probably be going to bed, because that sky looked like it was turning blue-ish. Not good. In haste, he decided to put the ring on Romano's finger, so that he wouldn't have to do it later. He was rather low on time, anyways. With a yawn, he stood up and stretched.
"Good night, sleep well…" He said out of habit and kissed Romano's forehead. Antonio had to laugh at the irony. Sleep was all the poor thing could do, after all!
Antonio left and made sure to lock the door, in case anyone woke up before him.

And someone did. But on the wrong side of the door.