"what is there to love, if my whole world is full of nothing but hate and pain? Why should i even be alowed to breath the air around me if i only cause pain? Maybe i should just end it now and save everyone the trouble. What do you think 6?"

~~Past Time~~

everything around me felt warm, not the painful warm but more of the cozy warm. maybe this was how life after death felt like. but if it was, then where the others? where were 2, 5, 8, and 1, shouldn't they be here with me? i don't want to be alone, being alone means i will have to stay here in the dark by myself. Maybe they were here, maybe i just couldn't see them. i could tell that i had my eyes closed but i felt so comfertable that i didn't want to open my eyes. slowly opening them, i saw that i was in a room. a room filled with light. looking around i saw that the room was a pretty blue, the color the sky used to be before the war. not only that, the room had this thing coming from the cieling that was producing the light. almost like the sun and just as bright. feeling around me, i saw that i was covered in a small cloth and i was sitting on what looked to be a pillow. sitting up, i started to wonder where i was and where were they others. then a loud creek came from out of no where and a large figure came into the room. dashing under the cloth, i tried my best to hide. "your awake!" i could hear the figure coming closer but i was too petrified to move. feeling myself being lifted up i started to thrash around trying to gain my freedom. "don't worry, i'm not going to hurt you." the figures voice sounded soft and sweet, almost like 7's when she would let her feelings show. still hidden in the cloth, i didn't know if i could trust the figure so i huddled into a ball hoping that it keep me safe. feeling the cloth leave my body, i was left exposed to the figure. i dared not open my eyes because i was afraid of what i would see. "come on now, i promise i wont harm you. your safe with me." somehow i knew that the voice was telling the truth, and i didn't even have a vision to know this. loosening up from my ball i opened my eyes and took a look at the figure i had hidden from. what surprised me the most was that the figure was the last thing i had expected to see. the figure was human and a very young human too. the figure had long brown hair that lay on its shoulders, it had dark blue eyes that looked like a stormy sky, it was very tall since it had me at a great hieght from the floor, and it had on what was called clothes. "there we go, see i'm friendly." the human placed a finger down on my head and ruffled the yarn up there gentely. "W-who are you?" i asked, the fear in my voice very noticable. "my name is Autumn." the human's name was very pretty, it must be a girl. "W-where am i?" i began to look around the room again, seeing that it was bigger then i had first thought. "your in my room 6. this is my house." the human knew my name, how?" "Y-you K-know my name. H-h-how?" the human smiled and took my hand in its finger. "i know much more then just your name 6. i know everything about you and your friends." my friends, were they here to? "A-are they here?" the human smiled and handed me a piece of paper. "in do time 6, but for right now just take you time and rest." placing my back on the pillow, the human then handed me a bottle of ink. "you need to gain your energy back." dipping my fingers into the bottle of ink, i began to draw the vision i saw in my head. it was a vision of, the human, and everybody else, and we were standing in front of a large tree.